Future, the most tenured instructor we have at Love Systems, has been around since 2005. Back then, he was just an over energetic kid who had a paralyzing fear of women. Originally desiring to be a Presbyterian Priest, Future ended up joining the military instead. Things seemed to be going well for him until in the middle of his service, he had to break up with his cheating fiancee, spending the rest of his duty heartbroken. He thought everything would change when he got to New York for film school, but it didn’t. Now he was in a big city, surrounded by beautiful, without the tiniest bit of confidence on how to approach them.

Being a nerd at heart, he went and did what every other nerd would do at the time -- vigorously search the internet to solve his dating problems. This was before Love Systems even had an office and the only way you were able to learn any of this stuff was hours searching forums, but he eventually found advice, little by little, and stumbled upon Love Systems which paved the way to the man he is today. Future learned how to overcome adversity and stick with it to become successful in all aspects of his life.

Future has been around long enough to be able to give you advice on anything in game. Whether it’s how to overcome the deafening speakers in a club by Being Louder to the basics on Qualification. And even though Future knows his material so well that he is able to teach his seminars without notes, he is still able to tailor each class to the specific needs of the students, recognizing that each student has their own unique obstacles preventing them towards the path of success that they want.

Future is also the creator of Breakthrough Comfort, which goes beyond the same night lay stereotype that is received from meeting women in bars and teaches you how to get women to fall for you deeply and end up in a happy relationship -- something Future highly endorses. You can read an eBook written by two instructors, Future and Starlight about their asian escapades entitled Excellent Asian Adventures. Future has a plethora of reading material at his blog, including his most popular article, Kill Beatrice. Future also stars on many Interview Series such as Dealing with Men and Obstacles, Gaming on Public Transport, Overcoming Approach Anxiety, and Getting out of the Friend Zone. Each of these interviews covers information such as how to meet her even when she’s with other friends or other guys, the differences between gaming on a public transport vs a nightclub or a coffee shop, how to get in a positive mood and a talkative state before you even approach a woman, and the best ways to get out of the friend zone.