Malibu's Guide to Sex Positions Version 2.0
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    Malibu's Guide to Sex Positions Version 2.0

    Sex Positions
    Version 2.0
    Since my initial Sex Position Guide some members have posted ideas for other positions. I have now ...finally...updated the list. Here is version 2.0. The positions added are listed in Navy Blue and the positions have all been credited to the members who posted them.
    [Abstract Version 1.0:
    We have seen Orleans Sex Guide. We have read VC’s Swagger: Sexual Zones, been spirited by Harlequin's Rodeo Position and even discussed our favourite positions in Rick’s Poll: Whats your Favourite Poistion? But I am surprised that I have not seen a post listing and describing the many positions available to our vigorous sex affiliated regime of sarging! So…here goes. I have researched our beloved world wide web and found some positions…threw them together along with my own comments for all to read, try, practice and master to assist previous named documents make you into a damn fine lover. Just remember, women love variation and different sex positions are an excellent way of keeping them interested.
    There’s no standard for naming sex positions. The names used here are a combination of sex manual names, some jargon from the porno industry and some slang terminology. The main types of positions that are listed herein are:
    • Missionary,
    • From Behind,
    • Woman on Top,
    • Sitting or Kneeling,
    • Standing,
    • Innovative,
    • Acrobatic, and
    • Oral.

    Missionary – the most common position; man on top with direct penetration; woman on bottom, legs open. Done with caution it is good for women who are pregnant.
    Coital alignment technique – variant on the missionary position, man enters in missionary position and moves slightly forward so that the base of the penis rubs the clitoris.
    Blossoming Flower Missionary – The missionary position with a twist. Like the missionary position, the woman is on her back but by spreading her legs, lifting her hips and arching her back; she is literally and figuratively opening herself up to her lover, allowing him to see and explore her entire vagina and allowing for deeper penetration.
    Side entry missionary – variant on the missionary position; woman is on her side; male penetrates from behind.
    Octopus Position – variant on the butterfly, woman rests legs on man's shoulders …I love this position!!!
    Peace Sign – woman on bottom with her legs tightly closed. Man on top penetrating her with is legs spread out.
    The stopperage – man pressing woman's thighs against their chest
    The Yawning Position – woman's legs straight up, wide apart…lol…this is awesome as well!!!
    Feet-on-his-shoulders –man kneeling, woman rest her legs on man's shoulders
    From Behind
    Doggy – man inserts from behind; woman on all fours, facing down.
    Harlequins Rodeo [credit - Harlequin] - Click here for description
    Leapfrog – variant on the Doggy position; but the woman's torso is lower; also known as "face down ass up".
    Froggy – variant on leapfrog position; man raises his hips above those woman for maximum penetration. Usually the man will get on his feet and crouch over the woman’s vagina and insert.
    Upright doggy – variant on the doggy position; woman kneels upright. This is good when you want to reach around and stimulate her clit.
    Spread-eagle – woman lies facing down, legs spread open; male on top. Also known as the spider position. This is a very passionate position.
    Orleans Tight Squeeze Position [credit - Orleans]– Start off by positioning your girl flat on her stomach. Postion yourself over your girl with your legs on the outside of hers and position yourself to get inside of her. Penetrate and then squeeze her legs together with yours. Place your supporting arm under her chest and on her breast. You're going to be putting all your weight onto that arm so that you don't crush your girl. Take your other hand and place it under her stomach and slowly slide it down to her vagina/clit. You can either leave it there, place pressure where you want or massage her clit... depending what effect you want. (Optional) If your girl likes to be more intimate then whichever side your supporting arm is on get her to put that arm around your neck to hold you close for intimate eye contact and kisses.
    Shin Splints [credit Vincent Chase] – Can be performed either vaginally or anally. The man is squatting, his knees should be spread apart. Next, the female slides herself into the man and he places his penis in either orifice. The woman's body can be laying on a bed, or she can use her arms to support her, it would look as though she was doing a push up. Her legs will rest on the mans, I find that the thrusting can be more powerful if she bends her legs and you wrap your arms around them. The position get's it's name from the strain it places on both the man and the woman.
    Spoons position – side by side (actually, both partners lying on their same side), both facing in same direction; male inserts from behind. Good position for pregnancy.
    Reverse peace sign – variant of peace sign, woman lies face down, knees held together.
    Camel Ride – woman lies on her side with the uppermost leg forward. The man kneels astride the woman's lowermost leg, thus gaining access to either vagina or anus. Good for pregnancy, or for overweight partners.
    Woman on Top
    Cowgirl sex position/Amazon position – This is the basic on top poistion where the man lies on his back; the woman sits on top of the man facing the man's face.
    Reverse Cowgirl/Reverse Amazon – The woman faces AWAY from the man instead of to his face. This can also be done horizontally.
    Italian chandelier – variant on the basic on top position; woman on top, arching her back; placing her hands on the ground; man on bottom.
    Asian Cowgirl – The Man lies on his back; the woman squats (not kneels) on top of the man facing toward them.
    Malibu’s Version Asian Cowgirl – The woman has one leg kneeling and the other extended straight out. The man then penetrates on an angle, the woman leans back and clitoris is stimulated by the man.
    Full control – If the man's waist is sufficiently slim, the woman (while the man is fully inserted and his back arched) can bring their knees under their partner's back, thus providing the man support. The man in this position is essentially immobile, and the woman fully controls the intercourse. The intercourse then continues by the woman leaning backwards and pushing against her partner.
    Whisper's Jet Ski Position– This is a variation of the reverse cowgirl position. While the woman is on top the man pulls her arms back by the wrist or forearm. The woman leans forward while the man steadies her from behind by hold her arms. This simulates a man riding a jet ski!
    Sitting and kneeling
    Watching the game – variant on the cowgirl position; Man sits in a chair; woman sits, facing the man; also known as the Lap dance.
    Armchair – variant on the watching the game; woman sits in a chair; man kneels in front of the receiver.
    Black bee – man sits, hands behind on the floor; woman sits on top, hands on shoulders.
    Furniture – woman on the edge of furniture, legs spread; man stands or kneels, depending on the height of the furniture, supports the woman's legs with their arms, and penetrates them. This position provides a good view for the man to see the penetration occurring.
    Persuading of the debtor – man is kneeling; woman on her back, ankles on each side of man's shoulders.
    Playing of the cello – woman on her back, ankles on one of the man's shoulders; man kneeling enters from back; also known as Playing of the violin.
    Proposal – woman kneels, legs apart; man kneels, one knee on ground.
    Split level – woman on bottom, legs around man; man kneels.
    Stand and carry – man stands, holding woman; woman wraps legs around man's waist and arms around shoulders.
    Standing – Both stand using a structure for support. Also known as the "knee-trembler".
    Wheelbarrow – man enters standing; woman on bottom lifted by thighs; also known as 'Hoovering of the floor' or 'Hoover Maneuver'.
    High Heels – Some women carefully select a pair of high heels that are exactly the right height to allow her partner to comfortably penetrate her from behind, while both are standing. A separate height of shoe is usually needed for optimum comfort during face to face standing sex.
    Harvey Wallbanger – Variant on the stand and carry, woman's back is pressed against a wall or other large vertical surface as a frictional support.
    Threading the needle – woman places both hands and one foot on the floor. The man stands behind with woman's other foot above shoulder, or leg around waist. Male Partner is in control of intercourse. Anal penetration may also be possible.
    Buck Position [credit - jj300] – The girl is standing at the end of the bed and she puts her knees to her chest the guy then presses very hard on her knee making her legs go to her ear making her look like a wild buck. The man then fucks her in that very same position. IT is basically like the drilling for oil position except that the female is lying down instead of doing a headstand.
    Innovative positions
    This is where the kinky shit starts. These positions are more innovative, and perhaps not as widely known or practised as the ones listed above.
    Cross – woman on bottom; man on top perpendicular.
    NASCAR – Variant on cross position; woman sits on bed, man lays on side, perpendicular.
    Head to toe – man on back, legs spread; woman on back on top, legs spread; both facing different directions,
    Rocking chair – man on bottom; woman on all fours, facing up.
    K – man and woman lie on backs, heads pointed away from one another; each places one leg on other's shoulder (using it for bracing) and the other leg out somewhat to the side so that they form a capital K.
    T-square position – woman on her back with knees up and legs apart, man lies on his side perpendicular to receiver, with his hips under the arch formed by woman's legs. Good during pregnancy.
    Drilling for Oil – woman lies on shoulders with back up against a bed or couch (sort of a head-stand, except on shoulders) and legs folded toward their head. The man stands astride and inserts from a standing position. This position might also be referred to as the Hydraulic Jackhammer or the Pile Driver. It is known as Ron Jeremy’s favourite position….That’s just a joke!
    The Seventh Posture of The Perfumed Garden is an unusual position not described in other classical sex manuals. The woman lies on her side. The man faces her, straddling her lower leg, and lifts her upper leg on either side of his body onto the crook of his elbow or onto his shoulder. Some people have found it very comfortable during pregnancy.
    Acrobatic Positions
    These positions are totally out there…but they sound like fun!
    Advanced black bee position – variant on the Black bee; man sits, hands behind on the floor; woman sits on top, hands and legs on shoulders.
    Toilet position – variant on the reverse cowgirl position; man on back upside down, knees bent; woman sits on penetrator.
    Helicopter fuck - like the doggie position, but with the man balancing himself on the woman's behind as if using the inserted penis as an axle. Requires the penis to be bent downwards at an extreme angle, some may find this too difficult. This is also known as the spin fuck position.
    Sorority fuck - like the missionary position, but with the man reaching under the woman's behind and gripping both of their hips firmly, while simultaneously extending them forward such that the penetration angle is nearly 90 degrees. Because the man is holding the woman's hips, the man is able to achieve maximum control over thrusting. This position is supposedly common among young people on college campuses, because it requires a great deal of physical exertion (at least by the male partner).
    Wheelbarrow doggy fuck - Variant of the Upright doggy position, but with the woman's arms pushed up and legs stretched straight and the man behind stands up and grips both of her hips firmly
    Fettucini alfredo - Woman performs the "bridge" with both hands and feet on the floor while holding their body off the ground. Man enters while holding womans hips.
    Oral sex positions
    The Bend Over Blom – man is seated on a low chair, stool, or hot tub seat; woman stands facing away and bends over at the waist using one hand on the ground to brace herself and the other to masturbate the man while he performs Cunnilingus and or Analingus .
    Muffdiving position – woman lies on her back with her legs spread open (with or without her knees bent) while her partner buries his or her face in the woman's crotch to give her cunnilingus.
    Buried in muff –man lies on his back while the woman kneels with her legs at his sides and her crotch on his mouth for cunnilingus. Also known as a 'Moustache Ride'
    Face missionary or Missionary face intercourse – while his partner lies on her back, man assumes the missionary position but adjusted forward so as to copulate with his penis in his partner's mouth, usually to achieve deep throat penetration. Partner's head may or may not be rested on a pillow.
    The Glory Hole – man inserts his penis into a hole in the wall while someone gives him fellatio from the other side of the wall.
    Head-against-the-wall – the female partner sits on the floor or the bed with her back (and head) against the wall, while the man (in a crouching position) copulates in his partner's mouth, usually to achieve deep throat penetration. This also works with the female partner standing up with back against a wall, and the man standing on a chair so he can copulate in his partner's mouth.
    Head back or Upsidedown face – man stands or crouches at the edge of the bed. Meanwhile his partner lies on the bed with his or her head hanging over the edge of the bed backward. The man inserts his penis into his partner's mouth and begins copulating, usually to achieve deep throat penetration.
    Hanging for head – man hangs from a (pull-up) bar by his hands while his partner performs fellatio on him. The idea here is that while the pain in the hanging man's arms intensifies, so does the general pleasure and orgasm he receives from fellatio.
    "On your back, Jack" or Lying down for a blow – man lies down on his back while his partner kneels between his (spread) legs or off to his side to perform fellatio on him.
    "On your knees (please)" or "Kneel before The Man" – man stands while his partner kneels before him (and facing him) to perform fellatio.
    Sitting down to eat – man stands in front of and facing his partner while his partner sits (e.g., in a chair or on the edge of a bed or bathtub) and bends forward to perform fellatio on him.
    Standard face – same as "Kneeling before the Man" above, with the addition that the man places one or both of his hands behind his partner's head to brace it while he copulates into his partner's mouth, usually to achieve deep throat penetration.
    Rusty Trombone [credit - The Heart Break Kid] – With the guy either standing or on his knees the female positioned behind the man starts to lick his asshole while simultaniously stroking his crank.... it looks like she is playing the trombone!!
    Simultaneous oral sex
    69 – simultaneous oral sex; also called "Congress of the Crow" in the Kama Sutra. Each partner may be male or female, lying side–by–side or one on top of the other.
    Piledriver or Standing 69 – simultaneous oral sex with one partner standing while the other partner is held upside down.
    For further reading and positions refer my guide to the KamaSutra
    If you have any more positions I can add by all means share them.

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    The Wheelbarrow (catagorize under from behind)

    I had a tiny g/f that I used to pick up by the legs, hold her hips and do a "doggie" variation (with her, it was her palms on the floor) with amazing results. Even with taller women, you can impliment that in bed or even on a long couch. Pick up the entire back portion of her body after entering from typical rear-entry and stand. She can lay her face, shoulders, and chest on a soft surface. The spot of friction seems to be great for the gal, and the visual is schweet for you!
    Downside, it is energy-expending and not a position you can do for more than several minutes, no matter how good of shape you are in. But it's great to pull when she's near climax or to mix things up.
    Be sure she swings her legs forward. Wrapping them around your waist sounds great in theory, but isn't so hot in practice.

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    The wheel barrow is a position derived from a similar position from the KamaSutra. I believe it is called the wheelbarrow in my guide to the kamasutra...ill have to check that one out.
    Thanks for the contribution
    EDIT: actually i just checked and its similar to the "Shoal of Fish" position 9 in my KamaSutra guide. Thanks again.

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    I'm not sure what this one is called. I've always heard it called "Froggy Style" but I'm not 100% sure.
    Variant of reverse cowgirl/Amazon. The man lies on his back with his partner on top of him, on her back. Her legs are spread apart and he then penetrates.
    While I've only done this with one woman (that I can remember), it feels incredible for the man, but I've been told that it didn't do anything for her. Seen it in a few porno flicks before so I thought I'd try it out.
    And the helicopter is actually a variant on the missionary position. Enter the woman and lift yourself up and then rotate as far as you can (comfortably) and then the othe way. And Drilling for Oil, if I'm not mistaken, is also known as the Russian Pretzel. Just in case you wanted to throw another name up on there.


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