a couple more Fbuddy q's
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  1. a couple more Fbuddy q's

    first up, a fbuddy of mine complained the other day that i only contacted her for sex... thought that was what the arrangement was (she didn't want a relationship at the start and made that quite clear)
    secondly... do i need to tell them my every move (i.e. i went interstate for a week, lost cell reception and came back to a few very irate messages, then the fbuddy from the first question cracked the shits big time, saying that i should have told her) again... i thought that was the beauty of the Fbuddy relationship... not being tied down.
    thirdly... if they ask about other girls, do i tell them about other girls i've picked up, or just tell them i don't kiss and tell?

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    Always be honest to them. Always. Read Hysteria's earlier posting on this topic. Tell them that you are seeing other people.

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    But don't just contact them for sex, or they'll start feeling like an object. You don't have to have a relationship, but if there's a party, invite most of your friends and fbuddies to come to, that way they are a fuck buddy, not a fuck object.


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