Looking for a partner visiting BadBoy Instructor, Zagreb, Croatia

Hi guys,

Iím from Slovenia, and I'm looking for a wingman or someone who is willing to come to a 1 on 1 training, or in this case 2 on 1 training with a BadBoy instructor with who I had a training and it was great. I'm looking for people in countries close to Slovenia, like Austria, Italy, maybe Germany, SwissÖ)

The training session would take 2 days. 11th of January, from 11.00 in the morning to about 17.00 doing day game, then having a 4 hour rest and continuing from 21.00 to about 3.00 doing night game, and then continuing the next day at around 11.00 to about 16.00 doing day game, and after that returning home.

Everybody who has ever worked with top BadBoy instructors know what great trainers they are. As it is winter time he will give me discount. This guy is doing me a huge favor with this, he knows my financial status (Iím student in Slovenia), and knows that I want this with all my heart and soul. So he gave me the option of bringing another person with me, and because my friends cannot either afford it or arenít interested, I'm searching for same-minded individual who would like to be great player.

I did a 1 on 1 training with him before, the guy blew my head with the things that are possible with top game. I also saw for the first time what real direct game looks like.

We would split the gas, accommodation ant training by half, would rent an apartment in the middle of Zagreb.

Send me a PM if youíre interested.