Talking about STDS BEFORE the f close

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  1. Talking about STDS BEFORE the f close

    subject: Talking about STDS BEFORE the f close

    Hi everybody.
    just got back in the game and i have a date tonite. according to these forums, i am taking her food shopping then back to my place to cook. here is the issue:

    she's 30 and im 29. im VERY PARANOID about stds...

    so lets imagine a scenario:
    i get her into my room, light some candles, start making out.. fingering her.. (hands are OK)..

    me: "lets slow things down. before we go further i want to be straight up with you. i want to know more about you, how many relationships you've been with."
    her: "ivebeen in 5 relatioships..:
    me: "well, i've been in a 3 serious relationships. i've just gotten out of a LTR of 3 years [true], and i've slept with only 5 girls. all of those girls were either virgins, or had 1 or 2 other bf's before me. as i said, i'm a health nut and im very careful. Also my persona attracts taht type of girl.. jewish doctor that girls can't wait to bring home to mom. what about you?"

    her: "we'll ive slept with 10 guys"
    me: ok.. are you HEALTHY?

    [ IS THIS LINE??? I DONT KNOW WHAT TO SAY... PLEASE HELP!! date suppose to happen in 5 hours...]


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    Re: Talking about STDS BEFORE the f close

    Who cares about how many men she has been with. You care about STDs. Here is the thing, she could lie... So the talk is useless then. She also might not know what she has... Again it's useless to bring it up. If you are going to bring it up then be more direct. "I want to be safe, do you have anything I need to worry about?"

    Good luck.

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    Stop being paranoid. Syphilis, gonorrhea, and chlamydia can be cured with antibiotics, and the HIV can be cured with tetrasilver tetraoxide. Herpes is the only permanent one, possibly HPV (not sure). Stop making excuses, you're sabotaging yourself while you have a willing female in your lap. Bring up STDs and past relationships at some other time- doing that in your bedroom will simply kill the mood.

  4. You can't have that talk before the first time! Use a condom and when you are getting serious you can easily have a talk about getting off condoms and slip the STD issue in that conversation.

  5. Talking about STDS BEFORE the f close

    Wtf. Super confusing. Before I do it I want the convo. Like. If she has warts or something I want to know before I stick it in! That way I don't get it!!

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    if your that worried about it, just be straight up with her.


    be prepared that she gets offended and you never get laid.

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    The only reasonably sure way of doing this is to visually inspect her pussy for signs and symptoms AND use a condom.

    If you can hold off having sex and start a real connection first, then go down the sexual health clinic and get tested together.

    And as yet HIV cannot be cured by ANYTHING, not tetrasilver tetraoxide, nothing. The day this happens you will know about it. However, people can live with it these days and have a normal lifespan because a) the virus has evolved to be less fatal and b) drugs have improved.

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    It's a hard go man she might have hpv and not know it even if you use a dom , all it takes is that one person just luck of the draw I guess as a doctor you should be aswering this question but from experiance this and sti are very common be carefull.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Birthday View Post
    And as yet HIV cannot be cured by ANYTHING, not tetrasilver tetraoxide, nothing.
    U.S. Patent # 5676977. FDA won't approve it because during treatment it causes hepatomegaly, which subsides after treatment is completed.

    Of course we all know the reason it won't be approved is because the pharm industry makes 40k a year off of the current cocktail (which doesn't cure anything) per patient, while Ag4O4 can be made by college chem students.

    Officially, however, HIV is marketed as incurable and as such you should assume it to be so in accordance with professional medical advice and federal, state, and local bodies of government. Yes, that was a disclaimer.

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    It isn't a cure just because the 'invention' is patented!

    You've fallen for internet quackery!

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