Love Systems Seminar in Berlin - Donnerstag 31. Oktober - nur 10€ Eintritt!

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    Love Systems Seminar in Berlin - Donnerstag 31. Oktober - nur 10€ Eintritt!

    Wanted to share this with you guys also..

    I'm excited to announce Love Systems senior instructor Chris Shepherd aka Tenmagnet's first ever Berlin Seminar, this THURSDAY, OCTOBER 31 2013:

    This seminar is entirely non-profit and costs only 10 euros to cover the location rental.


    Inner Game Seminar by Love Systems senior instructor Chris Shepherd aka Tenmagnet:

    In everything we do, we face obstacles, both inner, and outer.The outer obstacles are other people, the world, and nature, which can prevent us from achieving our goals. But there are also inner obstacles. Fear, self-doubt, lapses in concentration and in will-power that prevent us from devoting our full effort towards achieving our objectives. Good Inner Game is about overcoming these obstacles, and learning how to excel at the mental elements of meeting and dating beautiful women.

    And there’s no field where the inner obstacles are more important (and often fatal to success) than in your relationships with women. Not only does your Inner Game determine the amount of effort and skill you apply to your interactions with women, but it also determines how women respond to you. That’s because unlike business or sports, where you are judged in the end by the amount of money you make or the score, in dating, you are judged by the amount of confidence you demonstrate in moving your interaction forward.

    My inner game seminar is an introduction to the basics of inner game, and how to cultivate a winning attitude. It’s original, based off of classical philosophy, modern psychology, and my nearly 10 years of experience in the dating science world.

    We’re going to cover topics like:

    How to overcome "sticking points" – the mental hangups that continually keep you from reaching your goals.
    How to cultivate real confidence by addressing and eliminating insecurities.
    How to tap into your inner masculine energy that is the key to attraction and seduction.
    How to motivate yourself, and learn to get more enjoyment out of your interactions with women.
    And even more.

    And it’s only € 10. That's less than the cost of one blown date.

    This seminar will also include plenty of time for any questions on any aspects of your game.

    This is really an extraordinary chance to learn, ask questions and get immediate personal feedback from one of the world's most experienced and successful dating coaches.

    We're deliberately keeping the costs to an absolute minimum, and the group very small, so that those who do attend will have the maximum benefit.

    Much more info about Tenmagnet here:
    Chris Shepherd's Blog - Real Dating Advice That Works

    Klosterstraße 68
    10179 Berlin

    Donnerstag, 31. Oktober 2013, von 18:00 Uhr bis 22:00 Uhr

    The entry price of 10 euro must be paid in cash at the event.

    PLEASE RESERVE YOUR SEAT via email to me:
    or send me a PM here on the forum.

    Any questions: feel free to ask.. Looking forward to this.

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