Attracting Women Is A Challenge For Me

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    Attracting Women Is A Challenge For Me

    I have been on Love Systems for quite a while now, at the same time I have invested in countless programs over the years.
    I have the info I probably need to a least begin the process of interacting with women.
    However, I still find myself stuck in meeting women, or even interacting with women.
    For the most part I am still invisible to women...
    I ave extreme difficulties talking to women, for me approaching women seems as daunting as sky-diving, or some unbearable activity..
    I ad some very dark times in my life, I had some life-changing events go on in my life, so meeting women for the longest time as been out of the ordinary.
    I would say I have challenges coming to any realization about approaching women, I for the most part don't see to many opportunities to meet women that would remotely be interested..
    I am in my early 40's, I had some struggles so my looks are not as good as they once were, at the same time I do keep myself informed about high self-esteem, confidence, and demeanor, but for some reason meeting women is as foreign to me as a trip to the moon.
    Any suggestions would help - thanks...

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    Hey man, this game is tough yet rewarding.
    This game has it's pressure, at all stages, [initial game]-to-[casual relationship management]
    To get pass many hurdles you are facing now require alot of infield/in-person training

    But to baby step it, if you remember 1 direct opener, 1 transition, 1 life-style attraction, 1-2 comfort piece tie in to organic conversaion and do it 20 times your perception will change. You will start to see Very pretty girl react well to you... THAT right there will give you momentum to moving forward and you will feel all the effort worth it

  3. Find women that are disqaulifying. Let's say you don't like women with tatoos. Talk only to women you find disqualifying. It takes alot of the pressure off. I helped a few guys back in the 90's when I was going to college. It was just so painful to watch guys that were really nervous hit on women and then get shot down in flames.

    If talking is problem, then solve your problem. Find a non-credit class on public speaker. Volunteer to do tours with something you like. Teach someone something. Maybe get a part time job where you need to interact with people.

    You need to find more opportunity. There are places that are you that don't need to be a bar. I found places alot better than bars that I enjoyed to go to more.

    take a look at Find something you like and go join in on something. There is a really nice girl in my ultimate frisbee soccer league from there. I have played tennis with several very nice women too. What about 5K charity runs.

    Also, keep in mind single women tend to hang out with their married with kids friends more often then maybe they'd like to.

    Anything socialable. I call it afternoon game. Something after work during the week. Happy hour near a hospital. Find out when they change shifts. don't be afraid to ask the bartender when's a good time to meet women your age here.

    Stuff women like should be focused upon. Shakespeare in the park. Or other theater events. Music events in the park. Church bizaares and festivals. Some outdoor places have try out days, like a kayak or bike store.

    There are activity clubs. Like Ski clubs. Or group visits to LAs Vegas for a weekend.

    If you read a little bit every day and practice this stuff, it will work like magic. Also, find a core text to use. Read it, apply it, read it again, apply it some more. You can also use the internet as a resource. I looked up social places to meet women, the 3rd on the list was a social anxiety forum in which several members advised

    Give us some demogrpahics about yourself. Job, educational history, what hobbies do you have, the best 3 times you had in the past year, and maybe a field report of some recent activity.

    Professional networking can be magic too.

  4. don't be afraid to re-read what you have picked up. This stuff is really timeless. You could use this info to pick up women in the 1940's or the the year 2525. Women have been attracted to males for eons. Modern society has been the same more or less for a few thousands years.

    When you read, use a magic marker to highlight things. Just a few keywords, or a really good phrase.

    Progress comes in small steps. Try increasing your circle of friends bit by bit. Alot of the problems with attracting and maintain interest in someone romantically is exactly the same with friendship. A person who has problems with friends will have the same problems with lovers.

    When you get invited to social circles, you get introduced to new people. Women are much easier to approach and already have some confidence in you because you have gained rapport with her friends.

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    Severe AA. I had it. More than most. For more than 25 years. Today it's gone. Com-fucking-pletely.

    Can you afford live-training? Cya in Vegas maybe, you're close I see. Good chance it would kill your AA dead, once and for all.

    For me it was a question of getting out of hiding. Starting to accept myself, especially things I can't change.

    Whatever it is you don't like about yourself, does it mean you're not worthy of happiness? Of course it doesn't. Anyone saying otherwise are not worthy of as much as one second of your attention.

    As [MENTION=48835]Braddock[/MENTION] puts it: "Don’t create internal meanings by external outcomes". Or in other words, don't feel rejected if a stranger blows you out. She doesn't know you. Probably she doesn't know shit. Maybe she didn't like your approach, which is a skill you can train. Maybe she had a bad day and in a different situation you two would have had a great time. Maybe she was just a bitch. They do exist. Be happy you found out early, before she left with half of your stuff.

    Again quoting Braddock: Try adapting the mindset: "Somewhere around here there's an awesome woman who's going to absolutely ADORE me". If you approach someone who blows you out. Well, that wasn't her. Next!

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