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    If this is important to you, you should always have this conversation outside the bedroom. No point in having it 5 mins before you're to have sex. So, get your shit together and ask her about it in advance. If you think you can f close that same night, have it over drinks and after 1 or 2nd drink. The conversation is perfectly normal to have so be as chill about it as possible. Make a statement that safe sex is very important to you and then ask when she last got tested. Polyamorous community has a lot of great resources on this topic, google around.

    How many rel she's been in gives you no info and it doesn't matter. Could be zero relationships and 50 one night stands. Also, could be only 1 partner who had HPV and here we are. Most important question is when she last got tested.

    She could lie, like someone said and you should know that no sex is safe sex, but different people are comfortable with different levels of risk. If you want to be extra careful, maybe one night stands are not what you should be looking for.

  2. Yeah that's an easy way to lose her interest. Just if you do anything wear a condom and if you want to be really safe, get to know her better and hold off.

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    Its the wrong time to bring that up just as you are getting in to the mood. Wrap it up always.
    Better to have that talk after first time sex. Or if you really must talk about it, do it before the time you meet for f-close, or in a different setting e.g. not in the bedroom.

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