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    Culture and Lifestyle was a big part of SuperConference VIII. There was Cajun on Identity, Braddock on Fashion, and Jeremy Soul on Lifestyle. Their information was important enough to make preview clips for this section on TAF. Click any of the videos below to play them.

    The full videos (along with hidden camera infield pickup videos and personal one-on-one mentorship with a Love Systems instructor) are available as part of the Love Systems Home Study Course called The Essentials: SuperConference VIII.

    EDIT: The videos will be available starting the week of the 23rd. See full schedule (and other videos, including infield videos) here

    The Attraction Forums (TAF) Admin.

    A couple of the best routines from Attraction Forums users have been published in the PUA Routines Manual. TAF for the win.

  2. Lifestile

    I think that Fashion brands continue to diversify their product lines into other markets, including beauty,homegoods, interiors, and architecture. Using symbolic preference formation theory, this study analyzed several successful fashion lifestyle brands’ visuals in order to identify required elements of cohesive branding systems, starting with Paul Poiret and Jeanne Lanvin, leading up to Diane von Furstenberg (DVF), Marchesa, and Ralph Lauren. Consumers express their personal identity through apparel and home décor, and brand visuals are created to influence purchasing decisions by depicting products as fitting with a desired lifestyle. Case studies focused on how fashion brands have evolved to represent lifestyle and examined the role visuals play in defining a distinctive, cohesive identity across a constellation of products. The research utilized two types of secondary sources: printed and digital. Media such as advertisements, websites, packaging were examined in order to compare product categories, theme, motif,hijab,scarf style and colour use in order to create guidelines for creative brand visuals.

  3. Fashion is a really good topic I'd love to have more material to know more! My fashion is okay, but being okay is not as satisfying as being amazingly powerful with common cloves! That is what I wanted to reach! Kind of this level.

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