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    Im writing this almost 3 months out from rockstar

    rockstar changed the path of my life…i don't mean it in the cliche way people normally say it, let me explain.

    I'll preface my explanation with one statement: NOTHING in life comes easy, not girls, not wealth, not health, not fame…NOTHING. Everything requires time, hard work, application of principles, a willingness to learn and more importantly a willingness to make mistakes (lots of them).

    So with that in mind heres the explanation:

    If your life was a road, and you were on a straight path…rockstar is the fork in the road. ist not a u-turn, not a 180. its a deviation. They say, if you changed the path of
    your life by just one degree today…if you stayed on that path, think about where you would be 1 year from now. How about 3 years, and 5 years?? Compared to the straight line that was your old life?? Yehhhh now wer're talking. Stay on the path and you are garuanteed to be a changed man.

    So, rockstar changed THE PATH of my life. For sure. No fucking doubt about it. It also exposed me to an unreal network. We are talking some of the coolest, most successful motherfuckers you've ever met, they do the whole lifestyle thing- money, time to travel, meet people (its not all rainbows and butterflies, but this aint the time for that conversation).

    So the most important part of rockstar was game. My game is way better than it was before. When you enter the game tunnel it goes something like this. You have peaks and valleys, if you followed my blog you'll know that vegas was my valley. Poland and Yatch week was my rise. And in sweden i was near that peak. I've had another valley since. But higher overall than where i started. And more importantly happier than where i was 6 months ago. No price tag on happiness. period.

    I'd like to say i took off after that but i haven't, I've definitely continued on that detoured path though. And that is the most important thing. I'm finding my inner game isn't as tight as i need it to be, so thats where I've been falling down recently. The best part about rockstar is that the boys become family. And the thing about family is…when they are around your inner game is SO MUCH TIGHTER. Constant positive feedback! That chick blew you off?? So what, she blew half your boys off too, you can all laugh about it. She's weird. She missed out. You don't question yourself…

    …Theres this thing: its called post rockstar blues. That feeling of being out on your own, a chick blows you off…this time you and your boys cant laugh about it, if your inner game aint tight enough you'll question yourself. Rockstar made me recognise that my inner game needed work. I made mention to it in the blogs. very often actually. naturals get laid cos of they're inner game. period. its so important. Post rockstar, without the boys around i knew i needed to do some work, i have and i know im on my way out the valley im in atm.

    You need 3 things to reach mastery in anything: experience (all you), information (you + others help) + mentors' guidance (others). I know i can find mastery in game, because rockstar gave me, and will continue to give me all 3. I will continue to be inspired by rockstars like Jennings A- guys a beast, someone i consider a lifelong mentor, someone i can turn to for guidance, for inspiration and for information. Something i couldn't turn to anyone in my old network too.

    In the same vein, I will continue to be inspired by the lead guys like Venture, Sterling, Vici and Vybe.

    Venture is probably the epitome of the COMPLETE lifestyle. And he's put his hours in. he's got money, girls, travel, massive social networks, and he seems to have found balance and happiness. i throw that last word out cautiously. true happiness and balance is hard to find. After rockstar i met the guys on a 10 dayer in London and I asked Vici something i want to share with you guys to show you how deep the rabbit hole goes with game.

    Venture is in the club one night, within about 10-15 minutes i see him take a yellow light to make out point-- so green green green. this chick was a hot.

    So i say to vici, yo man, you sterling, venture and all the other guys that are money at this game. you all have top notch body language, your fun-o-meters are all off the charts, all live amazing lifestyles, and communication is off the fucking charts…WTF does venture do to dominate so much???! I mean both you( Vici) and I know ONLY VENTURE could do that shit that quickly, the other guys could do it im sure, but not as quickly nor with as much consistency (thats what getting good at game is all about btw..consistency with quality)

    Vici's reply- "Venture is so damn good because he is SO GOD DAMN CALIBRATED MAN. He's done this sooo fucking much he sees ALL the cues and signals. He wins all the little battles, every single fucking one. And with the hottest chicks it just takes losing one small battle to lose the chick. When you KNOW you can win them, like he does, you push the pace, you escalate faster than anyone else would dare to. Thats why he wins so often, with hotties and wins so god damn quickly"

    Lessons for readers: he's achieved or is close to mastery, he's put his hours in, found his leverage, made a billion mistakes and continues to (he'll be the first to attest to that), AND GET THIS- at the start of the night when we walk into the club, HE IS STILL the guy opening rapid fire on the HBs ya knw. The guy deserves his mastery. He EARNT IT.

    Without rockstar i would not know that, could not see that, be able to ask him about that, and have his support and mentorship when i need it. Then add in all the other instructors:

    Sterling: insane ability to break your game down, no bullshit approach to getting you to fix your problems. He teaches a great curriculum. the 3.0 model works very well, persistence, and consistent application. His greatest strength and asset to you a potential applicant- he will be the one to BREAK you down. then build you up.

    Vici: the master of long game, amazing conversational prowess. Vici can do what Venture can do, but he needs time to convert even the coldest yellows to a green. But he makes it happen.

    Vybe: is the image of what game game will do for you. Not lifestyle + game, not money + game, not looks + game. Just game. Straight up. on the rocks. He's young, give him 2 or 3 years he'll be where venture is.

    Venture, Vici, Sterling, Vybe- do you think their fork in the road was a u-turn 1, 2, 3, 5 years ago? or was it a small deviation. Enough said. Stay on the path, the normal path is a small deviation, with rockstar its a bigger deviation. you still need to stay on the path.

    To the reader- trust me its worth it. Every fucking penny. And there were a lot of pennies. Save up. It is expensive. More expensive than i could handle, i had to borrow money by then end. Also, don't think paying entitles you to anything. Ask for help when you need it. The direct instruction backs off after the opening 10 day. You then get more informal attention, learn from periodic debriefs (wish they were more, they were truly the tool to learning for me) . You are not hand held. When you are in a trough on program you will question whether its worth the money. Take it from someone who's gone through it…when its all done, the money is spent, and you can see the forest from the trees- you too will say it was worth it. Was it value for money? No. but yo this aint a supermarkets savings aisle. You got cough up the coin.

    To the boys, yawl know i fucking love you. don't need to say that again and again. Hope you're crushing wherever you are at the moment. I'll see you soon.

    Rockstar is a window into whats possible in life. Wealth- so much information. on the wealth front- Starlight and all his stuff is thorough. Sports Food is taking off so the guys will have more knowledge to impart as it gets stronger. And there will ALWAYS be 1, 2, maybe even 3 rockstars that are also crushing on the business front (its how they get on- everyone needs to add value in some way to get onto rockstar- otherwise why pick you)

    Health (LOL, i worked out a lot before the transformation, but even i found it tough)

    And of course the relationships. Its immersion at its greatest. 9 weeks of game, you'll get tired, hate it at times, but fuck me. 60 days of constant going out. If you apply yourself like Jennings A, or Noor H- their dedication to the process on the day to day basis is what made them outstanding rockstars. If you get on, thats what you need to fucking do. read and reread their blogs.

    To potential applicants, when you write your app, make sure it aint just some sob story, show the guys how you'd add value to the program. If you want to be a part of the network you gotta add to the network. It doesn't have to be materialistic value either.

    Anyways, pce,

    Actually i wanna say one more thing. For the guys reading this, that eventually get on, and for the boys from this year. Man, rockstar this year was a fucking fairytale yo.My ONLY REGRET. I wish, while i was in the heat of the battle i'd lived it more. Its true, hindsight is 20/20. But FUCK, we had and did some insane things, wish id enjoyed the shit out of it even more.

    I banged an almost 6ft chick. Im 5'5. I banged a chick in a bathroom. I banged a polish chick that squirted ALL over me the towel was drenched ( i should have gone back to her apartment too after we banged, she invited me, i said know cos i wanted to double dip, she was a rly cool chick too, had dreams and aspirations that i gelled with ya know. Don't let racking up numbers get in the way of a real connection with a chick who's ur type).

    On a whole we had so much crazy shit happen. I actually only decided to write this part for my recollection when i read back on this in a little while but thought i share with you guys- setting up live feeds to watch the Sith do his magic on an outright crazy chick, setting up live feeds and getting snacks to watch Jennings A and Ehren K try bang two chicks without them knowing at the time, banging in limos, the maddness of yatch week, banging with all of the vegas skyline, threesomes, double bangs at the same time same room, like 4 way eskimo brothers (??), a fucking rockstar man train on a horny asian chick, banging in saunas, blowjobs in saunas, banging in the corner of a club then proceeding to get head on the club floor, banging two smoking hot chicks then having their shit stolen by same chicks, getting high in Hvar, watching a random 30s clip of a shark laughing on loop for 30 minutes while high, bush blowjobs, double dips, bukkake, golden showers and a 20 man orgy…jokes the last 3 didn't happen.

    …or did they. you write the tale future rockstars. you write the tale. write a good one for us to read.


    RIP Randy.
    Shout out to Lin J!

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    Project Rockstar is like a real life Hogwarts. Where can I read the blog?

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    Participating in Project Rockstar was easily one of the most important things I’ve done in my life. I’m in my late 20s and had a pretty great life – successful career, great friends, lots of travel, decently fit, accomplished in a few hobbies, etc. Overall, my life looked really good. However, before Rockstar I felt completely lost with regards to the one thing that I felt completely helpless to deal with: my ability to get the girls I want, when I want them. To be completely frank, without this ability I just don’t think it’s possible for a guy to be truly happy, and I simply didn’t have it. It was driving me nuts.

    Rockstar showed me the way. I was at first blown away to watch the masters (especially Venture, Vici, Sterling, and Vybe) show me time and time again that all of my limiting beliefs about what is possible were completely wrong. More importantly, I then watched as my fellow rockstars transformed and stretched out of their comfort zones in incredible ways, achieving amazing things from 15-minute pulls to multiple threesomes, that showed me the wrongness of my most important limiting belief of all: “normal guys can’t pull those things off.” I watched it happen.

    I saw Jennings A transform from a guy who used to have no cold approach game and only got laid through social circle. This is now inconceivable to me – he has become a good friend of mine and he constantly – and I do mean constantly – raises the bar on the girls he picks up and the situations he makes happen. He’s the guy who constantly makes you think, “how the fuck did he just pull that girl? / fuck X girls in only one day? / make that threesome happen? / etc etc etc”. His transformation was mindblowing and having witnessed it, I simply cannot accept a life like the one I used to have. I have seen what “good” looks like – from the instructors and from my fellow rockstars, and I won’t accept less from myself.

    Jennings A-type inspiration happened almost daily towards the end of Project Rockstar. Dougie B pulled a girl in the bathroom of a super crowded bar and managed to fuck her before accidentally breaking a pipe and causing the bathroom to flood (a golden story that none of us will ever forget). Arigold did the same thing at a club. Vybe made out with a hot midget (yes, they exist) just for the hell of it. What a group of fucking champions. By the end we were basically trouncing around doing whatever the hell we felt like doing just because it’s fun. Oh, did I forget to mention the gang bang? Yeah, that happened. I constantly witnessed things that were simply not from the reality I used to live in.

    I know the specific day that I entered my new reality – it was the first day that I went out day gaming with Sterling in Stockholm. Sterling sees right through people and calls them on their bullshit in a pretty cutting way, so when I’m around him I don’t feel like I can get away with the excuses and copping out that often keeps me from approaching. So there I was, doing a shit ton of day game approaches and having almost every single one of them turn into a number with his coaching. To close out the session I approached two super hot girls and Sterling joined a minute later and we went through the standard routine. I thought it was going awful – the girls were barely making eye contact and the whole conversation was really clunky. But Sterling plowed through with the same fundamentals as always and we exchanged numbers. We left and I was completely sure that nothing would come of it – until the girls started texting us about 2 hours later asking to come to our hotel. I could not believe this was happening, and sure enough within a few hours that night Sterling and I had already had sex with these two girls before even going out. Before that day I had never even gotten a phone number from day game. Amazing.

    From seeing Venture pull a girl within 20 minutes at a Vegas club on Day 1 (and then command her to have a threesome with Sterling) to experiencing our same-day pull in Stockholm, I had my preconceived notions of what is possible blown apart over and over again. Things that I used to think were impossible or superhuman have happened in front of my eyes dozens of times. I’m inspired and awed at what I’ve seen my fellow rockstars and the instructors do. After seeing what you see and experiencing what you see on Project Rockstar, you cannot go back to life without a permanent commitment to taking chances, pushing yourself hard, and constantly setting bigger and better goals for yourself.

    My game improved by leaps and bounds during the trip. Before the trip, I was terrible – I never approached. I had no game. By the time we got to Stockholm on Project Rockstar, for the first time in my life I felt that my game was good. There in only one week I had results that I never could have imagined before rockstar. First was the same-day pull with Sterling, which just blew my mind. Next was a girl at a club who said something to me before I saw her. In the past, I would have totally fumbled a girl expressing interest in me – I would have frozen, not boldly addressed the situation, etc. Instead, I pounced all over her and had her back to my hotel within 2 hours, and also back for a date a few days later – just for sex before we parted ways and I went out for the night. Last was a gorgeous platinum blonde from a bar who had blown out some of the other rockstars, but who I managed to get home the first night. It didn’t happen that night and I was discouraged, but I resolved to try again and we went out on a date and I ended up having an amazing time with this girl who I could have sworn was a “good girl”, but the moment we hooked up she turned out to be a complete freak in bed. I just kept learning over and over again that women want sex just as much as we do, and as I feed that back into my game it is slowly building a virtuous cycle of improvement. All that in just one week. Fuck yeah.

    I left Rockstar with a commitment to continually improving at game – my goal is to be as good as people like the instructors and Jennings A. I feel extremely confident about my ability to do this because I now have the roadmap and I just need to keep plowing away, building reference experience, and getting better.

    I would like to thank Venture and Sterling for making Rockstar what it is today, and all of the above plus Vici and Vybe for being amazing instructors and a constant source of inspiration and feats that blew apart my ideas of what is possible. I’m just in awe of everything I witnessed and experienced, and I’m a changed person. I now have the vision and the skills to continue creating a better and better life for myself. It was a profoundly life-changing experience and I’m full of gratitude to these guys for their inspirational leadership and the enormous amount of work they put in to making it all happen.

    I would like to thank my fellow rockstars for the fucking craziest experience ever - I feel privileged to have gone through it with you. Seeing you guys pull off some of the shit you did just blew me away. We inspired each other, celebrated each other’s achievements and supported each other through times of self-doubt. We’ve come so far together and from now on we’re bonded by this insane experience. We are going to keep killing as we continue to overhaul our “normal” lives based on what we’ve learned, and I can’t wait to continue celebrating each other’s wins, which I’m sure are going to keep getting bigger and bigger. You’ve inspired me to be a better person, to push myself hard especially in areas outside of my comfort zone, and to strive to truly live the shit out of life – thank you.

    If you’re considering rockstar, all I can say is: do it. Do what you have to do financially, job-wise, time-wise, or otherwise to make it happen. Put a shit ton of effort into the application to have a decent shot of getting in. It’s one of the most important things you’ll ever do and it’s worth every bit of time and money. There’s simply no alternative way to get the transformative learnings in game, lifestyle and fitness that you will gain through this program.

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    X: Should I apply for Rockstar?

    Me: If you want a program that will change your life, socially, and fitness wise, yes. If you want to be an outcast passive aggressive former intern, no.

    X: Really. I'm surprised. Why?

    Me: Because its changed the lives of everyone who's gone through it. While 1 former intern may be ungrateful and not see the transformation in himself, others have seen it from the outside. Better men than I am have gone through the program, men who run companies, are incredibly successful socially and financially, and come out even better. Its life changing.

    X: Explain.

    X: Ok, that's kind of bullshit. Are the instructors cool guys at least?

    Yeah, inspirational to me and all the other rockstars save for one intern, and I consider them friends now. They're real people, with real goals, real flaws (though nothing compared to said intern), real lives, but they strive for excellence and encourage others to do the same.

    X: Whoa, ok. But don't I need all the coaching and stuff if I want to get better with women?

    Me: Yeah, you might get 30-50% better with women without Project Rockstar just going out drinking beer and talking to girls. But all the rockstars, and interns, got several hundred percent better having done it. I'm dating higher quality girls than I ever have before, and am loads more confident, as a result of Rockstar. And the same is true for all the Rockstars.

    I've never been motivated to work out, until I did the 12 week pre-program. For me, the fitness transformation alone was worth the cost of Rockstar. I learned and was inspired to drop a significant % of body fat, and feel better and more fit overall. Seeing the differences between the instructors and the rockstars at the beginning of the program, it was obvious who was more masculine and confident. And comparing that towards the end, every rockstar was dramatically more confident, and acted more masculine, was fascinating.

    X: Interesting. But what about all the stuff you learned? Don't you think that helped?

    Me: Definitely. The simplified natural curriculum is a fascinating and useful model, game changing. I've studied a bit of this stuff for years since Ross Jeffries and the older weird gamey shit and definitely this is the best, most useful, and most "normal" model for "game". And its fun. Amazingly fun.
    And all the rockstars, save for 1 ungrateful one, agree with me.

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    I was also an intern last year, I can only speak for that year and for myself. Personally I had some complaints that I left unsaid, primarily because I didn’t want to burn bridges with the instructors since I actually felt like I got along with them really well. I still consider them friends, but I want to be honest here too. It feels like the divide is pretty much between the guys who could easily afford to go on Rockstar, and the guys who had to scrape through financially - it’s just way more expensive than it needs to be.

    Secondly, it doesn’t turn eight average guys into ballers - nothing will do that in 9 weeks. It’s designed for guys who are already cool guys and successful (i.e. have money) to get ripped and learn natural-style game in the fastest way possible. Going out every day and hitting on girls for 2 months is going to improve anyone’s game and having ten like-minded guys in your entourage will amplify that. Throw some of Love Systems’ best instructors in the mix and you’re guaranteed to become significantly better with girls. Toward the end all of us got pretty damn good. I remember feeling like I wasn’t making much progress, but I’m back home now and I’m not the same guy. Between Vegas and right now, I’ve slept with more girls than I have in the 25 years before that. However if you’re in this for business reasons and expect to make money off your laptop straight afterwards – I wouldn’t do that.

    Personally my negatives from the program were the instructor attention and money.

    My idea of Rockstar was a 9-week bootcamp: Theory - talking to chicks – feedback - repeat. The pick up instruction/ feedback seriously backed off after Vegas, Noor H has a point about hesitating to ask for feedback but still. It was frustrating for me on one of the last days in Sweden, when the instructors did a big final debrief - mine was “You know, I think we’ve just missed each other. I can’t really give you any specific feedback on your game because I haven’t really seen it”. What the fuck.

    To go back to money, if cash is an issue for you then living outside of your means way beyond the point of necessity is going to piss you off – there’s no need for the 5 star hotels – especially in Vegas where a group deal somewhere else could be a fifth of the price and still be in a nice place. The lead instructors probably don’t make any money from it, but they don’t do it for nothing. The exchange of a summer spent in comped presidential suites along with the loyalty points to cover more travel and accommodation for the next year is more than a fair deal in my opinion. It’ll be around 30k by the way – that was 90% of my life savings... so maybe my opinion would be different if it was 5% of my life savings. Be more successful you say? Working on that.

    One thing about Rockstar though, it shows you what’s possible. These guys travel all year round and live where they please. Regardless of how they do it, that’s pretty cool. You’ll get in the best shape of your life and your game will skyrocket. Some of the stories that came out of last year were fucking epic. Insane shit you could never make up.

    What’s life like after Rockstar? As far as I know, for the guys who could afford it they kept traveling and taking their game to new heights. A bunch of us moved into a house together in Vegas where we tried affiliate marketing. Some days were profitable. We spent all day every day for 3 months in front of a computer trying to figure it out until we ran out of money. Long story short that didn’t work out, but we’re still tight friends.

    On the fitness side, coming out of the program I was more determined to improve my physique than ever before… I definitely had the least impressive build out of everyone on the program. In the first 3 months after Rockstar finished, I force-fed 4,000 clean calories a day and trained like a horse in the gym. I added 20lbs of muscle to my scrawny frame and stayed very lean. I want to add another 15 over the next 6 months. I got back home and friends asked me if I took steroids. For the first time in my life, people look at me and can tell I work out – feels good. Rockstar was in no shadow of a doubt the catalyst for this. If I never took part, I’d probably still be working a job I didn’t really like, in a body that I wasn’t proud of.

    Complaints aside, Rockstar was one hell of an adventure and directly or indirectly, it changed the course of my life. I’m very into fitness and health now, got a job at a really cool company, but I’ve put actively trying to pick up girls aside I’m just not interested in going out and doing that right now. Lucky for me someone invented Tinder. Bottom line, there’s lots of cool things out there. I was passionate about improving myself and with everything I had heard about Rockstar, I had to try. Now that I’ve done it, there’s no point wondering what if x, y or z. It was an amazing life experience, I just felt like money I worked so hard for was pissed away toward unnecessary luxuries. If you're thinking of applying, understand it’s a big outlay (if 30k is a lot of money to you) and it’s no magic bullet to sort out your women-problems for good, but it will be one of the coolest experiences you ever have – it just comes down to what that’s worth to you.

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    When I was being interviewed for Rockstar it became clear to me that the instructors had a specific type of person they were looking for. The program is about finding guys who have shown a pattern of smashing walls down, going to war, doing whatever it takes to get to where they want to be in life, and helping them reach even higher peaks at an astounding rate. I was told that the program was looking for candidates that were in a very specific “sweet spot”… where past performance and attitude had landed them in a unique place in which the Rockstar vehicle would fit perfectly into their lives.

    Candidate selection it seems was not done on the basis of how much success a potential Rockstar had had, but how much they’d tried, and I mean really tried. What had they sacrificed, what risks had they taken, and what minefields had they committed themselves to crossing regardless of outcome. Judging by the actual Rockstars that were selected, they all fit this profile. Most had accomplished a lot, others were just beginning to bloom, but the drive and determination were the same. From the young med student who had spent his whole life working his ass off, to the Google executive and angel investor who was a millionaire in his late twenties. The only separation being age and/or life experience.

    From talking to the other Rockstars, I know Andy/Andrew/Alex gave that “sweet spot” speech to every single one of us they interviewed. It was a specific spot indeed. And one I don’t think the interns were at just yet. I do know the interns applied for Rockstar under the normal procedures, but I don’t think either of them made it to the interview stage. For at least one of them, I can say it was probably more a matter of “not yet” if anything, instead of “not ever.” The interview process was a painfully tough one. I remember one of the guys saying he cried upon acceptance, have faced weeks on end of sleepless nights and anxiety between Round 1 and Round 4 of the interviews. I don’t blame him. We were seriously vetted hard to make sure we were a good fit in a multitude of ways for the summer. That our perspectives were inline with what was being offered. The interns on the other hand were brought into the fold more for their willingness to help ease the burden of the instructors, with much less vetting beyond that. Makes sense a difference in perspective could exist. They’re great guys, but overall it just seemed like the rest of the class was at a different point in their lives, or just had a different take on things altogether.

    The summer was not cheap, but I think there’s one thing being seriously taken for granted here. When I first got into game I took a normal bootcamp with Braddock and Daxx. I liked the experience so much I signed up for 3 more 1-on-1’s the week after. The entire ordeal cost me $12k, for 6 days of training. A 9-week bootcamp to the level of intensity of those 6 days would have cost $120k. Scale back the intensity of instruction 50% and it’s still $60k. You would have to scale the instruction back 90% for the 9 weeks to have matched the $12k I paid. That’s not even taking into account the cost of the 12 weeks of pre-Rockstar training including fitness, the $1000’s of free supplements they gave us, and the additional 9 instructors that accompanied us throughout various legs of the program. And game aside, the business component saw a group of self-made multi-millionaires coming in at their own expense to teach us how they got to where they are now. And then there was Jesse’s Lifestyle Entrepreneur Academy, which lasted the entire first leg of Rockstar.

    The 10-day bootcamp at the beginning of Rockstar itself was worth $12k. It was open to the public, for which 3 paying students came in, each happily paying the $12k price tag. We got that for FREE. So when I think about the cost of Rockstar, I compare it to what it would have cost to have paid for those services had I not been accepted, and it pales in comparison.

    The thing is, the money we paid wasn’t even going towards instructor fees. We were paying it for things that we as a group were consuming. It was going towards a hotel bed I was banging chicks in, table service I was feeding drinks to girls from, dinners I was bringing dates to, and flights I was flying on. The instructors even covered their own share for the tables on the nights out. I think I remember Andy even going so far as to covering dinners and tables on some nights for some of the guys that were more financially sensitive. From my understanding no money went towards instruction fees during this whole ordeal. I’m a doctor by trade, and coming from the human services industry, that’s crazy.

    Say someone had a $25k budget. In the real world, $12k would have been used up for the 10-day bootcamp during the first 10-days. $10k more would have been used up for Jesse’s entrepreneur seminar, and the rest would have been soaked up with accommodations, 1-on-1 attention outside of the 10-day bootcamp, food and living expenses within the first few weeks. Rockstar at the real world rate would have concluded in 3 weeks tops. Even with a budget of $30k it wouldn’t have made it much further. Instead, we got 9 weeks, traveled to 5 countries across 2 continents, had a Eurotrip, went island hopping in the Mediterranean, spent a week on a god damn yacht, and stayed in hotels during all of it. And the free instruction… Free 10-day bootcamp, free entrepreneur seminar, free affiliate marketing seminar, free and open 24/7 access to a full team of top LS instructors, and being surrounded by a handful of millionaires. Sounds like a sweet deal to me.

    I’ve asked the instructors why they do it. The answer I’ve always gotten has been the network and the fun. Makes sense… they meet and become close friends with a ridiculously amazing group of outliers every summer. And Rockstar was damn sure a lot of fun. I don’t think they’re doing it for the comped suites or loyalty points. These guys live in places where they pay upwards of $15k in rent a month, even outside of Rockstar. My experience with hotel loyalty point programs is that you’re never really getting more than 1% back of what you spend, 2% if you’re lucky. So assuming the budget for the summer was $300k, which it can’t possibly have been, the guys were getting between $3000-$6000 worth of total points tops. Split 3 ways, $1-2 grand each. In points no less. Sure things like platinum status at a hotel chain are nice, but as a Starwood platinum member myself, I can assure that it’s not THAT great… free upgrades to suites when you book on your own dime, free internet, and late check-out.

    From my understanding, outside of Vegas, the suites weren’t actually paid for. They were the complimentary upgrades given to platinum members and for having a group booking. And it’s not like the suites didn’t have a purpose, they were used to host the seminars, hold meetings for our entourage, and in the later legs, orgies. It’s a nice perk, but no real source of income.

    I’ve seen firsthand how these guys live. I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to meet up with them all around the world since Rockstar. Vegas and Hong Kong in October, Malaysia in November, Sweden and Finland in December, Miami in January. They really do live wherever they want and do whatever they want. But that’s attributed to the companies they run and the general success they’ve found within their own lives, not loyalty points from Rockstar. Andy’s living down the beach here in Miami in some $25,000/month apartment overlooking South Beach. He drives a Lamborghini and heads a global company he built from scratch. $1-2,000 in loyalty points is not something I imagine he really thinks about.

    From my understanding Rockstar was constructed to give a taste of a “Rockstar lifestyle.” We were essentially thrown into living the lifestyle that the guys who have already achieved the kinds of things we wanted live. Well, the interview and rigorous selection process was there to make sure these were the things we actually wanted. What they were offering was hammered during each interview over and over, to the point where I can’t imagine anyone didn’t know what they were signing up for. Sure the summer could have been done for less, less countries, less cool places, more budget conscious venues and activities, but that takes out a lot of the spark that makes Rockstar, Rockstar. The program held true to the website – the most badass, extravagant summer traveling the world and doing crazy outlandish things you’ll ever have.

    The program was marketed from the get go as a premium thing, where nothing was left out. In many ways it serves as an inspiration. It did for me, and I know it did for others too. I suppose if there are guys that want to create a more lean, budget-conscious program where all the professional service fees are still completely free, they could. But then, that wouldn’t be Project Rockstar. It would be someone else’s program, and a Project something-else. There probably is a market for it… people do love free, but that’s on someone else to make (JKH maybe?).

    As the guys have been planning Rockstar 2014 since December, I’ve seen first hand now the amount of effort and planning it takes to put on this show. From hotel selection that ensures having the right concierges needed to connect to promoters, to hand picking of the right team who can each add tremendous value in a multitude of ways, to the way the curriculum is tiered, to the timing of the week long break, to keeping that many people accountable to the program so that no spot goes wasted, and to ensuring a smooth ride for everyone through a program that forces people to accept their biggest challenges and take them on full throttle. I’m watching thought go into the preparation of each element. All this effort even in their 4th year of running it.

    I can’t thank them enough for taking 9 weeks out of their lives each year at what I know is a considerable opportunity cost to themselves to introduce the selected few to a new reality. And I want to give thanks to the mentors. These guys are incredibly successful individuals, self made multi-millionaires, and guys who are regarded as the best in their fields at whatever it is they do. Under Andy, Andrew, and Alex’s stewardship, Rockstar attracts an entourage of men who give up their time and expertise for free, the caliber of which makes it extremely unlikely you could ever afford their time in the real world. And of everyone involved, I didn’t see anyone making a dime in real money.

    I’ve taken stock of how much my game has literally shot to the moon and beyond, the action the summer has caused me to take to change up my working life and living situation, and the physical shape it got me in. Game, Lifestyle, Fitness – I got what was promised. I’m well aware I was on the higher end of financial freedom during the program, but even still, there’s no way I could have come close to affording what it would have cost had I paid for these services in the real world to get me to the milestones I’ve hit. Not a chance.

    As for the personal attention, we were rolling seriously deep this summer. There’s no way the core instructors could have held accountability for everyone. It seems like the guys that were persistent about personal attention got it. I sure did, but it was as a product of my own proactive efforts. The ones that weren’t proactive seem to not have. I guess that’s how the cookie crumbles. I got my fair share but I also went out of my way to make friends with the instructors and made a big effort to be with them each night, and talk to girls in front of them and with them. If you go off into one corner of a mega-club in Vegas and the instructors and other Rockstars never see you, you'll not get the advice you need to maximize your effort. They had one intern who almost never talked to girls in front of instructors, preferring to roam the club himself, and even he had tremendous improvement, and ended up finding his dream-girl when he went home. The instructors were upfront in telling us from the start that personal attention would need to be sought out more as the program went on. Don’t think anyone felt like it was lacking in Vegas.

    The program is designed for go-getters. If you are one, or want to be one, apply. If you have your doubts, apply anyway (some of the guys who had the biggest worries about leaving their job before the program came away with the most success and most improvement, and are the most grateful they were selected to do PR). If you're pretty fucking sure you're not a go-getter, don't. The program is designed for go-getters. Period.

    In this vein, I hear the program is downsizing to account for personal attention this summer anyway. Less Rockstars, the live-in intern program is being nixed, and less logistics. There’s fewer spots, so to the guys applying, I wish you all the best of luck.

    For those interested, applications for 2014 are up at Project Rockstar 2014

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    I was a rockstar on last year. As a prospective applicant for 2014, heres how its likely to go down for you, should you end up being selected & some things nobody has taken the time to point out.

    1) “For less money, plan your own trip with a bunch of friends, it'll just as fun if not more”

    a) Im young. Even at my age, where half my friends still haven’t graduated it is a LOGISITCAL NIGHTMARE getting 5-10 friends to ALL take time off at the same time, and then plan a trip. Rockstar makes that happen. nobody leaves halfway to go to their grandmother's 8th wedding.

    b) Even if you had 5-10 friends who could organize the same time off (and its not unrealistic, just usually very difficult), one point still hasn’t been considered:

    Are YOUR friends, the sort of guys who…
    -Would go out with you every night for 60 nights straight?
    -Would know to point out the glaringly obvious things you’re doing wrong? (Remember, most guys, your friends included, probably don’t have good enough game to recognize patterns of what works and what doesnt)
    -Would support you, pick you up and tell you to keep at it when things go bad?
    -Who you would actually be comfortable speaking about your insecurities with, limiting beliefs are the invisble barrier to progress, I learnt that the hardway. If you cant speak about your insecurities, you’ll never confront them. Men rarely share emotions, are your friends different?
    ….Or are they the sort of friends who’d make (hurtful) jokes at your expense, with you making excuses for them cos they 'dont know any better'? Game can be brutal even if you are head strong, bitches be telling you to fuck off, your too short, fat, ugly, bald,blah blah blah- the last thing you want is your boys repeating that shit “as a joke” to you in their drunken stupor.

    I think this is a huge hidden value of Rockstar that nobody ever points out. its easy to finish rockstar then say, 'do it cheaper with friends', cos youve just had the most supportive friends for 9 weeks. Chances are most people dont have such supportive like minded friends. Thats why i chose to blow all my cash on 9weeks of rockstar than travel 6 months with friends. I knew id get more out of those 9 weeks with people i didnt initially know, but I knew felt the same way as me than 6 months with my old friends. Boy was I right, and then some.

    2) JKH makes a contention that teachers/seminars/theory isnt necessary. Tbh seminars run for 10 days. the first 10 days of the program (bulk of theory in first 5). They give you the basis of their game 3.0 model during this time. Sure, once you get decent with women you realize the theory probably added to the clutter in your head when first started talking to chicks.

    But the model and theory is INVALUABLE for post-analysis. Part of getting good at anything is recognizing where you went wrong and course correcting. The model gives you a framework for post-analysis. After nights out, the boys would talk things over with each other/instructors and try figure where they fucked up, the fact that phrases like the following, is testament to the fact the theory is useful:
    -Did she got bored/it felt like i lost that spark (probably too much warmth or maybe no escalation)
    -did you blow out her thresholds (you probably went too sexual too fast)
    -maybe the thresholds closed in on you (basically you didnt progress the interaction in anyway, you stagnated, as did her vagina's excitement to be around you) sure. theory is theory is theory. its nothing till put in practice. But my bet is without the theory, the ability to post analyze and course correct is difficult because you are then going off a ‘vibe’ or a ‘feeling’ of what went wrong. The 3.0 model is good, not linear, but tries to emulate up/down fluidity of human interaction. Ultimately no model can mimick human interaction, but it gives you an excellent frame of reference to try identify whats going wrong.

    Given that we have established we need the theory. Someone needs to administer the said theory. Strong Panda delivers the theory as a teacher very well. So yes seminars are necessary. As are teachers/mentors.

    *3) Personal attention
    Barriers to personal attention and how to overcome them
    -the group was big, maybe too big. Also, arguably Poland was a sucky playground. Both rectified for this year.

    -self-doubt/intimidation- in hindsight i think this may actually explain some of the percieved lack of feedback, with guys sometimes shying away from attention. I know I did it a bit at the start when i questioned whether i deserved to be amongst all these wildly successful guys. In a room full of so many well rounded people with so many different roles its easy to question your value. Guys that are ballin financially. Guys comin in in elite physical shape. Guys who already have very good game. Guys who come in as rockstars vs interns vs mentors. Consciously or subconsciously- its easy to doubt yourself and compare yourself to the other guys. Dont go down that path. If you get on, you deserve to be there as much as anyone else. They chose you for a reason.

    -ask for help/feedback if & when you need it. and when you do ask for help give them something to god damn well critique. The guys that got the most constructive feedback were by no surprise:
    -the guys that approached like machines and did so in sight of people that could idientify mistakes
    -the guys that spent time becoming friends with the instructors instead of seeing it as a transactional exchange of money for coaching.

    - Its easy to view rockstar as transactional. I give instructors money. they give me instruction. period. Its not like that. This is not 1-1 training. This is learning by process of immersion. Immersion in game by nature of the frequency you go out, and immersion by way of being in very close proximity to some of the best in the business for an extended period of time. Not immersion by process of handholding. This is neither a positive nor negative but just the nature of the program. dont come into it thinking its a simple transactional exchange.

    Ultimately 1-1 training or Rockstar, you, and only you will be responsible for your successes and your failures in life. If your 1-1 instructor does most of the talking he’ll probably bang the chick for you too, and if all the rockstar boys share in most of the talking…then you’ll probably be 1 of 6 to have run the man train on her, lolllll.

    4) AND FINALLY, given all the above is it worth it?


    Financially: In short, if it’s a lifestyle that you can see yourself living either now or one day then the costs are all justified. I don’t see bottle service nor a nice hotel (The Sheraton chain) as unnecessary, nor nice clothes, or a pimp ride . And I am in the unique situation of not actually being able to afford all of that regularly yet. Im still a student. I came back from rockstar with zero and some owing. But during rockstar, expenses towards those things never phased me cos I enjoyed having them, and would choose to have them in the future as part of my lifestyle. If you find yourself compromising on such beliefs just to get on rockstar, the costs will probably seem unwarranted, unnecessary and ultimately frustrate you. So this is a value judgement you have to make for yourself. Its marketed as a premium experience and it is.

    As i said, the luxuries the money bought us never bothered me, but the financial stress of being so tightly budgeted did. But that was my decision. If you get on, do whatever it takes to get in such a position where you are under no financial stress for the 9 weeks. As to whether that is at the expense of all your savings (like it was for me) or 5% of your savings (like it was for some of the guys that were ballin) is again a value judgement for you to make. Do whatever it takes to go into the program without financial stress being a concern; it just fucks with you learning game to have to count $50s here and there.

    Ofc , the financial stuff doesn’t even take into consideration, allllll the intangibles:

    A lifetime of like minded friends, mentors in game biz and life, a badass network that gets stronger each year, unforgettable memories, and ultimately, the knowledge that even if you didn’t achieve all the goals you set for yourself on Rockstar, you have all the tools to get there, you just have to want it bad enough - its one hell of a red pill to swallow.

    Try not to choke on it on the way down.

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