Carrot Technique
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    Carrot Technique

    I just thought of this one the other day after my psychology class. I haven't tried it much (at all really) but am wondering if I could get some feedback on it.
    Before you approach the girl, write "Carrot" on a business card or something. You have to get the girl to be willing to do a little math. Easy math. Maybe even bust into her a little bit with it. "You think you can handle a little addition and multiplication?" *Her response (whatever)* "I dunno, you looked bright from a distance, but we'll just have to find out I guess." Whatev, I dunno. Just throwing suggestions out.
    The you ask her to do the equations.
    7 x 2=
    You want as many of these as you can come up with, but I wouldn't test her patience either.
    Then ask her what the first vegetable that comes to mind is. She'll say carrot and you show her the card on which you have previously written "carrot." Her, "OMG! How did you know." You, "Magic."
    Now she may beg you for the real explanation. Make her work for it, but eventually tell her that it is because we associate 14 and Carrot because of 14 karat gold. Once you have done this you have provided her with a little trick, busted on her for her math skills, and now, you can bust on her for being a gold-digger.
    Anyway, lemme know what you think/how it works. How it should/could be changed.

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    brocolli is another common answer as well. usually i write carrot on one side of the bill or broc on the other side of a doller bill. i think it is also best to do this while it is dark and turn to the side or turn your back so she won't see you flip what you are writing on. also if youi have it pre-written before you even meet her it shows that you were expecting to do the trick all night instead of doing it on the fly. also i do this trick but asking the girl to repeat the number 5 very quickly untill i tell her to stop. but they will both work.

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    I just tried it with my step dad it worked, tried with my 16 yr old step sister it didnt work... but she is stupid anyway

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    Thats a classic.... such an oldskool maneuver


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