She hasnt replied to my text.... wtf is the deal
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  1. She hasnt replied to my text.... wtf is the deal

    We had plans for one day but she suggested we go the next day because she was busy. We dont text very often anymore like we used to... but i texted her a couple days later and asked how her day was going and she hasnt replied yet. I don't get it. I know for a fact she checked her phone. My carrier has been a little iffy tho cuz when im right by my parents and i text them they dont receive the message even though it says it sent it. I don't think thats the case tho... Should i text her again and ask what the damn deal is or wait till the day she suggested and see if we go or not? This is the first time she hasnt replied to me too. She usually only replies to question type texts now.

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    You're slipping up. Stop getting caught up in her, let's evaluate:

    You are now the chaser, instead of being chased. Suddenly, as she starts to roam away you start to become more needy and willing to make things work. This is the exact tactic of a takeaway, but it's a longer version that makes you feel inferior to her. Don't allow her subtle hints of disinterest spike your interest when she's not even giving you the time of day.

    Don't text her again. In fact, unless she reaches out to you I don't see any reason to keep trying with her. If you do this, the only way you can move is forward.

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