My situation is special, but dun
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    My situation is special, but dun

    To my dear PUAs & Pals.
    This is my current situation. Seems stupid, but dun laugh lol.
    Hope you guys know what xanga is. I would say it's pretty much like 'myspace' and it's a sort of online diary, you can post pictures and write on that shit. I came across a girl in a xanga page which I met before. Then I added her in msn. Then we sort of chat for some time....
    I duno if that's call destiny.... I met her face to face a week ago ( purely coincidence ) while she's doing her summer job. I did manage to say 'Hi' and bullshit abit but then afterall she did not reply any of my messages anymore in msn....I know her friend likes me and have an intention to begin a relationship with me, but I like her more. I tried to use the method of ignoring her while concentrating on her friend... But that doesn't seem to work very well. Besides I tried asking for her phone no. and she told me to think carefully and give her a reason. I did but very unfortunately she didn't give me her no. What should I do now ? No shit on u guys but I'm a medical school student and pretty confident with my looks and my overall quality. I kind of feel that she wants to begin a relationship...What's the matter ? Is she freaked out or smth or feelin' insecure? I just can't explain ......even using medical terms......This is out of my reach. Pals....Buddies.... I need help.

  2. You have one-itis. She doesn't like you. Move on...

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    I agree.
    Anyway, this isn't post-fclose, so this is not the right forum?
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    This thread is not a Relationship-specific thread. See the white bar at the top of the sub-forum that says relationships? After that it says:
    A place to discuss sticking points in relationships. Full-closing is a mandatory prerequisite!
    Thread closed. Follow the rules.


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