Cajun is among the most popular instructors at Love Systems, simply because he is someone who guys can relate to very easily. Cajun is from a small town on the East Coast of Canada, but when he moved to the big city in chase of a film career, he realized meeting women wasn’t as easy as it was in a small town. Out at a club one night, he stumbled in to a Love Systems instructor and saw how easily they could attract women, which lead him to get his dating life handled.

A fan of using natural game as opposed to scripted routines, Cajun relies heavily on Body Language, Tonality, and Subtext. Cajun declares that learning how to talk to women also deals with your ability to face fear in life and get your Inner Game handled completely. By studying rockstars and famous seducers through history, Cajun learned the advanced techniques that come in to play when using body language.

Cajun goes beyond meeting women in bars and applied himself years of learning how to meet women online, which lead to him writing his book The Gentleman’s Guide to Online Dating. In this he gives you real interactions from women he met online, going over the Love Systems techniques he used to get them in bed.

Most notable in the Pickup Scene is Cajun’s performance on Keys to the VIP. Cajun competes against another guy with goals set in mind to meet, attract, and get the phone numbers of women -- in which he went 3 for 3! The judges stated Cajun as “The pinnacle...” and “The best guy we’ve seen” which is a must see video clip just as impressive today as it was when debuted.

Cajun is known at Love Systems for his eccentric and unique style when it comes to meeting women and is apparent in classic writing article such as Getting Attraction From Acting Insane: A Lesson and The Mustache Opener. However, don’t let his fun loving vibe detract you from the immense knowledge Cajun possesses. Cajun goes over the truth about pickup, life, women, and how to look fear right in the eyes and get past it in his most recent article The Echo.

Cajun has a repertoire of Interview Series in his catalogue, ranging from Role Plays, an essential attraction tool; MILF’s, where he teaches you how to meet those sexy older women every guy looks at; an Introduction to Comfort, which discusses what comfort is, how to build it, and why it's essential to the emotional progression model; and Long Term Relationships, which, along with another senior instructor, Future, discusses how to get in to and manage a long term relationship with a woman. Cajun is also the Co-Creator and covers advanced body language in the home study course, Beyond Words, and, as said earlier, wrote The Gentleman’s Guide To Online Dating, a complete book that covers every aspect of how to meet women online to bringing them back to your place.