Growing up in a small town, Braddock was the beloved athlete who everyone loved. Going from a small town to a huge university, Braddock realized that his successes before were no longer as easy. Now there was other competition who knew how to meet and attract women much better than him.

Braddock knew that there was something he must do to get back to the point he was at home. Braddock built a social circle, surrounding himself with as many naturals as possible. Eventually he wound up in a few long term relationships which all ended up in emotional pain for Braddock, which led him to finding The Game and Dating Science. This led to Braddock reading the seduction bible, Magic Bullets, and mastering the topics front to back. This led to Braddock bringing all aspects of his life together by teaching men how to meet and attract beautiful women, attending law school, and owning his own businesses.

Braddock is a master of Inner Game, ranging from his top posts such as Inner Game Basics and Change Your Life Now, to teaching Inner Game seminars available through the Love Systems website. Braddock also co-wrote The Ultimate Guide to Phone and Text Game with Samurai which gives you a glimpse in to how Braddock handles women not only through Phone and Text Game, but also the humor he uses with those women and the theory and techniques used behind that to have your phone constantly going off. Get your free chapter of The Ultimate Guide to Phone and Text Game.

Social Circle Game is something he knew would set him free from the constant cold approach system that is widely used, and successful, to meet and attract beautiful women. Braddock is one of the best at cold approaching, which is a skill anyone learning pickup needs to have, but he looked around his social circle and noticed that guys dating the hottest women, the “9’s and 10’s,” were meeting them a different way. They were using their social circle combined with their lifestyle to date these women that are so sought after. This led to Braddock cracking the code on the secret to social circle game, leading to the Social Circle Mastery home course, which you can learn more about at The Attraction Forums.

Braddock is an extremely versatile instructor, being an expert on The Art of Push-Pull, helping younger guys with Braddock’s Spring Break Guide, teaching the importance of Abundance, and how to be a normal guy while learning game with a recent article Is Game Turning You Into A Douche? Don’t Let It.

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