My 3 rules for learning game

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    My 3 rules for learning game

    Note: there’s nothing fundamentally new here. Reading this probably wont blow your mind and chances are you’ve heard of these ideas in one way or another. In fact I didn’t come up with them, they’ve been around for a while and I’ve been continuously made aware of them by interactions with other instructors and students. Namely, talking with Intrigue and reading his stuff, as well as hearing about Project Rockstar, had a prominent role in forming this framework. However, while this is not groundbreaking theory, it IS incredibly actionable, and that’s what it’s all about. By sticking to these simple rules, I’ve had great nights and learned tons while also having fun and challenging myself. All the wings/students I’ve shared this with had similar experiences. I consider the application of these rules a personal breakthrough.

    My 3 golden rules:

    1 – always be opening
    2 – never eject
    3 – always be closing

    It’s that simple. Those are my 3 rules every time I go out. You can change the wording however it’s more powerful to you, I think Intrigue calls #1 “open all night” which is great.

    The main strength of these “rules” is they allow you to FOCUS, and focus is 90% of the battle when trying to learn something.

    1 –always be opening

    This means no dead time. Game is not fundamentally different from lifting weights. There is a bit of theory behind it, but it’s 99% physical practice. Practice intensity is critical. If you go to the gym every day to stand by the water fountain, you’re going to grow exactly zero. We understand this about the gym, but LOTS of guys don’t get it when it comes to game. I see guys all the time who go out frequently, but stand around most of the night, chat with their wings, etc. This leads to zero progress. In a way its almost worse than not going out, because you’re creating the habit of NOT taking action. You’re mentally linking being at the bar with not approaching.

    Rule #1 is simple. You walk into the bar, and open ASAP. As soon as each interaction ends, you look for the next one. NO BIG BREAKS. Rule of thumb: You talk to strangers >90% of the night. This can mean 1 or 2 long interactions per night, or it can mean 40 rapid-fire blow offs (depending on your skill level, the venue, etc.), it doesn’t really matter, what matters is what YOU do when each interaction is over. So it puts the power in your hands.

    There’s a reason this is rule #1. It’s the most important thing in learning game. Nothing else exists without rule #1. Everything else sits on top of it.

    If you’re trying to analyze your results or posting questions but you’re not opening constantly, you’re doing it wrong. Go back to the basics.

    Rule #1 is so crucial it could almost stand by itself without the other 2. That’s because when done properly, opening constantly will take care of 90% of ur other sticking points. It warms you up, gives you a sense of abundance, relaxes you, takes the pressure off your shoulders and kills the illusion that each approach is a huge deal (which rules #2 and #3 try to address), gets you in the most social and non-needy state possible, and delivers reference experience.

    Some welcome consequences of following rule #1:

    - no circle jerk. You don’t stand around with your buddies for 20mins cooling each other down. You can say hi and joke around for 30secs with an old friend, but as soon as a cute girl walks by, you pull her in. If it’s a practice night, that’s what you’re there for. If you spend all your time at the gym chatting, don’t expect hypertrophy.

    - no rating girls. Your goal is to always be opening, so you don’t have the luxury of targeting 9s unless ur at the Playboy Mansion. You have to open constantly, which means opening any human that walks by or is standing close. Obviously, when you see the 9, open her too. Conveniently, this will be made EASIER by the fact that you’re warmed up as fuck, cuz you’ve now interacted with 15 humans since you walked in an hour earlier, as opposed to ice cold after standing with your buddy dissecting the latest pickup theory and judging every 7 that walks by as “not hot enough” (horrible habit, I had it too, get rid of it guys).

    Ok, I’ve belabored the point enough. Always be opening.

    2 – never eject

    Simple enough.

    I heard they do this at PR. Sounded like a great idea so I started playing with it. It’s money in the bank.

    You can’t leave no matter what. You’re bored? You don’t get to leave. She’s not giving you much? You don’t get to leave. She’s not “hot enough”? You don’t get to leave (unless you see a hotter one and you go straight to her. Then its not ejecting, its upgrading). Walking away from the 7 to go talk with your buddies or “walk around” is ejecting, and u don’t get to do that.

    Clarification: if she blows you out, you can walk away. Blow out means she walks away, turns away with no intention of continuing the interaction, or tells you to fuck off or something like that. “Never eject” doesn’t mean you harass women or become a weirdo. It means you don’t blow YOURSELF out. If the interaction is over (she walks away), you start another one (rule #1). But you don’t get to walk away just because its uncomfortable or you don’t know what to say or the pressure is too much to bear.

    What if she’s “not hot enough”? Gime a fucking break. You can practice opening, banter, normal convo, flirting and escalation on ANYONE. She’s a 7? Take her home and fuck her. She’s a 6? Get a makeout. She’s a 5? Pull her into the bathroom and get a bj/hj. She’s a 4? Verbally sexualize or work on your eye contact. She’s a 3 or lower? Work on your general social skills, or move her around the bar and look for a hotter girl while you two talk about sex. 99% of the guys on here would benefit from any of the above scenarios, and most of you are wasting those opportunities.

    The other night I was at some professional mixer. Kinda boring, everyone in suits. No legit hot girls. I started talking to this cute-ish woman. Couple years ago I woulda just decreed “not hot enough”, stopped trying, bored us both and lost an opportunity to learn and have fun. Not now. Gotta follow my golden rules #2 and #3. So I sexualized like a mofo, pulled her into a small room, pulled out my dick and put it in her hands. She gave me a hj til the staff threw us out. I didn’t feel like kissing her, so I never did. We both had a great time and I got a good reference experience.

    Does rule #2 mean you spend your whole night talking to trolls? Of course not. You can always upgrade. If you see a 9, go talk to her. Bring the 7, or tell her u need to go say hi to a friend.

    What if you’re bored or the interaction “isn’t going anywhere”? Well it’s not gona “go anywhere” unless YOU take it there. That’s where rule #3 comes in…

    3 – always be closing

    this means you know where ur heading and you’re constantly taking steps in that direction. No stagnation. If you stagnate, you masturbate.

    Another way to put it is you’re always escalating.

    You can escalate things in 3 main ways:

    - verbally: go deeper/more intimate or go sexual
    - physically: more eye contact, stand closer, touch more
    - move her around

    So that’s pretty self-explanatory. You’ve been having a normal convo for 5mins in the same spot where u opened? No can do. You MUST kick it into the next gear. U gotta say something sexual, or cut the distance, or touch her, or move her. Another minute passes? Gotta shift gears again. That never stops til she leaves or something sexual happens.

    So there you go. Simple and actionable. 95% of the guys on here aren’t following these rules, and ALL of you will experience progress immediately if you start abiding by them night after night.

    1 – always be opening
    2 – never eject
    3 – always be closing


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  2. For someone trying to beat acute anxiety constantly, putting all these rules into perspective was very valuable, got to tatto this on my forearm or something

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    Thanks for sharing this man, the concept sounds so simple, yet it is so profound. It blows my mind how many times I myself haven't taken a girl home, simply because I forgot to try in the first place! Always be closing!

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    This article is the most essential writings I've read on any Pickup forum. Sorry [MENTION=18]Savoy[/MENTION], we don't need Magic Bullets anymore...

    Ok, that last part was a joke, of course we need the knowledge. We're all standing on the shoulders of giants and there's no reason to invent the wheel again when so many of the pioneers have been putting all this work into teaching us what they spent years learning.

    But armed with the right knowledge: Approach, Stay, Close!

  5. I don't want to throw around a hyperbole but this is the best single post I have ever seen. When I go out I do spend too much time just chatting with my buddies and I pull out of way too many sets that actually may be workable. Sometimes even if a girl isn't totally hot for you right in the beginning she warms up.

    I'm gonna put these rules into action.

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