Squeezing your leg muscles to Orgasm
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  1. Squeezing your leg muscles to Orgasm

    Is it normal to squeeze your legs to have an orgasm. I like to time my with her's and squeeze my legs and get into a trance of sorts mentally.

    Sometimes I can without, but either It has to be spot on and I'm in a really upbeat mood all day long, or it takes a long time.

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    Sounds like you are clenching the kegal muscles but just don't have a great mind muscle connection to that one particular muscle, and so instead you clench the whole general area (kegal's included).

    Try clenching just the muscle which stops you pissing, and you'll probably get the same effect (without the leg clenching).

    Of my peers I've always had very good mind muscle connections - I can do some funny things like move my ears up and down like a dog, pecks, ass cheeks you name it. Point at a muscle and I can tense only that muscle. Only thing I have difficulty with is raising my right eye brow.

    /random fact about me of the day.

  3. I agree there is the magic muscle there. However, it is really a good idea to use to this. I know sometimes you either want to please her well by cumming when she does, or you're on a time constraint from time to time.

    Is this something you eally should do. I have been in a looooong term relationship and seem to have to do this 99.9% of the time. Just gets old.....

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