Venture & Sterling 10-day Bootcamp - Las Vegas, June 2014

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    Venture & Sterling 10-day Bootcamp - Las Vegas, June 2014

    The special Project Rockstar 10-day bootcamp. Siiickk week, we went out all 10 nights. Post away.

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    If you're anything like me, you're probably reading this because you're looking to improve something in your life. This bootcamp was definitely one of the best experiences I've had in a long time and it certainly shoved me in the right direction. We were out for nine nights, 5 with infield instruction and it was exhausting but absolutely worth it.

    We'd meet in Venture's room and start off each day with a debrief. I think this is one of the areas where the instructors really showed their worth. They were all great at breaking down sticking points and helping the students set goals for the next night out.

    The program was broken down as follows;

    We met in Venture's suite along with the 2014 rockstars who went through the theory lectures concurrently. Venture and Sterling broke down the structure of the program for us and ran us through the simplified natural model, setting up for the first night out. The program is designed to start the students from the simple basics, introduce the required skills and get in some practice as the 10 days progressed. Our goal for the first night out was actually to get into what you'd probably assume are 'boring' conversations. When we went out the instructors asked us to get into normal conversations with women and see how long we could last without going into any routines or gimmicks. It was a pretty powerful realization for me when I sat there and had a pretty interesting 30 minute conversation with a girl I'd just met without having to resort to any lines. If anyone needs proof that you don't need all that stuff, u should try this. No fretting about getting anywhere, just conversation. It's amazing how far you can go when you're not in your head, trying to remember what to do or say. It was kinda awkward when I ran out of things to say but that also taught me that girls will usually re-initiate rather than walk away. This was a great way to challenge my preconceptions. Sterling probably broke it down best when he said that women are typically in the club for four things, one of which is meeting guys.

    DAY2 – Sub-Communication
    Building up on the 1st day, the instructors started fleshing out the model and the theory was about physical sub-communication and a small bit on verbal flirting at the end. It was great having Vercetti around for this seeing as he's an authority on body language. This felt like the meat of the pogram for me seeing as I have always been kinda shy with pushing boundaries physically. The program is all about finding boundaries and pushing them. Sterling broke down why our previous night's conversations may have been lengthy but not really gone anywhere. An interaction needs to be more than the one thing (normal) and avoiding some sort of oscillation means that it'll just peter out. We were taught that the same applies to the non verbal stuff. You have to be consistent with it and push the boundaries a you go along.

    DAY3 – Flirting/Fun conversational and Sexualisation
    Spent the first part of the afternoon fleshing out some of the core principles of fun conversation and the instructors ran us through some great situational examples. Again this was about trying to own the conversation rather than running down a script.
    Sexualisation covered the verbal and non-verbal escalation. Another big thing for me. It was easy enough to hear it said in class, but getting out and testing how far I could get was great.

    DAY4 – Warm conversation and text game
    We ran through how to relate a story in order to hit the right notes. The crux of this is that you'll need to build your own stories based on your life and polish them if need be as you get more practiced, not use someone else's words and try to jam them into a narrative that'll fit you. Sterling consistently illustrated how to weave a captivating story by having one of the students talk about their life and then taking what was invariably a boring set of facts and turning it into something interesting. Still totally accurate, just presented better. This kept bringing us back to the fact when it comes to the verbal part, it's about building the skill set that allows you to do this by practicing the stuff they taught us, not fabricating a story or memorizing a bunch. As the instructors put it, there's you and there's the projection that the world sees. This was about fine tuning the projection.
    Venture ran us through some basic text game do's and dont's and gave us some examples of text exchanges.

    DAY5 – Same Night Lays
    Venture had a great talk about sexualisation and the application of the various components of the simplified natural process to the SNL.

    DAY6 -Inner Game
    I thought Sterling was good at breaking stuff down and teaching it before this, but the inner game seminar was the real gem for me. Without going into it I can honestly say that I walked out of that room feeling more confident just based on the simple conclusion that he placed before us. You'll only fail at this because you either don't have the tools or don't try to apply them. We were in there to learn the skills so all we have to do now was practice. You won't get the girl every time but you'll definitely get consistent if you stick at it.

    DAY 7 & 8 – Day Game
    We hit up a mall both days to get some day game approaches in. Not much theory involved here since the same process is applied to a large extent.
    Also did a little clothes shopping and got some fashion advice from Vercetti and Darwin. I couldn't believe how much of a difference a little tweaking could make.

    DAY 9 – Fashion
    Venture's workshop assistant Alex took us through a great couple of hours on fashion. I've never considered that to be a problem for me but I guess that's part of the reason this was such an eye opener for me. Time to refresh the wardrobe.

    DAY10 – Relationships and sex
    This session definitely challenged my perception of gender roles in relationships and looking back on my past, a lot of what Sterling said rings very true. It was a pretty succinct closure to the simplified natural curriculum. The underlying theme all along is that you need to be the man and act like it. Lead in all aspects of the interaction and lead in all aspects of the relationship.

    The instructors were awesome infield. I remember having a particularly bad start on the third night out and Darwin took me aside and spent some time working on loosening me up and getting me to have some fun. After opening a couple of sets with the very high energy Savoy, I had a girl twerking for me within a few minutes of opening and my hands were all over her. They kept telling us to have fun when going out but it didn’t really sink in for me until Venture had me open just by walking over, saying some really dumb shit and laughing about it. Vercetti was great with pointing out weaknesses in sub communications and working out ways to fix them infield. .

    Darwin : I had my biggest breakthroughs working infield with him. It was kinda shattering to go in set with him while I felt pretty good about myself and see him escalate while I flinched but he took me through some awesome demos.

    Vercetti : Being out with him was pretty educational. Awesome energy all night and just focused on having fun. Plus the stuff he taught us about making your voice resonate to get yourself heard and owning your physical space was money.

    Venture: Great teacher. He really broke stuff down to the bare bones and had some absolutely excellent examples to illustrate his points. The stories from him were pretty inspiring, and the biggest takeaway I got from being infield with him was simple. Have fun. If you're not, do something silly and make yourself laugh.

    Sterling: When it comes to breaking down game, this guy is incredible. I don't think the theory could have been presented any better. It was jarring to have him critique me, but the fact that he just gets it and sees your flaws so well is a massive bonus.

    Vici: Took a lot of time infield to break down approaches for us and it was jaw dropping to see how easy he could make it. Watching him made me wonder why I ever even have any approach anxiety.

    Alex: The fashion lecture was awesome. This was an aspect that I think all of us had taken for granted and having him break it down for us was a massive revelation. Expect a lot of selfies man. Was also great to have you infield because as much as I dislike admitting it, I still needed some pushing to approach sometimes.

    There were awesome highs, more than a few light-bulb moments and some pretty gruesome lows for me, but overall I came in getting nervous about opening, and on the last couple of nights I was kicking myself for not pushing far enough physically to get laid. It was a great experience and I have to give a shout out to all the instructors and students for making it so much fun.

    When it comes down to it this program is about being masculine. Being a leader to everyone in your life.
    The instructors explain their journeys and it's very easy to relate to them since everyone who's teaching the course has been where you are at some point.

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    10 day bootcamp

    I will start off with a little bit of info that's appropriate to my review, I had never approached before and I live in an environment that feel like it crushes me...that's pretty much it.

    I will cover the curriculum and my nights out, you should find it funny!

    Day1 - sterling talked about masculinity and the roles it takes within your life, he also talked about how some men try to be masculine by doing some stupid stuff which they believe makes them a man. Also very important was the fact that when you are masculine the women can be as feminine as possible. Next the art of normal conversation, how to make a linear boring conversation captivating and open to branch off to other subjects,new also did an exercise for this which I don't think I had spoken so much in such a short amount of time for ages, I found it strangely liberating.
    Infield (we were limited to only normal conversation and we could not leave until 15minutes had passed) - within 5 minutes of being in the club venture demoed a kiss close with a chick he had only spoken to for probably around 30seconds, needless to say I was shocked and very happy to see the curriculum in work and see it is so effective. Venture pushed me straight away afterwards to approach and I realise all the AAi had was really pointless since it wasn't bad or painful at all, it was actually easy. Vercetti helped me by giving me an exercise to change my mood, which helped a lot since I've never been much of a clubbing person. Darwin also helped with re-focusing my achievements since I was getting too results orientated and not being happy with the progress I was making. One chick out of the whole night was fun, I ended up recruiting her as my wing girl and she was damn good! Unfortunately the women she introduced me to ended being a hooker!

    Day2 - every de-brief was very helpful and I took lots of notes mainly from others de-briefs, since I pretty much knew my problems and was having instructor coach me in then during the night. We covered sub communication SUB-COMs! We also had an overview of the whole model and how sub-coms work with it. We also covered some flirting (banter) which was simply hilarious! Some of the stuff the group came up with was pure gold.
    Infield - the club was load it was packed and there were lots of aggro dude who looked like they were trying to be gangsters, my kryptonite! I was looking so bad venture even asked if I wanted to leave the program. But I stuck in there and the BOOs came out at the anti-social chicks. I finally entered state for the first time and had one my best nights! I became really playful and didn't care about getting blown out, I even hooked a stupidly hot chick then got abit overwhelmed and blew myself out, oh well live and learn.

    Day3 - we covered the 7 core principle of fun/flirting and learnt about how it opens up the thresholds, venture emphasised how you must drill deeper to lower layers to make something more funny as the first may not really be that funny at all. Vercetti then covered sexualisation, we covered mind sets and female psychology, the mistakes guys make with being sexual and the mechanics of sexualisation. I will never forget Vercetti calling himself "the sexual liberator" it was hilarious yet after last night I saw him unleash some women's sexual side, as they went from normal to groping him and him spanking them and calling them a naughty girl, which they loved.
    Infield (no instructors) - my worst night of all the 10 days as I didn't open a single time but I winged for the other students, which actually went very well. I sexualised a conversation with one chick and I had become the sexual liberator, she went from quiet and well behaved to shouting out that she was naughty, the other student blew out and they left but it was a real light bulb moment for me and cemented what I had just learnt in the seminar. Women have a good side and a naughty side, and they only show the naughty side to men that understand this and do not judge them for it.

    Day4 - before seminar I went to a mall and tried my hand at some day game, I think I was a little aggressive since I made a couple women jump so I toned it down. I didn't get any women to stop that day but I did get some looks from those I tried to stop which screamed "you got some balls!"
    In the seminar we covered depth/warmth and the importance for it to be inspiring and not depressing, sterling taught us some filters to put our stories through in order to ensure they conveyed strength, masculinity and warmth. This was very helpful since the environment in which I live had made me quite a depressive talker. We then covered text/online game which goes very nicely with the model, and covered some do's and don't's. For example never do this :P . We then cover abit about a life fuelled by passion, although this was an undertone throughout the entire bootcamp.
    Infield - Darwin was of great help right from the beginning giving me some exercises to get me out of my mind and into my body, he also got us to bounce from one set to another only stay for a minute or so to get us into a talkative mood. I hooked to tall hot chicks and found the funny button, which I proceeded to keep pressing and not start a normal conversation, which I could see in there face disappointment as I became a gamey, so blow out. After I found Darwin again and we spoke to some less attractive girl, which turned out to be the best conversation of the night she had brilliant banter and was able to just keep throwing back at me, I hadn't laughed so hard with a women in along time.

    Day5 - same night lays by venture, this was simply brilliant and I think I took more notes in this than any other, it wasn't just helpful for SNL though as I found a lot of it helpful with game in general and so much fits very nicely with the SN(simplified natural) model. It covered inner game, models, the physical conversation (HOD hand on dick) which some of the instructors had some damn funny stories to tell about HOD.
    Infield - it was a night of up and down really met some aggro dude who didn't like the fact I was chatting and wrapping my arms around his wife, I'm my defence i thought he was joking when he shouted out that it was his wife and she didn't say anything about, she was having to much fun with me. Near the end of the night I found a glowing green and chickened out on kissing her even though our faces were an inch apart (live and learn) I then proceeded to get blow out because a rockstar tried to help by spiking which left her say "what the fu*k?" But it was all good until the workshop assistant came and spiked, he was only about for 5secs but it was enough to freak her out. I don't blame them then they were trying to help, she shouldn't have freaked out. Plus if I had moved faster which I could have none of it would have happened.

    Day6 - this was an inner game seminar which was very helpful and brought to light a lot of places I was going wrong with my mindset and how I spoke to myself and even how I assessed my time infield, not much to say but it was extremely helpful. After the seminar I started chatting to a women working at a sandwich and coffee shop thing in the hotel, and a hot chick walked up so I just kept bouncing between them both pretty much having two conversations at the same time, which I noticed every time I changed the person I was talking to they were more eager to talk when I went back to them, women's competitiveness at work.
    Infield - I came in that night with my best state from cold so far, and got doing the exercises Darwin had gave me straight away, I was entering set from the start without being pushed, the highlights of the night were hooking to very tall hot chicks and actually not blowing myself out, instead got into a normal conversation after some fun/flirting, a third friend turned up who was shorter but hotter so I started talking to her, then the two tall chicks dragged her away since they weren't getting any attention anymore. Happy when there getting talked to but unhappy when it's there friend getting talked to, that's why we have wingmen I guess. Vici was amazing to watch and talked to a student and I about inner game and the practicality of it infield, it really help to solidify the theory.

    Day7 - day game seminar which was short but sweet, how the SN model worked for day game and a bit of opening practise.
    Infield (day game) - only ended up getting one chick to stop but she was damn hot, and I ended up going into interview mode which destroyed the interaction.
    Infield (night game) - took a cute Brazilian from yellow to green but bailed as I wanted a hotter chick. I watched as a student got his hand shaken and congratulated for approaching a 4/5 set (I don't remember) of chicks and realised we are no longer a part of the normal group of guys out there, which was a wonderful feeling of ascension. Got into set with a rockstar and got the women to open up to me a lot but didn't open up enough myself, so I knew her but she didn't no me, then I ended up getting led about by her and her sister a bit which made me feel like shit because I knew I was doing it wrong and was lacking assertiveness. Also saw some dude doing some funny shit on the dance floor trying to get close to the women I had been talking to, as he clearly was hoping something would magically happen, this reminded me of a story venture told us about his past and made we laugh very hard and yet feel some pity for the poor chap. After the club I had a 5am meal with the instructors and truly felt the brotherhood that they had built, it was in this moment I realised I would not be content with going home, and that everything I wanted was right in front of me I truly wish I never had to leave.

    Day8 - infield (day game) I got a women to stop even though she said she was married and had a nice conversation with her, she had no intention of it going further it was just a nice conversation with an attractive women, which made me realise even day game is perfectly normal. I chased down a hot chick who had checked me out as she had walked by, I had to chase because I had a super flinch which didn't help the interaction, it didn't last very long.
    Infield (night game) except for the second night this was when I felt the lowest, the imaginary result of the bootcamp was truly destroyed and reality had to be accepted, I spoke with Darwin about this and he was very helpful, without him I wouldn't have had a good night at all. After I finally had a drink and discovered a bit of vodka/red bull is like state in a cup lol. After I had a lot of fun with the students and it help to take conversations sexual with the women we approached.

    Day9 - fashion seminar, this was unbelievably helpful since Alex hated every piece of clothing I wore during the bootcamp except 1 of my t-shirts. I left that seminar feeling like I actually no what I should be wearing.
    Infield - I had lots of fun thanks to a bit of state in a cup at the start and was bouncing from one set to another, found a green light but got blown out by my wing as he blew straight threw the sexual threshold, but we had just been having a very sexual talk with the friend of the group who brought us over to them, oh well she shouldn't have freaked out it wasn't me who said it. I met some guys trying to do some pickup which was funny since it was like looking at me back on day one except when I was told to go I did, I flinched but I approached, once again I realised how much I had transformed.

    Day10 - sex/relationships seminar, this was very helpful as it destroyed more pre-conceptions I had, and also showed how a truly masculine man deals with things. Which one thing that stuck with me was how you should be a supporting pillar and not trying to fix everything in a women's life.
    Final de-brief - we talked about what I need to work on what I needed to do and generally how I should push myself to become more manly and live a life of passion, how I need to surround myself with people who have or want the same thing as me.

    The instructors

    Venture - people don't lie about his game it's crazy good, I found him to be like a big brother figure, always pushing always looking at how he can make it fun and always there not to hear you whine but to motivate and kick you up the ass. Generally just an awesome dude.

    Sterling - his conversational skills are insane, how he was able to rebuild peoples stories was a feat on its own, but when he would demo by having 4 nearly identical conversation only changing to add in each layer of the SN model was mind blowing, he makes it look so damn easy and got a serious amount of pockets of information he can tap into. He said what he cares about the most is pushing us and making us better and being our friend came second, I felt this as he called me boyish a few times, but as I said to him before I left he had broken me down and built me back up, I am more of a man now and far stronger and able to deal with stuff thanks to him. An example of this is that I lost my passport half way through the bootcamp and I simply didn't care, I couldn't do anything about it and I wasn't going to miss any of the bootcamp so it could wait, the only thing I even thought was how am going to get into the clubs? Before this I would have freaked out about how to get home.

    Vici - he is just awesome watching him infield is brilliant, and his inner game and the way he spoke about it with a student and I was so damn helpful

    Vercetti - the dude has some crazy sexual energy and is a delight to be with and I simply couldn't help but smile when I saw him, what he told me about taking up space and how to have a presence help a huge amount.

    Darwin - what can I say, a few times he was the only reason I continued, he was the one who pretty much every time brought me back from the brink of wasting the opportunity I had, the talks we had helped so much and his calm personality really helped my mind stop racing. He made me realise that it's about the process not the results, as the results will come but when they don't you may break yourself down, and there is nothing worse than stopping since you will never get what you want.

    Conclusion - my life will forever be defined and pre and post 10day bootcamp. The SN curriculum is exactly what is says on the tin, so much so that when I was going through the seminars you kinda feel stupid to have not seen it yourself. As if it's so obvious and simple you should have known it but was simply unable to see it, although this is probably just evidence of how well venture and sterling have done. If you have the money and the time and want to change you and not your image then this is for you, not everything will be easy but the best things are hard to get. In other reviews they have said SN is hard to master, although I am far from mastery I don't believe it is hard, simply because SN makes so much sense and is so simple, it never fills your head with junk, it just becomes pockets that light up during interactions. Because of this I believe my problem is very simple, I continue to stand in my own way. I think this is the same for most people, once I can finally get out of my way I believe mastery in SN will come easily. It will take hard work and mindset changing but since I have returned I have already started working on it, so mastery here I come!

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    Vegas 10-day 2014

    It was a great 10 days. Thank you to everyone that was there. The immersive style of the program was definitely a big plus, and there was plenty of knowledge to soak up. Sterling and Venture were the leads, with Darwin, Vercetti, and Vici as support instructors. It was a marathon, that definitely pushed us, but it was absolutely awesome, and I'm very glad I did it.

    We started with the basics and what women are attracted to. Masculinity is one of the big ones. It breeds confidence. It makes you feel like a man. Being able to dominate a woman's world, especially physically and sexually. These were themes we repeatedly came back to. When the man is extremely masculine, it allows the women to be very feminine.

    We spent a lot of time discussing how to have a fun and engaging conversation with women, and why to always push the thresholds outward, and keep the interaction moving along. This was an area where watching Sterling demonstrate was really great, he really is a master of captivating speech. One of my favorite demos was when he free-styled the same conversation four times, with a student pretending to be the girl. Each time he introduced a new conversational strand, ultimately showing us how to take the conversation sexual while being normal and fun. Throughout the 10 days we got different demonstrations like this in the classroom, and they were very useful to see before we went out at night.

    In the venues, the first few nights we focused on the part of the model we had learned that day. But basically the name of the game, was to go in strong and move both the verbal and physical conversions forward. The physical conversation (sub-communications), was an area that I really learned a lot on. It is a huge part of why some guys are so good at game, and some have no chance. Shaking the girl's hand or hugging as you meet her are both ways to get things started. It is ongoing. Just as the verbal conversation, it never stops, and you slowly push the boundaries open further and further. The girl will always give hints of how comfortable she is, and you must be a man and lead. If you can do well with physical conversation, it pretty much guarantees you'll never end up in the friend zone. It's what builds chemistry. For both conversations, you continually touch the boundaries of what she is comfortable with. This pushes things along, and escalation becomes natural.

    We were not being taught lines or routines. It's more like communication techniques that all work together to help you convey who you are and what you are passionate about, in an attractive way. A nice consequence is that it helps you become a more interesting person. How you speak, and actually tell the story can sometimes be more important than the actual story you are telling, especially when around girls. We want to flirt and play with her emotional brain, not the logical side. And being a good speaker allows you to do this. The instructors also gave us some good exercises to practice at home. Very useful for helping create interesting ways to tell our own stories, and also use what the girl says to create material on the fly as well.

    One cool side effect of taking the 10-day was that we as students, really got a glimpse of how these guys live and handle themselves day to day. The lifestyle is awesome. The suite they had was great. A wrap around balcony with an epic view of the entire strip. We got to hear a bit about where they came from, and how they got to the success they have now. When you put everything together, it really starts to paint a vivid picture of just how fucking cool life can be when you really get things rolling in all areas.

    Even though there was a section dedicated to inner game, the entire program had a subtle way of effecting my inner mindset, and helping really make crystal clear how we should be approaching each day, and always trying to improve. I especially liked the focus on the mindset as a sexual liberator and being. Vercetti had a great way of explaining this throughout the week, pure gold!

    Some of the different topics we covered over the 10 days included: masculinity, conversational strands, state, sub comms, frames, sexualizing, text game, SNL's, inner game, day game, fashion, relationships, and sex. ALL of the material was top notch. And when they say 'Simplified Natural,' they mean it. The framework is not difficult understand or practice. Mastery will take hard work. But the roadmap they have given us is extremely useful for getting to the destination, and in much less time.
    There is no way that anyone could ever call you out as a "pickup artist," when you approach game the way it's being taught here. This is a communication course on how to speak, flirt, and seduce the opposite sex, while simultaneously being the true you. But it doesn't end with women. Being a captivating speaker will help you in many other areas of life. Being a masculine man that people look up to will help you become more of a leader. Understanding that the key to everything is bringing value, usually in the form of good emotions, will vastly enrich your life. Take the initiative and girls/ people will gravitate in your direction.

    Have you ever seen someone power walk 50 feet across a club to catch up with a bombshell and open her? Only to get her attracted and into the conversation? I witnessed this on several occasions. You have to actually see it with your own eyes to understand, firstly, that it's even possible, and second, why it's so effective. No, they are not saying any special lines, it's all in the sub communications and the masculine manner in which they handle themselves. When you watch one of these guys go after it, they OWN IT, pure and simple. This is masculine. This is natural. It's not rocket science, it's good sub comms and confidence in who you are as a person. This is what you will learn on this course. So yes, the instructors are the real deal. One of them had pulled an SNL 5 days in a row by the final day of the course. And yes, these were with hot chicks. Youtube Honey Badger if you want an idea of how these guys go after something they want.

    Sterling: Amazing conversationalist and an equally good teacher. He was able to break down precisely what I was doing wrong, and give a concise solution. He also pushed me the most. He was totally honest everyday with me, and all the other guys as well. He Definitely reminded me of one of my old coaches when I was into sports; always looking to get the most out of you. His sub comm demo during one of the debriefs was one of the most useful things I got out of the entire 10 days.

    Venture: Great example of walking, talking masculinity. Homerun hitter. Dates amazingly hot women, has a very successful business, the whole deal. His story is great and very inspirational. He has a very good understanding of game. His SNL portion was very useful with breakdowns of how/why he has so much success.

    Vercetti: The Lion behind the cage. I probably worked with him the most, and he's terrific. Really helped us learn how to get into state and just have fun when we're at the club. Always playing around, but knows exactly when and how to turn up the heat. Very good with body language and voice tonality too. His mindset about sex and women is awesome, and the way he explains it makes a lot of sense.

    Darwin: A very cool cucumber. Very smooth in how he interacts with women. Helped us a lot early on with mindset and getting into state, and just enjoying the night. Had good advice every time, I got stuck or blown out of a conversation. He and Vercetti did the day game portion of the course as well.

    Vici: Confidence. I watched him for a while one night, and he just goes after it. Seeing the way he approaches women kind of shattered some limiting beliefs I had. Very bold. Gave us some good pointers on mindset and mechanics of good sub comms.

    The 10 days was an excellent experience, I feel the instructors definitely delivered. It really helped me understand what my sticking points are and where my focus needs to be. I would definitely recommend this to anyone on the fence. The immersive style really helped accelerate my learning; eat, sleep, and breathe game. Thanks again to everyone that was there, great week!

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    10 Day Review

    This is a Rockstar’s prospective of the 10 Day Simplified Natural in Las Vegas. A little background before I get started is in order. Firstly, I have been on 3 Love Systems bootcamps prior to Project Rockstar (and this 10 day). They certainly pointed me into a better direction, but I needed something more than a few weekends. Being from a small town and with no option to move in the near future my plan was to take some time off for something more intense. Either a day 10 Bootcamp or Rockstar. For anyone looking for the fastest way to lasting change I would definitely recommend doing the longer ones.

    In the past I had problems with terrible information overload at night. I was having trouble trying to remember the categories and terms let alone some of the lines I’d been taught to do. The 10 Day really helped fix all of that. What we were taught was to just be ourselves. Anyone get stressed over being themselves? Of course not, you might still get stressed over approaching, as I did, but that was going to happen anyway. What we did learn was how to be better versions of ourselves. To go in and just introduce yourself in a confident manner. To have normal conversation and try to spike it every once in a while with humor and sexualization. We learned to be overly touchy, you want to be the touchy guy. You might be blown out because of it but that’s alright, at least you made her decide if she was attracted sexually to you right away.

    I feel like a hypocrite for saying, “Just be yourself” as when I got that advice I would roll my eyes (as the reason I am NOT getting success is because I was being myself!). However in the 10 day you approach so much and start to get so many successful conversations, humor, sexualization, and attraction going that to “Just Be Yourself” becomes someone who does all those things. Sure we had a few lines or a few things to remember but they wanted us to go on a feeling more than lines. They wanted us to have fun first. If you are having fun people will want to join you and you do not need any lines, you can just go off of feeling. Why else is it that 2 people can deliver the same line but get 2 completely different reactions? 93% of what you say is body language and tonality and you can fix those right away by giving yourself a different feeling. I already knew going into the 10 Day that if I push myself I can be as successful as I want. What I did not know and learned was that it really is not as hard as I thought it was going to be as the hardest part was just going to be getting in as many approaches as possible. Venture and Sterling created a program where less information means more results.

    We started the 10 Day in Venture’s hotel room. It sure felt like a Rockstar 10 Day. The room and view were amazing, we had the best instructors and top students. As I stated earlier the material was very different and well suited for me. We learned a model unique to Venture and Sterling’s Simplified Natural curriculum which put game into an amazing perspective for me. We learned about how to oscillate within the conversation and how it made the conversation flow more naturally and how it was more fun to do, which is the key to success. If you are not having fun then why are you doing it?

    The first night we went out I could feel the difference. It was a very relaxed atmosphere. We were pushed into many sets that night and to my surprise at the time most hooked with a simple greeting and handshake. Either just saying hi or genuinely saying how you thought she was attractive and introducing yourself. No worrying about delivering the perfect line for the situation. At this point it seems painfully obviously to write this but the first night it was quite an eye opening experience.

    We hit the hottest clubs in Vegas over that entire span including, Drai’s, Marquee, XS, and Light. Scratch that, this are some of the hottest clubs on earth. Aside from the hiphop night at Light they were all amazing. They all had a plethora of girls there and most were very easy to open. I might add that at the hiphop night at light out of all the sets I opened only 1 stuck, and she was about a 2 on the scale. Not that I use the scale anymore but I think here is appropriate because I need to communicate just how bad she was. That being said it opened my eyes as to how the environment matters, a lot. It was an angier crowd on average, which doesn’t mean everything was bad but that if you want to make it easier, go to a better environment. Avicii played on Friday night at XS and the crowd was amazing. Absolutely everything opened which made the night and experiencing longer conversations very easy. We might not have learned a lot about opening that night, but we did on pushing and escalating with greens.

    Despite the reduction and simplification in material I was still able to gather a ton of notes. I was excited during the seminar portions and kept thinking of additional exercises to practice when we were being taught. Personally my biggest issue is inner game when it comes to confidence and sexualization. I have some really big sticking points here that in almost a cruel twist, I actually created and worked on in younger years. In terms of touching and sexualization I spent 8 years working on the belief that you should not touch women and to always let them touch you and indicate sex. You could probably count the number of times I indicated sex in my life on one hand. I know since I consciously worked on this it will take some time and work to get over but at least I was about to be taught and SEE the right path. There were many other eye opening statements and experiences during the 10 day for me that had not happened before. The more time you spend around these guys, the more opportunities you find to make yourself a better man. To me if I had to choose between getting laid every night of the 10 day and becoming a better man I would choose the latter every single time. The better man will attract women anyway and be in a better place for it. Luckily my choice was not mutually exclusive….I got to do both.

    All the instructors were epic and had their own strengths and styles. It was great to get a mix to tailor to what works best for you.

    Venture - Probably should be renamed Babe Ruth. The guy pulls the hottest girls almost every time. He goes from 0 to 100 so quickly. I was surprised by just how well he turns it on when it is game time. During the day he runs is very successful business and by looking at him you would say he is ‘business’ like which in my mind is far from the club scene. Definitely inspired me to see that I can have both a business persona and a fun/loose persona.

    Sterling - Amazing teacher and ability to break down sets. He taught the majority of the seminars and is very polished and articulate. It was great to see him tell the same story in a normal, sexual, and humorous way (oh and they were students stories he had just heard once too). Thus he was great and demoing and practicing what he preaches.

    Vici - The guy also picked up the hottest girls. In fact I can clearly remember meeting him at past Super Conferences because of the girls he was with! He has awesome banter and a fun vibe game and is always smiling. Great guy to be around.

    Vercetti - He is a legend within Love Systems and probably does not need much of an introduction. The guy is super polished, friendly, and great infield. You would know Vercetti was in a crowded loud room because his voice is undeniably deep and masculine. This is part of what I mean by you learn so many things over the 10 day, you start to notice all the finer parts you can work on yourself, like a great voice.

    Darwin - The most selfless of them all. He really feels like he is listening to you when you speak as he holds amazing eye contact. Great lesson from him was during the course he was evening asking questions, thus you should never stop learning. Further his questions were awesome because they were coming from a higher level of knowledge.

    As someone who was on 3 bootcamps prior I highly recommend this journey. In my experience I also recommend trying to find your own inner game issues you are battling and using the quality instructors to try to hammer them out. Those 10 days of pushing are a great way to turn around a lot of problems. In fact if you just pick one big anxiety ridden issue you have and get over it during the 10 day I believe it will give you the roadmap for getting over any anxiety issue.


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    "What we were taught was to just be ourselves. Anyone get stressed over being themselves? Of course not, you might still get stressed over approaching, as I did, but that was going to happen anyway. What we did learn was how to be better versions of ourselves. To go in and just introduce yourself in a confident manner. To have normal conversation and try to spike it every once in a while with humor and sexualization. "

    What? So you just go in and talk normally and smike it once in a while? Thats all game is?

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    I was a student in the 10-day bootcamp in Vegas as part of Project Rockstar. A lot of the other reviews have gone through the specific content on a day-by-day basis, so I thought it would be most helpful to share the key lightbulb moments from my experience, my impression of the instructors and some tips on how to get the most out of your experience.

    Lightbulb moments for me
    • Becoming skilled at game is a long process of making lasting improvements in yourself – The images I originally got from The Game and The Mystery Method was that if I could get good with some magic tricks, memorize a bunch of lines and wear crazy clothes I would get girls. I realized the magic tricks and peacocking weren’t needed, but I spent my first few years of trying to get good with girls with sheets of routines, DHVs, strawberry games and a complicated model of different stages of the interaction. I imagine this sounds familiar to many of you. It didn’t work for me at all consistently. Why not? In Sterling’s words, I was trying to change the projection and not the person. Changing what I say doesn’t change what I feel about myself, women, my limiting beliefs, etc. All of that comes across in my body language and so while I might be saying things a confident man would, I wasn’t a confident man. This course is about putting you on the path of becoming a confident man, which is much longer and harder than learning to ask girls “Who lies more men or women?” Sterling called this course and Rockstar physical therapy to rehabilitate you vs. memorizing routines as taking medicine to temporarily fix symptoms. I had a tough time in the 10-day, but I feel myself growing as a person, which is something I could not say previously. I thought I would come out of this course magically as a master at game because 10 days is so long, but I never thought about it as a life skill. How many complex skills like baseball, snowboarding, tennis or rock climbing has anyone mastered in 10 days, even with the best coaching in the world? I now view this course as the start of a journey. I have the fortune of continuing that journey throughout Rockstar but for anyone else reading this, keep in mind you will need to make changes in your life at home and continue to work on this skill continuously to achieve mastery.
    • It is normal to talk to girls in clubs - All of the original stuff from The Game and the Mystery Method that got me into this originally always tried to conjure up excuses to talk to girls, which I didn’t realize created a clear implication that it wasn’t socially acceptable to speak to girls in clubs. You have to generate some kind of reason to justify that behavior. Sterling made a really strong point early on that he learned from talking to many girls and asking them what they do in clubs – there are four socially acceptable things to do in a club: (1) drink (2) talk to your friends (3) dance (4) talk to members of the opposite sex. Not only is it socially acceptable, it is pretty much expected that men should approach women and talk to them in clubs. There is nothing weird or creepy or out of the ordinary with this behavior. Perhaps this is obvious to many of you but it wasn’t to me and this helped clear up a good portion of my approach anxiety
    • You can have normal conversations in a club – part of the Simplified Natural curriculum is helping develop four different types of conversational skills that relate to communicating with women that have likely been underdeveloped in most guys seeking coaching because we didn’t have to develop them to be successful in other parts of our lives. One of those skills is normal conversation. This isn’t small talk but being able to speak in a compelling manner about different aspects of your life: your job, hobbies, interests, etc. Previously I had shied away from speaking too much about these topics in clubs because I saw them as boring. Our first night out our goal was to have interactions with girls that lasted as long as possible with only normal conversation. I was shocked that I was able to have engaging long conversations for 10-15 minutes or more in the middle of a loud club with only normal conversation. Now don’t get me wrong, it is really tough to make a sexual connection with a girl with only normal conversation but what it showed me was that I didn’t need to feel over-reliant on constantly being funny and using routines to banter. We would learn after the role of those things, which is critical, but I learned the power of normal conversation and that it is acceptable to have normal conversations at a club.
    • Have fun and be in the moment – I didn’t fully realize that when I went out and talked to girls I treated it more like disarming a bomb than having fun. Sterling made a really insightful distinction between active and inactive activities. Inactive activities are things that are learned logically like studying for a test or doing homework or completing a spreadsheet at work. They take slow thinking and require you to spend a lot of time in your head thinking to complete the task. Active activities are things like sports – basketball, soccer or snowboarding where you have to be in the moment to execute. You can’t sit around and think logically about what to do next. You have to trust your body and instincts to pass the ball or make the shot or carve around the next turn. Game is an active activity but many guys, including myself, treat it like an inactive activity. The confusion is that you have to spend time out of the field learning theory and improving your conversational skills, but infield you can’t spend interactions with girls remembering what exercise you did and trying to recall the next thing to say from memory. You have to trust that your mind will access what you’ve learned at the right times without consciously reaching for it. Why? If you’re thinking about what to say next and planning the interaction, you are not engaged in the moment and the girl can tell. She may find what you’re saying funny and laugh or find it compelling and want to listen but you’re not building a real connection and though she may not be able to articulate it, she will know you’re not being genuine and the interaction will eventually fall apart. This is why memorizing a bunch of routines is not the best way to improve your game. Sterling pointed out I sounded very mechanical in the field because I was doing this. Vercetti and Darwin gave me some exercises to help bring me more into the moment but this was something I struggled with throughout the 10-day. It was critical I become aware of it because I never really knew that but since this is about making fundamental changes in you as a person, it is tough for me to train myself to get out of my head and trust in the moment and let myself have fun, especially when I achieved success in school and in my career primarily through inactive learning and application. I made progress throughout the 10-day and thankfully I have the rest of Rockstar to continue to work on it.
    • Subcommunications – The power of what I say with my posture, hand gestures, eye contact, tonality, etc. is much greater than the words themselves. This was mindblowing insight for me. I walked around with my shoulders hunched, making jerky uncoordinated hand gestures and speaking in a monotone voice. Those were just my passive subcommunications that I didn’t control. The active subcommunications of touching, eye contact and proximity were either nonexistent or hesitant and timid, which came off creepy. I never would have even realized this stuff without the bootcamp, let alone been in a position to address it. I took meaningful steps to cleaning up my passive subcommunications (but those are harder as like their name, you don’t consciously control them) and I made massive improvements in my active subcommunications. The learnings here are going to be a critical foundation for improving my communication skills across all aspects of my life.
    • Oscillations – My final insight was that conversations with girls are not linear. You don’t go from attraction to qualification and then comfort in a predictable fashion. Women are people, not robots and each one is unique. Conversations vary from flirtation to normal conversation to sexual to warmth and there are both verbal and nonverbal components. There are some patterns to conversations but the real insight is you have to have a rough idea of how to use the different verbal and nonverbal skills most effectively and use them based on the specific flow of each conversation. I could say a lot more on this, but I couldn’t do it justice, as it is one of the core pillars of the course. Just rest assured that you will learn a non-linear approach to game to take the girl on an emotional journey specific to her.


    We had four primary instructors with us throughout the 10-day: Venture, Sterling, Vercetti and Darwin. We also had guest appearances from Savoy himself as well as Vici, but I am going to focus on the primary four, who I spent the most time with:
    • Sterling: He is an amazing teacher. He breaks down and shares the material in a very clean, digestible way. Infield he has done this so much that he can diagnose students’ challenges with ease. He was even able to diagnose one of the other student’s challenges from the student’s description without having witnessed him. For me, Sterling accurately identified very early my lack of having genuine fun and low energy level, which was my key sticking point to focus on during the 10-day.
    • Venture: His same night lays seminar was incredibly valuable and very advanced stuff. You won’t get it all the first time but take good notes and keep reviewing as you grow. Infield Venture is unstoppable. He pulls girls consistently and quickly. You will learn a ton from watching and listening to him.
    • Vercetti: As a former actor, Vercetti has amazing insight on subcommunications. He was very hands on throughout the course and gave me incredible feedback to help my approaching, my smile, my articulation and my ability to get into state.
    • Darwin: Darwin cares a lot about the students he is working with. He took time to listen my fears and doubts and provided incredibly helpful reassurance. He always made himself available to connect with infield, and he also had great advice for getting in state and the importance of winging.

    How to get the most out of your 10-day
    I wanted to share a few simple tips from my own experience on how to get the most from the 10-day. I’ve learned the mind can really only hold five things at once, so I’ll keep my list to five:
    • Approach, approach, approach – Game is an active activity. You can only learn so much from seminars. When you’re in the field, take advantage of the time by approaching as much as possible. Early on approach everything. Don’t wait for a 9 to walk by because while you’re waiting you’ll miss out on three 7’s and six 5’s. You learn a lot going through the model with a 5, and you won’t be as nervous, so it will be that much easier down the road with the 9. Also, if you need to warm up, approach 2s and 3s and guys. Talk to everyone. Just get out of your head and get comfortable talking to people. The more approaches you do, the more you learn, the more the instructors can watch you and give you feedback and the more progress you make. Most of all don’t let approach anxiety get the best of you. You will get blown out. It will happen a lot. It happens to everyone and is a natural part of the learning process. The instructors will help change your mind set to become more resilient, but at your core you have to be comfortable with rejection and failure. My first few days I got blown out by nearly everyone I talked to. The analogy that helped me the most was snowboarding. To get competent at snowboarding I fell on my ass and bruised myself a ton. My first day or two were mostly spent on my ass, but slowly, gradually I got better but still any time I am learning, I fall on my ass. If I’m not falling I’m not learning. Embrace approaching and getting blown out. It’s how you grow.
    • Be proactive in asking for help – Instructors will be there most of the time infield watching you in set and winging you and giving you feedback. Having said that, they can’t see and hear everything all of the time, so if you have questions, ask them. Get the most out of your time with them, as they won’t be there in the same way after the course is over.
    • Take risks and push the boundaries – It is easy to start to get a little success and feel content with that. I did it and it is in human nature to want to stay in our comfort zones. Don’t fall prey to this. Keep pushing and taking risks. If you’re afraid, tell the instructors to push you to do something you would never do. Approach a girl who is clearly with a guy. Talk to a girl with three guys. Approach a girl on her phone and tell her to hang up to talk to you or, even better, take her phone and hang it up (I haven’t done that one yet myself). When you’re in interactions, push the sexual boundaries both verbally and nonverbally to see what happens and learn where the thresholds are. This is an ideal environment to push you to take risks and learn. If you don’t do it now, are you really going to do it when you’re back with all of your old friends in your hometown where you know people and feel like you have more to lose?
    • Don’t sleep – There are only five official infield nights, but go out every night you can. Go out with the other students even if the instructors aren’t going out to practice and have things to debrief on with them the next day. Its only 10 days and you can sleep when you’re done.
    • Connect with the instructors – Don’t look at the instructors as just people with knowledge of game. They are people too, and they are really awesome people at that. They all live fascinating lives and have faced struggles like you’re going through. Use the time you’re with them to get to know them as people. Show interest in them beyond game. Go to a meal with them or have a casual drink with them. It will make your experience more rewarding and make them more vested in your development.

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    Like many guys before you reached the point where you've decided something needs to change. My path no doubt was the same as yours. A difficult break up involving children and a promise to my friends and family never to put them through those late-night phone calls complaining about the relationship again.

    In my search I found a number of different companies. There were several systems that I tried and three boot camps before the 10 day. I have a number of thoughts on the range and variety of coaches and systems and boot camps that exist. Some are frankly fucking weird. I would not want their game nor the kind of women that they pick up. Some have no game but proclaim themselves instructors willing to take your money. Some have incredible game, and definitely attracts incredibly hot women but are completely incompetent and too arrogant to teach. But they'll still take your money.

    I did a lot of research before signing up for this ten-day program. As noted above I had some experience with some boot camps and had improved my game but there were still things that were missing – primarily due to the lack of coaching from the prior programs that should have pointed out where I needed direction and improvement.

    I wasn't entirely certain what level of instruction and guidance I was going to get on the 10 day but it was pretty clear from the reviews I'd read, the people I talked to and what I knew about some of the instructors that there was going to be a focused effort on delivering the material - new material that on its face sounded very appealing: "simplified natural." No games, no routines, bringing out what naturally has to exist for all of us otherwise we wouldn't be here as humans because for 1 million years somebody's been fucking somebody to have all these kids that grew up to be adults here on planet earth. So is open to see what these guys had to offer but also wanted to see how focused the individual attention would be.

    Day one answered some of the questions in my mind. There was a roundtable introduction and we found the instructors came from the same place that all of us did. That was a start as it gave me reassurance that they understood where I was coming from and understood my frustration and pain with the dating environment.

    The program focuses on the four natural components of natural game – flirting, normal conversation, deep real stories about who you are and taking things sexual. When you think about it, it makes sense this is the natural way conversation between and a man and woman would go anyway. But their work really defines how to have these conversations and the natural way that they weave together including the physical component. It's like a dance is the way it was described.

    Even though natural game is "natural," the information is rich and it comes at you like a tidal wave. Every day I had so much information that I was trying to process it was hard to keep up. It was fascinating though because we would go out at night and put into practice what we learned earlier in the day to see how effective it was. Make no mistake at first it was usual approach anxiety jitters. But I'm reasonably confident with women and did not hesitate approaching after getting over those initial jitters. But changing from routines to natural was a bit clunky.

    The first night we are given the task to have normal boring conversation and to see how long we could hold that up to at least 15 minutes before injecting if we weren't already blown out. It was a great lesson in how you can stay and have extended normal conversation with women in nightclubs – you don't always have to be the entertaining "dancing monkey." The instructors left us on our own because this was an experience in just approaching and having a normal conversation – other than being directed to go in, there really wasn't any coaching to do in a normal conversation. And of course those conversations didn't go anywhere it was implementing the balance of the system that changed that.
    Bantering and teasing is something that comes natural for guys who have sisters or other brothers or had those opportunities in grade school and high school. The program takes time to describe all the different ways of teaching and bantering with lots of examples and exercises to get it down. And of course that's what we implemented that night later in the field. The key was to go out and have fun. Don't ever remember on any of the other boot camps for that focus to be the primary focus. And yet it made all the difference.

    The following day was storytelling. Mystery said the Game is played in comfort and basically what he was saying is the most important part of your game is storytelling. It's not something you figure out in a day class and then put it into practice perfectly in the field. We learn the basics of storytelling – fundamental filters through which your stories of ball and it was very effective. But to develop your stories takes hours. One the quotes remembered is "private victories." That's the time you spend on your own working on your stories working on your banter.
    They four was the final piece of natural game, sexual conversation. And true to form, it felt very natural.
    even though it sounds as though it's something that it comes naturally – it is after all "natural game," I think all of us felt like we were swimming in the ocean with lots of water to consume.
    But this is where the individual coaching and attention came in.

    Each night we were told to pair up so we had wingmen. I would find as I began talking to girls – not a 'set' - one of the key points to natural game is to drop all the gamey terms - is that other students would often be observing. We did that for each other paid off in the following daily debrief. This is where we would spend an hour to two sometimes three going over the prior nights conversations to dissect what worked and what didn't work and how to improve. In the following days have the opportunity at any point to have an instructor when us and observe our progress. On top of learning the relative simplicity of natural game and it's brilliance in both presentations and execution, this infield assistance to me was invaluable.
    I know from my own experience irrespective of what ANY company – including Love Systems says, you can't learn game in a weekend or in four days it takes time and the minimum I think anyone serious about fixing this component of their life should consider is this 10 day.
    Learning game is like learning a language: learning the alphabet, then the syllables, then the words, then how to put together the sentences and paragraphs. And like learning a language, immersion is the best way to do it.

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    Ten Day Bootcamp Review

    I guess in a nutshell this course, if you are thinking of taking it, will give you every thing you need to get good with women. I’m a part of project rockstar, which is still going on as I write this, and we are continually using the things we were taught every night we go out. We are receiving feedback to help us improve faster, but everything you need to have an amazing lifestyle with drop dead women is contained in this program, you just have to take the material and go out and apply it till you get it. That’s about it, seriously!

    So where do I start… at it’s core this program deals with how to behave like a masculine man; someone who is comfortable with his sexuality and has no problem expressing it in a natural way. In my opinion, society teaches us to hide this away as we mature into adults, and as a result we are afraid or reluctant to let this side of us show. In my own experience I have sometimes tried to be a gentleman around women, and repressed my sexual desires towards them because I honestly thought it was the proper thing to do.
    Venture and Sterling turn that idea on its head. Through their approach I’ve been learning how to be the guy I always wanted to be but have consciously stopped myself from doing it in the past. And the results speak for themselves.
    I’ve had way more results with women over the past few weeks than any other point in my life. I’ve never before had to try and get rid of one chick because a hotter one is coming to meet me. I’ve never been busted in a public bathroom trying to bang a girl because there was nowhere else to take her. I never thought this would happen to me before, and I remember thinking as I was leading her there, ‘Holy shit, this is actually working’.
    This is a new reality for me. At the beginning of this program I was coming from a place of pretty low self esteem. By default I would say to myself ‘That girl won’t like me’ without even attempting to hit on her first.
    Now the tables have turned.
    In essence, I’ve learned to give myself a chance instead of assuming that ‘I’d never get that kind of girl’. Now I can back myself, I’m prepared to take a gamble and put my ego on the line. I actually believe that I’m good enough to get girls that were out of my reach.
    Part of that confidence comes from another core concept of the program… how to be the best version of yourself you can be. If I were to expand on that I’d say this; women are pretty well defined on the attractiveness scale by their beauty. They are either hot or they’re not.
    Guys on the other hand can be attractive to women in more than just one way… they can display their masculinity by living lives where they go after the things that they are passionate about, by having a well-developed physicality, and by showing other traits that have nothing to do with looks but females go gaga for.
    All of this is covered in the course material. I’ll be honest, it is a lot to take in and try to internalize. Ten days is probably not enough to get everything down pat, but that’s cool. The onus is definitely on the individual to take the material and practice it until you get good at it.
    This will take some people longer than others. It’s just the nature of the world; some guys are just naturally better than others at some stuff. The instructors gave us a constant reminder not to measure our results against someone else’s, the journey we are on is our own and all that matters is that you are making progress compared to the guy you were yesterday. As long as you are continually trying, regardless of whatever result you get from women on any given night, you are doing the right thing.
    So let me talk about the clubs! Vegas is insane… it was my first time to the nightlife there and I have to say, the nightclubs in the city amazed me. Not only are they lavish and gigantic, they also play host to some of the world’s biggest DJ’s. I sometimes just wandered around the club for a couple of minutes on the first few nights, marveling at the spectacle.
    And the women! Vegas is a ripe hunting ground over the summer period, as people come from all over to let loose and party in the city of sin. I met just about the same number of girls from Canada, Australia and England than I did Americans. I found the women had a ‘on holiday’ mindset too, so a lot of rules that might apply in their hometowns held no sway in Vegas. If you guys haven’t been, I seriously recommend it!
    Let’s get into the nitty grit; how was it running game? It took me a couple nights to get into the swing of things, I definitely have some confidence issues but eventually I got into the swing of things and started to approach with some consistency. I struggled in the early sessions and I count myself fortunate that I was paired with Darwin.
    He has a patient manner and he can relate to your problems (having gone through them all himself). The first few nights I spent with him, and due to the encouragement and the exercises he gave me, I began to get over my fear and start to form a new approaching habit.
    On top of that, I also got to spend some time with the awesome Vercetti. You’ve probably heard of the guy, but his presence in person far outshines his reputation. This guy has the mojo! But I should mention his passion for helping people, his depth of knowledge in interpersonal relationships and just that fact that he’s a f***** cool dude. Someone that teaches you but ends up being your friend.
    Due to the size of the group I spent most of my time with these guys during the ten day. I didn’t get to spend time with some of the other instructors who were there simply because we had such a huge group and they wanted to make sure we all had a high quality coaching experience when we were out.
    I should also make special mention of Nick Savoy. He came out to the program for a couple of days, and imparted some of his knowledge to the guys when we were given a Q&A session with him. He even winged me in a couple of sets when we were out, I kind of felt like I was in set with a celebrity lol. He gave me tips on the fly and was happy to share his knowledge and experience. Pretty cool.
    So back to the actual gaming. What we were taught in seminar was how to use our natural conversational skills (which we have all been using for our whole lives) in an interaction with a woman. We operated on the premise that we naturally have it in us to do and say the right things at the right time. All we needed was some expert refinement from the instructors, i.e. what type of conversation we should make at different points of an interaction. We were given some examples of things to say, similar to old school routines, however we had the freedom to make the material our own and play with it to suit ourselves and our backgrounds. I think of them as training wheels, and because we were allowed to adapt them I had no trouble saying things that felt weird or didn’t fit with who I am as a person. To me that was the strength of the curriculum, how easily adaptable it is to any individual.
    Each and every night we went out and applied what we had learned. At first it was clunky… I was no expert at talking to girls. Slowly, agonizingly slowly I started to see improvement in my approaches. And then, suddenly, bang! It all came together somehow. I spoke to a girl, it went well, it kept going well and then it ended well lol. I wish I could remember exactly what I said so I could analyse it. The instructors gave us a handy hint… there are a few voice-recording apps you can get for your phone. If you pop your phone in your front pocket (if you wear a blazer) you can listen to yourself later and find out what you’re doing well in the moment and what you can work on later.
    So that was my experience. I heartily recommend this to anyone that wants to improve their interactions with women, and even beyond that, how to become a more confident person in general. The two go hand in hand.
    Best of luck…

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