Fader Stripper & Hired Guns - October 2014 (SuperConference)

I worked a lot with Fader over SC. He's the man and worked out a LOT of kinks in my game. He knows his shit & doesn't care AT ALL about things that could get him in "social trouble." -- Which is what probably what makes him so good at game. Most of the stuff he taught seemed straight from trial and error -- And if a teacher is teaching something, then I would HOPE that they are providing content that has been actually field-tested like that.

He really cares about is students and seeing them progress. I went out in a group with him one night and the first thing he said when the group got together was "If you need help tonight… Come find an instructor, immediately. I don't give a shit if one of us is talking to a hot girl, 5 hot girls, whatever. You stop the set, grab us and tell us you need help. This is about you and you're learning." Pretty much verbatim. After that I trusted that he had students' best interests at heart.

I'm guessing that Fader is literally the only person in the world who possesses all three of these 3 traits

1) A guy who has cracked the code on Strippers & Hired Guns game and has developed a curriculum around it (which in itself is insanely rare)
2) A guy who is willing to teach it to others
3) Someone who actually gives a shit about students' success (not just teaching as a job, but a passion)

One of the nights, he took our group out to the strip club for infield. Not some little raunchy strip club you find in your home town… fucking Spearmint Rhino in Las Vegas. If he was willing to put what he teaches to the test THERE, then I figure you can pretty much take it anywhere.

He bull-shitted with the limo driver (you have to take limos to strip clubs?) and threw out insider jargon that instantly built rapport with the guy. Fader knows what the hell he is talking about, the limo driver instantly knew it, and I fucking knew it. The guy has it down.

The group went in and I totally felt out of state (just sat through the 5 hour lecture on S&HG, not talking to anyone, and now trying go from 0-60 to socialize with strippers... rough. lol).

So I told Fader after about 20 minutes that I "wasn't sure if this [stripper game] was for me." He looked at me an said "Hey man, no excuses. If you are having inner game issues, no big. Just say that and admit it. You don't have to stay if you don't want."

Just straight called me out! Haha he was totally right though. It was all inner game at that moment. He said I could leave, but he knew damn well I wasn’t going anywhere. So after I calmed my head down and came around, he looked over and said “Hey man, just last the next 80 minutes.” That’s all I had to do.

Great, so now I had a really easy goal to accomplish. Survive.

Then the first stripper came over. I have no idea why, but I was nervous and still not completely in state. She sat down on my lap and I ran the gambit like Fader had taught to us. With my new arsenal of insider stripper jargon, awareness of social matrixes, and a tad bit of booze — I blinked and was 10 minutes into my first set! I had not spent a dime, and by the time she left, she was almost reluctant that she had to move on to maker her money. (I know now to work carefully with no mistakes… They are there to make money! As Fader kept reminding us, “You’re gaming a gamer.”)

Second set went just as well as the first. And a cool part about strip clubs, no opening! THEY are opening YOU! And you just have to make sure to provide enough value for them to stay there and let you run your game. It is interesting how certain words that you learn in the class really strike a chord with these girls and let them know you have insight into their world (which is TOTALLY different than the “normal” world). It’s likely that you’ll never know how deep and his different that world really is until you take the class. Fader has spent more time and energy learning about that world (and how to beneficially navigate it) than anyone you will ever meet in your life. Seriously, if someone ELSE knows as much about strip clubs as he knows, you probably wouldn’t want to be hanging out with them. Haha shady people in that industry.

The rest of the night went alright.. turns out I have a lot of learning to do. But ultimately I took a few baby steps into the world of Strippers & Hired Guns game… and it was awesome! It was like my 3rd tome being in a strip club, so I will totally call that a win. Haha

If I know anything for certain after taking S&HG, it's that you will never find another teacher and another class like this. If you have the chance, TAKE IT!!