Venture & Sterling 10-day Bootcamp - Stockholm, Dec 2013

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    Venture & Sterling 10-day Bootcamp - Stockholm, Dec 2013

    Siiiick week. Post away guys.

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    A superb program about Game and life, for both the neophyte and the man who truly wants to push his Game to the very best it can be

    I have been involved with LS for some time, purchased many different products and programs, have had quite a bit of success, and seen some interesting pyrotechnics, as I applied parts of the LS Triad in various situations. Coming into this program I felt like the sorcerer's apprentice, sometimes the stuff would hit well, sometimes it wouldn't, and sometimes it would blow up in my face. I had hit a wall with my Game in the last year, exasperated some instructors, and wondered where to go from here.

    Mutually Future, my Mastermind program leader, and I arrived at a decision that the next step had to be something more intense, more concentrated, and Sterling's and Venture's 10-day boot camp came to mind. I had had my eye on this program for sometime, had always put it off, but now was the time to make the leap of faith, pull together the time and money, and go for it.

    I was the first to sign-up, 70 days in advance of the Dec 5 start date, and this allowed Sterling to insert an added training component for me, the Project Rockstar fitness transformation, an 84 day program of intense weight training, cardiovascular training, and diet adjustment. This was a thrilling, educational and unexpected bonus of the program, as I learned things about fitness I had never known before, and saw its immediate effects, dropping from 191 to 168 lbs and dropping my body fat from 20 to 15%. Time constraints prevented completion, but I got close; I want to do a fitness transformation again with new targets and personal goals and the added benefit of now having gotten over the initial learning curve.

    I highly recommend Sterling's fitness transformation program to all serious applicants and suggest signing up early enough, 90 days in advance, to be able to complete the program in time for the camp. It is not easy, consumes a lot of time, not just the training but also managing the dietary requirements, but well worth it. In “Crazy Stupid Love”, remember Hannah's reaction to Jacob's chest when she saw it for the first time? “OOOhhhhhh, fuuuuucccckkkkkk!” That's to aim for!

    Other Things I did to Prep for the Camp:

    1) Get a cool haircut. My hairdresser is a woman and I just ask her to make me sexy, she gives a great cut and adds colour
    2) Get my wardrobe ready, go shopping. See Fashion and Style by Alex below
    3) Get a manicure-pedicure.
    4) The “One-Hour Facelift”. This is Botox above the eyeline and dermal fillers below, takes years off and will run about $1000 – 1500. Holds up well for about 3 months. Women in their early twenties are doing this, so guys don't be embarrassed to get on board. Ideally do this about 6 weeks before the “event” so any side effects can wear off. e.g; bruising, accidentally paralyzing an eyebrow in the wrong direction, and so on. Hollywood actors flood their dermatologists' offices about 6 weeks before the Oscars, and you often don't see them in public again until the faithful night.
    5) Practice good posture, standing ram-rod straight whenever I catch myself slouching...and smile all the time I just got a blowjob 10 minutes ago.
    6) Practice projecting a deep voice when taking my dogs for a walk through the off-leash dog park
    7) Bought a cool watch, although I am not sure the new Samsung Scangear was the way to go

    Day 1 – Into the maelstrom

    I arrived in Stockholm a day early to settle into the hotel. At 2 pm on Friday things got rolling, the instructors introduced themselves and gave a little bit of their personal history, then the eight students did the same, also giving some indication of what they hoped to achieve by the 10th day....and beyond. It was quite a mixed group, international in make-up, tending towards the more career successful and maybe a little older than the usual 3-day camp client. Some were fresh out of a painful break-up, some were stuck in their progress, some were looking for true love, some wanted to just bang young hotties in volume. Some had girlfriends, some didn't.

    The lead instructors were Sterling and Venture, with Vici and Alex, a young local Swedish approach coach, having strong supporting roles

    From here the didactic portion begins. Sterling and Venture offer a concentrated and focused interpretation of the famous LS Triad, instruction starts off with discussion of their two key foundational points for success with women, and then a succinct review of Approach, Transition and types of conversation. Conciseness is an over-riding theme of instruction and of the streamlined model they have built, and a boon to those of us students with impaired working memories.

    The afternoon didactic sessions, punctuated with breaks, last about 5 hours. We are then given a few hours to grab supper, get ready for the infield and do whatever. I did my cardio.

    The first night infield ran from 10 pm to 2 am, at a large Stockholm night club, Bern. The assignment was simple: Approach, run a normal conversation, eject, wash, rinse, repeat. Yes, boys, you have never seen so many tall gorgeous blondes in one place in your life, there is a reason Stockholm makes most top ten lists for cities with the most gorgeous women! And they all speak decent English, it's as if the whole country has gone English. Great for conversation, but we all found the Swedes' lack of idiomatic English came across as concrete thinking, our jokes didn't hit nearly as well as back in the States.

    Most students already had at least some LS style of Game, and we all got started before the instructors arrived. Some phone numbers were had, some party invitations were made.

    Day 2 – The fun begins

    We congregated in Sterling's suite at 2 pm the next day. From here on, every day starts with a debrief of the infield from the previous night, as the instructors queried each student in turn about what he did, said and felt at the time of running a set, and offered a critique based on this as well as what they had observed infield.

    When that was done, it was onto instruction about the fundamentals and importance of “fun conversation” with women. The verbal and “subcomms” i.e; subcommunications of voice and body language, are presented in a tight package with specific “you-must-do” instructions. Again, this information is tight, pared down from the copious material that has accumulated in the Lovesystems canon over the years, presenting the essentials.

    The assignment for the infield was to add fun conversation to our conversational style, and also add some physical escalation with just a few items off the list of physical subcomms from the day's presentation. We went to Sturecompaignant, the layout of which vaguely reminded me of The Bank at Bellagio in Vegas. Somehow I missed the memo on instructions for measured physical escalation for the evening, and ramped everything up ALL the way with a gorgeous Famke Janssen look-alike. I saw the possibility of pulling her to my hotel within my grasp as she rode my leg with her crotch on the dance floor, and then, her dreaded 'friend' showed up and pulled her away before I could even get a phone number. Damn! Thanks for winging for me, guys, and trying to pull this grenade away, but it was not to be.

    I managed to channel my energy into another woman and made the pull for a SNL back to my hotel.

    Day 3 – Warm conversation and Passion

    After debrief at the usual time, Sterling presented hit views on passion, warm conversation and the role of the two of these in Game. Examples of youtube videos that demonstrated male passion were given.

    There was no infield this night, a welcome relief as I was dead tired from the lady I pulled the night before.

    Day 4 – Sexualization...and Lifestyle and Fitness

    A complicated day to explain, because much of sexualization, both verbal and physical, ties into Inner Game. As most readers probably know, the current emphasis in dating science is on Inner Game and Masculinity, unflinchingly holding a powerful masculine frame that draws her in. Many techniques and tools were conveyed, I took a lot of notes here as this addressed my personal sticking points.

    Sterling touched briefly on the importance of Lifestyle and Fitness and the use of “transformational” fitness programs to get you the body women want, quickly.

    I was surprised he didn't go into “Social Circle Mastery”, a field of dating science that should have a strong tie-in to the seminar material. It seems like a natural topic. Perhaps next time........hint, hint.

    We went to The Soap Bar for our infield that night, a crowded overly-loud small bar where conversation seemed close to impossible. One handicap I personally have is a tendency to lose my voice in such places, and that finishes me for the night. But one student, a tall handsome German who shall remain nameless, did see an opportunity and jumped on it, a university professor with her friends but dancing by herself in an area that was not too loud. It was great for the rest of us to watch him work the model, escalate, and pull her out of the club and back to his hotel in about 30 minutes, for the SNL. As he left Soap Bar he whispered in MY ear: “I will now take her back to my hotel and try to fuck her”. I replied in my best imitation of Yoda's voice: “There is NO try, only DO”. Bravo!

    One thing about the Sterling-Venture approach is it moves fast, when a girl is pulled from the club it takes maybe 30 – 45 minutes.

    Incidentally never go into a Swedish nightclub acting happy, with a smile on your face. Even if you are stone-sober and could pass a forensic drug screen, security will ask if you are “OK”, implying: “Are you on drugs?” Ah, the dour Swede, mistaking happiness for something bad. But if you are falling down drunk and acting obnoxious, security greets you with open arms, lays out the red carpet and whisks you inside. Go figure.

    Day 5 – Day Game

    Sterling and Venture describe their Night Game model as non-linear, but their approach to Day Game is linear and adheres closely to the model developed by Jeremy Soul and carried on by Nick Hoss. The key points of the structure of Day Game were reviewed and we practised on each other, with Sterling giving examples of the right way to conduct a day game conversation. We then went out to a nearby mall to practice with live ammo.

    This was a day off infield but some guys went out. I actually ended up having a more productive night than them, getting picked up myself by a flight crew in the hotel when I was at the bar and joining them for a party in their room. Qatar Airways and Emirates use this hotel for stop-overs, do hit on the gorgeous flight attendants when you can as they check-in, the Irish ones are particularly frisky. Unfortunately, I could see no way to discreetly isolate the hot blonde South African one I was interested in.

    Day 6 – SNLs

    Venture talked about SNLs, this repeated some material from sexualization but added new tools. One thing I was learning is DON'T be embarrassed to sexualize, and sexualize early, it's essential if she is going to frame her connection to you as one of being with a man, and that sex could happen, as opposed to being just another friendly dude who could just be her friend.

    The infield was a night of bar hopping, and learning to bounce. Wednesday night is called “Mini-Saturdays” in Sweden, that takes some moxie to go out mid-week, then drink and party like it is Saturday night, then get into work on time Thursday morning. Swedish men and more importantly Swedish women are into this.

    Watching Venture infield at one club was both intimidating and amazing, he projects a magnetic energy and vibe that seems to attract women from 10 feet away. I winged for him, moved a girl away from him so he could talk to his target but my girl STILL went back to him to hear what he had to say, he's that interesting.

    I was putting sexualization to the test this night, and ended up in some pretty weird conversations with some very young girls, 18 yo to be exact, about sex, black male anatomy and white male anatomy. Incidentally, teasing a girl she looks like Lisbeth Salander from “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” always fell flat for me, they just didn't seem to like that comparison.

    We left this club, I can't remember it's name but it was geared to young people, and bounced to Soap Bar. It was loud and crazy as always. There were two hot blondes sitting alone that I opened and for some reason the uber-tall one, she stood about 6' 3” in heels, seemed really bored with the club but kept an interest in me. Guys were hitting on her right, left and centre as we moved about the club, if I had any doubt about how much 9s and 10s get hit on this put these doubts to rest. Turned out she was some kind of Swedish TV celebrity. Outside as she had her cigarette I helped Venture tease and blow-out a different blonde girl who was giving him a hard time......remember: be self-entertaining! we started a chorus of “boo-s” to embarrass her, in front of the line-up, bouncers and smoking crowd!

    The two blondes from Soap Bar, another student and I now cabbed it to the White Room, but there I lost her as she gave me the “have to go see my friends” line and go outside for a cigarette. White Room was loud, lots of young hotties to hit on.

    Day 7 – Inner Game

    The most important part of the whole seminar, presented by Vici. This is the wellspring of not just all Game but also of a successful life in business and with friends. Too much to go into here, but clearly Vici is quite passionate about this topic, has a very good handle on the issues and presented some outside resources as well. I would say this portion was even better than the original seminar Braddock first presented back in 2010, with more depth and detail.

    This was a day off from infield, officially, but one other student and I did make the pilgrimage to Sturecompaignant, me hoping lightening would strike twice. The club was not busy and mostly populated by drunk Swedes. It was Thursday, not a big bar night in Stockholm, I guess everyone is wasted from the previous night. There was a VIP lounge upstairs that gorgeous young women disappeared into, but the admission fee for men was far too expensive for our tastes. The evening was an experience but didn't go far.

    Day 8 – Fashion and Style

    This part of the seminar was presented by Alex, an up-and-coming Swedish approach coach, who has a strong interest in style. He gave an excellent Powerpoint presentation and a framework for how to tackle fashion in the contexts of running Game and just plain being THE man going about his day. Alex and I had a difference of opinion of about some fashion points but I am going to give his approach a spin.

    Alex, I need your email address.

    This was the second last night for infield, and things were coming together for me. The infield instruction was getting more intense, I went out this night to Golden Hits with Sterling and one other student, the rest went to some other clubs. The advantage of this club is it is not too loud and much better for conversational Game, but there are very few if any hotties. I got stuck relying on dancing too much to physically escalate, not talking enough to the girl and not verbally sexualizing. Sterling took me aside, gave me a talking too, and, yes, I lost the girl, but I now knew what I had to do. One, maybe two dances tops, to pump up her state, then sexualize a man, not a dancing monkey.

    Day 9 - Relationships

    The infield the night before had been a great learning experience, and before the day's seminar and debrief I spent the morning reviewing my notes, some other learning materials I had brought to Sweden, and retooled my Game in anticipation of where to take it on the last night.

    Sterling presented Relationships, an area he is passionate about, has clearly done a lot of thinking about and in which he has accumulated a fair amount of experience. He presented his theory of the different types of Relationships, and why he felt the best type was the one where the man, the strong masculine man with good Inner Game, leads. The life cycle of a Relationship was covered, and ways of managing various problems were addressed.

    The last infield night. It was the same student and me, with Venture and Vici, at Golden Hits again. We were close to camp graduation, so short-setting the room to establish social proof, opening women, carrying the conversation and entertaining her and myself were now second-nature and hard-wired in, with no approach anxiety. Venture and Vici were great with infield coaching, observations, and advice. Venture said: “Swing for the fence tonight” and I did. I sexualized almost all conversations I got into, and at the end of the night was telling a woman in a committed relationship how “If there was no one else around I would bend you over the stage and fuck you so hard....” She clearly enjoyed this, was laughing and really pumped up, and then whispered in my ear “If I wasn't with a man already I would go home with you right now”. I kept pushing the edgy sexual talk, her friend was present and watching, I think she got frightened at the prospect of how close she was to cheating, and she ejected unexpectedly at lightning speed. The WTF look on Vici's face as he observed all this was priceless!

    Day 10 – Close-off

    This is a ~30 minute private in-camera debrief with all the instructors and just one student, taken in rotation. The pointed question: “What do you want to do now with what you've learned?” was asked of me. They gave great feedback of my strengths and weaknesses, what to adjust going forward from here, and guidance on formulating a plan for finding wings and practice time.

    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ______________________________________

    All-in-all a turboboost to my Game, a real step-up from the conventional shorter bootcamps. I highly recommend it, if you have the time and money. For those of us professionals who attended, it was a way of getting the benefit of Project Rockstar-level training condensed into 10 days, as we are able to afford this approach but can't afford two months time-off for Rockstar training.......assuming our applications were accepted. Stockholm is expensive, if money is an issue the prospective student may consider a 10-day camp when held in the USA instead. Bring lots of power outlet adaptors for overseas camps.

    Like so many instructors these days Sterling and Venture are deep into entrepreneurial efforts, it was amazing to me they could find time at all to conduct this camp. As they get busier and busier with their own shit the days of the 10-day bootcamp may be numbered, so seize this opportunity soon.

    Thank you once again, Sterling, Venture, Vici and Alex, for a stellar experience across the board. All the best, to each of you!

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    I have been learning GAME for year and a half now. Based on my background, in order to learn GAME, I had so much ground to cover and I have tried everything whatever I can to get good at this.

    Compared to where I started and before taking 10 Day I had some progress but was not achieving my goals. After taking 10 Day, there has not only been a big shift in my GAME but now things are way more simpler, and honestly, I don’t even think of hitting on girls as GAME anymore. I just look at it as Venture says “Boy meets girl, girl meets boy and stuff happens”.

    I am very proud to say that taking 10 Day has been the best decision I have taken so far in regards to get good at GAME. After taking 10 Day, it has made me realize how simple things can be and it gives the clear picture and road map from start to end not only on how to get good with women but also how to build a good life style and go after your passions and live the life you want.

    In reference to the curriculum Simplified Natural, this is legit and it fits for the people all around the world and no matter at what level your GAME is right now, it will not only give you a big push but will make you realize how can you shift gears to reach your goals by saving months and years of your time.

    The things which I have learned mostly from 10 Day was how simple GAME can be and during this 10 Day it was clear what loop holes I had in my GAME, how I was not playing according to my strength, and the best part was, instructors would critique my GAME, and give me a road map on how I can fix that and give me goals to work on in our next infield hangouts.

    The best thing about 10 Day is you will be committed and focused to just work on this each and every day and you will get to practice the material being taught every time you hangout.

    Below is summary of the instructors - honestly, the below words are not enough to praise the product which they have created, and how much they break their backs to make sure students are getting what they want out of this program.

    Venture: His GAME is so sick and I think he has 100% success rate with 10’s. He is just natural with girls and I really like the way he breaks down and teaches how to become not only good at GAME but also how to be passionate, ambitious and build the lifestyle you want. I have learned so much from Venture and he cares about each and every student in his program. During one of the nights in 10 Day, I was having a bad night and was in my head – Venture noticed that and gave me some awesome inputs and I just got back right into the state. His debriefs are awesome and they will just hit you right on the spot on the things which you were doing wrong and what you need to do to move beyond those sticking points. Thanks a lot Venture for everything – you have really changed my beliefs on how I can be good at GAME and build the lifestyle I want.

    Sterling: I have never seen anyone analyzing and breaking down the GAME as Sterling does. If you really want to get good at GAME, and want to know the real truth where your GAME sucks and what are the steps you need to take to get good, then you need to hangout with Sterling and listen to his critique. Each and every time when we used to hangout, honestly, I used to eagerly wait for the next day for debrief so that I can get my feedback from Sterling. His teachings during 10 Day are taught in such a simple way so that you can easily grasp the knowledge and understand the material, and also he gives so many examples and reference experiences on the topic which is being taught and breaks that down into a science, which I think is really an awesome skill and makes him standout. Thanks so much Sterling for everything and there is no doubt that the 10 days which I have spent in Stockholm were the best days of my life and I am going to remember all those wonderful moments in my life for a long time.

    Vici: I also got an opportunity to hang out with Vici as well. As Vici was in Project Rockstar before, his GAME is solid and as he has gone through this journey, he understands the path very well and all the things which he has to say will just hit you at the point at whatever level your GAME might be. Especially, he did the inner game seminar which was really awesome and during that seminar I had so many light bulb moments. One of the best parts for me about 10 Day was Vici’s inner game seminar which made me feel really good and during the seminar he has gone overtime and made sure that all the students got everything they needed to fix their inner game. He also gave us exercises to work on so that we can enjoy the journey of not only becoming good with women but also on the other parts of our life. Thanks a lot Vici for all your help and support - it was really great working with you and knowing you as a person.

    Alex: Alex was an approach coach during the 10 Day and he was an awesome guy to be around. I really admire his dedication and the passion he has to help out the students. During the infields nights, whenever I was in his group, he used to always be around me noticing my GAME and would give me the advise on the things which I need to correct on the spot which helped a lot so that I can keep those things in mind when I go back and approach and fix those things on the same night. As Alex is Swedish, it also helped a lot having him a wingman and honestly, whenever I needed him during infield he always used to be around. During 10 Day Alex did a seminar on Fashion which was mind blowing and an eye opener as it made me realize by just taking small actions how can I really improve my style and give an edge to my GAME. Thanks Alex for all your help during 10 Day, I really like your commitment to help out the students and I am sure you are going to be an awesome instructor.

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    Here is my review of the four first days I attended. I chose to attend the bootcamp by Venture and Sterling due to the reviews I read about it and the style
    of game offered, more organic and feelings based, which I think makes it more sustainable long term and applicable in a wider spectrum of situations. I will start my
    review describing my starting point and what I wanted from the bootcamp and later I will continue by adding my impressions about the program, the infield
    part, debriefs and what I got from it.

    I am a person who has had previous successes in life and with women but wanted to improve my cold approach skills, as most of my dates and girlfriends have
    come from social circle, introductions or slower forms of game with sporadic successes coming from bars and clubs. I am very familiar with Love Systems
    products and I have been trying to implement things on my own and although I noticed some improvements and having more resources, I felt a bit lost about
    how to do things and I thought that the best solution was to learn from the best and set these skills on the right direction once and for all. My goals
    before the bootcamp were getting a roadmap about how to do things that I can feel totally confident and comfortable with, learning to develop organic
    conversation to feel less robotic in my interactions and not running out of things to say, practicing and getting feedback about how to start and continue
    conversations in different situations and having more fun when talking to girls.

    After having completed the Simplified Natural curriculum, at least the core first 4 days, I can say that now I have a better understanding on how to do
    things and I have at least partially solved some of the issues I needed improvement on. Honestly, I was expecting to end up at a better point and feeling
    more resourceful and confident about my skills, but this is not easy and what I have now is good feedback and a good roadmap to continue evolving and
    improving. Going a bit into more detail about what was taught, and although it has been already mentioned in thousands of other reviews,
    it can be said that Venture and Sterling teach a dynamic model that uses four types of conversation (normal, fun, warmth and sexual) and strong
    subcommunications to navigate interactions with women, all coming from a core of masculinity, passion, being normal and having fun with yourself, your
    friends and the girls.

    The first day covered what is and how to live with masculinity and passion, the two underlying components of the model.Later, it was presented how normal
    conversation develops between friends and the differences with the typical interview style conversations with strangers. From this it is possible to know
    what you have to do to have more natural and engaging conversations and some exercises were done with other students to practice this and talk longer.After
    that, opening and transitioning were briefly covered, in a simplified and practical way that allows not to feel overwhelmed with a lot of different options
    and some general tips about state and how to approach the night. I found the material covered useful, especially the one related to conversation to avoid
    the problem of running out of things to say. It was also empowering to use the first night just to approach and see how it is possible to maintain several
    nice interactions just with the basics.

    The second day covered subcommunications and fun conversation, apart from the debrief from the previous night. A list of different key aspects and
    variations of passive and active subcomms was given and explained while practicing them with other students. I realized how much can be conveyed just with
    the 'how' and how important is to have these on point. I consider that my subcomms are not bad but it was useful to learn some extra moves and to emphasize
    how to create more impact with them. In the part related to fun conversation we learnt some frameworks that help to come up with material to say and some
    examples. It seems that this is one of the aspects more difficult to master and that requires practice time as your creativity muscles become stronger and
    are able to generate spontaneous fun material. It was emphasized the mindset of coming from a place of self amusement and bringing girls into your reality
    instead of trying to get reactions from them. From what I have practiced during the bootcamp and since then, I think that the map is there with the tools
    to have more flirty conversations but being able to use this effectively infield is going to be a challenge. Hopefully, with practice and recreating
    interactions from the previous nights to improve them and correct the mistakes will lead to progressive improvement.

    In the third day we learnt about warmth conversation. Sterling has a talent for this and he is able to rebuild and convey the message of the
    stories of some students in a very descriptive and engaging way on the spot, expressing the motivations, values, perspectives and obstacles behind them.
    We also watched some example clips of charismatic people talking and how to incorporate some of these mechanisms and figures into our way of talking.
    I found this session very informative and you can really make a difference talking this way, especially for later on in the process of getting to know a
    girl. It is a matter of going deeper, offering about yourself, being more personal and unique and painting pictures with what you say.

    The fourth day was devoted to sexualization and later completed with text game, fitness and lifestyle. Sexualization is the speciality of Venture and he
    did a good job explaining the different ways to add a sexual component and accelerate the progression of things. It was said that with normal and fun
    conversation you can go a long way and they are enough to get you laid, but warmth and sexualization give you an edge and make things happen much faster
    while creating a stronger connection. Text game is very much in line with the whole philosophy of Simplified Natural and fitness and lifestyle added an
    interesting perspective congruent with the pillars of what was taught during the 4 days.

    In the infield part all the theory was put into the real world. I definitely approached much more than I used to do and managed to have some nice
    interactions but struggled with the 'I´m going to see my friends' and hooking some sets, especially with hotter girls or louder music. I didn´t have problems
    of running out of things to say but I need to tune what I say and how I come across. I am able to approach direct and have conversation but I need to
    improve my fun component and getting girls more engaged and participative in conversation. I received some comments infield from the instructors and
    especially from Alex the Swedish approach coach but most of the feedback came in the debrief sessions the day afterwards. It would have been nice to have
    more references from the instructors in action or to receive a bit more help in the field but this was compensated by very comprehensive and tailored
    feedback in the debrief sessions. I know how to small chunk the areas I need improvement on and how to practice the skills outside game too.

    I finished the bootcamp with the feeling of having a good roadmap and tools to improve on my own but it will be definitely hard and will take time. Maybe
    I was too optimistic thinking that I would end up with the confidence of knowing that I am able to have successful interactions with hot girls through cold
    approach, but to be able to do it solid is something that it is not going to come overnight. All being said, now I know how to continue improving and feel
    motivated about the path ahead.

    Finally, I would like to thank the instructors and the great group of guys I had the chance to work with. Venture and Sterling are very approachable and
    are open to answer any doubt you may have. They are very accurate in their feedback and excellent teachers. Their stories and lessons are inspiring. I also
    spent one night with Vici and he is a very friendly and cool guy that encouraged me to approach. Alex the approach coach was always motivated to help and we spent some time together, giving me some good tips. The other students were a cool group of guys to spend time with, all of them willing to improve a ton and we had some fun and laughs together. It would have been nice to spend the full 10 days with them.

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    My review of the first 4 days of the bootcamp: Powerful curriculum with superb coaches

    About me
    I have been approaching girls for a decade before I even learned that Lovesystems existed. I did not have any game theory to help me, just alcohol and my own repertoire of things that accidentaly turned out to be working for me. After discovering Lovesystems I quit alcohol, joined two classic 3-Day bootcamps, and worked through a bunch of books and most Lovesystems media. I chose to attend the Stockholm bootcamp because I wanted to learn from a different set of trainers then before. I was hesitant at first, because I did not want to hear the same theory again, over and over. But I was fortunate that the Lovesystems sales agent pushed me a little bit into making the right decision. He said that the content of the Stockholm 10-Day bootcamp would be really incremental to what I had experienced so far – and he was right. My goals were to get into 9/10 Game and identify my sticking points.

    About the students
    We were eight students, of which I would consider two as beginners. The other six had already attended other bootcamps. It was a self-selected group of successful people who are able to afford this training and are willing to work on themselves. I got along with them well and I observed a good deal of bonding among us. The group seemed different from the 3-Day bootcamps I visited so far, because the students had better questions, did not waste time, and were fun to hang around. It was interesting to see that among the two beginners, one was really learning fast. His mind was not preoccupied with any malicious information, he was confident, and he had a curious, experimental mindset. This is what I recommend for all students who are thinking about attending a bootcamp.

    About the instructors
    The bootcamp was announced with Sterling and Venture. But they added so many other instructors to the training as a bonus that they had to bring in additional chairs in the back of the room. Sterling and Venture are truly inspiring characters, not only from a Game perspective, but in business, life, and any other matters as well. For me, seeing is believing. Just meeting these guys was already a highlight and many of their traits are worth emulating. I think that Venture possesses many leadership qualities. For example, he demonstrated backbone when developing his own 10-Day curriculum together with Sterling, and he practices open communication. He gained my trust because I knew he would not sugar coat the truth during coaching. He said he originated from a very basic environment, but made his way up into being a successful entrepreneur. The other lead trainer, Sterling is a gifted teacher. He can teach for an hour about a subject without looking at any cheat sheet. With just a few trigger words you give him about your life, he can narrate your life story better than you could do it yourself. Both instructors were receptive to questions from the group and gave good feedback during the debriefs following the nights out. They managed the group well, despite the vast differences in skill set among the students. They used a whiteboard, some youtube videos, and lots of student involvement. I never saw a student yawn; the training was so much fun and interactive. I did however observe some instructors yawn sometimes, especially in the night. No big deal for me, I admire that they are running their own businesses on the side. I felt that all trainers put their own self-interest into the background and made the students’ learning progress the top priority. For example, they never tried to demonstrate how much they know – they filtered what is simple and relevant.

    About the program
    The program is a mix of theory and practice. Lovesystems offered me an option to attend only the first 4 out of the 10 days, covering the full game theory and several nights infield. This means I could not attend sessions on same night lays, fashion, day game, inner game and relationship management. Sterling and Venture presented a simple graphic framework that breaks the theory into four segments, one segment per day. I liked this framework very much because it was simple enough to keep it in my head the entire night, but powerful enough to cover the entire pick-up process. It particularly puts attention to the speed of when things happen. With the help of the framework, I was able pull an accelerated same night lay on of the evenings at the bootcamp. The coaching in the debrief was very helpful to me. The trainers correctly identify my two sticking points and offered guidance how to overcome them. I was already subconsciously aware of one of the sticking points. But the other was a complete surprise to me, but now I can clearly see it and work on it. I wonder why nobody else in my life had told me before. This is why you need professionals who absolutely tell you the truth, even if it hurts initially. Beyond that, I found it difficult to get more feedback from the trainers. The clubs are loud and big. I could not always make sure that a trainer would observe me during my approaches, and even then, they would probably not know what I was talking to the girl. To be clear, I find this difficult in all nightly bootcamps, not just this one. I also found it hard to watch the trainers do demos, but when they do it is credible action. They do what they preach. For example, I observed that Avery, a very tall instructor, absolutely did not lean in when talking to girls. He also corrected my body stature, and I learned some sweet tricks that are not officially part of the curriculum. For me the most powerful lesson was in Sexualization, where the trainers showed us how to talk to girls about Sex in a direct way with a non-judgmental frame. With the right timing, this can move mountains, as I found out later. I felt the content on lifestyle and fitness was a bit short, but in return storytelling was extremely useful and detailed.

    Lovesystems typically delivers more than they announce. But in this bootcamp it was far more than announced: Better lead trainers, more authenticity, more co-trainers, newer content, in-your-face feedback, and proven methods from experience. They also provided a fine package of relevant resources after the training. I think the power of this bootcamp lies in the simplification and focus on what is really relevant. All unnecessary content has been stripped. If there was one thing I would suggest to add to bootcamps, then it would be see more commented demonstration or infield videos, similar to the Superconference XVIII DVD. All in all I’m incredibly happy that I could attend, and I’m sending a sincere thank you to Sterling, Venture, Avery, Mr. M, and the other instructors. The cost of this training is small compared to what it can do for you if you are willing to change, learn, and experiment.

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    Ten days of boy-meets-girl, extreme fun, and friendship

    My own background
    After a marriage and divorce, another long-term relationship, and finally a terrible one-itis, I made a clear decision to change my dating-life and started to learn game about 30 months ago. While I was extremely bad with woman before that point, I had some success after starting to read some books, and taking other bootcamps. While I felt much happier now with my life despite not practicing enough (mainly because of being very busy with my job), I sometimes felt bored by using the same routines over and over again, and sometimes it felt like I wanted to sell something to the girls in the club.

    The theory
    The core of the 10-day-bootcamp is simplified natural game, a conversation skillset, which is complete and comes along without any canned lines or routines. It consists of natural, fun, warm, and sexual conversation, and, most important, sub-communication like posture, gesture, and eye-contact. For me, it feels way more natural, and much easier adjusted to my own personality than any other model I learned before. In addition, seminars during the 10-day BC covered day game, inner game, same night lays (SNL), fashion, relationships, and to a smaller extent text/phone game. Especially inner game is material which is helpful not just for improving dating skills, but for many other aspects in a man`s life. SNL seems to be very advanced material, and Venture, one of the lead instructors seems to be a true master in the theory and practice of this specialty (if I ever will have the ability to pull girls like you, I will send a box of the best champagne to your address, Venture).

    The exercises
    There were five official infield-nights, and two afternoons of day-game-practice. While it felt extremely good to approach attractive girls in Stockholm`s shopping-malls, getting some phone numbers, and gaining confidence by being able to approach strangers in the “cold day light”, I got most out of the last two infield-nights, being under close observation of three of the best dating-coaches in the world, Sterling, Venture, and Vici.
    For instance, I ever wondered why I was not able to stop girls when being in a group of guys at the bar, important changes in sub-communication (such as speaking louder, posture changes, smiling like after winning a million dollars, and making way bolder moves) made the difference (thanks to you, great guys).

    The instructors
    Sterling, Venture, and Vici should be considered some of the word-wide most advanced dating-coaches. Sterling has extremely high teaching qualities, is able to see sticking points within minutes, and is able to talk about them in a way that you do not feel embarrassed, but encouraged to make necessary changes. Venture seems to be a natural attractive-girls-magnet, and while he seems to act completely natural, was honest enough to tell us students that he came from the same starting point, and learned his awesome game step-by-step by the hard way of doing hundreds of approaches. Vici is a great teacher too, his Inner-Game-seminar is of very high quality and comprehensive, and will help to stay on the track after the bootcamp. I like to say thank-you guys also to Alex, who gave a very helpful lecture on fashion, and to Avery, a former rockstar participant, who gave an advanced lecture on sub-communication, gave some good naughty sex-recommendations, and is a living example how far you can come with game in a short period of time. I like to mention especially that all the instructors have a great personality, an unbelievable high energy, and are able to convey the feeling of being friends more than instructors.

    It was an exceptional great time in Stockholm, a great group of people, and I am happy and proud of being part of this group of students as well as instructors, and still feel a strong connection to all these guys. I learned a lot, and not to forget: I got laid with an attractive Swedish woman three days after approaching her in a club somewhere in Stockholm

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    My background: I didn't have much knowledge of game before this bootcamp. My only experience was a Day Game bootcamp with Nick Hoss a few months earlier. That bootcamp turned out to be a great experience. After the improvements I saw that weekend I had the desire to see how much I could improve myself. Enter the 10-day bootcamp. When I started to read the reviews and the Simplified Natural webpage everything seemed to resonate with what I was looking for. Not just improvement with women, but lifestyle, fitness, uncovering the man you are, etc. was all promised. Then I saw the price tag and was like no thanks. However I kept thinking about the 10 day, almost everyday, and I found myself looking at the website way too often. I knew on some level if I didn't take this bootcamp I would always wonder what changes I could have made and how much I could have improved. So in other words, it was calling to me and something just felt right about it. So partly because I kept getting signs to take the bootcamp, and partly because of the fear of regret for not taking it, I bit the bullet and signed up.

    And it was worth every penny.

    The Simplified Natural curriculum lives up to its name. It's simple and organic which makes it feel very natural. Its like an outline or blueprint that you can insert yourself and your preferred style into. It is not rigid as it is based on feeling your way through an interaction. The theory and curriculum is broken down into skill sets and each day is dedicated to one skill set. The first four days cover the core skill sets (Normal Conversation, Subcomms, Fun Conversation, and Warm Conversation). The remaining 6 days are other peripheral seminars delivered through the lens of SN (Day Game, Inner Game, Relationship Management, Fashion, Fitness, Lifestyle, and SNL). Each skill set builds on the next and in the end you are left with the total package of what you need to improve yourself in all areas of your life.

    You put the theory to practice on 5 official nights and 2 official days out with the instructors. Each night you are to practice on the skill set you learned earlier in the day. I found this an effective method to implement and grasp the material, as your goal is to practice one skill set. As the bootcamp goes on, multiple skill sets come into play as the skill sets build off one another, but having your focus on just one skill set helped me break down my strengths and weaknesses and integrate the lessons. The instructors were great in-field. They always kept a close eye on you and gave you the feedback you needed, after and even during interactions.

    Each morning started with debrief of the night prior. This was difficult at times but is extremely beneficial. The instructors give you the feedback on what you need to improve, and they tell it to you straight. It isn't unkind or embarrassing, it is just the truth, and sometimes that can be a hard pill to swallow, especially if you are self-deceiving about certain areas, which I was. So for me this was exactly what I needed and actually found it refreshing to hear. I came to improve and hearing 10 days of straight talk on what that entailed allowed me the opportunity to open my eyes and prepare for the road ahead. The last day you have a final debrief with just the instructors where your strengths and weaknesses are covered in-depth. You are also given an action plan to follow to continue your improvement.

    The instructors were great. Sterling taught the most during the seminars and is a great teacher. He lays out and delivers the material in a way that it is easy to understand and apply. And he is insanely insightful, there were times during the debrief where he was telling me things about myself where I would think, how the hell did he see/know that. And what he was saying was accurate, so it made it much easier to trust he knows what he is doing and to follow the advice he is giving.

    Venture was also a great teacher, especially in-field. After an interaction he would tell you what you were doing, right and wrong. Sometimes he would come up behind you and tell you during. His ability with women lives up to the reputation of being the best. One night he went up to a girl and within 2 minutes the girl was putty in his hands. It was awesome to watch and a reference experience that I will continue to come back to. Also, when he is talking to you, you can feel his genuine interest in you as a person and how he takes investment in your improvement. This type of support was helpful and gave me more incentive for improving.

    Vici's inner game seminar was awesome and was powerful because of its simplistic nature. There is a ton of material but all of it is boiled down to the core points, the ones that really matter, so it made it easy to get. There were many aha moments during his seminar. Unfortunately I didn't have much field time with him, but I wish I did, because I could tell there is a lot from him you could learn.

    Alex was an assistant and I spent the most of my in-field time with him. He did a piece on fashion which was good. He laid out the foundation of what is good style and how to build a style that fits the image you want to convey for yourself, it was very helpful. I had a lot of fun hanging out and being in-field with him. He gave me great feedback and was very positive throughout the nights. He helped me reframe how all of this is fun, which I was not thinking at first because I was too much in my head and caught up in trying to get better. I learned a lot from watching and listening to him when we were talking to women together. He has comprehensive knowledge of the subjects at hand and I would be surprised if he is not an instructor in the near future.

    They are all great guys and are encouraging the whole way. I am fortunate to have had the chance to get to know and learn from them over the 10-days. I would hang out with them anytime.

    In conclusion, this bootcamp lives up to all the hype and I would strongly encourage anyone thinking about taking it to do so. Everything about this bootcamp will improve your life. All the material, exercises, in-field, support, etc are great, however it is an experience you can't really understand unless you take it. There is something about just being around and in the presence of all these guys that in of itself is transformative. You see how far they have come and your perception of what is possible for yourself changes. There was a inner shift that occurred for me during those 10-days, one that brought more confidence and calmness and I see examples of this everyday. They say on the first day that their goal is to spark a fire within you so you leave wanting to improve your life in all areas, and I can say they successfully did that for me. This experience was the kick in the ass I needed to start on the road of attaining the life I want and knew I could have, but before was too busy making excuses. I hope this thread is the push you need to sign up.

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    Bootcamp 2013 Sweden

    Concerning my background I was coming out of a very long and to the end painful relationship and wanted to have a quick and practicable blueprint of getting back into the game with teachers who had the practical and theoretical experience. I wasn`t disappointed, in fact it exceeded ALL my expectations!!
    From the first minute I entered the venue I already felt that atmosphere of instinctive certainty that I was at the right place! it was this perfect mixture of students and instructors which created an amazing infectious blend of effective teaching and fun.

    How I got the info about the bootcamp
    It was only through coincidence that I saw a U Tube video with a love systems instructor winning an awesome show! This made me inquisitive and moved me to find out more about the love systems products barely a month or two ago. The Bootcamp in Sweden which was advertised on the love systems website was an opportunity I could participate in as I am momentarily working and living in Europe, able to put in a break

    The instructors Venture and Sterling
    These guys are absolutely awesome and megastars of the industry in their own right, complementing each other in a very perfect way. They were very calm and collected throughout the whole lecturing period from the beginning to the end of my stay thus creating a very relaxing atmosphere helping me overcome the initial nervousness. Their teaching was honest, highly professional, accommodating coming straight from their hearts. That was remarkably clear! They conveyed and taught in a way I never thought possible. These guys were absolutely genuine each in his own way. Sterling was amazing at teaching us
    how we can transform our lifestyles through hard work, keeping our masculinity in a set with our passion for life and goals and Venture was amazing at teaching skills of how to escalate and same night lays.

    Review Programme
    Here is my review of the first official four days that I attended. The first day was about masculinity and passion, conversational skills and getting into state. It was this vital piece of information Sterling gave concerning state which naturally gave me that "click" experience. Explaining how one`s state can rise by talking with many people. had an immediate success in the train station nearby a few minutes later with a beautiful swedish girl exchanging contact details. A neutral state further explained naturally declines, this is what you definitely want to avoid!

    The second day was about subcomms and flirtatious conversation really helping my way of interacting with women bringing it into a conscious level. We went out to the Collage, a night club in Bern where a lot of positive interaction took place.
    The third day was about conversational skills which was taught by Sterling. He also gave us very interesting insight of how celebrities in the US and other parts of the world technically take advantage of this
    art and craft of conveying theirs thoughts and ideas verbally.

    During the fourth day Venture taught us sexualization skills in a verbal and non verbal way taking us from where we are standing and giving us an overall boost of confidence with just "getting shit done". This man is just so authentic, seeing his style of game in the club later (HE OWNED IT) was like virtually seeing a magician carry his magic wand around the place and placing a trance on each and every hottie he encountered. Great performance..

    I was feeling so immersed that I unconventionally added (was allowed to!) two days to it, thanks to the friendly negotiations and outcome with the instructors. This was what I needed to overcome my hesitation in day game approaching women, SNL (same night lays) basically opened my eyes to the very nature of the game.
    Thank you again Venture for making this happen for me, as I never thought that boldness can bring one so far… It is just about acting and leading, if the women likes you and trusts you she will definitely follow.


    The Bootcamp was certainly worth every penny and much much more!!!! super,super,super, super, super, super, super, super, super, super!!!!!!! I was impressed by the attendees who came from all walks of life from the academia ,students and individuals from all walks of life just wanting to fix a part of their life which has not been nurtured and taught by society, schools etc. This program will definitely benefit all people who want a true and honest approach and improvement in their abilities of approaching women, leading conversations and taking it another level in a truly natural and authentic way. I have to shout out to Sterling and Venture who brought a special essence of pure authenticity, coolness and fun making the bootcamp in Sweden an amazing experience to be part of.
    It was an eye opener and a life changer with vital tools all men need, or have but are consciously not aware where about them. Venture and Sterling lay very much worth on igniting the spark. I can only say thank you as this was really ignited in me!!!!

    In this day and age with the growth of cities, corporations and laptop/ipad cultures the blueprint of naturally approaching women has virtually been lost for most guys who are working from 9 to 5 most professionals like myself even longer. Everybody who seriously wants to learn from the very best, honest and gain amazing experiences needs to meet Venture, Sterling and co....
    We don`t get this vitally important issue taught in schools, we don't learn it at work or elsewhere and usually stumble into relationships or use our natural compass of
    experiences from the past in approaching women and if lucky having this special person lead a happy relationship or depending on each matter of choice, dating one/many beautiful and savvy women at the same time.
    Thanks to the outspoken lead instructors and apostles of this modern day and age Venture, Sterling and the support instructors Vici , Mr M and of course Alex and Jennings ( special shout out to Jennings for the hints about my posture!) the bootcamp was a real success for my personal life, bringing consciousness to areas I never thought were vital.

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