Transitioning After Going Direct

Intern Question: What is your preferred way of transitioning after a direct opener?

My Response:
Thereís no right or wrong way to transition. The key thing to this is that itís a calibration issue. The better you get the more varied this answer will be. For me personally I think when you are first starting out you donít want to worry about Ďdoes she like me does she not? Is this going well or is it not?í Since you are not in tune with subcommunications yet and youíre not in tune with your voice tonality and your facial expressions might be off so sometimes you might get bad reactions that are easily recoverable.

As your game improves and your subcommunications become good, then you want to start focusing on what kind of reaction did you get. Ask yourself Ďok is this girl a green light, yellow light, or red light?í If you get a hard red light you are probably going to get blown out anyway so lets not stress about that. Letís focus on the yellows and greens. In the case of a yellow where sheís not instantly into you right off the bat, but she is still ok with you talking to her like for example

Braddock: Hey excuse me you are gorgeous. I had to come over and say hi. Iím nick
Girl: (Smiles) Thanks
Itís a good reaction but she isnít necessarily blown away by what you are saying.

Compared to a green light who would respond with something like:
Girl: Omg! Thank you! You are cute too!

Those are two very distinctly different reactions and based on what reaction I get Iím going to transition differently. Its important to recognize with the green light there is immediate sexual tension you can capitalize on where with a yellow light it isnít really there yet. If you try to capitalize on sexual tension when its not there yet its probably going to backfire.

If you have a green light you are probably making a mistake with transitioning with something like:

Braddock: So what do you doÖ Wait lemme guess you are a nurse

Because with a cold read like this you are basically disregarding that a green light just handed you sexual tension on a silver platter. Where as with a yellow light more of a rapport building cold read like this would be more appropriate so you can build up the sexual tension later as she becomes more comfortable with you.

But with a green light I would transition with something more like:
Braddock: Whatís your name
Girl: Iím Jenny
Braddock: Oh god I used to date a girl named Jenny. Jennyís are trouble.

Can you see how that moves the sexual tension forward? Also a lot of the sexual tension can be built through your subcommunications. Like after I shake her hand Iíll keep holding it and squeeze it, and if sheís a green she will squeeze back.

Or I look her up and down and smile before I say something to her, and then transition. Just try to develop that calibration and be aware of where she stands. If sheís a yellow for example sheís not going to respond well if you try to physically escalate and move the sexual tension forward at the same rate you would as if she were a green. In the same sense if you try to go take things more slowly with a green as if it were a yellow you will kill all the sexual tension you built at the beginning of the interaction.

Learning how to recognize whether or not the girl is a yellow or green and calibrating accordingly just takes time and practice. I fucked this up a million times and you will too. And thatís fine. Its no big deal. Just keep working on it and donít take it so seriously.