Attracting women is exactly like driving a 1998 Honda Accord

Hey guys,

I got an email from a client the other day asking about what its like taking a bootcamp and how it could help him, I thought you guys would get a kick out of my response and an analogy I used:

Hey D

Nice to hear from you again, let's tackle this question in parts:

"Women in this city do not come across as approachable. (The very attractive ones any way) they seem very stuck up and unfriendly. They don't make eye contact, they just walk right by you like you're not even there."

I think you're generalising here. I never got that impression in Calgary, I mean I've experienced that, but I've experienced it in every other major city as well. Understand that if we think someone is a certain way when we approach, then we actually project those thoughts into the way we communicate with them and they will pick up on it. So, in this case, if we approach a woman with the thought "Uhh she's probably going to be a stuck up bitch, but Ill try anyways" then there's a good chance that she's going to react negatively to your approach because she will pick up on the fact that you see yourself as someone who is about to get rejected by a bitch, and you will communicate fear, low-value and a lack of social etiquette. It's a damned if you do, damned if you don't negative feedback loop, even if you have the best "lines" and advice that exists. That seems to be the predicament that you're in; you have these beliefs about the women you're approaching, and as long as you do, you will get the reactions that reinforce those beliefs.

"So how is a Boot Camp going to change any of this? If most attractive women in this town are already taken and the others walk around with attitude how is a guy like me supposed to even get close to women like that when they've already disqualified you before you even say one word to them? How can any Boot Camp change any of this?"

Part of my job is to change your thoughts and beliefs into those of an attractive man, and that's what the course is designed to do. Attracting women is predominantly an emotional game, not a logical one. Details like looks, money, and whether someone is taken or not are not nearly as important as most men think they are. They can honestly be trivial if enough attraction is present. My job is to create attraction by a shift in attitude and mindset and how you communicate.

You're a trucker, so let's use an automotive analogy:

You're a 1998 Honda Accord. You see all these women looking for Lambos & Ferraris and you think "Aww fuck, I'm a 98 accord, how the hell am I going to entice these women?? I'm going to have to settle for some frumpy woman who is ok driving a 98 accord." These women you're seeing though, they're not really looking for Lambos & Ferraris, some of them are, because all they care about is image but most of them are simply looking for cars with POWER, cars that project CONFIDENCE, and CLASS. You can't change that you're an accord, it's what you were born with, but you can drop a bigger engine in, you can change the suspension and the tuning. You can add some nitrous and an expensive custom paint job. You can retool the entire interior with high end leather and all the bells and whistles. Now you're still an accord, and when you roll up they may not bat an eye, but when you rev the engine it get's their attention, they see the nice interior and take you for the test drive, they fall in love with the handling. Now all of a sudden those Lambos and ferraris don't look so hot, especially since they probably all had the engine of a 94 geo metro in them.

The bootcamp is a way of "tuning" yourself to appeal to women who you may have thought are only looking for better models. In the end it's about what's under the hood, and that's where we come in.