Things to do with GF
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    bluehonour Guest

    Things to do with GF

    Guys, I am running out of date ideas with my girlfriend. See I meet her once a week and therefore there is some pressure on me to make the best of our time. She is the kind of girl who expects the man to lead, which I actually like. I want to lead us to fun, interesting activities.
    I did use the search function but couldn't find CONCRETE date ideas. Please don't tell me to do something unconventional, interesting with her. I know, but what is that interesting activity?
    I am taking her to a museum tomorrow. Took her to a road trip/camping last weekend. We go to bar/clubs from time to time. What else?
    If it matters, I live in SF Bay Area.
    Please contribute. Thanks.

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    Xplicit Guest

    b easy, i had the same problem, its fuckin funny saying that considering i live in NYC....but if i were u, recycle ideas or make shyt up...for example, movie night, each one of u picks a movie. go on a picnic, if u kno how to play an instrument or have some talent invite her over so you can show her. also... bay area, go for a walk by the beach. once u get the beach, bring some small castle building tools like a bucket, spoon, and a cup, build a castle together.
    go out to eat, invite her over and the both of u guyz do a collaborative effort to cook something together that you'ver never eaten/cooked.
    since you've been taking her out so much, I personally would recommend just having one straight chill out date. Like, just buy some icecream, go to your roof, or a park and just watch the sunset...great to build some comfort
    rent some scooters and ride around town, go sigh seeing. go visit a zoo. the pool? man therez so much everyday shyt to do, its ridiculous. It doesn't ultimately matter where u go, it matters mostly on how you do it. for example, yeh its cool you guys went to (for example) Naples but what is that going to matter if you dont DHV, or make her have a good time get me? hopefully that helped

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    Good call on the collaberative cookin effort!! That should be good shit!!
    Once you're more comfy with your chick invite her over to YOUR house for a bath!! This is sweet... deck out your bathroom in candles and shit, good tunes and some wine... works gold! But most girls Love knowin that somewhere in your burly appearance there's some softness...
    Midnight picnics on a rooftop are sweet!
    Clothes shoppin is always good... you get good shit she shops (what girl dont like that?)
    If your in Major centers you can go check out some theater too! X plicit Shakespeare in the Park was just goin on in NYC which woulda been cool to hit up (if your girls into it- Vogue Mag. made a big deal about it and my girls a theater kid so she was dyin to see it!)

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    bluehonour Guest

    Thanks for the effort guys. Very useful ideas indeed. However, this thread is not immediately useful to me because she left me today. I hope it helps others. I will try your ideas as soon as I get my game back on track. Thanks again.

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    Sorry to hear she left ya. I hope things pick up for you. You're in the Bay, should be plenty of targets. Just keep on grindin', pimp juice.

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    Im going with Xplicit on this one. If she can't just have a chill date or do something simple, than i would be outta there like a fat girl playing Dodgeball.
    Reason being is that if she is always expecting a shock factor every date, then she will expect that for years to come.
    Start to taper it down a bit and do 3 or 4 simple things inbetween a bigger date. GOOD LUCK.

  7. Hindsight is 20/20 - but I say that you shouldn't have jumped thru hoops trying to impress her with progressively unique and outlandish dates. You should have dictated the pace and just said, "No, we're doing something simple tonight. Just drop by my house at 8:45. Don't dress up but look hot, ok?" *hang up* - then had a pizza and movie waiting. That would've kept the frame of you being the leader, and also that you aren't going to spend 100 dollars on each and every date trying to mr. creative/unique.
    Just something I thought I'd add - sorry the girl left, though. There are plenty more around - cheer up!


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