Vercetti Bootcamp - Los Angeles, January 2013
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  1. Vercetti Bootcamp - Los Angeles, January 2013

    I attended the seminar portion of Vercetti's bootcamp in LA last weekend and I must say that I was extremely impressed. A little background info: I took an awesome Braddock & Mr. M bootcamp in LA last July and have been going out consistently for the past six months. In that time, I've learned a lot and seen great improvements in my game. Going into this, I was excited to learn the key concepts all over again with a different teacher who would obviously take slightly different angles on things. Vercetti greatly surpassed my expectations and I walked away with a ton of new concepts, inner game mindsets/strategies, and general knowledge that I've already been implementing with great results. He is an extremely passionate and charismatic guy who exudes positivity and I absolutely recommend taking one of his programs. It should also be noted that Braddock and Gil Rio did a great job of helping out on some portions of the seminar.

    On the first day of the seminar, a ton of time was spent going over key inner game mindsets. These are crucial because they are basically the foundation of game. V also introduced to us some great ways of getting over approach anxiety and a couple good methods of getting out of your head when you're out, with Braddock adding some great advice in there as well. After this, the focus shifted onto opening and transitioning. Having done opening and transitioning hundreds of times over the last several months, I was still able to learn a ton of things from Vercetti. Honestly, something with my transitioning had been a bit off recently and watching/listening to V demonstrate some of these made me realize a couple small details that I was able to correct and have since led to great improvements.

    The next day, most of the time was spent discussing attraction. Again, even though I've been out a ton and I've learned from some great people already, I was still blown away by how much new knowledge I was given. Time was spent going over specific qualities that make for an attractive man and how you can display them. They also went over the positives and negatives of different forms of attraction, giving me a better understanding of when to use certain pieces. Vercetti also went into specifics on the type of language to use when talking to women to get her into a more emotional state and to make your stories etc more interesting. His "on-ramps" technique is a great way of learning to steer the conversation in a direction that you want it to go. As an awesome bonus, Braddock stepped in and gave a rundown on trigger words at the end of the day, which is a great skill for generating unlimited content.

    The third day started off dealing with qualification. A couple different theories on qualification were explained, which greatly improved my understanding on the subject. After qualification, a good amount of time was devoted to talking about comfort. I'd already gotten some great comfort stuff from my first bootcamp, but once again I was served with a few pages of completely new notes. There was definitely some great stuff. After that, seduction was discussed, with some more great techniques, as well as a discussion on how to build your relationships with women into ones that are as healthy as possible. After this, Gil Rio (who is an awesome dude you all should check out) gave a good presentation on the dos and don'ts of dates and the seminar wrapped up.

    I would highly suggest you take a bootcamp with Vercetti. Besides the fact that he clearly knows this stuff very well and is good at it himself, he's an extremely friendly guy who is devoted to being the best human he can be. Although I didn't do the infield, I did run into the group one of the nights and I could see all of the guys killing it and I've seen Vercetti in action, as well as the other instructors mentioned, and they're incredible. Basically, if you're thinking of taking a bootcamp with Vercetti, you're robbing yourself of a literally life changing opportunity everyday you hesitate.

  2. Vercetti's Bootcamp - Awesome

    I had heard that Vercetti is the master of positive body language and energy, but I did not fully understand until I met him. His swagger is unmistakably super alpha, and he took the time to explain exactly how to project that image.

    Let me rewind for a moment. Prior to V's bootcamp, I attended a bootcamp in L.A. as well as Super Conference in 2012. I had read a decent amount of material and worked on my game for almost a year. Then I rolled into Vercetti's class.

    Initially, he went over a lot of core material regarding attraction, qualification, and comfort. It was a great refresher, but what really stood out for me was the attention to body language and vocal projection. Vercetti is a professional actor, so he has a special expertise in this area. He had us go through various breathing and walking exercises, and made some folks in our class stand up and yell when he noticed that they were timid. For someone like me who routinely slouches, this attention to posture was eye opening. I now make sure to walk with a straight back and open chest at all times. This has been a huge game changer for me.

    Another interesting area that we touched on was dance floor game. I've listened to other instructors talk about this before, but it has never clicked for me. This time, it was different. V broke it down like this: he explained that we should be playful, perform silly visual tricks (which I won't be able to explain in this post), and be willing to dance in a goofy manner in order to get a laugh. Conversely, breakdancing and awesome glow stick light shows will not impress anyone I utilized his advice this past weekend with great success. I teased my target visually, hopped around the floor like a 7 year old, ass checked her several times, and ended up building attraction with very few words. Fucking awesome.

    I was extremely pleased that I was able to glean some golden nuggets of knowledge, especially since I have already heard quite a few instructors speak. He's a terrific teacher and I would highly recommend his bootcamp to anyone interested.

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    Vercetti's Bootcamp- Completely and utterly worth it

    I have taken quite a few LS courses and have enjoyed every one, Vercetti's bootcamp was no exception. Vercetti's style of teaching is very different from many other instructors and his take on game bleeds into a overall different approach to life.

    Vercetti teaches a minimalistic natural style game that really allows you to convey yourself in a interesting and effective manner. He teaches this style well so that even the guys who haven't had any coaching really get a feel for a more natural style game by the end of the weekend.

    He really conveys to you how to flip the script on girls and get them to chase you which I feel is something that gets lost alot in the direct styles that are very prevalent today. This is the part of his seminar that probably had the biggest effect on me.

    Vercetti also is great in dealing with each student individually and dealing with their respective sticking points. We had a pretty even split between advanced and beginning guys and V made time for everyone. He does a great job of bringing you up when you need the help and calling you out when you need the cockpunch. He's also freaking hilarious.

    I cant overstate how good he is at teaching a variety of guys, from young 20's to mid 50's I watched V helped everyone take thier game to a new level.

    His insights into body language lives up the legendary status it has achieved. And his thoughts on what to do on the dance floor is really insightful.

    All in all Vercetti's bootcamp was exactly what I expected and more so, I cant recommend it more.

  4. Vercetti's bootcamp earlier this month was my 1st ever Love Systems bootcamp - for the past few months or so, I had been going out to different clubs learning and figuring out the cold approach skillset by myself, without anyone who truly knows the stuff to guide and teach me. Being a recent college graduate, I just didn't have the money to pay for a BC. Needless to say, after meeting V and sitting through a weekend of his seminar, I now have a much clearer understanding of the big picture and what to focus on. Furthermore, I had done my research and was especially excited to take the BC with V because I felt like we had pretty similar "styles" and personalities, thus making him a really good fit for me in terms of an instructor to learn and emulate from.

    As they say, taking a bootcamp shaves off probably a year or so of you trying to figure it out yourself - trust me, as fun as it is to try and figure it out yourself, there are only so many lonely/disappointing/frustrating nights out before you can take.

    In terms of what I learned or what helped me the most:
    1.) V is known for his body language/voice and tonality expertise and he really emphasized and focused on that throughout the entire weekend. For things like that, you just can't read it online or in a book and do it yourself, you need someone who knows what they are doing to show and demonstrate it for you.

    2.) The overarching theme for V's BC is a reflection of his personal style and personality that is quite different from most of the other instructors; for V, it was very much about masculinity/being confident and comfortable in your own skin and being a MAN and all that it encompasses. As cliche and corny as that might sound, this theme was an umbrella for the entire weekend and it is extremely helpful for new guys because it's something that is so core and essential (inner game).

    3.) Small tidbits ranging from what to do on the dancefloor to certain responses he would give in specific situations (calling a girl a player and HOW to say it), etc. etc. Like Braddock said, you pay for subtleties and subtleties make a world of difference.

    Overall, I highly highly recommend Vercetti - he hardly teaches anymore but you would be doing yourself a great disservice by not taking his BC.

    - HotSizzle

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