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    Project Rockstar 2013 Journals

    As with each years' program, the Rockstars will be posting daily journal entries about their journey. Given what these guys are going to go through, it's going to be some seriously insightful stuff. 9 weeks, 24/7 instructor attention, and over 50 continuous days of in-field training spanning Montreal, Budapest, and Stockholm - 3 locations known to have some of the hottest girls in the world. It's going to be one hell of a ride.
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    Week 1, Friday

    Outstanding to do / general:

    I am 33 years old and had wanted to join Rockstar since reading about it in 2010. I am a former military officer, defense contractor, and now day trader. I began my personal transformation in 2009 when I realized that I wanted more out of life than I had in my military career. Most of the assignment locations in my former career were in less than ideal locations and my social life and happiness suffered quite a bit. The problem was much more than limited opportunities with women. I didn’t have a sufficient outlet for my creativity, drive, or ambitions. I felt like I was living a lie in many ways and needed to spread my wings.

    I joined PR to reveal the man I know I really am. I love the Simplified Natural (SN) concept and do have a lot of masculinity. Occasionally it just flows and I am on and fairly successful with women. Conversely, it is so fucking frustrating to not control when I am on so “state” has been an issue for me. So far PR there has been quite a bit of instruction regarding the topic of state.

    Day 1

    There were some hickups in logistics but we finally got settled in and started the introductions. We have an internal Facebook page so we were able to get to know each other to some degree before the program started. We had an introduction and rundown of the rules from the instructors and then went to get changed for our first night of game practice at a club. This was a night club where the pool was open so there were many girls in their swimsuits. I wore my board shorts under my jeans but decided I wanted to keep my phone and other accessories with me. I opened around 15 sets or so during the nigh. The first few were a little rusty but the girls were receptive. Stryker was very supportive by saying that it was not important to set all of the right conditions to get into state. He said that there were times when I didn’t feel like working out but did it anyway and really got into it. That really made sense and we later covered state in seminar and were told that it really comes down to taking positive bold action. I have found that to be very true. I also find that once I open I just go on autopilot and don’t really think about the mechanics of game. As we introduce more components I will have to be able to recall a little more of the theory during my sets but plan to do most of that outside my sets beforehand. The idea is to rehearse the theory and then when we get into state the right information just comes to us, which will take practice.

    I had some successes during the night and only got blown out three times. I at least got the attention of the girls and started conversation but quickly ran out of things to say and my subcommunications (subcoms) were not very strong. I was a bit nervous and sure some of the girls picked up on it. I ended up with one number and several conversations around 15 minutes or so. I would consider that a successful first night and it got me in the frame of mind for the program.

    Day 2

    I woke this morning at 0930 with so much going through my head. It was a strange environment and mental state but I felt this sense of calm. I had a moment to breathe since I first set out on this journey from my home state.

    We had seminar during the day with more admin and info on organic conversation. At night we went to a club that had half indoor and half outdoor seating. I entered the club alone and couldn’t find our table so I just started opening girls. I opened the first group of three Philipino girls from Bay Area. They were 6s/7s but I did that to warm up and did the same with another set of 7s and had a 20 minute conversation and got a phone number. I really wasn’t interested in her and moved on. My third set was money. I approached two girls at the bar and went in with a strong frame and direct opener. The girl was a yellow/green light and I had chemistry with her from the start. She actually ignored her sister much of the time and I had to bring her sister back into the conversation so to ensure there were no complications. We moved around the club and I found another Rockstar who winged the sister. I ended up taking her to our table, she got rid of her sister after a while, and we basically had intermittent S&M sex mixed with organic conversation for the next few hours…with our clothes on. It was a great reference experience and I did have a strong connection with her. I added some comfort and by the end of the night we were interacting like boyfriend and girlfriend. I walked her back to the elevators at the hotel connected to the club since she was staying there. I tried to get her back to her room a few times but she made it clear she didn’t want to. She did say that she wanted to see me again (see day 4) and we exchanged information. I learned a lot from this interaction. I had read the reviews from last year and heard that it was important to move things forward and be a bit more aggressive than I was likely accustomed to. It paid off big time. She put her hand on my leg before I did anything more than have my arm wrapped over her shoulders. I tried to kiss her and she gave me a small one but then pulled away and said she didn’t kiss in public. I didn’t flinch and teased her a bit and she ended up kissing me. Note, having the table was an incredible enabler. She was not so much impressed as much at it made logistical sense. I sexualized quite a bit: your eyes are so hot…I’m going to take your legs with me….those shoes are so sexy. I mixed this with a lot of comfort. She lost her sister and lost her earrings and I acted like a gentleman and was very supportive and protective. By the end of the night I told her that I felt like I had actually known her for several days instead of several hours. She replied with a surprised “just a few days!?” and made it clear we had a strong connection. I also did a little role playing and said this table is perfect.. I am the king and this my throne. She said, “I guess that makes me your queen” and several days later we are still roleplaying.

    Day 3

    We went to a club where we had another table. There wasn’t a lot to the club besides tables in my opinion. This night we were supposed to focus on strong direct approaches and conversation and nothing more. I did a few warmups and maintained some lengthy conversations and got a number. I approached one girl and then found myself talking to her friend. We went back to my table and ended up making out and fondling. I had ice melted all over her legs and she said “I guess you got me all wet” and had made other sexual comments. I was going to take her and her friend back to our limo with another Rockstar and he had shown too much interest in another girl and this girl got offended and they just left without a word. I’m glad that happened because I had momentary shock and then got over it quickly and went back out there.

    I then approached a group of three girls that I had initially hesitated to approach. I had Sterling and
    Dougie B with me and they took the other two girls. I ended up spending the rest of the night with this girl and moved her from the table to the dance floor back to A Vici’s suite. She was hot and cold with me and Vybe told me to be more assertive with her and do more push/pull. The girls all left without anyone getting anywhere beyond basic touching with them.

    Day 4
    This night I had a “date” with the girl from day 2, whom I will call Aussie. I met Aussie at her hotel and took her over to the club in the limo. We went to the table, which was really like a huge bed with a few end tables out in the open by the pool. It was an amazing night with warm wing blowing, great music, and the Rockstar crowd, which I had become more familiar with.

    The connection from the start with this woman was absolutely amazing. It was totally normal and I was just peripherally aware of “game” during the entire interaction. I didn’t even have to try for comfort since I had built so much during the first night. I was pretty certain I would pull her but still had my doubts. That was shattered when I walked her to the bathroom and she pointed at one of the handicapped private bathrooms and she pointed and said “we could just go in there” with a coy look. I tried to get a key but the staff wouldn’t let me. I did make out with her and get physical in a horizontal position on the bed until security came and told me to get off her. We had proximity, long periods of silence, more comfortable conversation, and a lot of fun. I asked her to go back to my “cardboard box” with me when we hit a high point. She smiled and tried some weak resistance but I said “you know you want to”. She told me that she did want to but that she just doesn’t do things like that and I could tell she meant it. I told her that we could go back to my place and just be with each other in private with no pressure…whatever happens happens. Well, the rest is history and I had an incredible night with her back in my room. I felt great the next day and it had nothing to do with pulling or how physically attractive I found her. The instructors speak about “the bubble”, where two people have a connection so strong that the rest of the world doesn’t even exist. The rest of the world truly didn’t exist for either of us that night and the connection was absolutely amazing.

    Day 5

    Tonight was the first night that we have off since the program started and I was quite exhausted. It seemed like many of us hit that point and this was good timing.

    This was the first opportunity to really gather my thoughts and assess the program and my perceived potential since applying. In other words, the dust has settled enough to reflect on my time so far.

    I have only had a glimpse of what is possible but I am in awe of this world I have entered. Today I fully realized how incredibly powerful this program is. There truly isn’t anything like it in the world. I will say that Simplified Natural is amazing. It is so genuine that Sterling had his girlfriend sit in on the seminar and one of the other instructors did as well. Nobody had any issue speaking in front of them. Sterling, Venture, and Vici are truly amazing at game. I have seen them work magic at the clubs and Sterlings ability to communicate the concepts is phenomenal. I have also been impressed with Jesse Krieger and his pursuits ranging from starting a band and record label to investment banking. I look forward to more of his seminars and possibly working with him after Rockstar. To summarize, I feel like a very fortunate man who is making extremely positive changes in his life.

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    Week 1, Friday

    Project Rockstar 2013 has kicked off with a bang. Well, not literally, unfortunately, but the momentum so far is beyond inspiring. We are all still adjusting to the hectic schedule and getting to know each other, but as it stands now, we are uber excited. The people selected are all awesome and super different, strung together by the common desire to improve themselves at a foundational level as well as maximize their lives. Before diving into the first week at Rockstar, let me tell you a little bit about my background.

    My family is Indian and originates from Mumbai. My parents came here in the late 60s in pursuit of a better life. My father is a mechanical engineer and my mother is a physician. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Indian families in the U.S., this is a very stereotypical pairing. Education was always very important in my family. Moreover, academic excellence was a requirement. This notion was deeply ingrained throughout my life; accordingly, I pushed very hard during my educational career. In high school, I enjoyed a number of varied subjects ranging from mathematics to science to music. In college, I eventually focused my curriculum on computer science and economics. Although I enjoyed economics to an extent, it was computer science that captivated my interest. My computer science assignments were enjoyable because they felt more like games than homework. When I graduated in 2003, I went to work for a local software company in Michigan. During my first substantive employment opportunity, I designed and implemented a number of different modules designed to store data for jails and court systems. At first, the job was quite interesting. I was constantly learning and the work was challenging. But, once I had mastered the process, the work became boring and mundane. Plus, I was sequestered away in a remote corner of the office, often programming all day with no personal contact. I recognized that this type of work was not a precise fit for my personality. It was at this point in my life that I decided to push forward on another aspiration of mine: law school.

    As chance would have it, I was selected for jury duty in a medical malpractice case. The trial was very interesting. I paid close attention to how each attorney laid out their arguments and attacked their opponentís case. I even contacted the defendantís attorney after the case had concluded to learn more about his trade. I was convinced that practicing law was something I would enjoy, and moreover, something I could excel at. After speaking with many attorneys and pre-law advisors, I decided to apply to law school in 2006.

    I graduated from law school in May of 2009. Despite the rough state of the economy, I was lucky enough to secure a position at a patent litigation firm based in Washington, D.C. The firm was terrific. The workflow was structured in a way that allowed for great flexibility with junior attorneys. I was able to take depositions and draft expert reports as a first and second year associate, something normally reserved for attorneys with at least four to five years of experience.

    After two years at Finnegan, I realized that I was no longer satisfied with D.C. The nightlife was disappointing and so were the people I was meeting. I had visited Los Angeles many times and had always dreamed of living there. In January of 2012, I finally decided to make my social life a greater priority. I found a job in Los Angeles at another reputable firm and spent the last year working there as a patent litigator. So far, my social life in Los Angeles has been terrific.

    But now I am at a new crossroads. I came to Rockstar not only to maximize my game, but to reevaluate my life and career. Practicing law is not what I had hoped it would be, and despite the monetary rewards, I am not sure that it is a good fit for me. Accordingly, I quit my job and joined the program. I had great consternation when I first realized I needed to quit, but eventually it faded away completely. While I do have a job lined up with another firm, as each day passes, I feel less and less inclined to actually take it after I complete the program.

    Here is a quick recap of what has taken place since our arrival. We had a terrific welcome dinner on Sunday and an awesome night at the XS swim party. The group is great, and everyone seems to be getting along swimmingly. I am having a blast getting to know both the Rockstars as well as everyone else. Itís an incredible atmosphere of positivity and support, and our whole crew seems to be a bit euphoric as a result.

    My daily routine consists of a morning workout, a quick breakfast, a journey over to the instructorsí hotel for lectures on game and entrepreneurship, a quick dinner while reviewing my notes, a shower, and then a torrid night out at a Vegas super club. Rinse, rest, repeat. While I am bit tired, I am starting to adjust to the schedule. It actually reminds me a lot of law school. What saved me there was adherence to a fairly strict regimen while cutting out most extraneous activities such as reading for pleasure and watching television. Accordingly, I have already developed a comfortable routine that I plan to follow throughout the remainder of the course.

    As far as the material, the consensus seems to be that itís fucking brilliant. The simplified natural model is amazing because (1) it works, and (2) it is completely organic. No lines, no routines, no bullshit. Instead, the program teaches us how to improve ourselves holistically to transform into inherently attractive males. The main points we have gone over so far with respect to interactions have been the following: (1) approaching, (2) sub-communications and body language, (3) fun and flirtatious conversation, (4) sexualization, and (5) captivating conversation. The curriculum has been excellent and very informative, but putting it into practice is still somewhat challenging. I hope that with more practice, things will begin to smooth out.

    Venture, Sterling, and Vici have already shown us the core product in action. They have all had legendary pulls during the last few days, most which have left our jaws on the floor. Some have been fast, while others have required several hours of conversation, but each one has been a testament to the potency of the program. I am working as hard as I can to absorb the material and put it into practice while attempting to steer clear of a results oriented mindset. Itís definitely tough to divorce myself completely from the results, but I keep reminding myself that the goal of each night is to develop a skill set and chisel my behavior and body language. Getting laid is purely ancillary.

    There is a ton of excitement and energy in our group. The word on the street is that eventually this will fade and exhaustion will begin to take a toll. So, as pumped up as I am, I am attempting to brace myself for this period. Iíve always been a super hard worker, so I hope that the toll will be bearable and I wonít slow down or burn out. Thatís all for this weekÖ time to jump and the shower and suit up for battle. Cheers.

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    Philip B Introduction - Week 1, Friday

    Hi everybody,
    As Iím writing this, Rockstar has begun since 6 days, and something crazy happened at least every night. I arrived at Vegas airport at 10 AM last Sunday from New York, after having slept 4 hours the night before. Next thing you know, 16 hours later Iím seated on a limo with one of the other Rockstars, and 6 girls we barely know, headed to a strip club. This is Vegas !!!!

    How all of this happened ? Iím going to give you a quick story about me:
    Iím 27, I got both French and Italian nationalities, and grew up in a small city in northern France. Iíve studied Electrical engineering in university, and after I got my master I was hired by a French company in early 2010 that sent me to work as an expatriate in Libya. I stayed in Libya a little more than a year, and was repatriated by the French army when the war broke out in February 2011. The same company then offered me a promotion as a manager position in Spain. I had an incredible life in Spain for two years, but I was transferred back in a small city in southern France in early 2013, due to the crisis.

    I like playing guitar, bodybuilding, travelling to visit friends in other countries, going out and party with friends, cooking, learning new languages.

    I didnít have any success with girls during high school and the first two years of university. I first learn about ďgameĒ when a friend lent me the book of the Mystery Method, 5 years ago. My main drive to know more about it was that at that time, I moved to another city to study and break up with my then girlfriend, with whom I had a 3-year relationship. I was your typical nice guy, offering women to buy them a drink, giving compliments etc.
    I relied on my physical appearance to attract and kiss some women in clubs, but I lacked the necessary skills to move the interaction forward, and I didnít have any friend or a brother that could teach me those skills, so I figured out I needed to acquire these skills by myself. I read Magic Bullets, and slowly implemented some techniques and routines in my interactions with women. I noted some success, but my inner game and confidence was still lagging.

    Then 6 months ago I decided to make a bootcamp to ďpass to the next levelĒ. It was in London last December, with Vercetti as an instructor, and I had a blast. In 3 days Vercetti managed to make me switch a lot of my beliefs about girls, I became aware of all the areas I constantly overlooked the years before, like comfort and talking to girls from an emotional perspective.

    I applied for Rockstar at the beginning of February 2013, and at my great surprise I was selected. My boss agreed to give me two months of vacation for this summer, but in the end I decided to quit my job altogether. I felt nervous at first about quitting, but as I look at it after these first few days, itís one of the best decisions I have ever made. I want to change my life in a lot of different areas, and thereís probably no best way to accomplish this than doing Project Rockstar.

    The 3 months leading to Rockstar have been both the most stressful and the most insightful of my life. All the Rockstars were put on a grueling workout and diet program, and at the same time we were given exercises about conversations and banter. We had to record every calorie we ate, make photos of our bodies every week, and record our body statistics every day, to put them in tracker. The time commitment was huge, but it all gave us accountability, and helped us to do our best. During these last three months, I ate approximately 60 kilos of broccoli, 30kg of chicken, 40kg of Tuna, 4kg of Protein powder and took up to 7 different pills every morning, along other powders. I trained for one hour 4 or 5 times a week, did 40 minutes of cardio every day, 30 minutes of cooking every day and ate 6 to 7 times a day.

    In 12 weeks I managed to lose 12 pounds of fat while gaining another 10 pounds of muscle, I definitely look good. I also feel more masculine, I notice that I get more looks from women than before
    The transformation made me more resilient to stress and I donít sweat for the small stuff anymore. I begin to see difficulties like challenges and not like problems.

    And all this leads us to the kickoff of project Rockstar! I arrived last Sunday pretty nervous and excited at the hotel where I met my fellow Rockstars, all of them very cool guys. We all gathered in Ventureís suite to introduce ourselves, and I think Iíve never talked that openly to a group of strangers before. I felt I could already relate to a lot of other Rockstars, by the story of their life. We went out the first night, with the goal of having fun, while the instructors were looking to assess our game level. And we had fun indeed, I approach many girls, and winged for my fellow Rockstars too.

    The next day the seminar begun. Sterling and Venture teach a new curriculum called ďsimplified naturalĒ, whose aim is to mimic the game of a ďnaturalĒ, and get rid of the weird PUA jargon and canned lines. We donít talk about ďattraction phaseĒ, ďcomfortĒ and ďqualificationĒ anymore, instead they teach that everything is blended, which build a much more ďfluidĒ game. Especially the biggest takeaway I had from it is that you donít have to make the girl attracted to you to show interest. You will approach with a direct opener almost all the time, and escalate physically rapidly.

    Day 2 seminar was on subcommunication. I got laid that night with almost the first girl I approached at the night club, which was cool but I kind of regret it because I could have approached more girls, I need to stay in learning mode. The last two days have been a blur of information and awesome moments in the club. We covered flirtatious conversation yesterday, and sexual conversation today. Yesterday night was day off, but we decided to go out with my fellow Rockstar Noor H to approach some girls at the casino, it went pretty well.

    The instructors are great to hang around, and help us tremendously by pushing us to approach girls, watching us while talking to them and winging us. I really feel empowered by them. Three days ago at the night club I was kind of ďout of stateĒ, I was tired and I got rejected a few times in a row by some girls. Then I had an epiphany, I thought: ďIím in one of the coolest cities in the world, in a club with hot girls, surrounded by some of the most successful, positive guys in the world and there are here to teach me to be as successful as them. While thinking this a big smile formed on my face, I got back in the mindset that everything is possible and consequently I nailed all the approaches that followed.

    The biggest critic I had so far is that I donít smile enough while talking to a girl, I try to work on it during the way. Also Sterling told me that my looks are incongruent with my behavior: While talking to a girl, I tend to try to build the attraction that I already have, and consequently I appear weird and the girl lose interest.
    Itís funny that everyone here think that Iím Brad Pitt, In France I generally donít feel like the hottest guy ever, but the instructors and my fellow Rockstars all agree that I can intimidate girls easily. James T, which is a Rockstar from last year, told me that he had the same problem and heís going to give him his notes, he told me it comes from an inner game problem, and it can be solved if I work consciously on it. Iím eager to learn more about it

    Here we are, day 6, tonight weíre going to XS which is one of the coolest clubs in Vegas, feeling pumped as hell!

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    Week 1, Saturday

    Project Rockstar 2013 has begun! It has a larger-than-life feel to it, like Iím in the middle of some badass gangster movie. Iíll detail some of the crazy stories that have already went down in a future post, but for now I just want to give you an introduction of who I am and how I discovered this incredible community.

    So letís get into it - Iím 33 years old and am representing Canada on PR2013. I currently work as a manager with an oil and gas exploration company. All of my work is based overseas, so Iíve been fortunate in the sense that Iíve been able to travel all over the world, and see some amazing places.

    In terms of my background, I grew up in a religious family, and it was hammered into my brain from a young age that I should wait until marriage to have sex. Unfortunately that belief got me a lot of wasted time and lonely nights. It forced me to hide my sexuality, and let me tell you Ė a guy whoís not sexual is a complete turnoff to a woman. Everybody wants to connect physically with another human; itís just natural to want that. Here I was actively trying NOT to have sex with women, because of the religion I was brought up in, and in my heart thatís exactly what I wanted to do. That kind of misalignment between belief and desire will fuck a guy up mentally. I tried to live by the standards my family set but at some point I realized that I was trying to please everyone else and I wasnít pleasing myself. I had virtually no experience in so many social situations because going out to bars or clubs was frowned upon. It literally took me until the age of twenty-seven to realize that my familyís beliefs were not serving me, they were holding me back; that I wasnít getting the results I wanted in terms of relationships. Talk about knocking your head against the wall.

    Iíve learned so much in the past couple years with Love Systems. One of the inner game shifts Iíve had is that Iíve come to recognize that Iím a good person and women are naturally attracted to a guy with a good personality. That being said, I know now that I have to lead, I have to be sexual, and I have to run a physical conversation if I want any hope of getting anywhere with a girl. I feel like Iím the complete opposite of how I used to be, and now I just have to refine those skills.

    What do I want with change as it relates to women? Iíve never been confident or felt deserving of a super-hot woman who had a lot going for her. Iím starting to evolve in that regard. Iím starting to become more than a one-dimensional person and Iím starting to bring more value to my interactions with the opposite sex. I want to build on that. Someday Iíd like to get married and have children, but for right now I want to get myself to a place where I am an attractive and masculine person on my own, a place where I feel fully deserving and capable of having a great feminine energy in my life.

    To summarize, I want to fuck more hot chicks.

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    Week 1 - Day 6

    She said I naughty, I said I know. -Lin J (future creator of Game 5.0)

    Bio: I'm not going to go too much into my bio because it can all be read in the 12-week pre-training fitness thread. I'm 27-years old and am from Minneapolis, but I've been living in Vancouver, BC for the past two years. I worked as a Territory Manager for flooring manufacturer in the US. It was a great career path, but something I knew I wouldn't have been happy with at the end of the day. I quit that job two Fridays ago to participate in Project Rockstar and pursue some of the things I'm more passionate about. In January 2012, by chance, I took a program with Cajun and TenMagnet 3 days after moving to Vancouver. In hindsight, some of their outlooks on life and recommended inner-game material changed my life. After being on a plane that almost went down this fall, I decided after we deplaned, that I was going to start living the life that I want. I was tired of living a life that others wanted for me, even if it was a relatively successful one.

    Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas

    As my plane was coming into Vegas, I couldn't stop smiling. It was such a surreal feeling. Then I got picked up by the limo that Jennings A (who I'm rooming with) had his driver bring in from the other side of the country. Jennings also brought like a full laser light show for our hotel room and all sorts of cool shit. It's bad ass, Jennings is a great dude. A few hours later we were meeting all of the guys and instructors. The collective group of people in the suite we were in, was so impressive and inspiring. There were millionaires, entrepreneurs, pilots, doctors, lawyers, and successful people from a variety of business fields. On top of that, all of their stories were so inspiring. The one thing that bonded us all together was the common thread of self-improvement and a desire to get the most out of what life has to offer. There is a certain sense of mystique and magic around Project Rockstar that is really hard to describe.

    The first couple of nights was just kind of going out for fun and getting to know the guys. We have a really great group dynamic and there is a lot of camaraderie. The interns and business mentors are all cool as fuck too. There is one intern in particular who is really stealing the show. This guy is the most assuming dude I have ever met, yet is the most aggressive and ballsy person in the group. Every night there is a funnier and funnier story related to him. That would of course be, the legend Lin J. Jennings and I are going to create an audio recording once a week or so and bring in a different Rockstar or business mentor to talk about their experience and some of their crazy stories so far. And you can believe there will be some awesome Lin J stories. We'll post it in this thread when it's ready.

    So the second night we went out to Marquee at the Cosmo. We've gotten bottle service every single night we've been here so far, it's insane. It adds up, but it makes it so much easier getting in and having a centralized location to meet-up and bring girls to. I had a chick on the go early in the night after approaching with Noor H, I had her back at my table and we were making out and then she had to "go to the bathroom." She obviously never came back, but later in the night I was hanging out with Jesse discussing the type of women we liked and he pointed out one that was my type. I approached and she was loving it, it was her 21st birthday. Within 15 minutes or so we were making out and she's like, we gotta find someone to entertain my friends. Luckily, we run into Smitters (2012 Rockstar) and the girl's blonde friend is into him within about 2 minutes. We go back to the girl's room for a bit to ditch the 5th wheel, then we went back to Smitter's place and took the girls to pound town. It was an awesome night, and huge thanks to Smitters and Matt T for letting us crash on their couch (sorry Vybe!). This chick was actually really cool though, she was really well-traveled and just super chill. I think I'll definitely stay in touch with her.

    The next couple of days we started going over the new Simplified Natural curriculum (formerly Game 3.0). It was really tough putting all of my preconceived notions and things in my toolkit aside, especially when I got laid the night before. I knew though, I have to come into this with an open-mind and scratch everything. I really like the new curriculum and it's going to take some getting used to, but I can see it working long-term and being a much better format to work with. The reason is because it's not linear and is not set routines. It is about developing a skill set that allows you to freestyle your way through each girls' different blueprint. Some of the biggest things I've realized I need to work on are my sub-communications and my teasing. After going over banter exercices in seminar on day 4, we had the night off. I decided to hit the gym and then go relax in the hot tub and call it an early night. So much for that, this is Project Rockstar.

    There was this cute girl in the hot tub that we had seen in the gym earlier in the night. She had her headphones on when I first got in, but then after 5 minutes or so she hopped out and walked behind me to get her towel, and started chatting me up. So I'm like, okay this is probably on. She's asking me what we're doing in Vegas and I go to my banter exercise from the pre-training. I told her we were the charter members of the Official Twilight Fan Club. She kept laughing and couldn't believe it, unfortunately she wasn't getting that it was a joke. I kept trying to make it more and more absurd so she would get I was messing with her, but she never did. Finally I told her she had been punked and I thought I was going to lose her at that point, but I built a lot of warmth and normal conversation and it was on again. We started making out in the hot tub and I invited her back to my room for a massage. We caught Jennings on his way out to the club and he turned on the laser light show in our room, and the rest is history. This all went down within about 2 hours of meeting her. She was really cool, and crazy in the bedroom. She would not stop. I finally had to basically kick her out at 3 in the morning.

    We just got back from the day swim party at Surrender, which is a really wild time. I've been approaching like a machine the past few days. I feel like I'm close to having something click with the new things they are teaching. Vybe, Darwin, and Matt T gave me some really good advice today that I'm going to work on implementing tonight at XS. This has been such a great experience so far, with a truly remarkable group of people. I have to keep pushing things and working hard and I know it will fall into place. I've been given such a rare opportunity and have to every once in awhile remember where I am. I'm in one of the coolest cities in the world, traveling around in limos and getting bottle service every night, with some truly remarkable and inspirational people. I can't wait to see how the next few weeks unfold. On top of all of this, some of the hook-ups and stories the lead instructors have been involved in are insane! They are way too long to get into here, but it's been an impressive and wild ride so far.

    Welcome to Project Rockstar.

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    Week 1 - Day 6

    We arrived in Vegas on a Sunday. Since that Sunday, this has been one of the better, more exhausting and exhilarating weeks of my life.

    Iím a 34 year old doctor who grew up in big cities but lives in a small city now. Two of my favorite things are travelling and women, so it's natural I needed to do Project Rockstar. I heard about it at SuperConference, and Iíd been intently focused on getting into it since that day. Iím fortunate to be selected amongst the 800 or so applicants.

    Basically weíve been rolling around with a group of 24-27 guys, with various levels of game. Skill levels range from interns who are terrified just to approach to masters like Venture and Sterling and Vici. My skillset is near the bottom for cold approach and social abilities, so I have a lot of improvement to do.

    The first night we went out to XS Nightswim, incredible environment center nighttime pool with many tables surrounding it, and Knife Party was DJing. This program doesnít allow drinking, which has really helped me improve social abilities, and for that Iím grateful. The first 2 nights were about having fun, approaching girls, and the instructors seeing our abilities. Thereís a lot to do between working out, seminars, going out and practicing and getting to know the boys. Lots of great people in this program, looking forward to getting to know each of them over the next 8 weeks. Iím roomates with Douggie B btw, whoís killing it. Met a girl in the hot tub on our night off even. I occasionally hesitate to talk to super hot girls, but some of the guys encourage me, which is great, and necessary for now.

    The seminars for Simplified Natural are incredible, very concise yet deep
    First seminar was about meeting each other and debriefs

    Next came Natural Conversation - really something I need to work out. I work alone most of the day, and have a bit of social anxiety I have to fight. Also Iím ea
    Subcomms came next, really incredible stuff. I saw Ventureís magically-fast game, and want to emulate it.
    Flirtation - given by Sterling who has a knack for teaching it in a very organized manner.
    Sexualization was the next day - given by Venture and chock full of great stuff

    My first criticism was that I was only approaching 75% of what the average rockstars approached. I was also in my head, had calculated approaches, needed to gun it more, hesitated too often, shouldnít at this level wait for the right hot girl and right moment/situation the way Vici is able to successfully do. I needed to open open open Ė or Iíll be essentially cutting my Rockstar short. The most successful Rockstar of last year was the guy who did the most approaches, apparently something like 4 times I need to do that, and approach girls even ones I donít find as attractive. Apparently the top Rockstar from last year fucked many girls, many who he wouldnít normally fuck, and in doing so built up reference experience. I realize I need to do that starting now. Its a week in and I havenít even kissed a girl (I do have a rule about no kissing in a club) - not because I couldnít but because Venture teaches not to Ďcause it breaks sexual tension after.

    We had a night off, but I went out for a bit anyways (after taking Ambien and Casein protein) in order to help one of the instructors entertain his dateís 2 cousins at Hakkasan, and also to have him observe me more 1 on 1. Talking to the cousin was like pulling teeth, a 23 year old virginís teeth.

    Friday night XS more learning, more confidence in approaching more attractive girls, even behind VIP curtains. I realize I need to build references with easier girls, but I want to be able to approach any girl any time any where, successfully. Iíve also focused on winging instructors, in the hope they observe and can correct behavior. The problem with this is that I need to be cautious and calibrated and not step over the assertive line so as not to cause weird vibes with the instructorís girl. Luckily, Iíve been finding it pretty easy to get girls laughing, but definitely do that too much. Today Vybe taught me at pool party Encore Beach club not to sway, get in close if I have my hands behind my back, and if theyíre in front of my body to stand tall and pull her in to me not lean down. I think some video and lots of practice would help.

    So far the most useful thing Iíve learned is subcomms. Theyíre so important. Iím still working on answering questions and telling stories with the best, most passionate and warm words and phrases.

    Iíve maintained a reasonably good diet, trying to eat protein every 3 hours, and have maintained a solid workout schedule, without cardio (Venture and Sterling and Vici, the 3 most fit instructors, donít do cardio they maintain weight and body fat by proper diet)

    Perhaps most importantly, Iíve really come to like the guys Iíve been fortunate enough to be in the program with. My roommate is great, all the guys are easy going. The only minor difficulty I foresee is when girls are attracted to multiple guys in the group how to deal with this. I foresee it being minor because its a good group, very team-oriented yet self-oriented too, and weíre really here to learn and improve, and have an abundance mentality and reality. Also we learned the etiquette is the first to open+attract has first dibs. Its a fair and reasonable rule. I canít wait till tonight. Energy level is fucking high.

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    Quick bio – I’m 29 and my career background is consulting and internet businesses. I currently work for a large tech company. I’ve always had a decent dating life, with occasional exciting spikes, but nothing too special.

    I’ve realized over the past week that all these years I’ve been too fearful to go out and assertively seize what I really want – which is the ability to bring amazing new women into my life whenever I want. That is changing now.

    Week 1 of Rockstar has been a total whirlwhind. I realized very quickly that this program is amazingly profound – it legitimately changes people’s lives. All of the rockstars have different areas that they want to work on, and the program is set up to address them all within this framework: fitness, lifestyle, and game. I’m blown away by the completeness and the credibility of the curriculum in all three areas. The people facilitating this program are at a very advanced level in all three categories – we’re learning and being inspired by people who actually walk the walk.

    Fitness was covered in the 12-week lead up to now. All the rockstars showed up in great shape – some having gained up to 15 lbs of muscle, others having lost up to 25 lbs of fat. It’s pretty inspiring. Even more inspiring are the instructors – Venture, Sterling and Vici – who have been at this longer and are simply jacked. As I mentioned, they walk the walk.

    For the rockstars who are interested in improving or changing their careers, we’re being exposed to a fantastic curriculum from Jesse Krieger, who has been leading us through an eye-opening explanation of how to take advantage of the power of the internet to build product or services businesses that reach enormous global customer bases, with almost wholly outsourced operations allowing you to live wherever you want and get everything done from a laptop. Jesse lives this life himself, with freedom to do whatever he wants whenever he wants and multiple internet businesses under his belt. He is very generously sharing insights from his years of experience with us in a very well-organized and easy to understand fashion. Last year one of the rockstars went on to start a successful business using Jesse’s model, and I can easily see that happening again this year. I myself am seriously considering starting a Jesse-style business on the side when Rockstar is over – it’s just so easy to understand and follow his model that it’s hard not to be tempted. I really strongly recommend checking out Jesse’s work at Lifestyle Entrepreneur - Make Money Doing What You Love, Even in Tough Times

    My main focus is on game, so that’s what I’m going to focus on in my posts. The main thing I want to say is that over this first week, my mind has been completely blown. Over several days we have been instructed in the Simplified Natural (Game 3.0) model of understanding game, and witnessed already tens of times how well it works. I thought I’d share some of what has so drastically changed my perception of what is possible by way of a few anecdotes about the instructors:

    Venture is a beast. On the first night of Rockstar he brought a hot Asian girl and her friends to our table at a club within a few minutes of arriving. Within about 15 minutes of that she was all over him. Not too long after that he bounced with her to the hotel, only to come back to the club again later for more. I had no idea it was possible to get from meeting a girl to taking her back to your room this quickly. Seeing game done this well with my own eyes for the first time was astonishing.

    Later on his explanations of how he did it were so simple – no cheesy routines, no hyper-technical language about IOIs or other BS, just a simple, natural understanding of how a guy who acts normal can quickly escalate an interaction with a girl. This guy is coming exactly from where most guys come from –by age 30 he had only slept with 6 girls – and now he’s in a place where this week we’ve consistently seen him fearlessly pull very hot girls. It’s inspiring, and his explanations of how to do it are intuitive and replicable.

    Sterling is an awesome teacher and motivator. He is responsible for developing Simplified Natural with Venture and turning it into an intuitive and easy-to-learn curriculum. It’s an extremely refreshing curriculum totally devoid of lame routines, excessive jargon, and manipulative tactics. Instead it’s about developing the underlying skillsets you need to be attractive to a woman on the fly, rather than learning routines which don’t actually improve your underlying abilities.

    The most important thing I’ve learned from Sterling so far is the importance of being bold. My main problem right now is approach anxiety, and one night this week Sterling led me around the club and basically forced me to open incredibly intimidating sets: 7 hot girls at a table, 2 hot girls with 3 guys, girls facing away from everyone else in closed conversation, and a few others. My opener? “Hi.” Yes – that’s it. It’s all about body language and how you deliver it. In every single one of these sets, I did just fine – I had fun interactions with these girls, I didn’t get blown out, and I learned that all of the excuses I normally make up for not approaching are utter bs – 9 times out of 10, regardless of the situation girls are at least willing to give you the amount of consideration it takes for you to start winning them over. Thank you Sterling for the aggressive help I needed in getting over approach anxiety.

    Vici is an incredibly likeable and down-to-earth dude. Like Sterling and Venture, he came from a place of no game to a place of rock solid game. Every night he’s been a constant source of positivity and great advice for all of us, while also demonstrating multiple enviable pulls of his own. We’re talking about a lifestyle where it is normal to leave a club with a girl and then come back to the club when finished to find another – multiple times in a week.

    The most important thing I’ve learned from Vici so far is around mindset. In multiple great interactions with girls this week I’ve felt bogged down by how long it currently takes me to bounce a girl out of a club – so long that I question whether I should continue trying or simply rest up for another exhausting day of Rockstar. Vici gave me this perspective which I now wholly subscribe to: you have to try to take every set to completion in order to learn and have reference experiences on every step of the process. Only by going through every step from opening to sex multiple times will you learn how to be better and faster along every step of the way, and not make mistakes when you’re dealing with a woman that you really don’t want to mess up with. So that’s my goal from now on – don’t give up sets because the only way to learn is by doing.

    Next post I’ll talk about the other instructors who are here as well – the awesome Mr. M, Stryker, Vybe, and Darwin.

    For now, I’ll close by saying that my biggest takeaway from this week is just how profound this program really is. The instructors are people who are legitimately living the shit out of their lives – “firing on all cylinders” in terms of fitness, lifestyle (living a full life passionately, with the means to do it), and game. And they are committed to getting us to where they are through an amazingly well-designed program that has also already been insanely fun. Multiple times throughout this first week I’ve gotten the sense that I’m in a movie or something – it’s so good that my mind is still wrapping around that fact that it’s actually real.

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    Week 2, Sunday

    The fatigue has started to set in, which has its benefits and drawbacks. I donít have as much ďconsciousĒ energy but this also means that I donít overthink and can usually go on autopilot as if I had been drinking. I have a small fear of not being able to get back into state even though I have always been able to during this program. Specifically, I have felt fatigued and had bad physiology at different points and then worried that I wonít have the positive energy later in the night. One technique I have used is to rest my mind and facial muscles until the last minute so I can sustain. I will oftentimes also have sudden surges of energy in the right circumstances. This will usually come from the initial chemistry with a girl that will perk me up. I also learned from Venture that I donít have to be in state to pull. If we have enough reference experiences we can fall back on certain things to say that will bail us out (marry and divorce role play: ďwow, I liked you until I saw those red shoes but now we are going to have to get a divorce).
    I am happy because I am right where I need to be but sometimes it is frustrating to not perform as well as I would like. Sometimes the right thing to say will come to me but other times I hesitate or am just silent.

    We had our first day game (DG) seminar and live practice today and I really enjoyed it. I ended up with two numbers during the two and a half hour session at the mall. I was blown out several times but accepted it as a byproduct of the environment and it didnít disrupt my momentum at all.

    DG feels more natural to me and it is just as easy to approach during the day. I like the fact that I can potentially meet the types of women that don't frequent the clubs and other nighttime venues. In the past I have dated quality women who just don't go out that often. Also, the dynamic between two people is different during the day and I believe most are more genuine during the day. I worked with James T one on one on a few sets and found that his overall approach to game is quite similar to mine. He is also an introvert and needs more alone time than I do. I am a very extroverted introvert, which means I am social but also need some alone time to recharge.

    The instructors also addressed the issue of approaching the right number and type of women. They suggested using the ďone and zeroĒ scale (would I fuck her or not?) and not to worry about the quality of the women as much.

    Andy maintains very strong body language. He did a demo exercise where he just walks up to a girl with a ďtallĒ rigid stance, an extended hand, and ďhi, Iím VentureĒ. Sterling told us to fix body language and subcoms in my day to day and it will take 3-4 weeks. He would brace against the wall in the shower to improve his posture.
    I have also learned to be a little detached since I met a few girls who have been too attached to me. These girls will send multiple texts even if I donít reply to theirs and other needy behavior such as fast replies and asking me a lot of questions. These girls turned me off quite a bit.

    I want to stress once more how powerful the Simplified Natural approach and Rockstar/ 10 day is. The 10 day students are attending every game seminar and live experiences that the Rockstars are. If I hadn't been accepted into PR I would want to be in the 10 day.

    On one night in particular I had an issue with juggling several women that I met at the club. I had at least three girls that I had met, brought back to the table, and were then dragged away by their friends. I didnít ask for numbers before they left and regret it. Darwin and Stryker encouraged me to get numbers ASAP and I will do that and then start the text game right away.

    Subcoms and fun/banter. Darwin taught me to determine who I want to be (actor example) instead of working on the expressions and gestures. I need to think of myself as a confident and sexy man. This makes sense on so many levels since I have had the most successes when I truly felt a certain way.

    We were also taught to remove the emotion from the mechanics and just do it. This is the time to push boundaries and fail. I need to take an approach this from a stance of accepting that approaching is my reality (David Blane and ice baths) and that when I walk over and open my mouth something will come out.

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    Week 2, Monday

    I had an intense series of breakthroughs this week mostly centering around sub-communications. To give a quick summary of this concept, sub-communications have to do with expressing your intent and status through non-verbal communication. For example, the way you stand, whether or not you give direct eye contact, the amount of hand gestures you make, and how quickly you speak. All of these cues give off a particular vibe, and depending on how you control or modify these signals, peopleís perception of you can shift.

    I came into this program believing that I already appear fairly positively in the eyes of others. I felt that I was confident and smooth, but nothing could be farther from the truth. It is mind-bending when you think you are quite solid in a particular area when in fact you are highly deficient. For starters, my cadence when speaking was extremely fast. Sterling characterized me as someone on crack. Not very flattering. In addition, my hand motions were wild and overly expressive. My head would constantly tilt, giving off a submissive, passive demeanor. In addition, I failed to look relaxed when cruising around the club.

    To remedy these issues, I wrote down all of my sticking points and resolved to work on them every day. I focused on giving off strong sub-communications when Iím ordering coffee, making a restaurant reservation, and dealing with my fellow Rockstars. I had an awesome interaction with random tables over the weekend where I was able to win over alpha dudes just by displaying strong physical cues. Itís probably the most powerful information I have learned thus far. We were given absolutely incredible nuggets of information.

    I had my first pull on Saturday with a chick I met when I was out on Thursday. She was really cool and I had a blast with her. What I keep telling myself is ďso what.Ē While the day to day victories are fun, at the end of the day, we are here to cultivate a skill set. Accordingly, we should aim to disregard our failures or successes and simply seek to grow and improve overall. I still struggle with this from time to time because we all report our successful nights out, but I try to ignore the statistics.

    Another mini revelation was on Friday night when I connected really deeply with a cute blond from Connecticut. She was in medical school and quite accomplished. It is rare to meet a cultured girl in Vegas, but I managed to find one and was fairly excited. We hung out for 2 hours and she seemed to really be into me, but suddenly, near the end of the night, she disappeared to a table with her friends. I was kind of down and thought about leaving, but I forced myself to do at least one more approach. And then another. And another. After a brief success, I was back on top of the world. Thatís when I truly realized that mini bumps in the road are meaningless as long as you keep pushing. If you thrust forward, you will eventually strike oil and your state will jump again. Such a great fucking lesson.

    Thatís all for today. Itís my birthday so I have to get ready for the big dinner . Let me just say one thing in closing. This program is the sickest shit I have ever been a part of or would ever want to be a part of. Itís only been a week and I have already had so many breakthroughs and revelations. I have many friends who have attended the most prestigious business and law programs across the globe, spanning from Harvard, Stanford, and so on. Straight up, no bullshit, I would trade any of those opportunities to be a part of Rockstar. Perhaps this sentiment is a bit premature, but this is my feeling right now, and I can only imagine that things will continue to get sweeter.

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