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  1. I'm from union county nj, I have great experience, I have taken a bootcamp, and have been day gaming for 6 months. I am looking for a local experienced wingman who is willing to work on more advanced techniques. Pm if u are interested.

  2. Looking to get back in the game...

    Looking to get back in the game.....

    29 yo guy just got out of 3 yr relationship. need to start up again. i was moderate to advanced before i started. didn't do a bootcamp but met a few that did and my knowledge and skill was on about the same level.
    had all my gambits (?) and routines down solid. i remember just owning the night.

    anyways, please let me know if we can meetup. im from new brunswick nj area.


  3. just moved to Bordentown

    Hey guys,
    I just moved to Bordentown. I'm not really into clubs but I'm looking to hang out at the local bars/pubs around here. Also wouldn't mind attending a few sporting events here and there. I'm 36 and I've been studying game for about 5 years now. Never attended a bootcamp but I've been reading a lot and practicing what I've learned with a good amount of success. PM if you want to meet up somewhere.


  4. Hey I'm from Union County and am 26 years old. Recently got out of a 3 yr relationship and am looking for others to hang out and sarge. Ive got lots of knowledge, am a good wingman and a fun loving, adventurous guy. PM if you're interested.

  5. Rutgers new brunswick

    I go to Rutgers new brunswick. Hit me up at dionysus_apollo AT yahoo.com

  6. Hey guys, I知 Rene. I知 31 years old and I知 looking to get back in the game (Have been out for a couple of years). I知 new around (I live in NJ) and am hoping to meet cool people to share experiences and techniques with (I知 old school). Maybe get a couple of recommendations for good places to go to as well. If anybody here is in Northern New Jersey hmu

  7. Old fart here. 33 and looking for cool guys to go out with. I go out weekends plus one or two days a week. Mostly Morristown, but also New Brunswick/Rutgers, Somerville. I've been to Princeton a few times, but it's not like there's much there. PM me

  8. Looking to go day game campuses,beaches anywhere shoot me a dm with your number and we'll go out!!

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