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    Tinder success rate

    Just had my first month on Tinder and im surprised how good it is for practicing routines. You can quickly work out what responses engage women and which openers differentiate you from the other thousand dudes using the app. My bio makes me sound fairly successful and I have constantly received compliments about my photos from girls on this app (whatever you do, DO NOT upload any douchy shirtless photos or 'selfies'). I've only clicked on girls who are very attractive and I receive about 10 matches a day. After practicing lots of different openers I can say that the following works best for me and for my location. The routine is very tongue and cheek but the key is to keep the girl engaged and laughing then build a solid rapport afterwards. I always use the same opener and then I have about 6 standard replies depending on their response. I wont go threw each one now but this will give you an idea:

    Initial opener

    Me: Lets quit our jobs
    Me: ... And drive off into the sunset?

    You can tell what type of girl your chatting to straight away following this message and this receives the most engaging responses (many girls SURPRISINGLY will just block you if you write 'Hows it going' or 'lets fuck - yours or mine').

    If the girl thinks shes gods gift and writes back a comment which outlines shes not interested I respond with the following.

    Her: I dont get into cars with strangers
    Me: Good, I can't afford a car (...or taxi) because my third ex wife took everything, bitch eh?

    This usually gets a very engaging and humorous response from the girl ... and if shes replies something dull then block that ass and move onto the next. FYI Its clear from my photos and bio that I have a couple dollars from hard work and im too young to be married.

    If the girl says she doesn't have a job or something on the lines of this, I usually reply:

    Me: Stripper life not as glamorous as you thought it would be?
    Me: ... I only lasted two weeks

    As you can notice - the key is engagement. Many girls will ask why you are on Tinder. Just use the following reply and it usually works a charm:

    Me: I had a dream two nights ago that id meet a girl called (**insert her name**) on Tinder

    She knows you havn't had any dream about her but she loves the fact that you came back with a witty comment. Now once you've built up some common interests I usually come up with some complete bullshit on why I won't be able to go on to Tinder for the week. Usually I just write the following:

    Me: I'm flying to Paris tomorrow morning for business and don't plan on going on Tinder for a while but my mobile number is xxxxxxx if you'd like to have a drink when i'm back in town

    Don't reply to any of her messages at this point forward on Tinder and you will receive a text within a couple days.

    - I have had 12 dates via Tinder (always tell a girl its your first Tinder date when arranging)
    - Slept with 4
    - Still grafting 2
    - Met 6 psychopath bitches who must be the co-founders of photoshop

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    Tried this app out yesterday and so far, so good but a few tweaks still to come.

    Looked at POF OK cupid threads about bio's etc and have just left my Bio for as my facebook since I first joined up to FB - Do what you want, when you want, how you want and dont look back - something about loving beaches with the experience described and a postive motivating quote kinda lame but good responses but no comments on it so far just get messages of hey there etc , any tips to tweak to engage them more into my bio ?

    Was wondering about this today and thought you might know some of the answers to the inner workings, not that I expect you to know all of the workings but guessing you've looked into it.

    What does blocking them or them blocking you do ? does it simply block or does it affect where you fall and where they fall into line on the ratings?

    Do people know when your online ( with times when your last online ) or by only getting your responses ?, When on POF and HOT or NOT theres been quite a few chicks have friends on there and when you use the same routine too much or say your doing something DHV - going for a jog whatever , and then you get a message from another girl and reply you get caught out, its like they say to their friend I like this guy try this or try that add him and see what he does.

    I seem to get more matches when I first go on, after not using it for a while and after liking a few girls, I get matches and then if i continue liking it tapers off , as if it automatically lines you up with people who like you.

    Say the above were true, and you've like a set number of girls who may not have liked you back, does it reset after a while ?

    Cheers !

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    Bio tip: Keep it short and precise. For example mine is just:

    Investor and high-stake poker player. Based between London and New York.

    This gets a lot of girls asking what you do and asking questions about New York - it automatically sends the tone that you are the prize. In my case the above is true but im sure it would work for most guys. Who gives a fuck if its not true, its interesting and makes you stand out so just make sure you can be confident when you meet with the girls... Remember, you are not on Tinder looking for a wife.

    I assume when someone is blocked their messages just dont get sent to the other person (one of the great attractions for users of Tinder is that there is no denial this way).

    One for the road:

    I had another Tinder date last week. It started when I received a text from a girl asking what my full name was (closing in the same way I mentioned in my first Tinder post above). I replied 'Is this for a criminal background check? Because I had few friends at M16 clear my dark past off the records'. She responded 'Hahaha I wanted to add you on Facebook'. I still did not know which girl this was until she added me.

    I accept the girl and receive a message from her that evening when I appear online on the chat. She asks how my business trip was and I say it was good but i need a drink after a tough couple days and outline a bar where she can meet me close to both of us. At this point I get out of my PJ's and get into my suit. Head to the bar and this girl is waiting there - she is absolutely stunning and used to model for a well known brand. She notices me and I walk towards her... She laughs saying its the first time she's done this type of thing and looks at me and I say a similar same. I build some great rapport by both of us agreeing we will take turns asking the other person a question - Wheres your best holiday been? etc etc etc. (Great to ask questions which giver her positive thoughts and memories so she will then associate those feelings with you). Eventually the questions are getting sexier and she asks how many girls ive slept with...

    My response: 'Would you like me to include tonight or before hand?'

    I look at her while smiling and I know this is a risky comment but it goes down a treat.

    Her response (while smiling and with great body language) : 'Ive never slept with a guy ive just met, though'

    My response: 'You'd never gone on a blind date before you met me, though'

    Her place is walking distance from the bar so we head back to hers. She's cold and its also raining a little so I giver her my jacket. I have a decent body as I work out 6 days a week with a strict diet.. So I knew she would tell me my shirt was soaking wet when we arrived at hers.

    She says its probably best if I take off my top as i'll get hypothermia - I tell her that im shy and need her to take her top off aswell (she knows im not shy which makes her laugh and agree to take off her top)...

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    [MENTION=233366]YouLostMeAt[/MENTION] *claps* well done.

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    Tinder doesn't work for me, or my roommate?? I've plowed through 500 girls (which sounds like a lot but it takes about 2 hours total time, 15 minutes at a time) said yes to about 400 and received ZERO likes. I'm not brad pitt but I'm not an ugly hobitt. On POF, if I message 10 girls 1 will get back to me. In real life if I talk to 10 girls 1 will make-out with me or give me a phone number or something. Something is Effed witth the app. I'm bummed out cause it sounds like an AWESOME idea, you only get matched with peeps that match with you. Great! No wasting time messaging girls on POF that were never going to be attracted to you no matter what you said. But the damn thing DOES NOT WORK. Around the 50 girl mark I was having a minor-crisis, thinking "Jeezus, it's me! I must be effing hideous!" But around 200, I was like wait a minute.... At 500, I'm sure it's the app. I've ACCIDENTALLY said yes to 2 or 3 girls by swiping the wrong way.

    My roomie has been on it for a couple months and he says it used to work, but now he gets no matches. He's also like 0 for 500 lately. Has anybody else had this experience?? I suspect it's probably broken for a lot of people but nobody is talking about it because they don't want to admit they got no matches, even when it's obviously an error.

    I get an unlimited supply of girls to choose from, but zero matches. I suspect that what's happpening is it's gotten TOO popular and the pool is huge. I live in the middle of Socal. If I set a 20 mile radius, in SoCal that is probably hundreds of thousands of people. If they are just randomly showing me girls in that group and those girls are randomly seeing guys... the chance of 2 people even seeing each other, let alone having a match is slim to none.

    Who knows??? It bums me out, I want the damn thing to work! I am totally on board with the concept. No wasting time talking to girls that aren't interested in you at all physically... GREAT! But instead I'm wasting time rating girls that will never, ever, see me on their end.

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    I agree with you, Juvx. Out of curiosity, how long have you had the app? I downloaded it about 4 days ago. I don't know the numbers but I've liked about a few hundred, possibly even a thousand girls. I'd say that I click yes to about 65% of the girls I see. I've gotten two matches so far but one of them I'm pretty sure is a troll so technically, I have one legit match.

    Now, I use the same pictures on Tinder as I do on Okcupid and on Okcupid, I've gotten several responses/phone numbers/dates from good-looking girls. I'm also more selective about who I message on Okcupid than I am about who I like on Tinder. I think that there are two main reasons why Tinder might work for some of us.

    1. What you said about it's popularity is very true. I live in the NYC area where there are millions of people in my age range (I'm 24 so I selected 18-25) and since Tinder connects to where you are at the moment and not where you reside, tourists are included in the profiles that come up (and this is the biggest touristy season for NYC). For me, it's safe to say that only a fraction of the girls I've liked have even come across my profile. Some of them I know haven't seen it because it says they were last active before I even downloaded the app. Tinder might be more effective if you're in college where there's a good amount of people around your age but few enough that you are more like to look at one another's profile. That might explain why a good portion of Tinder users are still in college while the people you find on other dating sites have already graduated. I'm still holding onto the possibility that some of the girls I like will match with me later.

    2. I think that Tinder is the one form of dating where the guys have to be better looking than the women. One fact I know to be true about Tinder is that guys will swipe right the majority of girls they see while girls swipe left to the majority of guys they see. Since it's the guy's job to make the first move, we can afford to like girls we consider to be a 'maybe' and then when matches come up, we can decide which one's we are going to message. Since girls are the ones getting the messages, they need to make sure that they are only getting messages from guys they know for a fact that they're attracted to. I've heard that some girls will automatically swipe left if the default picture is a group photo because they don't want to waste their time trying to figure out which one the guy is. Now, looks also matter on other dating sites like Okcupid or POF but in those cases, girls will often consider the whole package when deciding weather or not to respond to a guy. Say a girl gets a message from a guy who's not exactly Brad Pitt but is still decent-enough looking. (like you or me). She'll also consider what he wrote in his message as well as he puts in his 'About Me' and if she gets the sense that he's a cool person to hang out with, she might still respond back. Since Tinder is pretty much only based on pictures, you can't really tell anything about the other person's personality.

    I'll wait it out for a few more days to see if I have any more luck with it. I think I'll make myself a goal of 5 legit matches by Wednesday or something. If not, I'll probably delete it.

  7. ya, tinder seems like it would only work for the Johnny depps of the world. I personally don't know any guys it works for. I feel like most attractive girls can just go to the closest bar and take thier pick of the litter. but it seems like it certainly works for some people so thinking about giving it a real shot.

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    Tinder appears to be working great for a friend of mine. He has countless matches. Although saying that, the majority of them live a fair distance from him. We're both from England.

    We're both average on the looks side of things although I'm surprised I'm not getting as many likes as he is as I'm 6'4'', blonde hair blue eyes and of an average build and I've only had 2 matches out of the countless girls I've liked from within a 10 - 20 km radius of my city lol

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    I wanted to follow up here, cause I've got more info about Tinder just NOT working. I know it's not me because it doesn't jive with the results I get in real life or even in other dating apps/sites. Well I know that.... now, lol! More about that in a minute.

    My theory is this. If you live in a major metro area where tinder is popular the pool is just too f*cking BIG, and the chance of 2 people ever even being shown each other's photos is slim to none. There's like no logic built into the app that preferentially shows 2 people pics of each other.

    If you crunch the numbers you'll see what I'm getting at... Where I live in SoCal, the population density is about 6,000 / square mile. The default miles I think is 50. Lets say conservatively you cut that range in half to 25 miles. Pie, R, ,Squared, remember high school geometry? So 3.14 X 25 X25 = 1962. Times a massive 6,000 peeps per sq mile = 11,775,000 people. Total. Now half are men, and a lot are under 18 or over whatever upper age range you pick, and not everybody is on Tinder. But even if only TWO PERCENT fit your criteria, that's still 235,500 girls! If you go through 2,000 tinder profiles, you've got less than a 1 in 100 chance that the other person will ever even SEE your profile! And then you both have to like each other. So yeah, it's pretty fucking useless if you live in a populated area.

    I got to test this theory over Christmas. My parents live in central Connecticut, not a rural Iowa farm, but not massively populated. Right in the middle far enough away from boston and NY that neither would impact the 50 mile radius. Tinder goes off where you currently ARE not where you live. So I tindered over Christmas break visiting them, with a radius I think of... 15 or 20 miles. And sure enough, I got 4 or 5 matches.

    I almost NEVER get matches in SoCal. I am not Channing Tatum, but nor am I a troll from the hobbit.

    Now you gotta' appreciate that while this is happening I have my "theories" but deep down on some primal level I am having a confidence MELTDOWN of epic proportions, thinking - Shit maybe it IS me! maybe all those guys that are 6'2" and muscular are just killing it, and my 5'10" and 'not fat or horribly weak' just isn't enough.

    For shits and giggles I downloaded the competing app "Hot or Not" I got a FEW more matches. That one blew up in CT too, but was largely useless in SoCal. After a couple weeks on here I finally got a rating. And here is where it really gets insightful...

    After rating, literally 1,000 girls or more, I'm finally told I have a score of 5.20 because 11 out of 19 girls rated me hot. 11 OUT OF 19! I rated 1,000+ girls and the fuckers showed my picture to 19! I'm completely stoked that slightly more than half the female population (at least on this site) finds me hot - confidence restored, and my theories are validated, but at the same time it suuuuuuuucks, because if the thing really did show my pic to as many women as I rated and it was mutual showing, just THINK of the dating opportunities.

    So I think the lesson with Tinder is, download it, make a profile maybe rate 100 girls then back off. Rating more does nothing. It seems like it just takes AGES for girls to ever be shown your picture. I do notice if I'm off of it for a number of weeks I can get a match from one of the first 3 or so girls in the beginning. So I think it shows you the people who have 'liked' you first. But if you're on the thing every day, there's usually no one in that initial 'liked you' batch.

    The other thing is... all the fucking time I've spent tinder'ing and analyzing this shit and I have yet to go on ONE Tinder date. At least with match.com I'm going out with women in real life. It doesn't seem very efficient to me, to say the least.

  10. Oh how I love Tinder!

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