Project Rockstar 2014 (Venture & Sterling)

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    Project Rockstar 2014 (Venture & Sterling)

    Another summer, and another life-changing Project Rockstar in the books. Hands down the best Project Rockstar we've ever had. A full house of returning alumni, over 15+ Love Systems instructors, a massive team of business mentors, an epic sponsorship from sports nutrition brand Sports Food and best selling book Lifestyle Entrepreneur. The list goes on and on.

    Post away guys, and thanks for making such an amazing summer. I'm insanely proud of each and every one of you, and that has not diminished in the slightest since the end of the summer.

    Long live Rockstar.

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    PR review 2014

    I worked for two years to get onto PR. I took a 10 day, did the transformation and spent about $600 on phone consults with people that had been through or helped create the program. I read everything that was ever written, be it journals from every year right through to Venture talking about his life story and the effect that the program has had on him and his ability to give back. I had 4 recommendations on my application. I used all of that to make sure that when my application went in it hit all the right points. I started my application 6 months before the program was due to start. I had started it before I even knew there was going to be one in 2014.

    So I came into the program with pretty high expectations. I was also the one with the least financial stability coming onto the program, I spent just under half of my entire savings during and on the program. It says that you will spend about 30k total. That’s not really feasible, especially in Sweden and with the week off. Expect to pay 40. I had a lot riding on this program, and I was really expecting it to completely change the trajectory of my life. Rockstar is not for everyone. It is both an absolutely insane party with a stupid amount of fun and fucking ruthless. If you’re not prepared to walk the walk on Rockstar you will be told and you will be called out and embarrassed. And that’s a good thing.

    I have had a lot of discussions with Sterling about how similar getting jacked and getting good with girls are. Doing the transformation will change you as a man. New confidence, a chiselled jaw, more energy, a more positive outlook, basically: life as is to be expected from an apex predator. Nevertheless, this part of the program I believe could use a lot of work. The diet that is expected won’t work for some body types (ie a mesomorph needs different macro breakdowns than an ectomorph,) the amount of cardio should be adjusted depending on whether your gaining or losing so you don’t hurt your progress, and I think that guys who already are coming into the program pretty cut should be given a little bit more slack.

    That said, the guys that run Project Rockstar have businesses to run and lives to live, so I understand the need for a one size fits all approach. That said, without a doubt the program needs the amount of rest days in it to be doubled. Every year it seems like someone gets injured, and weeks 6-9 just are not fun, because you’ve put on a fair bit of muscle during that time. Bigger muscles need bigger recovery times. I would also make it mandatory to record the weights done on every set and the amount of reps, so that each workout a Rockstar know the standard he must beat every workout.

    Although it has room for improvement, the transformation works. We were all cut as fuck and it was pretty fun walking around Vegas with so much confidence because you’re rolling literally 20 deep in clubs without a single skinny guy in the mix (except Vybe.) If you’re looking to get on Rockstar next year, then you’re probably reading this review. If you are, go on and start the Kris Gethin transformation tomorrow. There is no better way to prove your dedication and hard work to the guys by doing this. Gethin handled the fitness portion of the program for us easily.


    Vegas was an amazing experience. Tables every single night brought to us by an amazing connection and the king of Vegas. More than 10 LS instructors and a bunch of Rockstar alum. Bungalows at Marquee. Cabanas at XS. Cabanas at Encore. It just goes on and on and on. Vegas was fucking sick. The whole month was just debauchery, epic and life changing. Seeing someone like Skrillex, Tiesto or Diplo eventually just stopped really becoming that big of a deal to us. Going in I couldn’t see how the tables were needed but trying to get that many guys in and having a space where everyone knows we can meet is very needed.

    I remember the first day in the house vividly. Everyone looking around and meeting each other for the first time, putting names to faces and starting to get very excited. The first two nights we were there was supposed to be a display night where the instructors were going to show us what we would be learning over the summer. I thought those two nights were a waste, most of us just walked around the club aimlessly. The 10 day should start on day one in my opinion.

    People’s game started to get good from about the second week in. With constant feedback, discussions with various different instructors, we were placed in an almost perfect environment to get better as people and to get better at game. One thing that I think could have been hammered home is to find your own style. It can be easy to just want to change your entire game because there are people doing really well around you and you should definitely model others, but with the goal of developing your own twist. Also – having a goal to work on the entire time you are on Rockstar will help, its easy to get lost and to just have fun and not continue to work. I fell into that trap in Sweden and it happened to various people throughout the program.

    Vegas could also be a shitstorm, the instructors deliberately pushed us as hard as we could go and did not act as our friends for this part of the program. It worked most of the time, but there were also times that positive feedback needed to be given, and more work into making sure that everyone fit into the group dynamic could have been done. Some people started to buckle under the pressure. You will have to make sacrifices in Vegas. Either your learning won’t go as well, your sleep will diminish or your fitness will slide. It’s up to you which one you want to lose (I chose fitness as you can always get jacked again.)

    We also had Lifestyle entrepreneur academy during the second week of Vegas and it was amazing to hear how simple an idea can be to make you a very solid income that requires not a whole lot of work. Jessie is an inspiration, was amazing living with him for a month, and having basically free access to his expertise whenever we wanted. I highly recommend his program and book and his value given to the program is huge. Its awesome hearing about how the program has changed over the years and how badass you can make your life is that’s what you want.

    I loved the house, but next time maybe appointing a house captain might be a good idea. It can be difficult to hold anyone accountable in a house with the guys. So much of Vegas was run amazingly. A lot of work goes into the program to make it run as smoothly as it does, and although there were times when things were miscommunicated, over all it was a pretty fucking tight month – and very, very fun. One thing that could help next year is that at the start of each week we were sent out the plan for that week – we went to the same nightclubs on particular days so it shouldn’t be that hard. We also started to see big changes in ourselves, our fashion (thankyou to our 13 year old Swedish fashion consult) and started to become friends.

    The week off was needed and gave us a chance to just relax and get our bearings with each other and the program. Most of us just spent the week sleeping and getting tanned on the beach. It was a lot of fun. Doing sprints in the middle of a small Croatian town and having the locals stare at us, harassing Australian people and a motorbike crash. Scumbadger don’t give a shit. As is laughing at the tables at the clubs there after what we just experienced in Vegas. Croatia gave us some much needed time away from the pressure of Rockstar to get to know each other better.


    Most of the best memories I have from the program are in Sweden. Whilst I don’t think we needed to spend a whole month there, especially if that is the only place that the normal model of game doesn’t work, it was an amazing time. Spending a month living in the same place as the instructors was what really allowed us to actually get to know them as people and become friends with them all. And it was fucking epic. Some of the stories and the amount of gang bangs that went down started to get ridiculous. Sweden was where a lot of the changes that we started to see in people become real and stuck. Sweden was where Rockstar started to become visibly life changing for everyone, instructors included. Sweden changed us from a group of men to a group of brothers. Sweden was where everyone started talking about how much they loved each other. Sweden was where Rockstar became Rockstar.

    The really life changing shit happened during the second last week in the Circle of Truth. That 13 hours was fucking brutal. It took me a day and a half to recover from my turn and really shook me to my core on how I thought I was as a person. It’s tough. But if I had to look back on the program and point to one thing that change me more than anything else. It is that. Rockstar and the price tag and worth it just for this one day. Take everything else away, amazing mentors, epic game, lifelong friendships, a badass network. Remove that all and just give me the circle of truth and Rockstar is so worth it. Next year I would have it earlier.

    What have I gotten out of Rockstar? A much more fundamental understanding of myself, my weakness and strengths, access to a tremendous network of people who are all trying to carve out their ideal lives, mentors in almost every area of my life from fitness through to game through to business. Game has clicked for me to a point that running it has become a natural part of who I am. That didn’t happen for me until 3 weeks after Rockstar, but everyone learns at their own pace.

    Getting good with girls is partly why everyone goes on Rockstar. But it is also by far and away the least important part and not what you look back on. If that’s the only reason you want to go, don’t bother applying. Above all else, what I took most from Rockstar, and what I am eternally grateful for it giving me are the friendships. The brothers that I spent that horse fucking summer with and who I now get to spend the rest of my life enjoying their company and watching them all dominate whatever that they want to do. Rockstar will force you to become a better version of yourself in every single way. But most of all it will give you a brotherhood to carry with you throughout your life. That is where its value is and that is how it changed my life.

    To all the instructors who came out for parts of the program, from Mr M to Intrigue to Darwin to Vercetti, thank you so much for your time and effort. To all the alums, thank you for showing us how much the program means to you and how loyal you are to it. To Venture, Vici and Sterling, thank you for working your asses off and in Sterling’s case giving yourself carpel tunnel syndrome because of how much organising (wanking) you needed to do. Thankyou from the bottom of my heart for helping me grow into the person I’ve always wanted to try and be. The work is never done and I have such a long way to go but Rockstar gave me a shortcut that almost no one else gets in life.

    Rockstar is one of a kind. Nothing else exists like it. When you step back and look at it, that a bunch of guys will get together over a summer and party like kings to get better as people. It sounds ridiculous. But its real. It will teach you all the shit you should learn in the process of becoming the man that you should be. If you think you are a good fit to the program, if you’re going for the right reasons and you have something you can give, then do whatever it takes to get on it. Lose your job, spend all of your money, sell a kidney on the black-market. Just do it and get there. It will change your life. It is worth it a hundred fold, and I am so fucking blessed to have been able to participate. I will see the new group on Rockstar 2015 and I look forward to meeting you all.

    Thankyou everyone. And the horse. Always the horse.

    Rockstar I give you 5/5 stars.

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    "especially if that is the only place that the normal model of game doesn’t work" What does this mean, dont normal model of game work in sweden?

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    Project Rockstar 2014 Review.

    This, Project Rockstar - life - has been, and continues to be, a wonderful voyage of self discovery for me. The self discovery part was the last thing I thought would have the biggest impact on my life. But we’ll get to that soon, I promise. You’re already here and reading this. Before even one review had been posted, there were over 200 views on this thread. You’re here because you want to improve yourself and get to a level previously unthinkable, and this is a wormhole of a shortcut and on ramp to get there. Do your life a favor. Apply to Project Rockstar. When people ask me many years from now, “What’s a pivotal moment in your life?” or “When did this all take off?” I undoubtedly will have to say the summer of 2014, PR2014.

    I consider myself very lucky. Lucky and thankful. I happened to encounter the right circumstances at the right time, and I seized my opportunity. I had been sat on my first bootcamp, not really knowing what I was doing there and what to do with all the energy I had come across. When the instructors presented to me a challenge, I couldn't help but rise to the occasion. I will only fully understand how lucky I was to have met the PR instructors when I did when I look back on this experience 5, 10 years from now. To put it bluntly, it’s my utmost belief that everything magical that I’ll accomplish in the story of my life hereafter, everything worthy of praise and extolment, will have a footnote credit to this program. I sincerely believe that. I’ll go as far as saying, without Project Rockstar, without the incredible support of all the participants, I would not have been able to achieve a fraction of what I will in my lifetime. You don't know what its like to be on Project Rockstar. And you won’t know until you’re on it and lived it. Only then will you know. I’m so sad it’s over but massively grateful that it happened.

    Participation was a massive undertaking for me. Or retrospectively, I thought it was. I had to get together roughly $30k and clean my schedule of 9 weeks in the summer. No problem right? Wrong. I come from a very tight knit family who also runs a family business. My parents are the head of the household and whatever they says goes. Imagine the pope. Their word is infallible, something like that. So when I propose going on a 9 week self improvement program, and take 9 weeks off from work, I might as well tell them to fuck off - in their eyes at least. But it was a step in the right direction. See, your family and friends want you to succeed in life. But, and this is huge, they don’t want to deal with your inevitable absence that’s necessary to your success. Sounds pretty contradictory but its soooo true. This is what I had been dealing with and am currently on the verge of emancipating myself from. Upon acceptance on PR, I knew this was my ticket. I had busted my ass the past 8 months proving myself and there was no way anyone - anyone - was going to stop me. It was my decision and that was it.

    This program isn't cheap. But really, what’s worth having in life that comes cheap? If you’re not living on the edge, you’re taking up too much fucking space. I spent $38K total. I partially went into debt to get through this program. Do I regret it you ask? Are you stupid, I ask? I would spend that amount and then some to do this program again hands down - at the drop of a hat. The value that you get from all the people aboard! Jeebus, it’s like having the Dream Team teach you to play basketball. Or Einstein lecturing you on Relativity. Worth every card swipe and ATM transaction. The fitness transformation, the emails, the mental preparation, going out every single night, the logistics, not to mention the pain of learning. Done and done. Oh and you do get ripped. No matter what shape you’re in during the beginning, expect to get shredded. Also expect to hate the fitness program. You’ll curse, and cast out Kris Gethin but you will respect him by the end. You won’t know what you are capable of until you see yourself in the mirror after the transformation. Then the process begins. Before you even step foot in a Vegas mega nightclub, you will know you are in charge of your body. He who conquers himself, conquers the world. That’s the power of the fitness transformation. It’s the first step in changing the trajectory of your life.


    Hahaha, whoooo! Vegas is the shit. The people, the buzz, the vibe, the scenery. The list goes on and on. This place is the best at working on your game. Fresh faces every day, tons of chicks to open, and the clubs with the world’s top DJs is otherworldly. We had a god damn mansion in Vegas. All of us under one roof. In retrospect, it really helped get along our budding brotherhood. Everyone always saw everyone and got to know each other. I would definitely recommend the same for next year. We had table service every night. At XS. At Marquee. At Hakkasan. These are the biggest clubs in the world. Vegas is where I cut my teeth as well. I had trouble approaching at the level I wanted to. It was such a foreign thing to me to be out a world away from home, chatting up random girls with skimpy, delightful dresses out of thin air. I came in with so much energy that after my first success, I dipped down and wouldn't let myself get back up. It was painful to go through. Looking back on it now, I laugh. I see it counted for naught to get in my head so much. It’s so simple to start hitting on chicks in a nightclub. And its free! It doesn't cost you anything. You’re one human being talking to another human being. If the interaction doesn't go well, you just learned something. If and when it does go well, you get laid! Sounds like a good deal to me. And girls want you to. They didn't put on all sorts of makeup and get their hair did so guys, you, won’t come up and talk to them.

    Vegas is where I learned to have fun. This is where I was introduced to EDC. It’s such a wild party. It’s like Mad Max meets Ghandi. To next year’s class, if you haven’t gone, be prepared to be amazed. Also, I hated clubs, club music, people in clubs, the dark lights, and loud ass music and most of all, I couldn't fathom EDM. I actually went out of my way to ridicule people who listened to that music. I still kinda hate clubs. But now, I love the music, I love the energy, I love the thrill, the excitement, and the girls in tight little dresses. Now I appreciate it so much more.

    We had an Adonis in our group. This guy has amazing clout in Vegas. I distinctly remember a particular night out at XS where another Rockstar and I were running late and showed up on our own after the boys. On the way there we decided to buy GA since everyone filled in the table reservation. We got there and walked up to the line and the thing was massive. It snaked around and over and through all sorts of shit. So we look at each other like “fuck no” and in true Rockstar fashion walk up the hulking bouncer, told him who we were rolling with and with a stamp on the wrist, we were shown to our table. In Vegas. At XS. On their busiest night. Having this luxury makes it so much easier to work on your game. Girls are like, “Who are you?” “Are you real?” “How do you know so many people?” At the time, hearing that was astonishing. Now it just sounds boring. It feels like when people compliment you right after you cut your hair. You already know you look good. It’s whatever.

    Most of the “instruction” happens on the 10 Day. I say it with quotes because this isn't a zero sum game. Game is not vomiting up “instructions” during every point of every encounter. It’s a mindset. You already are good with girls. Being on the other side now, it’s so simple yet so difficult to get around. My point is no matter who you have teaching you, if you don’t have the balls to apply yourself the entire journey is totally worthless. That being said having the instructors there is amazingly helpful and critical to shaving years off your learning curve. It’s really up to you and only you how great your game can become. You begin to cultivate a passion for other people. Something inside you begins to emerge. Something you never knew was there. You start to see what makes chicks’ minds tick, what makes them laugh, gasp, or makes their eyes glisten. You start connecting the dots. And accordingly, you see what makes their wild side come out in bed. The instructors push you hard. You’re forced to deal with your inner demons every single night. It’s a constant feedback loop. Every morning during the 10 Day we would go over sticking points, improvements, and changes to be addressed in everyones game. You get called out on a lot of shit. Shit friends back home don’t have the gall to tell you. It’s wonderfully awful tasting medicine.

    We learned how to think to create businesses courtesy of Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Academy. A type of business where you’re free to travel the world and basically do whatever the fuck you want whenever you want. A strong foundation was laid and ideas were exchanged on creating a business where you’re liberated from labor. Labor is the worst way to accumulate wealth. If you’re the type for this program you’re an outlier. You want to run your own business, you want to be in charge of your destiny. An idea that existed in my mind only 7 months ago is at this very moment my own growing business. I’m not a millionaire just yet, but I’m making more money pre-Rockstar and will continue to make even more. If you want to make money, you’re better off providing a service or solving a problem and getting paid for it. Could be anything. You could make some orgasmic tasting gluten free cookies that everyone with celiac disease will buy up like acid at Woodstock. Or make an app that rubs your balls and makes you coffee. Pick something that your passionate about and run with it.

    I loved the time in Vegas. Riding motorcycles to the Grand Canyon, jumping out a goddamn airplane at 15,000 feet, shooting machine guns, rolling in VIP at clubs, waking up every day in a mansion. Every day was sunny, and every night memorable. During the Fourth, we lit off some gangster fireworks. Living together was so beneficial. I do think that having a weekly mandatory mastermind meeting on everyone’s game and what works for each individual will speed up the bonding process and everyone’s skillset. As an example, I distinctly remember after one of our first house meetings, a bunch of us watched Game of Thrones. And while all of us were quietly watching the giant screen, I thought to myself, “My God, we’re becoming a family.”

    Rockstar Week

    Taking a break is so crucial. Time to recuperate from the mental drain of going out every single day was much needed. Rockstar week was spent mostly relaxing by the beach (Amsterdam) and coming to terms with ourselves and amongst each other on the path that we embarked upon. It felt so great sitting down for that first mastermind and discussing our own life hacks. What a fucking feeling. Just knowing that a gangster squad of amazing people has your back is such an intoxicating feeling. This is where we started to gel and really buy into the idea that we’re in this together and there for each other. The ups the downs, the L’s and W’s. I want to share a small anecdote to illustrate my point. Another Rockstar and I decided to meet up with the boys in Croatia a few days late. When we got to port Split to take the ferry to an island, we didn't have any cash. No one would accept Amex, and our only connection to the boys was through shoddy internet service. After being stranded for hours, one of the boys stepped up (shout out Keith D) and bought two ferry tickets with his own money, hunted down some completely random chick on her way back to Split and ordered her to deliver the tickets to us on the other side. He messaged me what the girl was wearing and her name, Antonia. I’m sitting there on the dock scoping out a gray-shirt-wearing chick and shouting her name out of the hundreds of people pouring from the ferry slip. In true Rockstar fashion, I lovingly track her down, and she's like “Oh my god, its you, these are your tickets!” I gave her a big spinning hug and pounced back to grab my fellow Rockstar with our ferry tickets to the reunion. This simply doesn’t happen in common people’s lives.


    I looked forward to Sweden the moment I had been accepted onto the program. I heard of the wild stories that take place here and the way your game improves to instructor level. Being in such a different world was scary and exciting for me simultaneously. Looking back, this was by far and away the best part of the trip for me. My sweet, juicy, and succulent memories are here. This is where we all became part of a well oiled machine. It’s where we became brothers. My mind was blown at what game can do for you. Gangbangs, sharing chicks, rocking girls’ minds during sex, dominating girls in a way they’ve never experienced and having them tell you, you were the best sex they’ve ever had. You feel like such a fucking man, it’s indescribable. Fuark, this is where I learned to be my own man. I really adopted the mindset of, if I feel like doing ABC, I’m doing ABC and that’s it. The stories are also ridiculous! Just browse through this year’s journals for a little sweet brain candy.

    As mentioned, the self discovery and knowledge were most valuable and influential for me. The circle of truth was as good as a cure for cancer. It rocked me to my core. I really enjoyed taking in all the constructive criticism though. No one back home had the balls to tell me like it is and even more importantly say it from a source of empathy. Most people reject the idea of feedback because most others say it with a condescending undertone. Here, it was in such a helpful, guiding manner. I knew this, and readily absorbed the personality improvements the boys were suggesting. As a result, I know myself better than before. I know my mind. As a result of this activity, I know I create my reality and mold, twist, build it any way I choose. Such a liberating mindset. It’s like magic water for success. It’ll fit any situation. I remind myself, it’s not what situation I find myself in, its how I react to it that defines me. Some see chaos, I see opportunity. Best thing about this power is it applies to anything. Girls, business, friends, fitness and family. Getting chicks now is just part of who I am. I game chicks like ordering at McDonalds. It has been so ingrained in me that I barely notice it anymore. I don’t act a certain way, I just am. This clicked about 3 weeks after Rockstar. It would have been nice if it came sooner but everyone’s different. I look at girls in a way that they know I get them and am in on their little secret. Sends chills down my spine sometimes seeing how far I’ve come since taking the red pill.

    I know all you reading this want to bang tons of chicks. We all do. But if you think that’s the most significant part or only part of your improvement then don’t bother applying. If you are selected, you’ll see yourself change in ways you didn't expect. And it’ll be a change for the better. Way better. At the end of the day, self improvement is much more meaningful than just banging a bunch of randos. And the friendships! This is the true meaning of PR. Its crushing life and plugging into a network of like minded individuals hell bent on getting what they want out of life. I can travel to the corners of the world and have friends there to hang. When I say to people back home I have friends all over the world they look at me like I’m an alien. To me it’s just my life. The friendships created during the program will last my lifetime. This is the true treasure of Rockstar.

    To everyone involved I can’t thank you enough. Thank you Vici, Vybe, Venture, Sterling for carrying the torch and making this program into the prized, gangster thing it has become. I remember when I first met you guys on my 10 Day and just being floored with the way you carried yourselves. I can’t thank you enough for peeling back my eyes and burning into them, the way to lead a fulfilling and amazing life. I know this is only the beginning. Vercetti, Bravado, Darwin, Intrigue, thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedules and coming out. Taking the time to lend your expertise when we had questions, quips, roadblocks, dilemmas to mentor and teach us is testament to your personal qualities and to the sanctity you regard towards PR. And to the alumni. Damn, it really shows how dear you hold this program, and the immense impact it has had on your lives. I should know, it’s had a massive impact on mine. It’s so extraordinary and I feel privileged to be part of this family now. Thank you for being there for us. Lastly, thank you boys for seeing in me something I didn’t see. You guys helped me grow into my ideal self and taught me that I’m capable of great things. I’m incredibly looking forward to crushing life with you guys in the years to come.

    Thus, in summary, Project Rockstar has given me the blueprint to build a successful business that not only will add to my list of accomplishments and self worth, it’ll make me filthy rich a day soon to come. I conquered my fear of cold approach and learned tight game really is hard work and a skillset that needs to be practiced and mastered. I discovered chicks want a dominant guy and want to be lead: To the bathroom, to the bedroom, to the street corner, to that table with a King Tut sized bottle. I discovered and smashed through my comfort zone with girls and in life. My confidence is rock solid, I now look forward and enjoy buying myself clothes (Thanks Alswede). I love EDM and music festivals and the energy of jam packed clubs the world over. I have cultivated a sincere love of women, an open mind and taste for different cultures, people, environments, music, styles, countries, activities. I have a strong yearning to live the shit out of my life. You can’t put a price on that. Once again, do everything and anything to get onto this program. Time wise, money wise, career wise, family wise, health wise, relationship wise, what ever wise. Pour your heart into the application. Spare no expense, hour of sleep, day of research, miles traveled to get onto this program. Words fail to describe Project Rockstar.

    Rockstars, what is your profession?!

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    Thought I forgot about you didn't you Mr. M? Thank you for creating this Project Rockstar. I know you are fiercely proud of what it has become as I am of being part of it.

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    One more thing. To clarify on the costs, the summer isn't cheap. That being said, Robert M and I had the fortunate luxury to overhaul our wardrobes entirely. Fashion in Sweden is no joke and is light years ahead of the US. We couldn't resist to spend extra cash on some badass threads to the tune of $8K. We also upgraded to first class flights at $3K and took a nice vacation (Amsterdam) during the week off for another $3K which was on our own accord more than anything else. Probably a little rash since I ended paying it back with some interest but still fun as fuck (PS YOGOR). It's definitely possible to spend a lot less, and I'm pretty sure the other boys did, as the program doesn't require nearly as much to have a proper Rockstar experience.

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    Notes from Project Rockstar 2014

    Bottom line, I had very high expectations prior to Project Rockstar and they were exceeded. If you are thinking about applying to Rockstar and are reading this and the other reviews you are probably questioning, “is the program really all that it is cracked up to be?” You might be thinking, “All of this is probably exaggerated.” Honestly, those thoughts went through my mind when I was researching the program. In my life, it has been extremely rare for me to have high expectations and have them met. Almost always, reality never quite lives up to what is pictured in my mind's eye. However, I was surprised and Rockstar not only met, but exceeded my expectations. I think because so much is expected from everyone individually and everyone is so driven, that it creates this perfect storm of everyone constantly striving to be better and the group just bringing each other up. I certainly made leaps and bounds in the area of game, but this actually was only a fraction of what I got out of the program. I grew more personally in the nine weeks of Rockstar than I had in any other period of my life... by far. There was such a transformation, that sometimes it is hard for me to remember that I did not always feel and think like I do now. My perspective on so many things has changed. It is like my entire life received an upgrade.

    I want to emphasize that you get out of the program what you put in though. You are solely responsible for your own development and have to be the engine of change in your own life. The instructors and everyone else are their to help you out, but you have to do the heavy lifting... no one can do it for you. I also did not realize how much time and effort it takes to master the nuances. Like most things in life, the difference between good and great is in the minute details. The details that are only mastered with experience and that are hard won.

    I did not expect to become as close to the other guys in the program as I did. I also did not realize at the start of the program the quality and extent of the Rockstar network. I have only imagined a group that is as diverse, accomplished, and close as the group associated with Project Rockstar. Everyone has so many awesome things going on in their lives. Also, if you are planning a trip or want to do any kind of group activity you can pretty much count on there being someone associated with the program that lives there or is down to join. It is pretty amazing and something that I only imagined before the program. I consider myself very fortunate to be a part of such a group and I am a member of some pretty accomplished and exclusive networks. The difference is the closeness and freedom to be who you truly want to be in this group.

    Everyone that is accepted onto rockstar gets accepted for different reasons and for the same reason; analogous to the “you are unique and special... just like everyone else.” The trait common to us all was the drive to become better. Words are cheap. It is very easy to say you are going to do a hard thing. It is another matter entirely to actually go out and do it. This program reinforced for me, how few people actually step outside their comfort zone and take a risk. Whether you are accepted onto Rockstar or not, I challenge you to go out and do the hard thing. Go out and accomplish something. Go out and make yourself better. Challenge yourself. Set a goal and execute a plan to achieve it. Rockstar is an awesome program and a great tool, but you have to have in your head that you are going to accomplish what you want to accomplish no matter what, even if you are not accepted onto the program. The work just begins once you are accepted. No one does it for you. You are personally responsible for your own development. Confidence is bred from competence and competence comes from work. No one becomes truly competent at anything without putting in the time and effort.

    The environment of Rockstar is a truly powerful thing. Throughout the program everyone becomes closer and closer. Everyone becomes comfortable being who they really are and talking about who they want to be. Whenever anyone opens up, they aren't met with judgment, but instead with understanding and support. There is a group dynamic where everyone wants to see everyone else succeed. There is cooperation instead of competition. Everyone is supportive. This doesn't mean everything is all feel good and sunshine and puppy dogs. It means hard truths without sugar coating. It doesn't always feel good. A lot of time it hurts. You have to reconcile these hard truths with previously held beliefs, but you can count on it being the truth and you know it is coming from a place of genuine concern. It is a very rare thing for a person to go out of their way to give another honest feedback. So many times we don't offer that constructive criticism, because it is often more uncomfortable for the deliverer than than the receiver. We are fearful, and often rightly so, that these criticisms will be met with resistance and damage the relationship. This is not the case with Rockstar. You learn to control the initial defensive reaction that is natural when you hear something that does not coincide with your own beliefs about yourself. You learn to take it and process it. You learn to grow from it. For me personally, I did not realize how people honestly perceived me upon first meeting. Looking back after the program it makes perfect sense, but until I heard it from other participants in Rockstar I had no idea.

    And now I will offer a bit of advice for anyone who decides to apply for the program. No one wants to associate with someone who only takes. Everyone on Rockstar is extremely generous and will give up their time to help you however they can, but you are expected to give back. However and whenever you can. You should focus on enriching the lives of those around you. This doesn't apply solely to Rockstar. I would highlight how you intend to give to the program, not what you hope to take.

    Project Rockstar is an amazing program and my life has been enriched exponentially by participating in it. I have made friends for life and received a jumpstart down the path to becoming the man that I want to be. I am truly thankful for all those who came before and that have put in the time and energy to make it all possible. Good luck to all of those applying next year and we will see you in Vegas in 2015.

  8. #8

    It’s going to be insanely difficult to put into words what were two of the most pivotal months of my entire life. But here goes…

    It’s been a few months already since I said the teary goodbyes to my fellow rockstars and flew out of Stockholm back to reality… a reality that I plan to upgrade to rockstar status very soon. It still kind of feels as if it was just yesterday that we were all killing it in Sweden together, and while a few of the rockstars continued travelling around the world together, I’ve had to head home to start putting into place the building blocks that will help make this lifestyle sustainable for me for a long time to come. I’ve been working flat out on business plans that were sparked from a couple months surrounded by some of the most intelligent, successful and driven people I’ve met. And while the memory of an unforgettable life changing experience slowly takes a seat in the back of your mind while you focus your attention on the future… you only need to catch eyes with a cute girl smiling as she walks past you, or to hear a banging house tune, or read an article on the web about an entrepreneur that made it big… to instantly remind you of a time where all limiting beliefs were thrown out of the window, when any self-observed boundaries were crushed to the ground, when a group of inspiring guys came together to help each other become the best they could be… a time when it felt like anything was possible.

    There is something really special and almost indescribable that happens when a group of driven guys with the same motivations get together.
    Imagine someone trying to build a small house on his own. He would probably give it his best effort for a while, do some research on what needs to be done, speak to the right people, work day and night, push hard at it… but then get frustrated when a few things don’t go to plan, throw his tools at the wall, and with no one there to help him and push him he would eventually just give up. Now imagine a group of random guys trying to build the same house, who all have different ideas of what it should look like, different ideas of how they should build it and aren’t really willing to listen to each other’s advice or accept constructive criticism. Things start going wrong and they start laying blame on each other, resentment creeps in and before you know it they abandon ship and decide to go have a few beers instead and laugh about it.
    In both cases the house foundations were laid and the possibility of success was there all along, but they didn’t have the motivation and support to see it through.
    Now imagine a whole group of motivated guys trying to build that same house together. They all have the same goals and vision of the dream house and are ready to kill themselves to build it… then add to that a bunch of the best architects in the world who want to share their expertise. Together they learn from each other, they research the best approaches, they discuss and evaluate various plans and then jump into full force action, motivating each other as they go. When one of the guys fucks something up he has a whole team of awesome non-judgemental guys picking him up and explaining what went wrong, re-boosting his confidence and giving him better tools to do the job at hand. This then resonates throughout the pack and while some guys started off better at their jobs than others, within a short space of time everyone is doing their jobs extremely well… and a steam engine of progress starts to build. Before you know it everyone is buzzing off each other as the final pieces of perfection get put together. They don’t even know how far they have gone until all of a sudden they take a step back, look at each other, and look up at what they have created. It is AWESOME!!!

    It is being in surroundings like this that can lead you to such achievements which then serve as a catalyst to go on and do even greater things in your life. When you see what’s possible, you then want to go on and build a castle… fuck it, then lets build a skyscraper and see if we can stretch it all the way up to the moon! Rockstar showed me what is possible in my life, and for that I will be forever grateful to all the guys involved that showed us the way.

    My journey on rockstar, in brief, was something like this… I arrived in Vegas super much excited and full of confidence that I was going to smash it. Then I met the group and all of a sudden felt like I was ‘surrounded by giants’, some of the best guys in the world with women and the most successful with business I’ve ever met. Some of whom would not have to work another day in their lives if they chose not to (for real). Straight away, in awe of my surroundings and the sheer intensity and fast pace of the program, I climbed back into my shell and became a little more reserved than normal. I was intimidated by the instructors and some of the more experienced guys on the program at first… but I kept plugging away at all the course material on the 10-day bootcamp and pushing myself as much as I could out in the clubs. At the same time I started forging some strong relationships with some of the rockstars in the house. I was slow off the mark with game and it took me a while to start getting any real success, but the first few weeks was where all the learning and progression happened for me… this is where I laid the building blocks that formed the foundation for the rest of the program. As the weeks in Vegas passed by I started to realise that these giants that surrounded me were not here to judge me or think less of me for any weaknesses… but instead were only genuinely interested in helping me in my progression. This then led to a feeling of acceptance and friendships being born with a lot of the instructors and alumni, and as a result my game got better and better. Then in the last week of Vegas I really started to hit my stride with game, and my belief really started to strengthen!

    By the time we all left for our break in Croatia all the rockstars were already pretty close friends. But I don’t think anyone expected how much more bonding was going to happen in Sweden. This is where the group became really close and grew stronger and stronger. For some reason my game worked really well in Sweden and once I realised this my development and growth really started to take off. In parallel to this I was learning so much in business as the seminars from the mentors continued to exceed expectations. It felt like every day I was taking in what would be a good few months worth of business studies in the real world. Towards the end of the program everyone was smashing it on all fronts. The nights just got more and more insane as we started to literally take over the clubs. There were times when I would stop whatever I was doing, look around and at the boys doing their thing and just take it all in. I call these the “rockstar moments”! You get so used to everything on the program… but every now and again when it all comes together, and everyone is absolutely killing it… if you stop and actually pay attention to what’s going down… it’s actually hard to describe but it is really insane to see. I almost had to pinch myself a few times as the whole experience in general felt a bit like a dream. Shit like this just doesn’t happen in the real world, unless you are a celebrity or something I guess. We saw it all… every encounter with girls that you can imagine. It all went down, it all happened, many times! Towards the end of Sweden my perception of what is possible in life and in reality started to make a big shift, and it all came together nicely for me in the end.

    If this all sounds too good to be true or like something you would jump at in a heartbeat if you had the opportunity, you should know that Rockstar is not for the weak hearted. You have to be willing to be broken down to pieces before you get built back up. There were things that were pointed out to me, in the beginning of the program during some debriefs and towards the end in the circle of truth, that were really a painful and burning shock to the system. I was brought to tears many times with realisations that left me no choice but to dig to my very core to figure out… looking back at moments in my life that were the potential cause for snowball effects of various beliefs and character shifts… and let it all go. It wasn’t easy at all, but these were all turning points in my development that needed to happen.

    To Venture, Sterling, Vici, Vybe and everyone involved who helped me on this path to finding the Adanis within me… I humbly thank you. I am a better person for it, I know what I am capable of now, I’ve proven it to myself, and I have the tools now to go even much much further. I’ve never felt so content in my life… dat feeling doe ‘it’s all good, life is awesome’…

    I used to have a lot of anxiety and stress before I came onto the program. Previous relationships and intense self-fulfilling corporate environments had ingrained limiting beliefs in me to just accept what was handed to me and deal with it. Yet I always had this voice somewhere deep inside of me saying ‘I know I deserve better than this’ and ‘I know I am going to do something massive one day’… but I lacked the belief to do anything about it. Instead I tried to block it all out by working hard and getting good at my job, hanging with the guys, drinking too much etc. Sure I’ve had a pretty good life, travelled shit loads and have awesome family and friends who I love to bits… but something was always missing. I never really went after the things I truly wanted... having an abundance in women and dating the girls of my dreams, whilst running my own business built off my passions, and living a lifestyle of freedom that allows me to follow my bliss. And it’s almost as if Project Rockstar has given me a giant bitch slap in the face, told me to wake the hell up and be a man, pointed me in the right direction, told me how to get there… and said “GO”.

    My biggest takeaway from the program would have to be that… the most gorgeous girls out there really do find me attractive, extremely. I finally unearthed this limiting belief that I was just not good enough for the hottest chicks out there. However, to get there I had to do a lot of boundary breaking, forcing myself to go where I was normally too afraid to go. I had to challenge myself in many ways. I had to dig deep, and overcome a lot of inner beliefs and rewire them completely. This was not easy.

    But through this soul searching I realized that with anything in life, your boundaries can always be broken. In fact that are for the sole purpose of being broken down. From now on I will challenge every single belief I have inside me that is holding me back. No matter what the hell the belief is, if I catch it, I will challenge it and break it down. Everything and anything is achievable in life, everything… the most stellar results imaginable in life are all there for the taking. All it takes is a shift in paradigm, a strong belief, vision and taking action. Through this anything is possible, literally.

    Was it worth it? The cost, the time invested, travelling half way across the globe to meet a bunch of strangers? I have to be honest, in the buildup I really didn’t know what to expect. I had just wired a ton of cash to some people I had never met in my life before, other than via a couple online messages and skype calls. It felt ludicrous, and the thought of a scam had certainly crossed my mind a few times. But I will never forget that moment when I arrived in Vegas and started meeting the guys, when the visions of what it could be like started to materialize into a reality. I can’t really explain the feeling of excitement that overcame me, and this is coming from someone who has spent the last ten years of his life travelling around the globe. Up until then I thought I had pretty much seen it all, travelled extensively around all continents on the planet, been a professional snowboarder, and summited the world’s highest peaks… I could go on forever. But this experience was something different, I challenged myself in ways I had never come close to before, I put every drop of energy within my being into becoming a better man. And I exceled far beyond my expectations. So was it worth it? I think you know the answer to that! You literally can’t put a price on that kind of experience and growth (and awesome fucking fun)! I would do it over and over, and with that in mind I will definitely try get back there next year as part of the alumni crew!

    This program is the real deal. It exceeded my expectations… and this is only the beginning. A springboard into a new lifestyle that I doubt I would ever have chased after had I not been on this.

    And aside from all this, aside from the ridiculous growth in fitness, lifestyle, game, finding your inner masculinity, aside from everything… the greatest thing about project rockstar is, by far, the friends you make. You guys are all legends, and pals for life. You have inspired me in so many ways and seeing the changes in some of you has only pushed me to go even further. I can’t wait to meet up again around the world very soon. So much god damn bro love it’s scary!

    So to the guys who made this program possible, all the instructors, the alumni and my legendary fellow rockstars… really, I can’t thank you enough for making the dream a reality.

    Oh and thank you to Sweden for being the breeding ground for the most gorgeous girls on earth.
    Seriously though, at what point did science or the creator or whatever you believe in… point to that plot of land and say “yes, there, there it is, there is where I am going to make everything super much nice to look at”?

    And yes, of course, thanks to the horse.

  9. #9

    Project Rockstar was by far one of the most amazing experiences of my life. I will share this with all of you reading this by laying out the key life lessons I learned from the experience to give you a sense of what you will get out of the program as well as the work and investment I put into the program to achieve those insights. I learned these lessons from my growth in the fitness program, through the brotherhood with the other Rockstars and in a big way through interactions with hundreds of women. Nearly all of what I learned has broader implications for my entire life.

    The key lessons are:

    • Act in spite of fear
    • Be in the moment and have fun
    • Learn to push
    • Lead interactions
    • Smash boundaries
    • Love yourself

    Act in spite of fear: This was my first and most important lesson and one that I have to remind myself of even today, months after the program has ended. I learned this lesson over and over on Rockstar. We went out six to seven nights per week, and each night we were approaching girls constantly. No matter how much I approached, there was still some amount of fear in me. It was dramatically higher at the beginning of the program than it is today, but the lesson is the same – act in spite of fear. In fact, the greater my fear is, the more important it is that I act because it usually indicates whatever I am afraid of is incredibly important to me. I’ve noticed this pattern in other parts of my life outside of approaching women – from giving presentations to having tough, honest conversations with friends to participating in improv comedy workshops or even taking a cold shower (which I learned from one a couple of my fellow Rockstars is much better than hot showers healthwise).

    Even when I applied to the program I had a lot of fears that would materialize – What if I invested all this time in the application and interviews and got my hopes up and didn’t get in? What if I got in and couldn’t improve and embarrassed myself? What if I realize I am hopeless with women? All of these fears proved to be unfounded because I took action and applied, but I easily could have given in and made the excuse that Rockstar wasn’t for me or I would apply next year. I am incredibly grateful I had the strength to take the right action in the face of this fear. Learning to overcome fear has been key to expanding my comfort zone, growing and achieving my goals. One of the other Rockstars was a Green Beret and he had a quote about courage that stuck with me: “We aren’t born with the courage to jump on a grenade to save our fellow soldiers; we develop courage as a result of jumping on the grenade.”

    Be in the moment and have fun: Before Rockstar I thought of myself as a relatively fun person. I enjoyed traveling and adventure, would often make sarcastic jokes and loved to drink and buy rounds of shots in particular. Rockstar was a wake-up call for me: I had to face the reality that my perception of myself was wrong and I was actually quite stifled. Sure I could make a sarcastic joke here and there, and I could be funny around people I was comfortable with but with new people in new environments I was formal and serious. Why? Because I was timid and shy and always thinking about what to say next before I said it. With friends I didn’t want to take the risk of saying something uncool or offensive or unpopular and with women I would think about what line or routine to say next. I was much more invested in what other people thought of me than what I thought of myself. I would buy shots to loosen myself up and to get other people to like me. Even if other people had fun around me (which was likely less frequent than I believed), I wasn’t expressing myself or doing what I really wanted to do, and so I wasn’t truly having fun.

    At the start of the program I would go out to some of the best clubs in the world in Vegas with an incredible group of guys and feel unbelievably anxious and uncomfortable; I would try (usually unsuccessfully) to force a smile most nights. I wasn’t confident with women at that point, so I expected to be rejected and even if I acted in spite of my fear, I fell victim to my own self-fulfilling prophecy and experienced nearly constant rejection. For those that would talk to me, I couldn’t connect with them. I was like a creepy robot, mechanically thinking of the next thing to say, touching them if they laughed and then thinking of the next line or routine. When an approach or interaction didn’t work out, I would say to myself such uplifting things as, “You suck! Of course that didn’t work. You need to do better next time. Don’t be such a loser!” and then force myself to approach again with the same results and self-criticism.

    How did I get past this? It took a number of different tools and approaches and a lot of work and persistence:

    • The Inner Game of Tennis: If you identify with any aspect of the self-criticism I wrote above, this book will change your life. The example the book uses is tennis but the implications are much broader
    • He said/she said: This is an exercise one of the instructors gave me where I would recreate conversations from the previous night where I got stuck or did enjoy where it went and rewrite it to make it more entertaining and sexual. I did this for weeks and gradually new connections started forming in my brain where I could create engaging conversations without canned routines or stopping to think about what to say, which helped me have a lot more fun.
    • Be self-entertained: I had to drop all of the canned lines and routines I had learned over the years and start again as a blank slate. Instead of saying things other people told me to because I thought girls would find it funny, I needed to switch to talking about what I found interesting and hilarious. As an example, the first few days in Sweden I found myself running out of things to say and falling back on conversation I found boring. Instead, the next time that happened, I was completely honest; I told the girl I had run out of things to say and now we were going to stand there in awkward silence nervously looking at one another playing a game of chicken of who cracks first and has to leave. I found this to be one of the funniest things I’ve ever said and, guess what, girls did too. I could still use content I heard from others but only if I enjoyed it, not because I thought someone else would. Vercetti once gave me a line for a girl who looks really mean – “You have the BEST don’t fuck with me face!” That cracked me up and I still use it today.
    • Banter with the other Rockstars: If I could have fun with the other guys in the program, it was much easier to have fun overall and with the girls.
    • Reframe rejection: A girl not wanting to speak with me in a nightclub is simply an event. It has no inherent meaning and it is only rejection if I ascribe that meaning to it. Instead, for instance, if I take the mindset that I am playing a video game and every time a girl walks away I start the level again, I no longer feel the same loss as if I thought about it as rejection. Another mindset one of the instructors had was the idea of turning over stones; some would be red, others yellow and others green. Also, I started to learn to make ‘rejection’ fun; telling the girl “I love you” as she walks off or turning to my boys and saying “she’ll call.” The funny thing is the less serious I took rejection, the less harsh my rejections were. Any mindset you can adopt so that you don’t feel pain when a girl decides she doesn’t want to talk to you at a club is critical to letting go, having fun and being successful with women.

    Learn to push: After about three weeks of Rockstar I started having real fun while I was in the club and lo and behold my interactions started going better. I was getting more girls to talk to me for longer periods of time and I was excited about it! I would keep flirting with girls, pulling them in closer and they would be interested at first but then find the interaction falling flat and the girl eventually leaving. I had heard of the concept of push/pull but didn’t really understand it until one night at Drai’s I had one of the alumni whispering in my ear during interactions with a few different girls – “say this”, “now turn away and talk to me”, “pull her back in”, “stop talking and see if she reinitiates” and the concept really clicked. I had primarily been pulling girls in because of my excitement, and I had to learn to mix in pushing with my pulling.

    This was a key lightbulb moment for me! With this fundamental lesson plus learning to have fun and the nonverbal training from the 10-day I was able to pull my first and second Rockstar lays – one in the Wynn in a room with an ice machine and the second in an alley in broad daylight in the morning after the clubs closed. On the second one, we were walking to the hotel, but the girl was immensely turned on and the alley was the nearest place to go lol. I could never have imagined but have learned to hold zero judgement. Both blew my mind pretty significantly.

    Leading interactions: Then that weekend I was out with one of the Rockstars and a friend of one of the instructors with great game who was visiting Sweden and went out with us; I’ll call him Squirt. We were leaving a bar where I hadn’t been approaching consistently and had gotten stuck in a long conversation winging the two guys with a girl I didn’t find attractive. I was frustrated and determined to improve the night. I saw a hot girl walking into the bar and stopped her. It was really on, as she let her friends go in without her and she pulled me back strongly when I did some early pushing. I saw this and tried to move her by encouraging her to leave the bar with us and move with us to the next club. She wouldn’t leave her friends. I tried two or three times and I would have settled for her number at that point, but Squirt saw what was going on and came up and introduced himself. Long story short, he mentions he needs to use the restroom, makes a joke about us banging in the bathroom and next thing I know I’m having sex with the hottest girl I ever have in a unisex bathroom after talking to her for about five minutes! All it took was leading her there – now it all clicked! After that I started leading all of my interactions forward and would up double dipping with another girl that night and pulling yet another girl the next night! I nearly repeated the night a few days later, but didn’t know Café Opera had a unisex bathroom and so had to settle for pulling one girl out of the club that night away from her aunt no less. Tough life lol.

    Leading is so critical but it’s not easy if you’re like me and have been passive and permission-seeking most of your life. I had a huge surge the last week and a half of Rockstar, and those reference experiences were absolutely critical building blocks for my newfound sense of masculinity. Yet it has taken another two months of going out post-Rockstar plus the books No More Mr. Nice Guy and Models to really cement that in, and it is an area I am still working on and calibrating. The investment is well worth it in this skill. Beyond relationships with women, being comfortable leading is crucial to success in life. As I reflect on my success in my career, some of the biggest bursts have come the few times I led and was willing to state an opinion or make a tough decision. I am confident that the experience from the summer will make me a much more effective leader in my career, whether I choose to return to my Fortune 500 job or if I become an entrepreneur.

    Smash boundaries: Smashing boundaries and limiting beliefs happened to me from the outset of the program. I got in better shape from the Sports Food transformation than I ever thought possible and was able to work out more and more intensely than I thought I ever could. I effectively changed my view of myself from someone who was once fat and is always fighting weight problems to someone who is fit and cares about nutrition and will always be in shape. In one of my journals during the workout program I wondered if I could smash this belief what others could I challenge during the program. Turns out I could totally shift my sense of reality.

    The experiences on Rockstar have really made me question some of my long held assumptions and limiting beliefs about life and be open to different concepts of reality. I now realize happiness is a choice and am happier than I’ve ever been. I used to believe only some people could be happy consistently and I was not one of them. Based on my tough path but ultimate success in Rockstar and looking at many of my previous successes I believe anything I put my mind and effort towards consistently will happen. I also never believed that the risk of entrepreneurship was worthwhile because I always focusing on the likelihood of failure; now I know I can be a successful entrepreneur when I decide to go that route (which is likely in the next 1-2 years depending on how I feel when I return to my corporate career).

    Love myself: The biggest and most important lesson for me from Rockstar was learning to love myself. From my past experiences of rejection especially when I was a teenager, I learned to judge myself harshly, and I never felt I was truly worthy around friends, superiors at work and especially women. Around the other Rockstars I felt like I was the bottom of the class, so I felt embarrassed and would shy away from the group. When I did talk to them, I was very reserved and deferred to them, thinking “I hope they might like me even though I suck so bad.” With women, I didn’t believe I was really worthy of pulling girls, so most of the time I didn’t.

    This started to change over the course of Rockstar but was really accelerated by the Circle of Truth, which was a very unique experience where each Rockstar and instructor gave each Rockstar honest feedback about how they were viewed. It was supposed to be critical feedback and it was for many of the Rockstars, but my feedback was to recognize what an amazing person I was and to learn to believe in myself. Squirt encouraged me to find my inner badass and encouraged me to shave my head, so at the end of the Circle of Truth, a large group of instructors and Rockstars shaved my head in the middle of the street at 3am. This really was my rite of initiation to becoming a man. That morning I looked in the mirror and I didn’t fully recognize the guy looking back, but for the first time in my life I could say I loved and respected him. That feeling grew over the rest of Rockstar and I have continued to cultivate it since and now feel it relatively consistently. Gone are the days of beating myself up and the constant negative inner dialogue, and I now see I am an amazing friend, sexworthy guy and sharp businessman.

    Dedication and work required: If you’ve made it this far into my review, you can see how transformational this program can be, but none of these learnings and changes were handed to me on a silver platter. Although I had a tremendous amount of support and guidance from the instructors, alumni and other Rockstars, ultimately I had to put in tremendous effort to achieve the results I did. The constant rejection I experienced in this program was one of the most challenging obstacles I’ve overcome. I did not even see progress for most of Vegas; imagine going out six nights a week for three weeks straight and not even getting a single makeout or solid number while most of your boys are pulling regularly.

    If any of you reading this doubt that Rockstar can change your life, take heart because I felt hopeless. I didn’t see a path forward and every single day for the first two or three weeks of the program I would look myself in the mirror in the morning, feeling the dread of the night to come and would have to convince myself to stay in the program. I eventually let go of any hope of transforming myself or even getting laid and just focused on following what the instructors told me to do and ensuring I left it all out on the field. If I got nothing out of it, at least I would know I gave it my all. Vybe told me during those tough days that I couldn’t see progress because I was filling a dam. Every approach, blowout, he said/she said, voice lesson, review of my notes, etc. was filling the dam little by little. Eventually, he said, the dam would become full enough that it would start to spill over and I would see progress and eventually it would burst. His words gave me a lot of encouragement, and fuck they were so true!

    This is a video that illustrates the type of persistence, hunger and don’t give a fuck attitude you need for Rockstar:

    Value of investment: I’ll end this with a discussion of the costs of the program, since they are substantial. In addition to the base cost of the program, which is quite high, I gave up a likely promotion which would have increased my comp by an amount in the range of six digits, I gave up spending time with two of my closest buddies who happened to be taking time off to travel the world and I left an amazing girl behind. Sounds like a ton of sacrifice.

    It was one of the best decisions of my life. I would do it again in a heartbeat, and knowing what I know now, I would pay multiples of the cost. I went to an Ivy League university and top five MBA program, both of which were amazing experiences, but the amount of personal growth, life-changing insights and lifelong friendships I earned in Rockstar exceeded either one of them despite being a fraction of the time and cost. If you hunger for more out of your life, if you yearn to be able to face your greatest fears, if you desire happiness and want to appreciate the amazing abundance life has to offer, apply to this program no matter what limiting beliefs you have and no matter what your financial situation is. As long as you commit to doing the hard work needed to get the results, you will never regret it.

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