Some people say i'm GAY?? WTF??
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  1. Some people say i'm GAY?? WTF??

    This has been happening randomly in the last 5 years of my life.
    Eventually i will meet somebody in a social situation and he/she will say that i'm a closet gay. Initially i would get angry, although i don't exactly know why.
    I guess they call me gay because of my vibe? Some people confuse me being shy and quiet with gay. I'm usually inside my head and not being outrageous or out there. I've always been kind of 'soft' and girly when i was a kid. I was not playing with the other kids, fighting and such, i would be daydreaming by myself. There's definitely a feminine side to my personality but i don't fantasize about getting fucked in the ass.
    Also when i look for porn on the internet, i search for naked chics, not dudes dressed like sailors.
    Still, the opinion of the others is fucking with my head. I'm considering avoiding certain friends for fear that they will eventually bring up the subject and make me feel like an idiot.
    Now, to be completely honest, i've more than once wondered how it feels to have the g-spot stimulated. That's something that i would definitely do with a girlfriend or a chic i can trust. I would not mind exploring my body with toys and such.
    Have you ever had people calling you gay? How did you handle it??

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    take a pic of yourself and blur your face if you wish sometimes your style of fashion makes you look gay.

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    Re: Some people say i'm GAY?? WTF??

    Nobody likes being told who they are in a negative fashion. Nobody likes being forced into a type either.

    Sometimes guys talk with their hands, and their wrists are bent. Their stance is a weak posture. Maybe they look flamboyant style wise. If you are like this All of these don't add up to being gay, but you might want to explore your more masculine side.

    I used to have a super clean, super organized place. Throw in some well fitted clothes and a mild personality and people thought I was gay. Now I go dancing... What do you think they say now? Doesn't bother me much because I'm getting my grind on while they are at home doing nothing.

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    get over it and have self confidence.

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