Project Rockstar 2012 - Montreal, Budapest, Stockholm

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    Project Rockstar 2012 - Montreal, Budapest, Stockholm

    Remembering back to the day I was accepted in to rockstar. I knew I had a good chance, I did everything possible to make my way into the program. I knew this is what I needed, I knew it would change my life completely.

    Leading up to rockstar my life was fucking tough to say the least. I was working 8 hours a day, juggling 40 minutes of cardio a day, 1 hour of weights 3-5 times a week, trading in the forex market in the evenings and renovating my house on the weekends and any spare minute in between during the week days. As you can imagine this led to me being a little less social with my friends. To add to this when I did see my friends and I told them I wasn’t drinking, they put so much shit on me and looked at me differently. Most of life leading up to rockstar was tough and occasionally depressing.

    I left my hometown a month before rockstar, many of my closest friends knowing what I was about to experience. Only one of them wished me good luck, a few I still have not heard from.

    Before meeting a bunch of new, like-minded guys at rockstar I couldn’t figure out why my friends would be like that.

    I remember our first day in Montreal. We sat in the suite and went around the room and told our life stories. I quickly realized I was surrounded by some super successful guys. Each person had their own unique story but we all had one thing in common. We all wanted to become our very best selves.

    After talking with all of the other guys, we could all relate to each other, more often then not, about our friends and family back home, just not getting it. And nobody will ever be able to get it. Rockstar is something that unless you have been through then you really can’t talk to anyone else and relate to, about it.

    To the instructors, now all very close and respected friends of mine, thankyou. Venture, man you are looked up to so highly dude. You have been a major role model for me since my bootcamp. The way you are able to convey yourself to a woman is unbelievable. I’d be wrong if I didn’t say you’re a pretty stylish guy too, I know you love the compliments haha. But seriously if it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t own white and green coloured jeans and some badass boots. Venture’s game is off the hook. The very first day we arrived in Montreal I noticed a smoking hot European looking girl out the front of the Sheraton, smoking a cigarette. Once we get into Venture’s suite, here is the same girl all over him. I think she is a billboard model.

    Sterling and Vici you guys are fucking awesome. Sterling’s ability to first of all teach. And secondly, breaking down interactions is second to none. Super chill guys who love having fun. Vici constantly hooks up with smoking hot girls, he has awesome 9 and 10 game. Selfish moment though, I felt pretty honoured when in our final debrief he mentioned that there are parts of my game that he tries to emulate. Word! These 3 guys all developed and delivered game 3.0. If you haven’t read the reviews of Game 3.0 yet, then do it! Then go and sign up for a 10-day bootcamp!

    During the program Starlight launched his book Lifestyle Entrepreneur. Check it out! We were amongst the first to see his book before it was launched. The business seminar he delivered was epic. Such an eye opener for myself in particular. It opened up a whole new world for me in terms of business development. Starlight is an awesome guy and I hope to continue working with him on some business ideas.

    Intrigue also joined us for the whole trip. He was supposed to only come to Montreal but was persuaded to come the entire program by is off sider Ripper. These guys fucking killed it. They showed us what is actually possible with game, blowing everyones minds in the process. Intrigue is the funniest guy you will ever meet and has some of the tightest game I have ever seen. He is truly a caring guy who has come a long way in life. I have so much respect for the guy.

    Future and Vybe were also big players in my game early on. These guys rock. To all the other instructors/mentors Vox, Chase, Farmer, Mr M, Mark V, Jasper, Akira, Bullet, Cajun, Bonsai, Aaron, Matt, Rob, Bruno, Ken, Laurent, Collin, Nick, Ricardo, Olly, Ari and whoever I have missed, thanks for your influence. I respect you guys and hold you guys so highly. Your all fuckin ballers!!!

    Back to the review of PR-2012. Any limiting belief I had about women, and life in general was definitely shattered over the course of rockstar. The realization of being able to have fun going out every night, without drinking was pretty huge. Especially for post rockstar because game will not be the only focus, building a business and working out will be more balanced. It was definitely an emotional rollercoaster ride, getting tougher and tougher to cope as the end came nearer. We shattered our fears in many different ways from approaching thousands of girls, performing stand up comedy, skydiving. We lived on little sleep and pushed ourselves in the gym as often as possible. We lived in luxury hotels, ate at some of the best restaurants and partied like crazy in VIP areas.

    But when it all comes down to it, its not all about learning game. Yeah Game 3.0 is fucking epic and has a lot of good shit in there, but Project Rockstar is about creating a lifestyle that is attractive and how to convey that in the best possible way. Therefore high quality, attractive women are inevitably going to be attracted to you.

    I met and hooked up with some of the hottest, most amazing girls I have ever seen. But in the end the girls don’t matter one bit. Project Rockstar is about creating life long friendships with the coolest guys on the planet. I fucking love all of you guys. I wish we all could live in the same city, no doubt we would take over in no time.

    A week has gone by now that Rockstar has finished. I have finally got to spend a few days alone to firstly recover, reflect and then decide what my life is going to entail for the next 12 months, and in which part of the world. I spent the past weekend with some old friends and it was very noticeable how differently I look at the world now. Gaming with friends is almost impossible, they will ruin every set if you give them the slightest chance lol, oh well. One thing that I was truly worried about, and something that we talked about before ending rockstar, was slipping back into the person we used to be. Me being on the otherside of the world to all the other guys, I was especially worried about this. But after the weekend I am quiet confident that things will never be like they used to be. I didn’t want to game too much, but I just could not hold back my urge to open girl after girl all weekend. Everything was just so natural for me.

    Moving forward with life I know I am in for a hell of a ride. Its going to take the next few months of gaming hard to fully digest all of the material and churn it out into my own style. The next 12 months is going to be the true defining moment of who I become in my life. I am going to make it count. I can’t wait to return to Project Rockstar next year and every year after that but until then its time for Supernova baby!!!

    Good Luck, Gentlemens!

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    Project Rockstar 2012 Review

    Writing this review is going to be a little bit difficult because I know that my words can never fully describe the Project Rockstar experience. These past 9 weeks have been life changing for me in so many different ways that I never imagined and I can honestly say that life will never be the same. The program is an all encompassing program that will teach how to live an amazing life and there is nothing like it anywhere.

    Before Rockstar I was working in banking and though I was doing financially well and on track to have a senior position I knew that sort of life was not for me. There was always this feeling inside that there was something more -- that I should be living a life where I was excited to wake up every day. I first heard about Rockstar 2 years ago and was initially rejected. I knew this was a program I had to go on and was fortunate enough to be apart of this past summers Rockstar. I left my job and though I did not fully know what to expect I knew that I was making the right decision and that my life was going to be different from here on in. After recently completing Rockstar I can say whole heartedly that being apart of Rockstar was one of the best things that I have ever done. Rockstar is not just an experience -- it's a launching pad to live an amazing life and have network of incredible and inspirational people to enjoy that life with.

    Rockstar will be one of the most rewarding and most challenging things you will ever do. It really hurts to be broken down to your core and to be rejected thousands of times over. But, if you put in the work and absorb what the instructors are telling you, you will be amazed at the person you will become.

    Venture, Sterling and Vici, all core instructors, are all awesome and have all played important roles in my growth. Venture has the tightest game and really acted as a role model for the group. He has a created a lifestyle for himself which most people would not believe is real and has shown us what is possible in many aspects of life.

    Sterling hands down has to be one of the best teachers out there. His ability to teach, break down peoples game, and break down interactions is epic. He's spot on.

    Vici's inner game seminar was money and having him around to help me change some of my inner beliefs was key.

    Intrigue is not only the man, but an incredible instructor, has tight game and his story is inspirational. It's amazing how far you can come with the right mindset and continuous right action. Originally, he was only supposed to be with us for the Montreal leg but everyone wanted him to stay for the whole trip, so he did.

    Ripper's voice coaching was in particular helpful to me. I've struggled with a stutter for a while and his classes really helped me find my voice and taught me how to project it. It's been playing a big role in my growth and confidence. You can't be scared of being heard.

    Starlights lifestyle Entrepreneurship course was eye-opening. He gave us the ability/tools to create businesses whereby we can make money doing things that we love. They should be teaching this stuff in schools.

    Future was only with us for the beginning of the trip but his positive energy is infectious and he was really helpful with changing some of my negative beliefs.

    Though game is the main part of Rockstar, you can see that the program is really a lifestyle program -- Your beliefs of what is possible will change and you will be given the tools to not only be the man but also live an epic life.

    My game along with the other Rockstars has shot through the roof and we did this without drinking. There is no better way to improve your game than being apart of Rockstar. We went out just about every single night for 9 weeks straight. Can you imagine? Sometimes I don't believe that we went out that much. Every day would go over each other's sticking points and eventually you know your sticking points, you know what to do and now its just a matter of doing it. The length of Rockstar allows you to make changes to your outer and inner game and then solidify them.

    Before Rockstar all of us had to do an insane body transformation. This was hell but once again one of the best thing I've ever done. At the end of the 3 months transformation I was in the best shape of my life. It's not just a matter of how you look but you also feel incredible, empowered, and more masculine. I would have never thought that I was capable of doing a body transformation like that but I proved myself wrong. I proved myself wrong many times on this trip. In addition to feeling and looking great, you learn that if you can achieve anything if you are willing to put in the effort. Whether it's game, health or wealth, you can do whatever you'd like in these 3 categories if you want it bad enough. Going through the transformation with the rest of the Rockstars was really helpful and you realize the importance of having a support group and being accountable.

    The business mentorship over the program was incredible. I was exposed to so many people who have created the coolest lifestyles for themselves. Many of these guys travel all over the world and work from their lap tops. I didn't think this lifestyle was possible until Rockstar, and now that I've learned how to do it, I'm in the middle of doing it right now. I have hard time describing what I am doing to family and friends since they have a hard time grasping that a certain lifestyle is achievable. It's not in their reality.

    The most important thing you will gain from Rockstar are the friendships. Going through this journey together is something that will bond you for life. Having these sorts of friends and support group that understand the lifestyle you are trying to achieve is extraordinarily important in achieving your goals.

    All in all, there is no program in the world like Project Rockstar. Going on project Rockstar has been one of the best decisions I have every made. If I were you I would do anything I could to be apart of it. I promise you that your life will never be the same.

    Aryeh J

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    Rockstar changed my life. We were warned going into the program that at the end we would not be able to recognize ourselves and who we were how true it is. Sounds a little out there but your personality after going through so many experiences in 2 months automatically makes a shift.

    There are so many components to rockstar and I will try my best to do each part of it justice.

    Game -

    your game will explode,,, make no mistake about it. By the end of it I was fucking cover girl models in bathroom stalls. All of the guys had epic stories on rockstar and you get the most elite training covering all facets of game by the best of the best instructors, all of whom I have massive respect and gratitude towards.

    Venture - runs rockstar... and for a reason..he has game that would make James Bond doubt his manhood ... pioneers the most badass game material(game 3.0) and genuinely gives a shit about all his students and their successes. The game 3.0 curriculum is amazing and more can be read about here - Got taught SNL's by Venture as well which obviously got the group laid a lot.

    Sterling - One of the best teachers .. has been a big big influence in my game since the first day I met him and obviously even more so during rockstar. He has the uncanny ability to deconstruct anyones game exposing both the good and the bad. Got taught game 3.0 by him as well.

    Vici - Sick game. Taught us inner game which Helped me a lot because if you dont have the right mindsets ur not going anywhere with girls anytime soon.

    Intrigue - Legend. I respect this guy to the core. Intrigue teaches you how you can be anywhere in life but with enough courage and determination you can do whatever you want especially when it comes to women. Taught us a shit load for SNL's in particular.. spent a lot of 1-1 time with us. Awesome guy, awesome game. Hoch vaaji.

    Future - Some of the shit Future says sometimes just sticks in your mind for life. He is an awesome teacher and a vast amount of experience. Got us into meditating too which was amazing.

    Farmer - Is the man ! gave us a shit ton of day game advice which turned the tables for a lot of us. Super friendly, easy going, intelligent dude.

    Cajun - we helped out on his bootcamp ... I took Cajun's bootcamp last year so he technically got me on this journey and naturally I have a shit ton of respect and love for him. He is a great teacher with great game. Super friendly and easy going.

    Vox/Chase - Awesome teachers, Awesome game and awesome guys to be around with. Learnt a shit ton from them. Love you guys.

    Bullet - awesome teacher and a great guy to be around. Learnt loads from him.

    Mentorship -

    Lifestyle/Enterpreneurship - Jesse Starlight had amazing material based on his new best selling book - Lifestyle Entrepreneur. He provided invaluable coaching and roadmaps for our ideas and existing businesses in some cases which he charges 1000's of $$ for in the real world. I use the material on a daily to help reach my goals. Thanks Starlight ! Also got great advice from him during our day to the game sessions.

    Affiliate Marketing - BIG thanks to Mr. M and Mark V in bringing their guys to teach affiliate marketing. This has helped me tremendously to start a career in the affiliate arena. We learned a shit load of material serving as the best launch pad we could ask for. Thank you Bruno, Chase, Robert, Ricardo and Ken for coming out and teaching us.

    Voice coaching - Zripper- thanks for the awesome voice coaching. I had a terrible problem in this area and most people on the program thought I spoke too quietly. I dont think I have that problem anymore. Thanks for being their supporting us throughout our journey during rockstar as well and faciliating different events.

    Dick dojo - Sex ed - Matt, thanks for helping me use my dick, tongue and fingers more efficiently.

    Personal development - Thank you for the inspirational seminars .. you have literally changed my perspective on things and helped me define/redefine my goals and ambitions.

    Memories - We hungout at some of the best destinationsin the world, in the best hotels, going to the best clubs, eating at the best restaurants, doing comedy performances, surfing in ice cold waters, jumping out of planes, going on roadtrips, . We literally had a blast every day of the week for 10 weeks

    Pre-program workouts - I hated it but it got me into the best shape of my life... great work on the core instructors(Venture, Sterling and Vici) for desigining the program and keeping tabs on us.. couldnta done it without them ... thanks a shit ton guys

    Fellow rockstars - my fav part of the trip ....getting to know each one of the guys was an honour.. I love each and everyone of them..they are the most diverse and talented bunch of people ive met and they are some of the closest people in my life now. Love you guys..

    Thank you for all involved in PR 2012 for helping me change my life... especially the core instructors

    Hope you guys got a better insight on the program.. any questions you can always give me a PM or post here.

    Hope this helps to drive you to put your best foot forward when applying next year. You wont recognize yourself after your done the program if you get in .. thats for sure.

    Goodluck Gentlemens!(As per Captain fagmuffins request)

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    Fundamentally, it’s pretty simple: If you want to attract the hottest girls on the planet into your life by building yourself into a passionate, wealthy, masculine, and otherwise attractive man with an amazing network of friends around the world, then I can vouch that completing Project Rockstar is by far the quickest way to getting on the right path. It is really the only comprehensive lifestyle transformation program of its kind, and has undoubtedly changed my life forever, as I’m sure it will yours if you are lucky enough to be a part of it.

    Sounds awesome right?

    Well here’s the caveat: a once in a lifetime experience as valuable as this comes with a lot of sacrifice, and if you don’t realize that, the program is not for you. Project Rockstar gives you all the tools and more, but you need to dedicate yourself to earning the amazing life you’ve only dreamed about. The great thing is that you will be armed and ready to kick life’s ass by the end of the program as long as you show up and give it your full commitment.

    I came into the program from an already enjoyable and successful life, but knowing that I had more potential and that I could do things beyond what I thought was possible if I was just given the right mentorship. Back home, I was looked up to by most of my friends when it came to game and having my life on a path to success. Rockstar made me realize this was only according to normal people’s standards. This is not a program for normal people, it’s a program for outliers. Nothing gets you on the right path faster than being thrown into the mix with a bunch of like-minded people that are just as awesome and driven as you are (and then some). I felt the pressure of the environment right away, and really needed to dig deep to face my shortcomings and push through them to improve as quickly as possible. I was learning and growing every second just from being there, and it was exhausting. My strength, perseverance, and ego were all put to the test. But in the end, the return far outweighed the investment and hardship. I emerged from this program with better game than I thought was possible, experiences with the hottest girls of my life from around the world, and most-importantly an entire crew of best friends dedicated to a whole new level of success. It took every ounce of patience and energy I had for that 9 weeks, but it was so fucking worth it!

    As for the people involved, here’s my take on the core instructors and mentors this year:

    Venture deserves massive credit (and the gorgeous women he gets on a regular basis) for being such an integral part to keeping this program growing and getting better every year. He works his ass off to make this the best possible experience, and doesn’t expect anything in return but your willingness to try new things. He’s got both women and lifestyle well handled. At first you’ll think he’s some badass prodigy, and it’s a little intimidating because he’s super blunt and direct with his game and his advice. But then you realize how hard he worked to get where he is and how willing he is to give you the keys. He added so much value to my game and my life that I’ll be learning for months just looking back on it and continuing to digest it. Seriously don’t know how I could ever repay him.

    Sterling is another key player this program cannot do without. Not only did I have a blast gaming with him, but he was born to teach this stuff and change people’s lives. The way he breaks the concepts down into understandable pieces is fucking brilliant.

    Vici was a great friend and mentor to have along the way, and plays it pretty cool, until a smoking hot girl comes around and he takes her down almost effortlessly. He taught me a lot throughout the whole program and I definitely wouldn’t have had as good a time if he wasn’t there.

    Intrigue was like the superstar of getting laid. He was proof that it’s possible to pull every night if you want to, and throughout the trip I sought out his expertise on everything from self-deprecating humor to takeaways. His antics also made me laugh so hard I was crying on a couple different occasions. Such a great guy!

    Starlight was one of the first people that made me feel at home in the program with his positive attitude and obvious desire to help us. He’s extremely smart as well, and his track record in business and life experiences is seriously inspirational. Another awesome guy I’m proud to have as a friend and mentor.

    Future is so much fun to be around and has such a strong presence and teaching style because of his awesome sense of humor. Some of the key game and comedy principles I learned from him in the first few weeks played a huge role in my game getting really good fast.

    Mr M, Mark V, and the group of badass affiliates taught us some seriously powerful marketing lessons that I took tons of notes on! These guys are living the life and it was very inspiring to have them around in Budapest.

    Bullet did some serious damage on the Sweden leg and was great to have around as a good motivator and wing.

    Cajun puts on a great bootcamp and I had a great time approach coaching some of his students. There’s tons to learn from his laid back style of game also, but most of you have probably seen his epic stuff in one form or another so you already know that.

    Ripper played a huge role in keeping the group close and making sure we got the main point of the program by making the most out of it while we were there. He also has sick game and has an inspirational habit of opening everything. I honestly can’t imagine the program without him and he was standing in my shoes as a rockstar just last year.

    Farmer is a daygame genius, and was able to pinpoint some changes to my game that seemed simple but made worlds of difference. He also had the balls to do the first approach once we realized a table of guys was watching our every move and clapping or booing based on the reactions we got from girls.

    Vox loves hitting on girls with dogs in the daytime, so if you try and approach one in front of him, he’ll fight you for it. He’s fucking good though, so you might as well just let him go get her number and then have him hook you up with any hot friends she might have later. He was tons of fun to daygame with.

    I can’t really attempt to describe everyone else who was involved. I’ll just say that there were probably about 20 or more additional mentors and instructors, all whom I consider friends now, that did their own unique part to contributing things that made this such a life changing experience.

    So, to all the future rockstars: Get ready to have the time of your lives at the expense of a lot of lost sleep! Throw your comfort zone out the window, and if you go into this with an open mind and have the commitment to follow through, it will teach you things beyond what you ever thought possible and you will forever be part of a growing family of brothers dedicated to a greatness beyond what most people are capable of.

    Rockstars for life!

    Chris M

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    Hey Project Rockstar,
    To all you guys thanks for posting throughtout your transformation. It was great to hear your journey and very inspiring. I had a question for all you who participated, are any of you guys from the project heading out for the superconference in Vegas?

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    Project Rockstar Final Review

    Its hard to remember the person I used to be. It feels like I have been the way I am now forever but that isn’t the case. One of the instructors told me it will be hard to remember your old self after the program and you will act and feel as if you have been this way forever and they were totally right.

    I feel like I am in a new reality after doing project rockstar, some of my beliefs I held for my whole life about the world and about girls were proven to be totally false. Its weird because I was so convinced that they were true and I was living as if they were facts, its not until I tested them during the 9 week program that I realized they were false.

    For example I used to think that I could never stop a girl on the street walking with her mum, and even if I did, it would never work out. FALSE. I used to think it would never work if I tried to stop a girl talking on her mobile phone and get her number. FALSE. During the 9 weeks of rockstar I had so many positive reference experiences that completely changed my perception of what is possible in this world. I was pushed out of comfort zone repeatedly and faced my biggest fears. We were not allowed to use anything as a crutch such as drinking alcohol and this was a huge help for me. We had to do the whole thing sober, this rule was great for me because it forced me to develop my confidence and game without the help of alcohol to calm my nerves, I can now go out gaming sober and be totally comfortable and not have a hangover the next day.

    I have learnt more about myself in 9 weeks than I ever have. I was thrown into the most crazy situations, I got rejected more than I ever have but I also hooked up with the hottest girls I ever have. I have now developed a skill set for life that will allow me to attract the high quality girls that I want in my life. But the best thing about project rockstar for me was the lifelong friends that I have made. I am so proud to call the instructors and rockstars as my friends and I know they will always be there for me, as I will them. I don’t think I would have made it without their support and encouragement throughout this process.

    It was not an easy task tho, it was definitely the most gruelling and testing 9 weeks of my life. It is definitely not for the faint hearted but only for those men out there 100% committed to change. If you are willing to push yourself harder than you ever have before, be beaten down night after night and are willing to get back up every time and keep going, this program will change your life like nothing else out there. But keep in mind it will be you doing the hard work, don’t expect anyone to fix you, the only person who can change your life is yourself. The instructors on the course are the best of the best and if you are willing to follow their advice to a tee, you will get everything you want out of the program.

    Its no accident that Venture and Sterling were handed down the torch by Mr M and Soul to run rockstar. Venture is everything an alpha male should be in my opinion, he has ridiculous game and the way he can convey himself to women is really mind altering, I mean Ill never look at my life story again after hearing Venture convey his. The guy really has everything a women looks for. He is fucking jacked, he has a cool style, he is very articulate with his words and he is a successful entrepreneur that travels the world whenever and wherever he wants. I have pretty much modelled my new life after him.

    Sterling has a crazy ability to break down game into a easily learnable formula which is frickin really hard to do and something that I suck at. He is the backbone of project rockstar and without him I wouldn’t be where I am today with my game. I am really glad we got to become close friends throughout the program.

    Vici is a really down to earth guy with great 9 and 10 game. He is also a very good teacher and I felt like I could ask him absolutely anything about game and he would have an answer for it.

    Intrigue is the frickin man. He is a ripped beast and he got laid twice as much as anyone else during rockstar. His game is off the charts! Best I have ever seen. He is also a funny guy and could be a comedian. His impersonations of some of the people on rockstar were hilarious and so spot on it was scary. He had everyone on the program worried and asking if he had done an impression of them.

    Starlight and Akira really contributed to rockstar with their biz seminars and I learnt a lot from those guys. Starlight has just released his second book called lifestlye entrepreneur which ties in directly to the lifestyle we are trying to achieve as rockstars, it has become my biz bible and he is about to release a Lifestyle Entrepreneur academy course.

    Farmer’s the day game master, he helped me with my day game so much as has also become a good friend.

    To the other mentors and instructors I would need an essay to describe all the things I learnt form you guys over the program. I have thanked you all throughout my journals and in person.

    Thanks for the amazing journey.

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    Project Rockstar


    Since the program has ended I have had a very difficult time trying to explain to my friends, family and sometimes even to myself what this journey has done for me....
    When I was young I always envisioned myself doing something great with my life.
    I knew that deep down inside there was someone who deserved all of the great things that life had to offer and that life was full of opportunity and promise.

    But somewhere along the way certain circumstances made me feel as though I didn't deserve to be happy. That I was a failure. That I just didn't have what it took.
    I lived this sad existence and engrained these limiting beliefs for over a decade. I was literally on the verge of giving up and accepting the fact that life just wasn't what I thought it could be when I was a little kid.

    When I showed up at project Rockstar I was a mess. I was unable to talk to girls, I was unable to talk to men and I was unable to feel self respect. I could hardly look at myself in the mirror.

    I was in many ways a broken man headed towards a life of loneliness and despair.

    Now, I feel like I can do anything!

    This journey has provided me with the opportunity to be the man that I always envisioned.

    The transformation that I undertook was something that I almost didn't believe was possible.
    I'll admit that I had very high expectations for this program and I am thrilled to say that all of those expectations were completely blown away.

    Every limiting believe that I once had has been completely shattered. Every obstacle that held me back has been eliminated. Every curse has been lifted.

    Over the last few months I have had the opportunity to not only be around some of the coolest people on the face of the planet, but I am also very privileged to now be able to call them my friends.

    My entire reality has shifted. My entire view of what is possible in this world has changed.

    Over the course of this journey I was able to attract and sleep with some of the most beautiful girls in my life. Not only that but I also have several that have literally fallen for me and are planning to come and visit me in remote locations around the world.

    But that's not what this journey was about.

    This journey was about finding myself. It was about finally being the man that I always imagined I could be when I was just a badass little kid searching for something more.

    The instructors literally saved my life.
    They were able to take a broken man and transform him into a fucking beast.

    I used to wake up depressed, the first thing I would do is spark a joint and try to smoke away the feelings of another day of my lonely existence.

    Now, I wake up excited! I try not to sleep more then 5 hours because I want to squeeze in as much life as humanly possible!

    The possibilities in this world are endless and if you want it bad enough, you can have whatever you want in life!

    Sterling.... I just want to say that I have so much respect for you man. Over the course of this trip I would like to think that we became close friends. Your a brilliant man and have an amazing amount of wisdom for someone of your age. Miss you bro

    Vici.... We had so much fun man! I loved watching you crush 9 and 10 game and had such a blast winging with ya bro. Helsinki ferry ride hahahaha your such a slut, I love you!

    Venture.... From the bottom of my heart I thank you soooo much man. Thank you for the opportunity, thank you for fixing me, thank you for everything! If you guys ever need anything, ANYTHING! I got your back yo! Hell looking back now I would even take down that beast in Montreal for you (Somebody's gotta F*&* her)

    Intrigue... Dude I don't even know what to say. Heart of pure gold man! I could never properly articulate into words how much you helped me man. I'm literally in tears as I remember how much you changed my life. I owe you! I will never forget!

    Starlight, Akira, Z the Ripper, Mark V, and all of the mentors and other instructors that rolled through the program, you changed my life! You made me realize that your life doesn't have to be what others expect it to be. It can be an incredible magical journey if you want it to be. It's all up to you.

    My fellow rockstars.... I miss you guys tremendously! I've never had the opportunity to be around such an amazing group of people. Thank you all for accepting me and allowing me to be a part of your world. I look forward to seeing you all again someday soon on a nice sunny beach somewhere surrounded by bikinis and laughter.

    I now live a life full of possibility and hope.
    Since the program has ended I am literally in the process of selling all of my possessions and have totally abandoned my old life and old way of thinking. I've quit my old job, I'm selling my house and I am now living in Poland pursuing an existence that most people could not even fathom.

    Yeah it's scary, I'll admit I'm terrified. But project rockstar has taught me that if something is scary and risky it means that you are close to accomplishing something amazing! It's all up to the individual to decide whether or not they want it and are willing to go for it.

    Thanks to this program I am!

    If you ever have the opportunity to take this program. GO FOR IT! You have no idea what is in store for you! You only have one life. Make it special!

    Thank you to everyone that was a part of this magical journey. I am truly blessed to of been included. I will never forget. NEVER

    Project Rockstar changes lives. It is by far the most incredible program on the face of the planet.

    Love you guys. Thanks for EVERYTHING!


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    Project Rockstar 2012 Review

    I'm writing this review sitting in an apartment in San Diego. That may seem insignificant to you. However, my roommate is a Rockstar from last year, and I was encouraged to move to San Diego instead of Austin by another of last year's Rockstars. Both of these friends I met on Project Rockstar 2012. I went into Rockstar 2012 looking for two things: First, the game to get the women I want in my life. Second, to come away with friends that I can live the lifestyle I want to live alongside and go on adventures with for life.

    Rockstar was significant enough to me to land me half-way across the country from my intended destination with two awesome guys I would have never known otherwise. Oh, and by the way – I just founded a new corporation in partnership with another ex-Rockstar who I met this summer. That move will be dictating much of the course of my life over the next few years.

    These things are not insignificant. That alone could suffice for a review of the entire program, to be honest. Without mentioning anything about the program, what I have just told you conveys its benefits and significance. As one of our speakers said early in the program, if your life deviates by a tiny amount from the path it was previously on – let's say a 5 degree change in path – by the time you get 20 years down the road, everything will be totally different for you. If I'm already half way across the country, I can assure you that Rockstar will have had a serious impact on my life 20 years from now.

    In addition, I've been putting in place a number of business techniques, tactics, and concepts I learned this summer on Rockstar. If you're considering applying for the program in 2013, it may be helpful for me to mention that about 70% of the seminars we did this summer were business focused. The idea is to get you the lifestyle you need to enjoy yourself and to make sure that you not only have women in your life, but also have a life worth having women in it. My business is already more successful than when I left, and that fact is only going to build. Not to mention the new business I have started.

    Now, for what you all really want to know. What about my first goal!? What about the game. Well, when you're in change it's hard to see it. I could best tell you my game improvements if I went back and read my first blog posts and compared them to what I have now. I will say that I do not, yet, have the women that I want in my life. Nor do I quite feel that I have the skill set in place, at least not in night game. I would say that Rockstar not only taught me the skill set I need to get the women in my life through day game, but also got me to a point where I am pretty confident I could use day game to get exactly what I want. Night game is, inherently, tougher though.

    At the same time, I feel myself tottering on the edge, waiting for a little extra momentum that will push me into the territory where I am happy with my ability to get women I want in night game. Switching from say-very-little, light sense of humor Swedes to attitude-on-crack, high energy party girls in San Diego was a calibration shock that has given me a game delay, for one. But, more importantly, I learned all the tools and knowledge I needed to get what I wanted out of Rockstar and now it is up to me to keep developing them to actually get where I'm going. So Rockstar is not necessarily capable of delivering you as a final product, though in 9 weeks who would expect that that is the case? And for some of the guys that were alongside me this summer, I think they would say they did get to where they wanted. Not that any of them are satisfied with sticking where they are, but they're happy with the level they are at and looking forward to pushing forward more.

    Here we go with a more specific review of what we learned on the game side. For many of the people who came into Rockstar with large limiting beliefs and serious hurdles in their minds, their blocks were shattered and even by the end of the 9 weeks they were staggeringly different people. I had a hard time recalling the difficult points they had come into the program at. In some cases, the rest of us had even thought a few members of the program might be beyond help. That couldn't have been farther from the truth, and everyone left the program kicking ass. I came into the program with sneakier inner barriers that often disguise themselves by subtly making me think I don't want to do something or letting me lack motivation to finish sets and things like that. I got a good way through dealing with these on Rockstar, but my barriers often have to be found before being conquered and I think that will take more time.

    In terms of game, at the outset of the program I was pretty intimidated by physical escalation and used little or no touch in sets. I didn't like gaming and opening by myself. I never opened direct. Getting makeouts and further escalation was sort of gray area for me that I wasn't that great at. Last night I was biting a girls neck immediately in front of her friends at 11pm, and I don't say that because I'm proud of doing something cool – I say it because it's perfectly normal. I use eye contact and proximity as quite possibly my main tools for creating attraction, even above humor in the case that a set gets past the opener far enough for me to start using these tools. I am very much consciously aware of things like my tonality, energy levels, facial expressions and voice color (how animated my voice is) – things that before used to hold me back and that I often wasn't aware of until after the fact. And as far as makeouts and closing, somehow along the line that became one of the strongest parts of my game; I feel I can close just about anything as long as I am able to build pretty good momentum first (something I would have NEVER said several months ago).

    Rockstar does a fantastic job of teaching you to use your body and the physical aspects of pickup. Venture is a superstar with these things, and Venture and Sterling knock it out of the park when it comes to teaching using your eye contact, touch, and proximity. It also does a very good job of teaching you what good interactions should look like, and how to guide the interactions where you want. I used to get stuck very firmly either in fun mode or in serious mode. Now I can easily hop from fun mode to speaking passionately and back again, though going from speaking passionately early and then starting fun is still tough for me. And Rockstar kills it when it comes to pushing your limits and your views of what's possible. Every time you are convinced something is not possible, someone (instructor or student) runs right past you and does it in front of your eyes. That speeds up learning SO much, that it's nearly unbelievable.

    The current program did have some shortcomings, however. Unfortunately, the shortcomings may have been most focused in the areas that I needed help the most. I was a perfect storm of things that are hard to teach, I suppose – but it's only a month or so out and I'm nearing solving many of the hard blocks I was left with after Rockstar already, so I was certainly set up well to move forward. Anyway, the program was a little light on building up actual ability to tease and have fun conversation. I had to rack my brain really hard to figure out actionable things I could do in order to increase the fun end of my game, and it took me much of the program to start making progress. Had I been given the tools in the beginning, my trajectory would certainly have leapt ahead a lot. The previous year's Rockstars learned a lot about techniques for teasing, rather than just practicing lines, and their knowledge of things like role-reversal and self-disqualification at a more granular level has left them quite good at fun game. Future Rockstars probably need more fine-level instruction on how to conduct fun game. Also, while I had some of the abstract knowledge of how to run the fun aspect of an interaction, very little of what we did actually strengthened my fun game in practice. The he said/she said exercises began moving me towards better teasing ability, but everything else was a matter of trying it in field and hoping things got better over time. It would have been better to strengthen our skills out of the field and then go out at night and fine tune other things. Last years Rockstars do a lot of trigger word exercises that we did not learn, and these seem to help them a lot when it comes to training fun game before they go out. I came up with a few ways to train myself and it made a big difference for me, but I definitely think this should be part of the program.

    Another thing I would like to see from the program would be something to help calibrate to meshing with the types of women we're interested in more quickly. The current way of doing this is to just go out in the field and beat your head against the wall until you calibrate. The best way I can think of to calibrate would be to hang out with attractive, young women that like to go out to clubs during the day and just get used to what they like to talk about and their style of interacting. This is not practical for Rockstar at this time, but something needs to change when it comes to the fact that you're spending all of your time calibrating to hanging out with other guys who aren't naturals at game and then trying to jump into the field and flip over to a different mode. I think if I had been immersed in just being friends with a group of say 3 of the types of girls I'm interested in for the whole of Rockstar, and if I had been given a more detailed view of fun game with ways to train my skills out of the field, I may well have left the program with skills in the range where I would be happy with them. But, to know what I need to seek only a month later is pretty darn good, anyway!

    The third thing that's tough about the program is that there is so much time crunch with the never-ending seminars that it's hard to really sit down and just practice game without distractions. Every time I wanted to study game or do he said/she saids or something like that, we had another seminar popping up. At the end of the day, the immeasurable value from all of this outweighs the problems with the never-ending learning. But it was a tough situation. If the program were 12 weeks with the same number of seminars more spread out, I probably also would have picked up game better and faster as I could immerse myself in it more without distraction. But 9 weeks is already a hell of a long time.

    So if the teaching given to teasing is increased a bit next year, the only real shortcomings of the program are either pie-in-the-sky scenarios that are hard to fix, or not that significant. Try to find another program that is this overwhelmingly positive. You'll have a hard time.

    To sum it all up – I still feel that I'm searching a bit in the game aspect of my life, but it also feels like the pieces are snapping into place. And I was pre-disposed to catching on more slowly from the program than almost anyone else, so I'm a bit of a worst case scenario. On the other hand, my game exploded into new territory and I became so good at many aspects of game that I take a number of things for granted. I have been teaching a friend from home Game 3.0, and he started at a point similar to where I was at the beginning of Rockstar. Comparing what I know now and my beliefs and abilities to where he began learning from me when I came back, it was obvious that I was fairly unaware of the true magnitude of what I had learned in game. At the end of the day, Rockstar smashed barriers for many of the participants and put them in a place they could have never imagined. For me, it led me ¾ of the way down that path and gave me the toolset and people I need to finish the journey. And that's just in game. Outside of game, it's already redirected my life in huge ways. Now that my path is on a different trajectory altogether from where it was 4 months ago, I'm more than positive that in 20 years my position will be wildly different than where it would have been without Rockstar. And I came away from the program with a worldwide network of badass friends that I know will always be down to go out. Which alone was worth the whole thing – especially because I hate going out alone!!!

    Oh – and let me throw out some more props. Venture, Sterling, and Intrigue were responsible for serious changes in my game. Every instructor and the other students all contributed hugely, but those guys really broke their backs to bring the game improvement. Starlight really dropped some great entrepreneurship stuff on me, while the affiliate marketing guys (there were many) gave me some invaluable marketing/advertising knowledge. Our business mentors were responsible for changing my current business marketing a lot, and also for giving me the tools to really change my inner beliefs. Future dropped knowledge on us that solved almost any situation we ran into. Z Ripper was there helping us through the entire process, which is a value hard to quantify or describe. I'm forgetting more awesome people and their contributions, but it's 2 am and those were the ones that really kicked ass for me. Thanks guys! Seriously.

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    Rockstar 2012 Review

    The Rockstar program is an all encompassing one that drives you toward excellence in every single part of your life. The awesome thing about Rockstar is that the people involved all have a burning desire for this excellence and will do anything it takes to achieve their goals. Being in this environment for two months solid of pushing your comfort zones and your physical and mental limits is intensely stimulating in every way. Rockstar is a truly joyous experience because you are essentially living life in the way you always dreamed. But on Rockstar we don't just dream, we go out and do it every day. Every hour of your day on Rockstar is driven towards self improvement whether it be in game, physically or financially. Going back to 'normal' life I've carried with me this Rockstar mentality and I hate to waste a single minute of the day. I plan my weeks around when I can go out and when I have to work and be in the gym. I am driven to make the most of every day and this is testament to the Rockstar program and the people on it that have inspired me.

    There are three components to Project Rockstar that I will delve a little further in to:

    Health: Before Project Rockstar I was 170lbs, 20% bodyfat. When I was accepted on to the program in March I was given a training and diet regime to ensure that coming in to Rockstar I would be in the best shape of my life. I came in to Rockstar, just over two months after being accepted at 155lbs, 12% bodyfat. I completely changed my body in just two months of hardcore dieting and exercise. Doing cardio every day and weights five times a week, thinking about the amazing summer that lay ahead and how I wanted to look and feel better than ever. I felt like I was a boxer preparing for a fight, dragging myself to the gym at 1am to walk on a treadmill! Arriving on Rockstar we were paired up with another Rockstar as a gym buddy and were in there 4/5 times a week. Coming out of Rockstar I now go to the gym 4 times a week, and eat much better that I ever had before. It's instilled in me as a permanent habit and that is the great thing about Rockstar. The process is long enough to make real permanent positive change. Having done the 12 week program and developed an interest in bodybuilding and dieting I also have the knowledge and experience to be able to work towards any specific goal that I have with my body. Having always being overweight, it it quite liberating to have that knowledge and experience. I know I can really get it done now, but I probably would never have done it the first time if it wasn't for Rockstar.

    Wealth: Throughout the Rockstar program we received expert mentorship on how to build our own business, and sustain it with a lifestyle that fits our skills, passions and ambitions. During the Montreal leg, Starlight provided a comprehensive series of seminars on Lifestyle Entrepreneurship which was way beyond what I had expected from the Rockstar program coming in. Starlight's knowledge and experience is matched only by his ability to teach and relate to his students. Starlight brought so much to the program; his seminars were full of amazing information borne from his first hand experience as a successful serial entrepreneur. On top of the seminars, Starlight offered us individual, one on one time to discuss our own ideas and how we could shape them in to a viable business plan.

    On the Budapest part of the program we received an intensive, hands on week long course on affiliate marketing. Alongside Mr M and Mark V, a handful of the top affiliate marketers in the world had flown out to come and teach us that week. These guys are there own bosses and already live the Rockstar lifestyle!

    The biggest thing I took from the business side of Rockstar is the realisation that it's possible to put your lifestyle first, if you work hard and follow a path that relates to you interests. Having guys like Starlight, Venture and the affiliate marketers there really reinforced this and made me see what was possible. In many respects this is what Rockstar is all about. The environment and the people within it is so unique.

    Game: What can I say here to possibly do Project Rockstar justice in this respect? I've always strived for the best in my life and I've never been satisfied with the quantity and quality of women I was able to bring in to my life. I had taken two bootcamps prior to Rockstar including the 10 Day in Stockholm last year. That program inspired me to apply for Rockstar as it was headed up by Venture, Sterling and Vici. These guys are an amazing instructor team, primarily because they are all best friends and they all bring different things to the table that they can share with each other and ourselves in the most efficient way possible. There is no bullshitting with these guys. Venture can almost immediately tell what parts of you game are lagging behind. Sterling is a master at breaking that down and giving you practical advice, and Vici has incredible insights in to micro calibrating your game for specific types of girl.

    As far as the curriculum goes, game was taught almost entirely in the first two weeks of the program. The game 3.0 model devised by Sterling and Venture and taught on the 10 day bootcamp is the model taught on Project Rockstar. The curriculum relies very heavily on the understanding and development of your own identity. Everyone has a different identity or a different set of aspirations and part of Rockstar is discovering that and calibrating your own game towards your identity. I would say that everyone came in to Rockstar with at least a basic understanding of outer game, to the point where a few weeks immersed in that would not have helped a great deal. Where game 3.0 excels is in making you understand why game works. It takes you to the core of what your words and sub-comms say about you as man. There were points on Rockstar where I was not getting the success I wanted because I knew what to say but I didn't believe it. When you don't believe it, it tends to show up very obviously in your sub-comms. Watching guys like Venture, Intrigue and Z Ripper in field day after day really helped me clean up my sub-comms. Seeing how aggressively they push/pull and how quickly they could escalate really pushed me forwards in this respect and shattered a bunch of my limiting beliefs derived from my 'nice guy' days

    Coming out of Rockstar I am able to attract better girls more consistently than ever before. That fact alone would make Rockstar a worthwhile program to be on. Add to that the business mentorship, a network of amazing friends and a collection of the most memorable experiences of my life and you have a program that you will not find anywhere else and an environment that is so driven towards permanent change, you will come out a different person. All the instructors add something unique to the program. They all have there own styles and the diversity you find within the instructor team on Rockstar is one it's greatest strengths:

    Venture – Has unbelievable SNL game and is a jedi ninja at relationship management. Seeing him pull hot girls night after night opened my eyes as to what is possible.

    Sterling – A natural teacher, understands what people need to succeed and makes them see it in the best possible way. Watching him freestyle the seminar on relationship management blew my mind. This guy knows game inside out.

    Vici – Taught Inner Game, the most memorable seminar of the program for me personally. Flys in under the radar and always tends to pull some of the hottest girls. Super entertaining guy and highly intelligent.

    Intrigue – Him an Z Ripper tore Montreal to bits! Was kind enough to go through hours and hours of audio recording with a bunch of the guys outside of seminar. Was always there for us if we needed him. Has a passion for teaching and genuinely enjoys helping people.

    Z Ripper – One of last years Rockstars; Z Ripper was with us every step of the way this year. Has tight game and really strong teasing. Also provided us with voice coaching throughout the program and helped me a ton with my standup comedy routine. Watching him and Intrigue infield changed my game!

    Future – Was with us for the Montreal leg to teach day game and generally bring mountains of morale to the whole group. Exceptionally intelligent and funny guy with a flair for teaching.

    Starlight – Provided the lifestyle entrepreneurship course in Montreal and joined back up with us in Sweden. Has great game, a passion for life and a whole lot of knowledge about seemingly everything! Great teacher, great guy.

    Aside from the core team, you get guys like Mark V, Cajun, Farmer, Mr M, Vox and a whole host of other guys come out to share their wisdom on game and life throughout the program. There really is nothing like it. Been a part of Rockstar is the best thing I've ever done in my life and if you're reading this thinking about applying, do it! Put every ounce of effort in to it and you won't regret it. Don't worry about money or time or commitments or anything like that. Your biggest commitment should be to yourself, and if you belong on Rockstar, you'l find a way around all that other stuff and be forever grateful that you did.


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    Some time has passed now since Project Rockstar has finished and I am still sorting out the reverberations of it in my own personal life. I still have a hard time believing that the whole thing actually happened. Did I really do all those things? Did I really experience that growth? Am I really that person? These are questions I find myself asking from time to time. The answer is that yes those things happened.

    Rockstar was without a doubt the best nine weeks of my life. I was telling a friend of mine the experiences my fellow rock stars and I had on the program without telling him I was on a program, merely on an awesome trip with some buddies. After I got halfway through he looked at me and said “holy shit dude, you guys were living like rock stars!” He was right. During those nine weeks the things that went down were just so out of the ordinary for most people that they can only be described as legendary. If all Rock star was an opportunity to experience 9 weeks like I experienced than I would say do it!

    However, it is so much more than just 9 awesome weeks. Living through those 9 weeks changes you. You just begin to think of yourself a bit differently when you SNL a 9 or you bring a girl to your hotel room and kick her out because another girl who you want more wants to see you. Having four girls in your hotel room in one day just has a way of making you realize how awesome you are.

    But I am still trying to figure out what the long term effects that will be. I have certainly not been able to reach the same heights of awesomeness that I reached during those 9 weeks (although by any normal standard its still very awesome). Your old life has a way of trying to reassert control and transform you back to how things were before… or at the very least as close to how things were before as they could possibly be. Yet although I am fighting that I now know what is possible and that is a fire that is impossible to extinguish.

    Knowing what is possible is scary in a way. At the risk of using a much worn out cliché, it is very similar to the movie the Matrix when the main character is faced with the choice of taking either the red pill or the blue pill. Project Rockstar is the red pill. I truly realized that when I returned to my old job. My tolerance level for all the bullshit and sacrifices a high powered job I felt no passion for requires was obliterated.

    I simply could not take being told what to do or being forced to stay in the office late into the night and sacrifice my personal life. The knowledge that I was spending my time doing something I was not passionate about began to eat away at me. The old lies about well I could do this for several years, move up etc. no longer did anything for me. They were hollow. I could not really relate to my colleagues who were willing to put up with it all. It got to the point where I ended up quitting. I have no idea yet whether that decision will turn out to be the right one. I am terrified in fact that I might have thrown everything away. But once I knew what type of life was possible I couldn’t go back.

    Being the type of person who lives a life that revolves around his passions is something that I simply cannot go back on. I am still trying to figure out which passions I should focus on to try and generate income for myself and what the smartest long-term way to go about doing that would be. However, what I will not compromise on is choosing a life or a path that is not inherently fulfilling day in and day out. To do so would be the mark of an inferior man and a negation of the whole point of Rockstar. In Rockstar more than just techniques or routines you learn what it is to live your life in the fullest way possible as a man. You learn to always go after what you want.

    Game wise the realization of knowing what is possible and what you are capable of it truly transformative. Whenever I don’t approach a beautiful girl and I try to make excuses for myself I know I am lying to myself. I know that it is just fear talking. Either I myself was in situations where I opened a girl like that and something amazing happened or one of my fellow Rockstars did and something amazing happened to them. That knowledge prevents me from ever being ok with not going 100% after what I want.

    I still have no idea how this new knowledge and awareness is going to play out. It makes me nervous in a way because I feel what I expect from life now has just gone up 1000 fold and that if I try and have it all I might end up throwing away a nice comfortable existence. Several of my family members in fact have told me that already.

    Yet than again you don’t really search out a program like this unless you want to have one of the most amazing lives possible despite the risks involved. For those of you who aspire to that, who want to try and have a truly outlier life than this is the program for you. The things that Venture, Sterling, Vici, Intrigue, Future, Starlight, Ripper and all the other instructors taught me literally shifted the way I view life and myself. They helped me get closer to my ideal self. If you sign up next year and are lucky enough to become a part of the program then they will transform your life as well. Once they do, there is no going back.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grimbo View Post
    Sooo....when can I apply for 2013?
    Project Rockstar 2013 planning is underway. Catch the first glimpse of next year's program at Project Rockstar 2013. It's going to be a big one.

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