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    Project Rockstar 2014 - Daily Journals

    After 5 interviews and 12 grueling weeks of intense physical training Rockstar is finally here. A life transformation unlike anything else, the guys will be journaling about their experience here daily.

    I live for these months.

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    The grand design begins

    Something pretty ominous happened to me the moment I stepped off the plane in Vegas. First, reality hit. I’m actually here and this Rockstar thing is going to actually happen. Point of no return crossed. When I stepped off the plane and saw a Starbucks I thought I’d get some coffee. I reached into my pocket and all the cash save two dollars was gone from my pocket. When I felt the two pieces of fabric and my leg, I thought, “What the fuck?” I basically lost all my cash and felt naked. I always carry cash and not having that measurement threw me into weird space. Granted I had plenty of money on my card, but I always hated the feeling of losing cash, but welcomed the feeling of uneasiness. It was something I knew I would have to get comfortable with, and what better way than to unexpectedly get a head start.

    After meeting the boys and going through the introductions we were hustled back to the Rockstar mansion to get settled in and changed for XS nightswim. Nervous system overload. This is all a whirlwind of life being filtered through my body. Super successful people, social creatures dripping with abundance and positivity, energy you could power a house with. It’s absolutely insane in the most philosophical terms. I opened a ton of sets, most went well. I got into conversations about random dumb fluff talk and about serious logical topics as well. You could tell everyone was a little nervous about being here and so quickly being thrown into the fire. It’s a feeling that many people will not feel once in their lives. It made me think of the kind of limiting life people lead. The grand scheme of things is to really connect with people. And not just with family or friends. There are 6 billion people on this blue rock and there is literally nothing stopping you from getting to know as many of those people as possible. The only thing stopping you is the bullshit story you keep telling yourself.

    We started the 10 day bootcamp that runs concurrently with Rockstar and we were finally given a dynamic blueprint on how to achieve our goals. I say dynamic since it’s tailored to our individual sticking points so that we can expand at our own pace and really grow into that best version of ourselves. The second night on the program was sick. A lot of my sets were hitting and being the idiot that I am, I would get the number and eject. I thought I would be awkward and my subcomms would be totally off but to my great surprise, those subcomms were more or less on point. I stood up straight, shoulders back, looked girls straight into the eye. One of the alums from last year that was rolling with me commented on this and it felt great that part of my game was satisfactory.

    Now onto the good stuff. Day two in the 10 day, I winged one of the rock stars with a group of four friends. Right off the rip I grabbed one of there hands and put it on my chest and flexed. She melted, then took my hand stuck it on her ass and then onto her crotch. Awesome. My attention was directed towards her cute little friends. I told her she has hot and we hit it off. I saw she was a yellow/green right away and started ramping up sexually. She was really receptive while I went warm and normal. Before I know it, she's all over me like white on rice. A few of the instructors and a rockstar hook their friends and before I know it, day 4 on PR, I’m on my way to a hotel suite to hang with all buddies and these hot chicks. My chick put up a lot of resistance but I put on a strong nonjudgmental frame on how society misjudges women. I ended up not getting the bang but was fun sharing perspectives with this chick and gaining some great fucking reference experience with the entire process of the mating ritual. We all hopped into the party limo to Spearmint Rhino and had some fun with chicken tenders. She was actually a pretty cool chick.

    Next day, met up with her again at Surrender. I quickly formed a bubble with her and took her to the cabana that we had. She kept saying how she couldn't go home with me since nothing would happen at which point I was like, I’m going home to sleep, peace. Right then she protested to stay with her. Long story long, with some slow burn game, and a few logistical bumps, I took her back to the Rockstar mansion. After a lot of LMR, I managed to get her super excited and not to mention horny and I took her down the scenic route to bangtown. Day 4 of Project Rockstar, first pull complete. Oh and I was the first to pull a chick in the house. Just sayin. Welcome to the new reality.

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    Day 1

    Day 1 started off with a meeting in the core instructor’s hotel room at the Cosmo. The room was pretty swanky and it was a beautiful day in Las Vegas and the view was to die for. It was full of extra chairs for the seating of everyone taking part on Project Rockstar. We were soon going to be going around doing introductions, and after the build up to Project Rockstar I was ready to get started.

    As anyone would expect, the instructor’s stories and ability to deliver and convey themselves during the speech was astonishing. I had already met them before but nonetheless it still stuck me just how solid them speak and move. The Rockstars ranged in ability to do the same but it easily showed there was a large gap between the instructors and everyone else. The Rockstars were a very interesting group because all were accomplished but in their own unique ways (be it business, professional career, or life obstacles they had to overcome). Any of the Rockstars stories would make you think to yourself, “Holy shit…”. I think we all knew we were going to be with special company for the next 9 weeks.

    For the first 2 nights we were going to get to know each other and let the instructors see where we are skill wise. The first night was going to be at the Sunday night swim at XS (in the Encore). It was my first time at a nightclub with a pool party and it was a blast. The instructors were having conversations with girls almost immediately whereas the Rockstars had very little success. It was obvious that either there was a lot of rust to knock off or a lot of skill to develop. Personally I did not get into a conversation with a single girl I cold approached. Oddly enough, whenever someone else with me would approach with, “Have you met my friend?” and pointed to me it usually ended up with a conversation. Clearly my ability to apporach vs being introduced in that fashion showed a gap in my skill. Considering it was the very first night of Rockstar I was not worried about it. We had not received any instruction as of yet and we still had the entire program to go. After little success for any Rockstar we headed back for what will likely prove to be the most sleep of any night.

    Day 2

    On day 2 we met again in the hotel room with a few more instructors so a few introductions were necessary. Today we went over the outline of Rockstar and what to expect. It was definitely exciting to hear what was going to take place and what kind of transformation was going to occur. To finally know that you are going to be heading towards the person you want to become (like being confident, a social master, and great with women) was exciting. The instructors warned us it was not going to be without a bit of pain and frustration. They were here secondarily to be our friends, and primarily to push us far outside our comfort zones. As they put it, they were willing to trade the friendship at the expense of the growth.

    This evening we went to the Marquee. It was packed with girls and an awesome venue to practise at. Another Rockstar and I ended up speaking to 2 girls for the night and bouncing with them. It turned out to be the epitome of getting fucked….by logistics. They had a 3rd friend who was not with them and was not going to join because of some reason they would not tell us. After bouncing we tried to get into our friends room but had no key. It was 4 or 5 in the morning and the music was up so loud in the room they could not hear us banging on the door. After 10 or 15 minutes we tried another room but could not get up the elevator without a key card. After being room declined into rooms twice we ended up going to their room in the Bellagio. We got outside the room and my friend’s girl put the key card in and was stopped cold because the door had been latched from the inside. After they called out the 3rd girls name a couple of times the silence of the Bellagio hallways at 7AM was broken. “YOU FUCKING BITCHES. YOU FUCKING CUNTS. GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE”. The girl in the room was beyond pissed. After about 10 minutes the girl’s we were with passports were thrown out of the room. The 3rd friend was not even going to give them their clothes, only their passports! They were clearly occupied and we were exhausted, we called it quits and headed back for the night. Not going to lose sleep over the missed opportunity, it turned out to be a funny story and there will be plenty more chances to close.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jimmy D View Post
    Day 4 of Project Rockstar, first pull complete. Oh and I was the first to pull a chick in the house. Just sayin. Welcome to the new reality.
    Damnnnn... i wish i can go this year.
    Day 4 pull is the first in the house (?)

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    14 June 2014

    It is Saturday morning on day 5 of the bootcamp and I feel like I’ve just jumped off a merry-go-round that’s been spinning continuously for hours. The intensity has ramped up dramatically as we dived into the first few days of the 10-day bootcamp.

    Every day we wake up after 4-5 hours sleep and the mad rush begins allover again… Eat breakfast as quickly as possible (often this gets skipped); run to the gym in the crazy Vegas heat; pump out the day’s Kris Gethin workout as quickly as possible; rush back to the house to get ready in 5 mins; drive over to the Cosmo (been late almost every day so far); 5 hours of incredible seminars, and information overload; rush back home and immediately get ready to go out; navigate our way to the club; hit on girls until the sun rises; sleep; do it again…

    There is a song going round the clubs at the moment… “Eat, sleep, rave, repeat”… which pretty much represents the rockstar lifestyle so far!

    It’s been epic, and I’ve learnt so much good stuff in the seminars. The new threshold model just makes the art of chatting to women feel so much more bloody natural. Rather than seeing game as a linear step-by-step approach, it has this flowing feel to it where you naturally bounce between flirting and being normal. The flirting side escalates into sexualising the interaction, while the normal side deepens into a warm open conversation.

    The emphasis is on letting the conversation flow naturally and not thinking about what to say next… just by understanding some basic principles of good conversation. Sure there are routines that are given out, but these are just examples to lead you in to thinking along the same lines of direction, so that you naturally come out with your own sharp witty things to say, which I can already feel is starting to resonate.

    Night 1 of the bootcamp we hit up a club called Drai’s, which was my best club so far. Rooftop pool party overlooking half of Vegas, and the women were stunning! The goals tonight were to approach and engage in normal conversation, without thinking about anything. I was sceptical at first, after years of applying constant routines, and I was amazed to see how easy and natural it felt. I ended up having so much more fun with girls, as wasn’t always thinking about what to say next. I approached a ton of girls that night, some of the most gorgeous that I’ve approached in a long time, and brought back a few different groups to our table, where we would all be hanging out having an awesome party as a group… and bring the girls into our legendary fun world.

    I ended up kissing a cute Swiss girl along the way, who eventually ran off with her drunk friends, and then at the end of the night I met an absolutely gorgeous girl from Indiana. I was super nervous approaching, but she opened up glowing green and I walked her back to our table where we flirted for over an hour. I ended up just getting the number as her friends had to leave, but it flaked. I cant really understand why as she was super into me and begging me to get in touch. So obviously something is lacking that I need to work on.

    Night 2, tuesday night we went to Light Club. GANGSTA SHIT! Super rough aggressive hip hop crowd. I love a bit of the hippidy hop, but most of us were not stoked with the vibes there. Super loud and couldn’t hear a word anyone was saying, plus it had a pretty intense tempo. I think I got blown out at least 40 times that night. Everyone was cold as ice. But I’m kind of happy about that as I feel like it toughened me up, and I’m fearless to rejection now. Feel like I’m invincible after going through that!
    At the end of the night, had some late night food with Sterling and a few others (Man he is such an awesome dude when you get to know him more) and then we hit up Sapphires and I got to try my hand at a bit of stripper game for the first time in my life. It’s kind of awesome as they approach you and try to get you to pay for a dance, whilst at the same time you are trying to game them to forget the money and leave the club with you. Pretty much impossible, except for the advanced, but is awesome flirting practice nonetheless.

    On day 3, Wednesday, we had a much needed break night. A lot of us were considering going out, and I was hoping to land a date with the only girl I managed to hook at Light Club… but the seminar on warmth and sub comms dragged on much later into the night than normal. So from sheer exhaustion we decided to just take care of a few things and get an early night (2am instead of 5/6am).

    Day 4 we learnt about the specifics of warmth. By this stage we had covered all 5 key areas of the model… normal convo, flirting, sexual, warmth and sub comms… so we were fully armed heading out to XS nightclub where Avicii was playing. I started off in awesome state, after applying some of Vercetti’s body presence warm ups, and approached a bunch of gorgeous girls that hooked into awesome conversation straight away. The night ended strong with 5 number closes.

    I felt confident and had awesome vibes with girls the whole night… but a few major realisations emerged. Whilst I am approaching confidently, can easily engage in normal conversation, have got my flirting down and can tease effortlessly…. my sub communications and ability to sexually escalate is super weak. Probably the most immediate issue here is my sub comms and body language. Without strong emphasis here, everything else is useless. I think I have limiting beliefs and bad internal dialogue that is putting up a wall between me and the girls, preventing me from touch and creating sexual tension. I’m not really sure where this comes from at my core… perhaps growing up in a reasonably conservative household with misconceptions on how things are… but either way I need to crush this belief NOW.

    So tonight I am going out again… I think we are hitting XS again. And I am going to OVER-TOUCH. I am going to push the envelope so hard that I get blown out often from over doing it. And I plan to for the 5 days or so, to make sure I crush this belief once and for all, and unleash the awesome vibes that come with strong “natural” sub communication into my interactions.

  6. Friday 13th June
    Even if I tried to write everyday I haven’t been able to because free hours here are very few. Since my last blog a few days have passed and we have started the ten day bootcamp. The first day of the ten day was an introduction and we talked about organic conversation. I don’t want to go deep on this but it was about how to have a normal conversation. The goal for the night was to have as many awkward conversations with women as we could, until eventually the woman walked away from boredom. We went to a club and I talked with a lot of women about a lot of boring things. Some of them stayed for a long time and I don’t know why. I talked to another girl for almost an hour, but she only stayed because her friend was talking to another rockstar and she was really into him.
    By the end of the night I had a lot of nonsense conversation, but the night was a lot of fun.
    The next day we had a debrief about the night before and the instructors gave us feedback about what they had seen during the night. I appreciate that they go out just to give us feedback and advice and not to only have fun.
    Then we did body language. Personally I think it’s going to help me a lot because I thought my posture was good, but that night in the club I realized I was doing a few things wrong. We also studied active and passive sub communications and flirting conversation. I think this is going to help me a lot because I’m not an especially funny guy. It’s a good way to train your brain.
    For that night the goals were to work the subcomms and have fun conversations and tease. We went to the club and I had a pretty good night. I completed all the goals I had for the night. I think I learned a lot from one of the alumni who gave me a lot of feedback. I talked to a few girls and had lot of fun conversations, and had a great night. I think I learned a lot. After that we went to a strip club… it was a little bit boring because I wasn’t drunk.
    Next day we had feedback, which I think, is a very good thing to have each day, and then we talked about sexualisation. That night was a night off so I didn’t go out. Me and the rest of the Rockstar’s had a meeting to see what we were going to do for the Rockstar week off.
    The next day we did warm conversation. That night we went out and my goal for the night was to practice sexual conversation. For me the night didn’t go to well, or at least I didn’t have much fun because the girls I talked to blew me off early. But I think for the learning aspect it was pretty good.
    Next day was inner game. It is a very helpful thing for when Rockstar ends because it’s gonna help us to master the things we’ve learned and not forget it because we won’t have the feedback from the instructors. That night we went to XS night swim pool party, and I had a great night and talked to a lot of girls.
    I think this is a very intense program, and I’m starting to feel what I’ve read about and what past Rockstars have told me. It’s just the beginning but I think it’s the beginning of a very important part of my life.

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    Welcome to project rockstar. After 12 weeks of fitness hell and the anticipation of a lifetime we finally kicked off and go to meet everyone these past few days. It hit me hearing everyone’s stories not only how driven everyone is, but how real and intense this program is going to be. Hearing the passion in Venture and sterling’s voice and hearing Vici tell his story I got for the first time a sense of how much this course is going to change my sense of who I think I could be in the future.

    I can feel a very distinct new mode of natural thinking developing with regards to talking with women. There is such a lightness to my thinking when talking with women, I know now that I don’t have to worry about much else than just seeing the opportunities that I need to in front of me and moving towards them. I think one of the biggest epiphanies I had these past few days is that they guys amongst us with the world class game don’t actually actively need to ‘game’ girls. Its just a natural extension of who they are.

    The enemy of great is good. The most amazing thing about this environment is how easy it is to learn when everywhere you look there is people with strengths to guide you and energy to roll off. It’s a fantastic thing to be a part of.

    One step at a time.

    Made another big load of progress tonight. I made sure to really hone into my habits tonight – I read over my notes but made sure they was at least 45 minutes between ending that and going out. It makes a huge difference to not only my state but my ability to get out of the logical mind frame and really get into the banter mode. Rolling in deep with the guys also helped, the past few nights I walked in alone and that just killed my state and put me in my head.

    An aside - being the guy that puts his card down on the table is also a great way to boost your state – it’s something that I should assume from now on.

    I did a lot of good tonight though. Incremental improvement over time=success.

    My warmth wasn’t as good as it was the other night because I wasn’t really focusing on it that much but that’s okay. The big thing moving forward is not fucking self sabotage!

    Another huge thing that I learnt tonight, the best guys are just having the most fucking fun.

    Marquee is also a million time better than XS.

    One step at a time.

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    We’re now 6 days into the Project Rockstar and the experience has been second to none. I have taken a bootcamp and been to a couple of Super Conferences which have been excellent but the 10 day simplified natural material we are learning resonates with me much more. Obviously the fact that they teach it over 10 versus 3 days makes a huge difference but the material also differs slightly which better fits my style (I would prefer to be a ‘natural’ which is what they teach). Oddly enough despite the large amount of time we have to go over the material I am still overwhelmed! Clubbing until the sun comes up combined with classes makes for little time for sleep, let alone trying to digest the material. Prior to Rockstar I always believed and acted that I was not pushing myself to learn until I felt frustrated, which is what I feel now. I know that when we get a day or two off I will still have a lot of great work to do to catch up and internalize what we were taught. Venture and Sterling have really made the material simple to understand and implement, but after a lifetime of bad habits and internal dialogue I will need some ‘quiet time’ to review and change it.

    One of the interesting observations so far has been the impact of the music at the venue I am at. We went to XS at the Encore (awesome club) on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. The DJs for those nights were Avicii, Lil’ Jon, and Major Lazer respectively. In my opinion the order those DJs played in is also the order for where I would rank them, and I think where most people would rank them too. They are also in order of how easy it was to open and the quality of women at the club. Friday (with Avicii) was ridiculous there. I honestly cannot recall getting blown out once and had fun conversations all night. Saturday and Sunday were filled with much more yellows and reds. I caution those reading to not cherry pick nights where there is a good DJ, it’s not realistic to follow Avicii around unless you are a groupie. The goal of pickup should be to convert those yellows to greens and reds to yellows. So go out to a plethora of DJs and venues.

    It was being out Saturday and Sunday taught me that I have to work on sexualizing and the similar inner dialogue. I have the material and know where I need to do. It’s so exciting having a goal you want to accomplish and a rough pathway of how to get there. While the instructors and people around you can help point you in the right direction the vast majority of game is what you believe internally, which means you walk the road alone. Vercetti said to us that Christian Ronaldo is widely regarded as the best soccer player in the world and and known for a neat little habit. After team soccer practices he would sneak out and practice dribbling and shooting by himself. He had what Vercetti called, “private victories”. Clubbing 6 days a week constitutes the team practices while spending some alone time going over those deep thoughts are the private victories. I think going over inner game is the missing ingredient here 6 days into this for me and is now my priority to fit into the hectic Rockstar schedule.

    All the best.

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    Today is Tuesday, June 17th. On Saturday, Day 5 of Bootcamp, we had Venture’s awesome seminar on SNL game, which was followed by Text game. His knowledge in these areas is incredible and different to everything else I’ve seen. We were armed with an abundance of skillsets in how to escalate these, as well as a completely new mindset in approaching them.

    On Saturday night, we went back to XS again where the DJ ‘Lil Jon’ was playing. Unfortunately the seminar ran late which meant we didn’t pre-order tickets on time and ended up having to wait nearly 2 hours in the queue to get in. Absolute rookie error! To make matters worse, the cold that has been spreading through the Rockstar household has finally caught up with me and spread into my throat a bit. So waiting in that queue was the most soul destroying and state draining couple hours of my life. By the time we got in I was broken… but somehow, after a few red bulls, I managed to talk my internal state into a better place and forced myself through a few sets which started to build momentum and I ended up having a decent night.

    I ended up meeting a super cute blonde from England who I bantered off all night and started to push some sub comm boundaries with. I probably could have pushed them further, but the interaction was going so well I didn’t think it was needed. I started using takeaways as well which Daniel had been demoing earlier. At the end of the night I met a cute brunette in a seated set situation and pushed sub comms even harder. Was awesome to see how far you could push them. I ended up having both her and her friend trying to rip my belt buckle open to whip out prince henry!

    However, aside from this, I think the real takeaway I had here was how easy it is to change your state, using the strength of positive mind framing. I was sick and completely exhausted, yet by continuously telling myself that I felt awesome and was ready to bring the heat, and so my night slowly shifted and my state lifted. This is something I want to capitalise on going forward.

    On Sunday, Day 6, we had an inspiring Inner Game seminar from Sterling. He has a way of breaking down complex theories and building them back up to provide awesome clarity. There were so many aha moments as we stepped through all the inner game concepts that can be used to crush limiting beliefs and replacing them with empowering ones…. And a whole lot more!

    That night we went back to XS for a third night in a row. With a very positive mindset the night started fast as I was opening without filter. I met so many awesome girls and brought back 3 or 4 groups of girls to our table where we flirted consistently. At the end of the night I met a couple really cute Danish blondes (just my style). The one was super into me, but they had to leave to drive across country at 6am that morning, so she had to leave. We’ve been speaking since and she might try come back to see me before she flies back to Europe. I got a handful of other numbers that night as well, but my newest problem seems to be “entering their number but forgetting their names, so can’t find them in my contact list later (god dammit)”!

    Yesterday we had a debrief, and then Sterling gave a full recap of the previous 6 days of seminar. At night we hit the Marquee where some of the guys had hooked us up with the sickest bungalow ever. After a couple warmup sets, including a group of cute cali girls, I met the cutest brunette I’ve hit on in years. She was drop dead gorgeous! Started off as a yellow light but gradually turned green. I took her back to the bungalow, which was like something out of a movie scene… as you walked in there was just rockstars and girls EVERYWHERE. The girls were pouring in and everyone was having such an awesome fun time!

    However, there was too much flirt and normal conversation with this girl, and so it slowly fizzled as I didn’t push the sexual and sub comm escalation boundaries… and I felt the threshold boundaries closed in around me. And when I finally made a move on her upstairs by the balcony, she closed me out. After that my state dropped hard, and I struggled to pick myself up after fucking it up with her.
    It was really frustrating that after all the recent progression, I finally meet a girl that I am super interested in, and so I put her up on a pedestal and pussy footed around her so much that I blew it.

    Later we hooked a group of Scottish girls that I wasn’t really into, but one of the instructors explained that I need to drop my standards to practice more on hooking girls I’m not that into, to help exercise the muscle so that I’m ready when the gorgeous ones come along. This is so true, as I have been setting my standards too high. To get good you need to focus more on hitting on everything that moves, and practice as much as possible, rather than waiting around for the perfect 10 all the time, and then being all clunky when you do finally meet her (like I did tonight)!


    19 June

    It’s Thursday morning and it’s almost hard to believe that tomorrow will be two weeks since I landed in Vegas. On one hand it feels like time has flown by so quickly and we’ve only just got here, while on the other hand it feels like I’ve known my fellow rockstars for years already… as we have done so much together in such a short space of time. I’ve been in Vegas 13 nights of which we’ve been out in the clubs until sunrise 12 of those nights.

    And somehow I still feel relatively normal. I guess it comes down to the fact that we are not drinking when we go out, plus the fact that we’ve got all this extra energy from the pre-rockstar fitness program and all the good nutrition, coupled with the sheer drive and determination to make this whole thing click! So yeah, surprisingly still feeling pretty good, despite the long days and 4 hours sleep on average per night.

    It’s pretty awesome being in this household where everyone is on the same path. When it comes to fitness and nutrition, we are all constantly bouncing ideas off each other. Discussing and debating varying views on diet and nutrition, supplements and the best workout training strategies. I am constantly learning from the rest of the rockstars, and through that I think fitness is becoming more and more of a sub conscious factor within my new lifestyle! I don’t have to focus on it anymore; it feels like fitness is becoming a more natural part of my life!

    I’m also currently working on a new fitness program, now that the Kris Gethin 12 week program is finished. I want to put together a training plan that will help maintain my current level of both body fat % and muscle throughout the rest of rockstar… and then at the end I will probably switch back into another transformation program.

    On Tuesday night, Day 8, after a debrief during the day and a lot of revision of all the information we’ve had to try and absorb over the last couple weeks, we went back to my favourite Vegas club Drai’s! It’s a new rooftop club that overlooks most of the Vegas Boulevard which always has the sickest DJ’s lined up. I had a pretty good night in set most of the night with 3 or 4 girls that I hung out with for ages trying to push the sexual boundaries as far as possible, and ended up kissing a cute Swiss girl for a bit before her friends dragged her home (god damn logistics)! Earlier in the night I actually blew out a couple sets by pushing it too far sexually, which for me was exactly as planned as I needed to get a feel for the thresholds.

    Last night, Day 9, we went out to Surrender, which was a first for me at this super club, which sounds like it is a hotspot for the super conference events! One of the rockstars hooked us up a pimping table to the right hand side of the entrance of the dancefloor… probably one of the best tables in the whole club! I started the night off working with one of the alumni body language gurus on my sub comms, and he very quickly pointed out some bad passive body language that I need to work on. I eventually got into a good set with a super cute hair stylist from New York. It went super well until I got her back to the table, and for some reason my inner state faded and I let the interaction fizzle out.
    A few sets later I met the most awesome Canadian cutie ever! She was exactly my type, and was a strong challenge when it came to the banter. We bounced off each other all night, and it escalated sexually very quickly and I very likely would have taken her home had her angry friends who had been looking for her for the last couple hours not stormed in and dragged her away. Logistics shows its face yet again!!

    Was pretty crushed this morning about it, as I don’t think I’ve had such an awesome interaction with a chick in years… and I didn’t even get her number in the end.
    A lot of the rockstars are starting to click into this now… and a bunch of them have gotten laid several times already in just the first 1.5 weeks. If this is a sign of things to come, then the next few blogs are going to really start heating up…


    21 June

    It’s Saturday morning, our 3rd and final day off of our first official break… and my head fucking HURTS! We have had a break since Thursday which means we’ve pretty much have been able to do our own thing, including drinking! Last night was EDC and the first time I’ve been drunk since early March when I got accepted into Rockstar and started on the fitness program… and the hangover brings back a thousand memories of painful Sundays! It’s actually got me thinking about whether I’ll ever go back to drinking like I used to… now that I’ve opened my eyes to this entire new world of partying sober, sharper, for longer and with no wasted hangover days!

    The last couple days with more time on our hands has given us rockstars more time to reflect on what has been a truly epic couple weeks. Although I’m one of the few that haven’t got laid on the program yet, I still feel like I’m making progress in leaps and bounds. I’m not the same person I was when I arrived in Vegas a few weeks ago. I’m approaching without filter, drastically improved my natural conversation and banter with girls with strong underlying confidence, and have broken down major boundaries in sexualisation and sub communication. One week ago I could barely hold a girls hand… yet now I’m pulling them in, biting their necks and “H.O.D” them without thinking twice!

    I’m feeling like a completely different person… with a growing inner masculinity and stronger confidence in the person I am becoming!

    The bonds between the rockstars are also starting to grow pretty tight. A few days ago some of the alumni gave us an awesome chat about their own experiences on rockstar and also gave us some awesome advice on how to make the most of it. One of the core underlying messages was to stay true to fellow rockstars and avoid any competitive nature, and focus on building long lasting relationships. And to be honest, after giving it some serious thought… I think something really special is growing here. There doesn’t seem to be any issues between any of us. Other than a few minor debates and glitches, everything has been running pretty smoothly and we are all growing closer and closer as a brotherhood.

    There are some fucking awesome guys in this crew, and I’m building some awesome friendships with a bunch of them that I can already see will last long into the future. Some of them also have business talents that really interest me in relation to a few of my own business ideas that I will be pursuing after rockstar! So it’s all pretty exciting… the bonds are really starting to fuse together now as the rockstars unite!

    The hardest thing on this program has been time management. Even with these few days to ourselves, there still just doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day to get everything sorted… after gym, cardio, going out, shopping, reviewing notes, writing blogs, admin etc. So it’s going to get a lot tougher again when the lifestyle entrepreneur week starts on Monday (I am soooo looking forward to this by the way… it’s one of my main motives for being here, other than game).

    Thursday night was supposed to be a rest night, but one of the guys organised an epic cabana at Marquee, which was too good to miss out on. So although a lot of us were still feeling sick we pushed through and had a pretty good night and I ended up getting a number from a super gorgeous Insomniac dancer who was here to do a show at EDC (Electric Daisy Carnival) this weekend. Oh my fuck she was hot, and had eyes that could pierce the soul! Am busy text gaming her, and trying to get her out for a date after the festival ends on Monday.

    Last night, Friday, was EDC and the chaos just upped a notch. A bunch of us had tickets for the Friday night, while a lot of the others are going tonight. Last night was mind blowing! I’ve been to music festivals all over the world, including loads of electronic festivals… and also hit up EDC in London last year. But nothing could prepare me for this. The visual displays were some of the best I’ve ever seen! We ended up losing a lot of the guys in the massive 150,000 strong crowd… but still had an insanely epic night, checking out all the different tents and as many of the DJ’s as we could! Was a ridiculously awesome night out bonding with a few of the rockstar brothers! We took the night off gaming girls, but the natural element exposed itself as we couldn’t help but hit on a few little belters running by from time to time.

    That’s another thing… I’ve noticed it’s really starting to feel more and more natural as the program evolves. On Thursday night we were sick and not in the mood to party at all… yet when we got there, our state just clicked and we couldn’t help but getting sucked into awesome conversations with cute girls all over the club. Really starting to click in a natural essence! I freaking love this thing called rockstar!!

  10. Monday

    On Monday as usual we went to Marquee. Some of the guys got a lavish bungalow so we got to pull girls back to it and party with them in there.
    The first set I opened was a group of girls from Idaho, two sisters and their friend. One of my fellow rockstars winged me, and we bounced them to the bungalow to party. We spent some time with them, but then I decided to go speak to more girls, because the one I was talking to was too fat. I came back into the same set a bit later, and my friend was still in set with them. We talked for a bit longer… I didn’t like my girl but one of the instructors told me to go back in and game her just for the experience. So I did it. Didn’t fuck her though!


    We went to Drai’s… to a night swimming party. It was an awesome club. That night I was practicing my funny conversation. And during the night I thought I wasn’t doing too well, but in the debrief the day after I realized that I never did that bad. So, that night I had a really sexual conversation with a girl who told me that she would only cheat on her boyfriend if we found a girl. I didn’t have much fun that night but I think I learned a lot.


    Because of the night before I was worried that my progress wasn’t going too good. But this night we went to Marquee and I had a great night, and had some really good conversations. I escalated pretty fast with some girls and I had a great with all the rest of the rockstars. I can feel I’m making good progress.


    Thursday I decided to stay home because I was sick. The rest of the guys went to Marquee, but I think they didn’t have a great night.


    We went to EDC. It was my first music festival, so I was very excited. When I got there I couldn’t believe how big it was. During the night we didn’t hit on many chicks but I had an awesome night, danced a lot and hung out with some of the alumni and instructors. It was an epic night. We stayed there until the sun rose, which was pretty cool, and then we went home. I got home at 9 oclock and fell asleep in less than a second!


    I woke up at 6pm. I was really tired but we were going to EDC again so I had a shower, got ready and we headed out to EDC in the Limo. The second night was also awesome. Some of my favourite DJ’s were playing so I loved it. This night we also stayed out till sunrise. A great night!

    By now I think I starting to really feel what being a rockstar really means. I can feel how the brotherhood between rockstars is increasing, and how we are becoming a family. I think coming to this program has been one of the best decisions of my life, and I’m gonna try to work really hard and take advantage of it as much as possible.

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