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  1. Hey guys, Here's a little about me, 25 this year, looking to go out to meet more girls. I don't wanna settle for just someone who is interested in me... Im out to find my dream girl! I think that for the most part clubbing is a waste of time in meeting genuine women of quality... I have come to realize if girls make it hard for us, theyre likely not interested and its a bloody waste of time. Im thinking abundance mindset here! Then again, not scoring at cafe's like starbucks and chatime / whatever is a real bloody waste. LOADS of Beautiful Girls without makeup... Easy to build conversation and basically, InstaDate and or meetup later. So Anyone Up for Daygame Please Do PM Me!...

    Why i Hate Night Game... gosh... the only reason to do NightGame is to find Down to Fuck Girls and bang em. Its not like admission to the club is cheap either. It takes no effort and less money to get hotter hookers and its a sure thing..

    Remember! PM ME!

  2. Just got here!

    Hey guys! Hope there is still some of you going out!! I prefer daygame, so if anyone is down to meet up at a mall, or any place where there are a lot of hot girls, I'm in! Just PM me and we can go from there!

    I was doing a lot of pick up a few years back, now trying to get back into it! Had some good results, but definitely not an expert.

  3. Is it still ongoing?

  4. Hi there , is anyone still there . I'm looking for wing man to go out meet girl . For most reason is I wanna get this things handle gain the confident where Everyman would want . Is any one still there?

  5. Do pm me, wanna do day game and get this shit handle . Need a wing man to do this shit in this years.

  6. Hey guys, I'm moving back to msia in a month or so and I'm looking for people to learn with. Is this group still up and runnin'?

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Exotic_Hunter View Post
    Hey guys, I'm moving back to msia in a month or so and I'm looking for people to learn with. Is this group still up and runnin'?
    So far you are the only one reply , I have been in this just short while (beginner level) have some success not much , now currently wanna do this every few days day on this - Day game . How about you?

  8. Just incase the post here is late to informing , email me

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