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    Day Game Journal / Advice Welcome

    I’m really uncomfortable posting these on the internet. I do feel all of my interactions are super personal and special, and although we approach many sometimes I want it to be a genuine experience. I'd die if ever the person could figure out it was me who spoke to them while playing with others, but I cannot afford Mastermind anymore having to move to a new country with loads of expenses etc, this is the best way for me to get possible feedback and to keep accountable.

    Also it is great for me to write and try to evaluate what went on and what I can do better. Im in a new country Denmark about 6 weeks at this point, so for me this is about my social circle, and of course gaining new romantic interests. I’ve been into game 1 year now. Have taken a 1-1 on day game and have had many months of mastermind. All with Keychain - he's changed my life. I work out almost every day and am beginning to look good. For 1 year I have been learning to change my life and have had many fail approaches and loads of AA since then. I really want to tackle this area of my life now. I applied for an internship with Vercetti, I’d love for that to work, but I am not so sure, so I will waste no time and try to describe my sets from the last week. It is my first week properly gaming since I had a very disturbing and unfortunate life situation problem that put having fun on hold. All of this has been a major life style change - the way I view myself and present myself to others. I'm really chuffed at my progress. I wish though, that I knew the missing link to speed up the pace from meet to sex though. I am learning to tell when a girl is super receptive, but that doesn't come all the time - so if you know how I can be more bad-ass lemme know (-:.

    I got very lucky this week. I feel people are being very warm and receptive towards me and I am in set more often than not. I really would like to improve to become an outgoing and social person, the best guy I can be and try to bring value to everyone I meet. I am noticing a big difference from a year ago. Last year maybe I approached 25 sets maybe 50 if you include night game. Have had maybe 4 lays, and many many many dates with at least a make out. I would like to have more options, be able to lead and tease better - as well as get more comfortable escalating. Feedback and tips are welcome.

    "C": One of the best conversations I’ve ever had.
    Great Attraction / Sexual Framing & Teasing
    Soft Qualification on my interests and hobbies
    Deep Comfort about passions, the kind of people we are and what motivates us
    Some escalation, lingering arm around her and her neck (as if I were to pull in for a kiss).
    2 hours. Stationary set 23y/o, I approached on a bench and gave a false time constraint.
    She was a 12. I was so proud of myself that I didn’t chicken out. We spoke for close to two hours I walked her home from the city center. I created a lot of attraction with the opener and I was able to tease and make a frame that she was seducing me. I could tell she really liked that. She asked me to walk her home about 10 minutes after we started chatting. We were in a rough neighbourhood so we role-played about her being my body guard. She is passionate about teaching and nutrition, we had loads of commonalities. During qualification she was trying to impress me and even telling me she loves classical music like me even though she doesn’t listen to it. (-;. She sprung a boyfriend about an hour into the conversation, that she lives with him and they are fighting, terrible time. I teased her about it again that she was seducing me and manipulating me (oh I feel used lol) etc. I began to sexually tease that I was a threat. The intense eye contact was incredible. At some point we stopped at a shop and I got her Facebook, thought maybe a number was inappropriate. Although I would break them up. Some men need to man up, from what I understand he treats her like shit although thats only her side... I made future projections for hang outs - her cooking for me, meeting my friends, going to galleries together. She ate it up. Let’s see if she accepts my FB request and I can get her out socially. I think she’d be a great friend in my life if not a future girlfriend. Never been so impressed with myself. So chuffed I met someone so awesome even if I don’t get her in the end. And I don’t feel attached. Maybe this abundance mindset is really coming forward (-:

    "A": 5 Minute Set
    Great Attraction / Teasing
    One soft qualifier about being creative
    Did not know how to handle her friend that showed up and it broke the set
    Was a direct approach. She turned out to be a graphic designer 21 y/o intern. She thanked me many times that I came up to her and that I made her day, but when her friend came although we were introduced I stumbled a bit and she certainly didn’t know what to do and the opportunity to get a number passed. We both walked away with smiles none-the-less.

    "Ch": 10 Minute Set
    OK Attraction from Opener / Didn’t tease enough or make good conflict
    Qualification on what do you do for fun - didn’t get great investment, but she was trying
    Comfort: We did speak about some passions and commonalities / I told some good stories.
    She gave me her number.
    Probably a flake
    Me:So I met this absolutely stunning girl named today at. I kinda want to get to know her better over a drink next week. What do you think she'd say?
    Her: I Think she will, only problem is that shes going to Hamburg next week...
    Me: Something tells me it might be worth the wait… I just got back from Germany, awesome time - you going for work or holiday?
    No reply.
    I may follow up later this week to check in a ping.

    "S": 10 Min Set (got her to take her headphones out, never tried that before (-
    Good attraction / Teasing was not good here, although I tried to cold read if she was a party girl and I could tell she really liked that.
    Qualification on creative stuff - I didn’t think she was investing
    Comfort is a bit blurry, I don’t think I did well.
    I went for the number at one point and she said she was up for a drink. I don’t know why in the world I didn’t set it up then and there as she flaked on the text. No Reply.

    "Ce": Public Transport Approach - Sitting across from me / maybe 5 min conversation
    Situational opener I can’t even remember. I could tell by the eye contact she liked me. I teased her and we spoke the basics of my new language I was learning. I made her laugh a lot, although I was not trying to push her through the Triad Model (wasn’t expecting the set). She lives close so I made a future projection of her tutoring me and getting to know the neighbourhood. She was 19 and was scared she was too young. Got the number just as I was getting off the bus. We have a date tomorrow.

    This was the initial text: Wow. So I just met this really sweet and beautiful girl on the __.. But I’m afraid maybe I’m too old for her :-/.. Do you think I should ask her out for a drink this week?
    Her initial reply: Haha sweet! Well I don’t know about the age but you could try and see if it’s a problem
    She’s gorgeous, and although we can only meet in the late afternoon, I think it was better than waiting a week to meet in the evening. Would like to learn more about her.

    "Ch": Direct Opener, but on her style. I was abroad last weekend.
    2 min conversation, she asked for my number - we got split up.
    She texted me at about 21:00 saying she was at X bar and to come hang out. I brought 2 friends, who were willing to wing for me and to seem like I was a fun guy. They made me look great. 2AM I took her back to her place. SDL. Spent the weekend with her bailing on my original accommodation plans. We are texting this week for fun. I think I framed it well it was a casual thing.

    "Is": Warm Approach, funny opener about a situation I knew she was aware of.
    Facebooked. I went big on being funny and cold reading. Three times she said to me I cannot understand how you know so much about me. I can’t believe how close I feel to you. I was really surprised she was talking like this, because I was giving really lame and basic reads. It was more to get an idea myself of what she was like. We started skyping. (just twice) I’d always end the convo after 20 min. Flirted sexually via text, and she invited me to her summer house in another country this summer. She wants me to come visit her abroad as soon as I can. Not a bad option (-:. I've been playing up this false barrier of a 6hr train ride to build attraction.

    Two Sets that Didn’t Open
    I felt the approach was strong. Stopped them dead in their tracks and they ate up the compliments. Both said they were sorry they were seeing someone. I teased about it being serious or not, and if he was bigger than me. Then moved on.

    Failed Date/Retail Pick Up
    First Retail Pick up, visited shop a few times - kept building attraction, girl really liked me - got her number. We went out, venue bounced 3 times so I could get my logistics to make a move. We made out, but didn't go home together. There is a post about this in the Phone section with more details and how I handled the rest.

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    Today I had a date with the younger girl from the bus. It happened to be an afternoon date with a time constraint. I took her to a 45 minute rush hour concert, and then to a bar after. She turned up late, so I left the ticket at them is office and she snuck In after. I really considered waiting for her and going in late together -- but I was so confused if that was too dlv. This was an event I was already going to when she asked me if I was free, so I Invited her along. Anyway, that seemed the right thing to do. Especially with Scandinavian girls they seem so awkward about stuff like that.

    I took her to a cozy bar I know. She got the drinks -- I made sure we had a cozy place in the corner and that we sat side by side. We mostly played comfort stories and I did some storytelling about my new work etc. all i did was escalate escalate. Hand on back, leg, hair, neck. She never flinched so i went for the make out. I walked her to her station she was having an old school reunion. She said she wanted to see me again and said she'd text me. Hoping she's not flaking. This girl is 19 and 8 years younger than me and although I'd like a sexual relationship with her I feel bad about the age difference. I am trying just not to bring it up.

    Immediately after the date I was at the bus stop and I smiled at a girl. I then like an idiot realized i was at the wrong bus stop and went to leave. She actually followed me and opened me. We had a chat for a bit, it wasn't actually anything special but I asked for her number and said we could get a drink this weekend. She agreed. Didn't set anything in stone. I've never had that happen to me. I can really feel a difference all of this positive energy and abundance mindset is having on me. It is so worth it. I'm not sure I want anything from this girl - but it blew my expectations about Scandinavians. I've heard so much about how they aren't receptive to day game and keep to themselves. Yeah I don't think so in the right context.

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    Following up on the Date with C:

    Limiting belief about younger girls
    I set up a day 2 for tomorrow with C that I met on the bus. This girl is 19, and I am 27. I am finding that I am having a rather severe limiting belief about younger girls. I feel that because she is not in her twenties, she must not want to have sex with me. When I write it out in a sentence it sounds really and absolutely ridiculous. But I find I am still making excuses constantly - if I invite her to my place she is too young and she wouldn’t want to go back with me because she wouldn’t want to have sex etc (along those lines). This very well may be true - but it is such a limited way to view it, and girls want to have sex just as much as men do don’t they - and I certainly wanted to have sex when I was 19.

    Setting up Day 2 with C:
    My callback humour after the 1st date:
    Me: Totally almost had my leg bitten off by a zombie on my way home. Was in desperate need of my body guard - luckily I made friends with a pusher who saved my ass. Awesome after with you C. hygge (-;
    (Some foreign vocabulary in there that she taught me & there was a zombie fest party)
    Her: Hej Will, Glad you made it home safe still a bit embarrassed that I was late for the concert but it was a very hyggelig after!
    Me: Hej don’t be embarrassed. These things happen all the time. I’m out now at blank next to blank with some friends over from blank. Join us? (-:
    Her: I’d love to! blank is a really nice place, but I’m with some friends in blank.
    Me: Next time then. This weekend is pretty crazy but I’m free Sunday from 7. Fancy a drink at blank?
    The rest is handling specific logistics.

    I’ve decided tomorrow morning I’ll text and ask her to meet me at my place at 18:45 to pick me up so we can go together. Hoping I can get her to see my place and make her feel comfortable about coming back with me after. I plan on going only 10 min ride from my place for a drink. Am going to try to push for a night back at my place.

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    "K": I opened direct on this girl, and was able to transition and introduce myself - but after finding out why we were both in town on that day I really froze and couldn’t continue the conversation. I fumbled over finding out where she was from at the same time really screwing up my story on how I ended up in here. I felt like I was a mess and ejected with well have a nice day it was nice meeting you….

    Two Set: I don’t normally open two sets, but I was with a friend who actually encouraged me to do it. I went direct on the girl I was interested in, gave the direct opener and said to the friend - don’t get me wrong you are lovely as well, but I have a thing for Brunettes. I locked in by sitting down on the bench. I was able to transition and they seemed to enjoy the conversation for a few minutes. Mainly me making cold reads about what they did, and I was way off - and about my career and what I was doing in town. I feel my biggest fail here was that I was flirting too much with the girl I was interested in, and was asking questions and making statements that I think are more meant for isolation - and really which were uninclusive of her friend. I also noticed through help of my friend watching that my feet couldn’t keep still while I was seated. After a conversational thread ended I completely froze up and I had no investment on their end to keep it going. I originally gave a time constraint and pointed out my friend who didn’t come with me - and I ejected just saying nice to meet them and that I’d be on my way….

    M: I was at the opera tonight and sat in front of a blonde who I thought was very pretty, however I thought she looked so bored and mean. Again this is a dumb limiting sort of judgment I put on on others that I really need to change (i.e., she looks to mean to approach, or too hot she must be mean etc.). I couldn’t approach at the interval, I lost her. Turns out we ended up exiting together at the waterfront, and I just went for it - no thinking. I was proud because my approach habits are slowly changing. My opening was direct, calibrating by saying I saw her sitting behind me - and she turned out to be really receptive and incredibly sweet. She is into the arts as well and does contemporary dance. I was fairly nervous on this approach as she was into so many things that I am, and it’s rare for me to find someone that isn’t exactly in my field (which I don’t want), but is in a related field with so many common and mutual interests in culture.

    I felt that because we had so many initial commonalities my attraction game really sucked because I felt myself agreeing with her and saying that’s awesome etc way too much. As each conversation thread died, I just tried to spit something out of my mouth just to not have it die off - I talked about where I was from, how I got here, and tried to elicit some info about her as well. There were some larger than normal silence gaps because I was so nervous - but she didn’t use it as a cue to leave so I took that as a mini pat on the back that maybe she was into the conversation. It was also incredibly cold and windy - she bundled up in jackets and scarfs as we continued the convo. I was shaking from being so cold which didn't help my confidence. I was so lame when I asked for the number - I usually say, I really enjoyed this little conversation we had, how do you feel about continuing it another time/getting to know each other a bit better over a drink. But I said something so lame about “exchanging contact details” - I don’t know what was wrong with me! Lame.

    Anyway, I happened to be meeting some of the players for drinks after and I ended up walking her to her means of transportation (hopefully seeming cool) - she put her number in my phone. I was very much preoccupied with friends this eve, but I texted with Snuppas rec:
    Me: So are you always chatting up cute guys at the opera (-;?
    Her: I told you it was my first time there. But I enjoyed it!

    At this point I realise how horrible I am at phone and text… I am just dumbfounded. I do not know intuitively on how to answer in an attractive way. I tried my best and answered: Me: Me too…well at least the part about chatting up a cute girl. I’m glad you speak text though - sov godt (-:

    I figure I’d cut the thread there as it was past 1am - and I can ping tomorrow with something. I felt out in the convo in person and found out she was really busy until Wednesday eveish - so perhaps if I ping and keep her interested I could get her out Thursday to celebrate the end of her thesis.

    We’ll see. Looking forward to Day 2 with C tomorrow, and I’d love to go out with M here, as we have so many common interests that I don’t normally always find in girls.

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    Date 2 with C:
    I had her meet me at my place before we headed to an outdoor bar. I thought she wouldn’t want to, but I was confident with inviting her over and it was totally normal. Tried to keep attraction spikes going by keeping it light and fun - we also venue changed twice. Got into some good comfort with the cube and the whole date was dispersed with some nice make-outs. I was trying to be really careful that it didn’t get out of control because in the second bar she was all over me and I didn’t want to A. be sleazy, and B. overcook the moment.
    My problem with this date was that her friends kept calling to check up on her, three times actually - to the point she was annoyed. She kept saying she was fine which I took as a really good sign. However, I didn’t really know how to get her back to my place because they invited her out to another bar and I didn’t seem to get the invitation. She said she felt guilty and didn’t know what to do - I just played it as, I’ve had such a long day you should go and enjoy yourself! Probably not the best thing. Yeah yeah she says she wants to see me again and maybe it’ll happen later on - but I felt really out of element and didn’t know how to handle that.

    I set up a first date with S for tonight, definitely a short fuse. This was the girl who approached me at the bus stop last week. We go to a cool bar near a place I am working tonight. I am not actually sure I want anything from this, she answers my texts immediately (which is fine) but they are really long and quite involved answers - I am noticing for me that’s a bit of a red flag…

    "M": Girl from the opera - looks like we are meeting at an outdoor party where I’ll be with two other girls I’m friends with. I’ll show the text conversation.
    Me: So are you always chatting up cute guys at the opera ?
    M: I told you it was my first time there. But I enjoyed it!
    Me: Me too… well the part about chatting up a cute girl. I;m glad you speak text though - sov godt (-:
    Next day:
    M: I love the term chatting up! So refreshing! And so untypical here! But actually I am not so good a texting! Missing the whole kinaesthetic part :-0
    Me: Really? My god you looked amazing in that red dress - I couldn’t help myself (-: P.S. Totally almost got run over by a crazy customer today — how’s your thesis?
    M: I told you it’s the most dangerous job in blank! I would love to try your tour though! I turned my thesis in last week, working on the presentation now!
    Me: Maybe… But it’s so much fun! We’ll definitely take a tour together. I’m kinda curious about your research. What a unique topic. Fancy telling me more about it and celebrating it’s finished over a drink Thursday eve?
    M: Well if I get started talking about it I might never stop! Thursday is blank party (outdoor open festival party) on blank. Are you going?
    Me: I’m the same when I talk about what I love. That’s a great quality to have. T is going to be awesome - I’m meeting some friends there, but maybe not till 6:30/7. See you there?
    M: I have not really make any plans yet!! So just send me a text and I will let you know where I am!
    Me: Awesome. It’ll be a great time. Blank is awesome.

    No idea why I used awesome twice here, wasn’t thinking…. It’s 4 days till this event, so I will try to ping either today or tomorrow just to see if she is receptive. I don’t want to leave it blank for so long.

    I sent C a ping from last week about her being abroad for the week, but I didn’t get an answer. She initially responded saying she was going away.
    I wrote: Hej tyskland! tell me you had an awesome week in blank. Blank(as in where I am) has been gorgeous x name
    Sent it Sunday late afternoon. I think I’ll leave it as no response as a flake.

    May possibly have the time to do some more approaches this week. I’m actually looking forward to it. In the past it seemed such an unattainable thing for me, and I often went out terrified and not approaching. I’d love to really keep building more positive reference experience here.

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    "E": Direct approach on her style.
    Attraction / Cold Reading where she is from, created some conflict (pretend walk away)
    Soft Qualifier on being creative.
    Very very receptive to me, allowed me immediately to move her to another side of the street to chat in a quieter area. Lots of commonalities. I tried to keep some attraction spikes up and elicit information about myself. We spoke for about 5 minutes and I went for the number. She said it would have been fun but she's moving to blank next week. I happened to live in blank for five years - so I offered to chat about it and keep in touch and she said well, I'm here one week more it's not worth it. Scandinavians are quite direct like that so I didn't take it as I'm not that interested so leave me alone.. I ejected at that point - She thanked me again for approaching as she thinks local guys don't have guts to do that. Kinda cool. Very pleasant set, but maybe the timing not so good. Maybe I should have pushed for Facebook

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    I decided yesterday I didn't really want to meet the girl who had approached me at the bus. Something is off about the texting and interaction, and I have other options. It's nice to see it on the other side of the interaction for a change. So I flaked and deferred meeting to another time, and I think I'll let it fizzle out. It was also nice to have some down time. In the mean time I've been playing a number from the warm approach abroad and we will try to set up a meeting in July at her holiday house over with a mutual friend. I am really playful in these messages, and the exchange is quite frequent - as I'm writing this she just sent me 4 messages (-:

    What I'll share in full though is an exchange with M from the concert on Sat. I would have liked to be more playful, but I was so impressed and surprised by her positive reaction - I almost didn't know how to play along. I also tried to end the thread to appear as if I didn't fizzle out too much.

    Context I was going to aim for was dessert after I was cooking a nice meal
    Me:Cookies or ice cream?
    M: Hmm are you coming by with dessert! Lactose intolerant so sorbet!
    Me: You guessed it (-; -- Name of Popular Ice cream shop, sound good? It's my favourite :-p
    M: Well actually I am editing movies which need to be ready for tomorrow! So I am making a cup of coffee now! But another day I am up for it! And blank shop does sound good!

    I'm not kidding, every message has a ! mark, through almost all the interactions above too

    Me: Cool - we are so going when you're all done. Cofee and editing sounds fun, can't wait to hear about it. You ready for Wednesday?
    M: Not really ready! I changed my mind today! And I am also writing applications tonight!
    Me: Slacker...;-) Career change?
    M: Just the usual!!! Jobs, I am a freelancer so there is always something to look for! Sorry for being so slow but as I said I am caught up in work until Wednesday!
    Me: No worries. I'm completely free lance as well - totally understood. Keep up that good work & sov godt

    We have plans to meet Thursday at an outdoor party, which I'll be at with two other female friends. Hoping I can make a good connection there and try out the triad model. What I feel I struggle with in the mean time, is to either not completely disappear or, to struggle to make ping texts every once in a while to stay on the radar and to keep her excited (all of course without over doing it). I feel after only having a ten minute conversation on Saturday, I am not good at yet making enough material to work the week through with that on text. Advice welcome!

    I'm trying really hard to keep the approach habit going, it's working well so far - but today it is pouring rain, and I don't really have time to hit a mall etc... So we'll see what happens.

    I'd also like to see C again, and get her back to my place as she seemed open to being intimate with me, but I feel I don't know enough the text game to get her over here without seeming needy or creepy as an older guy. I'm just cooling it a few days for that. I would rather get sexual sooner or later and not have it that we are going on dates all the time (although we are kissing on them and touching) not knowing where it's going in that way.

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    This is a long story, but I'll shorten it for easy reading:
    Tonight is going to be interesting. I am going out with a minor celebrity/model/host in this country sort of by random chance. I met this girl on the bus and she had asked me for a pen. We began talking and she was really interested in my career and we had a mutual contact. I just tried so hard to stay cool, seem like it was no big deal - and to breadcrumb some attraction into the conversation. Later on she texted how she thought my mix of accent was really cute, that she wants to help me with my career here - and that I should join her at an outdoor party that happens today. She said just text and you can come meet me and my friends.

    Definitely have not been in a situation like this before. I'm thinking I need to be very careful if she wants to help me with my career, but then again I am not sure if she is interested in me as more than a contact as well. I thought maybe she was flirting with stuff about the cute accent, and wanting to take me out and show me the city. I learned from Keys to be very careful about mixing anything with work and game. We only had one mutual contact in common - so I will definitely assess to see whether she is saying she'll help me as a means to stay in touch and whether she actually can.

    I got a text from C, girl (19) I had a day 2 with and several make-outs asking me also if we could meet at this outdoor party last night. I did text back and say we'll have to see I'm meeting some contacts there etc... I wanted it to come across as a professional thing I was doing. We'll see how my luck is if I cannot run into both of them there if it works out.

    Am having some funny texts with M from the opera - and I think I've hopefully secured that she is really excited to see me tomorrow. I got some more texts last night with triple !!'s (if you haven't read earlier, every single sentence of every text so far has had a !, funny!)

    Last week I finished a work-out program called T25 which I did every day since the 20th of January. The top part of a six pack is finally coming through and I am becoming defined all over. I supplement this with gym weights once or twice a week. I've been working on my posture all the time lately - and it's really helped along by exercise and weight lifting. I can really feel it. People are looking at me and smiling all the time. I've never had this before.

    I've been making sure I'm super well-groomed and smelling good all the time as well. Just when I wasn't sure it wasn't working, I got stopped at Gatwick airport a few weeks ago at security and asked to wait by the side.. A female guard came up to me 2 minutes later saying, I needed to know what your aftershave was it smelled great! I was so relieved, and also I thought it was brilliant! I just keep working on small details one at a time to exhaustion, including changing some mindsets. Hard work, but completely worth it. Weather dependant (it's raining now) I'd like to get a few approaches before this outdoor festival later today.

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    glad to see you are using my text lines :-) other than that it seems you know what you are doing its difficult to suggest you something about text game because its different to every person and it looks that your texts are working although they do seem to be straight forward all the time and you almost don't have a flirty chats ,more like just ask on the date type of texts but as I mentioned that's your style and if it wasn't working then you could have considered to change something but it does work for you so no need.
    As to the celebrity/model girl I think she is interested otherwise why would she invite you to the party and introduce you to her friends it will be more like a test to see how you behave and if you worth spending her time on. I have an accent and all the girls that have ever complimented my accent were always interested in me

  10. Clock -
    Good stuff. One technique that has worked for me in the past is to get sexual words into the texts in non-sexual contexts. E.g. "My ass hurts from working out on the squat rack earlier" has two words "ass" and "rack" that will at least introduce sexuality into her thought process. But you are doing well and as Snupas says, that may not be your style.

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