Project Rockstar 2013 - Daily Journals

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    Project Rockstar 2013 - Daily Journals

    Project Rockstar 2013 is here!

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    Philip B Introduction - Week 1, Friday

    Hi everybody,
    As I’m writing this, Rockstar has begun since 6 days, and something crazy happened at least every night. I arrived at Vegas airport at 10 AM last Sunday from New York, after having slept 4 hours the night before. Next thing you know, 16 hours later I’m seated on a limo with one of the other Rockstars, and 6 girls we barely know, headed to a strip club. This is Vegas !!!!

    How all of this happened ? I’m going to give you a quick story about me:
    I’m 27, I got both French and Italian nationalities, and grew up in a small city in northern France. I’ve studied Electrical engineering in university, and after I got my master I was hired by a French company in early 2010 that sent me to work as an expatriate in Libya. I stayed in Libya a little more than a year, and was repatriated by the French army when the war broke out in February 2011. The same company then offered me a promotion as a manager position in Spain. I had an incredible life in Spain for two years, but I was transferred back in a small city in southern France in early 2013, due to the crisis.

    I like playing guitar, bodybuilding, travelling to visit friends in other countries, going out and party with friends, cooking, learning new languages.

    I didn’t have any success with girls during high school and the first two years of university. I first learn about “game” when a friend lent me the book of the Mystery Method, 5 years ago. My main drive to know more about it was that at that time, I moved to another city to study and break up with my then girlfriend, with whom I had a 3-year relationship. I was your typical nice guy, offering women to buy them a drink, giving compliments etc.
    I relied on my physical appearance to attract and kiss some women in clubs, but I lacked the necessary skills to move the interaction forward, and I didn’t have any friend or a brother that could teach me those skills, so I figured out I needed to acquire these skills by myself. I read Magic Bullets, and slowly implemented some techniques and routines in my interactions with women. I noted some success, but my inner game and confidence was still lagging.

    Then 6 months ago I decided to make a bootcamp to “pass to the next level”. It was in London last December, with Vercetti as an instructor, and I had a blast. In 3 days Vercetti managed to make me switch a lot of my beliefs about girls, I became aware of all the areas I constantly overlooked the years before, like comfort and talking to girls from an emotional perspective.

    I applied for Rockstar at the beginning of February 2013, and at my great surprise I was selected. My boss agreed to give me two months of vacation for this summer, but in the end I decided to quit my job altogether. I felt nervous at first about quitting, but as I look at it after these first few days, it’s one of the best decisions I have ever made. I want to change my life in a lot of different areas, and there’s probably no best way to accomplish this than doing Project Rockstar.

    The 3 months leading to Rockstar have been both the most stressful and the most insightful of my life. All the Rockstars were put on a grueling workout and diet program, and at the same time we were given exercises about conversations and banter. We had to record every calorie we ate, make photos of our bodies every week, and record our body statistics every day, to put them in tracker. The time commitment was huge, but it all gave us accountability, and helped us to do our best. During these last three months, I ate approximately 60 kilos of broccoli, 30kg of chicken, 40kg of Tuna, 4kg of Protein powder and took up to 7 different pills every morning, along other powders. I trained for one hour 4 or 5 times a week, did 40 minutes of cardio every day, 30 minutes of cooking every day and ate 6 to 7 times a day.

    In 12 weeks I managed to lose 12 pounds of fat while gaining another 10 pounds of muscle, I definitely look good. I also feel more masculine, I notice that I get more looks from women than before
    The transformation made me more resilient to stress and I don’t sweat for the small stuff anymore. I begin to see difficulties like challenges and not like problems.

    And all this leads us to the kickoff of project Rockstar! I arrived last Sunday pretty nervous and excited at the hotel where I met my fellow Rockstars, all of them very cool guys. We all gathered in Venture’s suite to introduce ourselves, and I think I’ve never talked that openly to a group of strangers before. I felt I could already relate to a lot of other Rockstars, by the story of their life. We went out the first night, with the goal of having fun, while the instructors were looking to assess our game level. And we had fun indeed, I approach many girls, and winged for my fellow Rockstars too.

    The next day the seminar begun. Sterling and Venture teach a new curriculum called “simplified natural”, whose aim is to mimic the game of a “natural”, and get rid of the weird PUA jargon and canned lines. We don’t talk about “attraction phase”, “comfort” and “qualification” anymore, instead they teach that everything is blended, which build a much more “fluid” game. Especially the biggest takeaway I had from it is that you don’t have to make the girl attracted to you to show interest. You will approach with a direct opener almost all the time, and escalate physically rapidly.

    Day 2 seminar was on subcommunication. I got laid that night with almost the first girl I approached at the night club, which was cool but I kind of regret it because I could have approached more girls, I need to stay in learning mode. The last two days have been a blur of information and awesome moments in the club. We covered flirtatious conversation yesterday, and sexual conversation today. Yesterday night was day off, but we decided to go out with my fellow Rockstar Noor H to approach some girls at the casino, it went pretty well.

    The instructors are great to hang around, and help us tremendously by pushing us to approach girls, watching us while talking to them and winging us. I really feel empowered by them. Three days ago at the night club I was kind of “out of state”, I was tired and I got rejected a few times in a row by some girls. Then I had an epiphany, I thought: “I’m in one of the coolest cities in the world, in a club with hot girls, surrounded by some of the most successful, positive guys in the world and there are here to teach me to be as successful as them. While thinking this a big smile formed on my face, I got back in the mindset that everything is possible and consequently I nailed all the approaches that followed.

    The biggest critic I had so far is that I don’t smile enough while talking to a girl, I try to work on it during the way. Also Sterling told me that my looks are incongruent with my behavior: While talking to a girl, I tend to try to build the attraction that I already have, and consequently I appear weird and the girl lose interest.
    It’s funny that everyone here think that I’m Brad Pitt, In France I generally don’t feel like the hottest guy ever, but the instructors and my fellow Rockstars all agree that I can intimidate girls easily. James T, which is a Rockstar from last year, told me that he had the same problem and he’s going to give him his notes, he told me it comes from an inner game problem, and it can be solved if I work consciously on it. I’m eager to learn more about it

    Here we are, day 6, tonight we’re going to XS which is one of the coolest clubs in Vegas, feeling pumped as hell!

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