Help in Day Gaming Asian Girls

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    Help in Day Gaming Asian Girls

    wassup guys.. i do well in opening asian girls and getting their numbers in day game. but the interaction isnt solid. i think my qualification and rapport are rusty. any ideas that have helped you in these areas with asians in the day?

    also, do you know if theres a book written specifically on day gaming asian girls?

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    Haha you beat me to it. He changed his tune I see. A nicer kinder bldon perhaps? lol
    " I think PCL81 has one of the best body language in the world. He approached a group of hot women, and he looked so relax that it looked like he slept with them already and doesn’t care what they have to say."--The G Code, Future Bootcamp Oct 2012

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    wazsup bullseye do u know if theese can helps wit whit girls also ? and wat or who is bldon .

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    hey man,

    Getting a girl above 9.0 line of any race can be difficult, need you to be on top of your social skills, your lifestyle...etc
    First think about what is your identity? Identity is the strongest attraction switch [credit Fader] work on general social skills is also important.

  6. First, get over the idea that Asians are "mysterious" or "shy" or any of that other BS. They're just women, and evolution has created all the same triggers of attraction in their brains as in any other women. The key is context.

    I've dated a lot of Asians. There are two different types: FOB asians(fresh off the boat) and ABC asians (American Born Chinese{used in this post for any native born asian}, also called twinkies or banana girls because they're yellow on the outside, white on the inside). I prefer ABCs because they tend to be better educated, wealthier, more put together. But I've met some FOBs that had their shit wired tight. They were from the elite circles in their home country and were usually sent here by wealthy parents to get an American education.

    Negs work great on Asians. For an FOB I'll usually make fun of her accent or joke about how lucky she is to have made it out of the rice-paddy. For an ABC I'll tend to make fun of them for being nerdy, a bad-driver, obsessed with Hello-kitty, or most fun of all, comparing them to or mistaking them for an FOB.

    Asian girl aren't very sensitive about racial stereo-types, and among their close friends joke about that kind of stuff all the time, so even if the things I mentioned above sound racist or offensive, you'll be surprised at how well they work out in practice. Making fun of stereo-types is a great tactic if used wisely and humorously.

    A recent Asian conquest started with me busting her balls about how she just wanted me for sex and a green card. She was a documented citizen, went to an ivy league college, and earned way over six figures in her early twenties. Re-framing her as a greedy/needy FOB trying to take advantage of an innocent all-American white boy drove her wild and I full-closed on the first date.

    Also, I'm sure part of the reason I've been successful with dating Asians is because I have a genuine respect and admiration for their culture, I can say at least five or six words in most Asian languages, I'm conversational in Chinese, and I've traveled in Asia quite a bit. All of this helps build rapport, and all of that knowledge can be acquired pretty easily on the internet. I often use this to bust on an ABC. I'll display some knowledge about her ancestral country, then ask her an obscure follow up question. She'll usually admit she doesn't know much about her nation's history, then I'll bust on her for being a Twinkie, banana girl, white-washed, etc.

    If you think that the advice above won't work because your target is too proper, or too intelligent, or easily offended, you're dangerously close to the AFC-zone and probably don't know how to use negs right, i.e. in a way that's fun for both you and her.


    PS: Best answer if an Asian girl ever accuses you of having yellow-fever or an Asian fetish: "Naw, I've just got a thing for short girls and calculus."

  7. Wtf. Qualification is screening the girl(ask questions to get to know her). Why do people lack common sense -_-

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    Help in Day Gaming Asian Girls

    I've got a fb that's Asian. I treat her just like any other girl.
    I liquor so good she dont need beer

  9. Asian women are not easy for guys who are not american (white or black). It is not easy for international guys to game asian girls. In fact, whenever i have approached asian women with a direct day game approach, I found them extremely shy and closed off

  10. I've specialised in Asian girls since my teens. I have picked up and dates dozens and even married one once but that is another story. Anyway, my game is fair to middling but definitely nothing outstanding. Nevertheless, I have my methods and I've had good success.

    Anyway, I don't think you can generalise in terms of what Asian girls respond to. Indonesian's react differently to Thais or Filipinas and Chinese girls from China are not the same as Chinese girls from Taiwan. Some (esp Chinese) are game to the point where you can just walk up (in a bar setting) and ask "Hey, wanna make out?" and take it from there. Others take weeks/months of effort and in the case of Indonesians place a premium on their virginity.

    However, I have made two observations that can be generalised to most Asian girls.

    1. Asian girls living in their home countries who date white guys often face the stigma of being considered sluts or even "traitors". Even if they like you, they might not want to be seen to like you. So gaming group sets can often present problems with "loss of face". I have had Asian girls say "not here .. not in front of my friends". But get her alone and it is game on.

    2. Asian girls who haven't spent a lot of time in the west don't get irony or sarcasm. Teasing will often be taken as annoying by many. Harder negging will be taken as plain offensive and get you blown out. The occasional party girl will get it and love it, but your typical shy/serious Asian girl will just give you a withering look and walk off.

    Anyway, that's my two cents worth ... for what it's worth.

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