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    When I first read the VAH a about a month ago, I realized that my "game" had no A1 or A2.
    If your wondering how that is possible, I basically sat back and waited until a girl expressed interest in me. How I ever got to this point was completely by accident, and more or less a complete mystery to me. But as a result, I feel I have a pretty good game From A3 on. I don't know what I've been doing for A1 and A2 this whole time....I just know that whatever it was, it was working better than what seems to work for most guys.
    But here is the problem. It was never my choice. I had no idea how to walk up to the girls that I wanted. Not that I didn't try....I just crashed and burned a lot. Basically, if I didn't see IoI's before I approached, I had no idea what to do.
    Since reading the book, I've gotten pretty good at A1. I can open a set, hook them.....and then I'm basically flying blind.
    So, A2...
    Here are my sticking points:
    1) DHV stories. I have a TON of stories. These are stories I tell friends, and I do tell them to girls who are attracted to me....but usually in the comfort phase. As already pointed out elsewhere on this forum...they just don't work for DHV relaying material. I think I have many things in my life that DHV...I just don't know where to begin as far as putting them into stories. I'm sure I have a ton of DHV stories in my life already....I just seem to have a problem either finding them, or wording them (which would be odd....because I've written professionally).
    2) Kino escalation! I know how to get things started....I just don't know how to escalate. For example, I know I can get a girls hands in mine with palm reading. Or get her to put her arm around me for a picture. And afterwards, there seems to be some "residual" kino (for lack of better terms) where she will touch her leg against mine...or touch my hand a lot while talking. My problem is that afterwards, I have no idea what to do next while at a bar/club/grocery store...whatever. I've tried isolating a few times, but the girl would have nothing of it....even though she had her arm around me a minute ago and was smiling and laughing and what have you. Obviously I'm doing something wrong, but I have no idea what. It seems to me I need to learn to escalate kino after the initial contact. Right now it seems to fizzle out.
    Comments and suggestions appreciated.
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  2. Please critique new A2 DHV story

    I'm not sure how to lead into this, so any suggestions there would be helpful. But I think this story beats the crap out of the three I posted the other day. Let me know what you think!
    There was this guy that was totally harassing a friend of mine. I met this girl through my girlfriend at the time and she was super cool…but she had this x that wouldn’t leave her alone. One night we were all hanging out watching movies, and he called her and said “I’m coming over with a car full of friends right now! You and I are gonna talk!? She was all scared and and she kept telling my girlfriend and I we should just leave. So these two girls are pulling me out the door…and part of me wanted to go because I know there is no way I’m going to be able to handle a whole car full of guys without going to jail or the morgue. But I was like fuck that….theres no reason this girl should keep running from this asshole! So I got on the phone and just called friends for 20 minutes straight. It was great cuz when that asshole finally showed up, I had 20 guys waiting for him. He never bothered her since. That’s loyalty….and I’m really glad I have such loyal friends!


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