Bootcamp with Cajun, 1on1 with Tenmagnet

I rate both of my interactions 5/5. I took a bootcamp in Edmonton in January with Cajun aka Derek along with a 1 on 1, (well 2 on 1, my best friend and I had Tenmagnet for a day) with Tenmagnet in Montreal! I will give you a little bit of information about myself to potential buyers so you can relate, I am a younger student only being 19 years old, but am very open minded and willing to try new ways to do things with a positive mindset. The money is very well spent, money spent on self improvement is the best money one can spend, especially with these talented caring instructors. All in all, I took so much away from these lessons I look at game as something that I improve on for myself, absolutely anything from meeting women, seducing women, moving up the ranks at work, social skills with family, friends, strangers and just a general aura of inner game.

Bootcamp Jan. 31- Feb. 2, 2014 with Cajun:

Well lets just say this was my favorite weekend ever! It started out with meeting Cajun in the hotel lobby, then shortly thereafter commencing the seminar portion for Friday. Upon arrival of the classroom portion, all 5 of us students explained how we found out and got into game, our self perceived field level of game and experiences we've had. Cajun then went onto explaining his path of how he got to where he is today to teach us. He then went on to setting us up for our infield later that night and we all bonded and started to feel like a team. The Friday afternoon was jampacked with information and keys to help us for the weekend together.

Friday night we went out to a few of the local places in Edmonton, the infield portion is really where you get to apply a lot of the theory and use it, and see it work! I had never really been sarging before but really had no fear of sarging whatsoever. So we as a 6 person squad (Cajun and 5 students) were riding on sky high confidence after our classroom session and totally killed it. Cajun really took the time to watch us all open, hook and wingman us in sets. He gave us valuable information that would instantly translate into us tweaking our selves midset or after the set was complete and give us a run down on what to improve, what we did well and made us feel f*#$ing awesome about ourselves! He was not out to prove anything but simply make us better and more confident in our abilities!

Saturday's seminar ran over about the previous night with sticking points we may have had, what we learnt and just more in depth theory we could take into Saturday night's session. It was all well thought out and obviously field tested information, Cajun ran us through scenarios that may happen, text game, second dates, funny stories and once again a brotherhood type feel to the classroom portion.

Saturday night was a lot like Friday night in which we all grew and bonded together. Whilst learning soo much! Saturday night came and gone just as fast as Friday night while again having the time of our lives. He really pushed us even harder tonight to open set after set, he always made sure we were in set and pushed us. He continually told us this is the only way to learn, which it is and we really benefited from it! Cajun extended his time beyond the 4 hour time and the lot of us hung out into the wee early morning talking about life, life skills and of course game.

Sunday was another robust seminar day packed with information. We talked about Saturday nights sticking points and positive actions we took to overcome some sticking points from the previous night. The students all took one anothers phone numbers down and I made one of my best friends from taking the bootcamp, I kid you not, one of my best friends and I attended the same bootcamp!!! Just a side note, once again, Cajun extended his time to us, he offered us all to sing karaoke on Sunday night at a local place in Edmonton. All in all I am missing so many points there's just toooo much to talk about but Cajun really does go above and beyond and ensures you enjoy yourself and learn.

Last note about Cajun, he exclaimed over and over to stay disciplined and to keep sarging. I took him to heart and like I said I got one of my best friends from the bootcamp whom also happened to live in Edmonton and we continued sarging constantly after the bootcamp, pushing one another, I feel like this is really how you start to hone your skills is to keep practicing. The bootcamp fast tracks you so so so so much but it really does depend on you continuing to sarge and get better with women if you want to see results over an extended period of time, it isn't something you just pickup and learn on one weekend.

Now onto Tenmagnet!

1 on 1 (2on1) Tenmagnet aka Chris in Montreal, April 2014:

I did this with my bestfriend on a Friday in beautiful Montreal. We were in town visiting Montreal for a week and happened to score a 2on1 with Chris. We started out by grabbing a coffee in downtown Montreal close to our hotel getting acquainted with each other and he was finding out how much experience we have and some goals, he did a lot of legwork and common scenarios as well! My buddy and I have a passion for day game so we jumped right into day game, opening sets on the street, in shops and at the mall! Chris was great at getting us to hook sets. He demonstrated a few sets for us then the rest was up to us, he really pushed us hard to open set after set. The day came and went and we all went and rested for a few hours then supper time came!

Chris actually had a date come from Toronto the weekend we were in Montreal and he actually brought her out with us! Eye opening, it was really awesome that she came along and he taught us so much theory over dinner with her right there showing no sign of nervousness or guilt, she loved it just as much as we did! She was great social proof by the way.

Chris and I did not have the same connection I felt my friend and I had had, I was a bit naive in my young ways to fully grasp what he was trying to set down for us but having matured more in the last 6 months I realize he was very holistic and natural in his approach to game. Something I have ever so much adopted and utilized to my advantage when dealing with anything rather than being so "gamey" and gimmicky. I feel I learned so much piece by piece over time than at said moment when he was trying to get a point across.

Chris much like Cajun went above and beyond his 8 hours with us for the 1 day 1on1 with us and really made it like an 11 or 12 hour outing with us even with his date from Toronto. 5/5 for both instructors. I am going to see both again.

If anyone thinks the money is too much, I characterize it as money spent on yourself is the money most well spent. Just do it. I am glad to answer any questions if people want to pm me for more info?