Learning game, or any skill for that matter, is about building momentum. Having momentum behind you is really important and can really accelerate the learning process.

Have you ever had one of those days where you just donít feel like doing anything? When it comes to going out and taking to women and you just donít feel in the zone. You donít feel like speaking to girls and you canít seem to find that energy to really go for it?

This is often a build up of negative momentum stopping you from being at your best and this can often start before you even think about speaking to the first girl of the night. Momentum begins to build from the moment you wake up and start your day.

You need to have the right kind of momentum behind you or you could find yourself being held back without even realising it.

Take two identical days but with different actions:
Negative Momentum:
  • You wake up but decide not to shave because its too much hassle and you need to go buy shaving cream so you skip it
  • You decide to put off doing that report for work/college that you really need to be working on
  • You decide against going to the gym because youíre feeling a little tired and you want to take it easy today
  • You go out to buy groceries and when checking out you decide against asking the check out guy/girl how their day is going and having a quick chat because the lines are busy and you donít want to hold up anyone

Youíve been building negative momentum throughout your day and when that cute girl is at the bar, you avoid going to speak to her because youíre either not in the mood or you make up an excuse to go talk to her. This negative momentum builds further throughout the night the more girls you avoid talking to. You end up in a situation where you hardly speak to anyone and you find it really hard to break out of that and start being social.

Take in turn the same day but with different, positive actions.
Positive Momentum:
  • You decide to have that shave in the morning despite having to run to the store to grab some shaving cream because you want to look your best all the time
  • You sit down and work on that report that you need to complete
  • You decide to say Ďfuck ití and go to the gym to workout even though youíre a little tired
  • You make small talk with the staff at the gym, with the checkout guy/girl when buying groceries and other people you come in contact with throughout your day

Now you go to the bar with your friends and you feel much better about yourself. Youíve taken positive actions throughout the day and built up the right kind of momentum to carry into the night to meet girls. You go and speak to that girl at the bar and find out sheís a really cool girl and you two get on really well and make plans to meet up in the week. You then go speak to other girls in the bar and continue to feed that positive momentum throughout the night. Youíre feeling very social, are having fun speaking to everyone, and people notice this.

What kind of momentum would you rather have while out meeting girls?
The guy who takes action in his life and is always moving towards his goals is a really attractive guy to women. From the big things such as working on that business deal to the small things such as taking pride in your appearance each day. Building the right kind of momentum puts you in the right mindset and makes talking to girls (and other aspects of your life) much easier.

Work out a routine for yourself or a set of standards you want to hold yourself too. Keep yourself looking sharp, donít skip the gym, keep working hard to pursue your goals and carry that positivity into meeting girls and bringing them into your life.