What is "Simplified Natural" (formerly "Game 3.0")

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    What is "Simplified Natural" (formerly "Game 3.0")

    So Ive been surfing around the forum reading about the new Simplified Natural / Game 3.0

    Students tell about not needing to learn routines etc, and that you learn "natural game" with this

    The thing is, hasn't love-systems "hated" on natural game forever? I remember savoy writing a long blog post how "natural game" doesnt exist and that you have to learn routines to get natural game, and he also linked to another experienced LS dude saying you cant learn to be a natural with "natural game bootcamps", yet you now claim to teach natural game?

    Also, exactly what is the difference between Simplified Natural and the usual step-by-step process and oldschool game? Could someone please give me a wrap up about it?

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    I am sure Venture and Sterling can answer this in complete detail as it is what they have developed, its what only they teach. And i know they are extremely proud of!

    Simplified Natural (which used to be called Game 3.0) is about taking away all of the "lines and routines" that are just weird. Its about bringing a somewhat "normal" approach to talking to and attracting women. Its about bringing out the real and genuine person within yourself and learning how to communicate that in the most attractive and effective way.

    Its about rediscovering the masculinity inside of you and realising that all of your intentions are ok to communicate to a girl, instead of learning the old school, "tricks and lines" to essentially trick a woman into liking you, therefore you are never really likely to be called out for "gaming". Its about becoming a man and acting on your intentions.

    Simplified Natural teaches you how to communicate on a deeper level and create a stronger connection with a girl faster then before. I can say that personally happened with me in particular with one girl. I have spent a total of 5 days together with her and have had feelings for her that haven't been sparked since my ex gf who i was with for 2 years, and this girl communicated back to me that she has never felt feelings so quickly for someone.

    So in conclusion, its not "natural game" as such. Its about becoming a more real person and getting rid of the gamey and gimmicky old school routines, and making game fit within your own personality.

    A normal bootcamp is definitely your number one step in creating a solid foundation of game. But don't stop with a normal bootcamp; continue on with Simplified Natural to take your game to an advanced level very quickly. It is well worth the investment.

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    Why is lines and routines weird? Why isnt that normal? Why isnt that learning to communicate in the most attractive way?? Ive read attractionforums for a while and I always say Savoy and his LS instructors defend old school game with that. And no suddenly you have to learn some other game cause the old school is not normal?

    LS and MM have got shit tons of critique about its being manipulation and tricking girls into sex, in which they have discarded and said its "nonsense" and that old school game is not about tricking nobody. And now you say that the new style of game is not like old school where you manipulate girls??

    I dont get this at all, for years now you guys have been saying that you get natural game with structure and that its not manipulation, and now you somehow tell me that you need to learn some other kind of game else u are manipulating people!

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    John Aus said:
    "Its about bringing out the real and genuine person within yourself and learning how to communicate that in the most attractive and effective way."

    Wasn't Love Systems already about that?

    I agree with DanEinsen; I would like someone to further explain this...

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    Lines and routines are not necessarily weird, but when lines and routines overshadow your personality... THAT IS WEIRD. When you first get in to game and learn how to spark attraction through lines and routines it feels good! Then you learn more routines and try to improve your lines and your delivery. If it doesn't work you learn more and more game. After a while immersing yourself in this you forget the bigger picture. You game girls so you can build a connection with them, so you can love them and be loved back. If all your game consists of things you read in a book, how do you know how to communicate who you really are on a personal level, that is attractive to a woman? You might be able to get enough attraction to take a girl home and have sex with her using predominantly lines and routines, but what do you do in the morning? Run the cube on her?

    Aside from the heavy sub-communications focus, "Simplified Natural" (aka Game 3.0) is not all that different from previous methods of game. We still learn things to say, there is still a 'model' and there are still stock teases and answers to questions that could be construed as 'gamey'. However, the philosophy of learning game through the Simplified Natural model is COMPLETELY DIFFERENT. You are yourself first. Your principles, your integrity and your value as a man are all at the core of Simplified Natural. From the way you approach to the way you escalate and the way you build relationships, everything you do is in line with these values. When you game girls from this perspective you can build a connection incredibly fast, because you come from a position of "this is who I am as a man" from the moment you open her. When you unlock that side of your masculinity you allow her to express her full sense of femininity, and let her guard down around you. To be able to build that kind of connection very quickly is testament to the 'natural' feel of Simplified Natural. That doesn't mean it is natural game, whatever that means.

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    Henry is there any model at all to Simplified Natural? If so, how does it look like?

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    Ok thankyou, yes If Im gonna take a bootcamp Im gonna take a 10 day one I think, but only if I know more and get a deeper understanding on exactly what the big difference is between the knowledge being taught (Simplified Natural / Game 3.0) and the usual stuff or other "natural-game-methods" by .. well 300 other companies.

    I have most faith in LoveSystems tho as I've heard very good things from you, but well again, I think I need more understanding of it before putting my money on it (Its alot indeed for a student like me).

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    Since no instructor cares to elaborate on this, I guess its just the same stuff but with other words?

  9. Quote Originally Posted by DanEinsen View Post
    Since no instructor cares to elaborate on this, I guess its just the same stuff but with other words?
    I am not sure why u need an instructor to elaborate on this. If it is their own product obviously they are going to give it the best description and review they can about it. Go back and read the reviews of the students who actually took part in the program. They all mention how life changing and evolutionized it is!



    Looking at your comments I think you are looking for any excuse possible not to take the course. Yeah its a big investment, i understand that, but whats worse, living a life of misery knowing you cant get your dating life handled and looking back on it in 30 years and thinking, damn, if only i took action and changed my life like all of those guys in the reviews.

    10 day bootcamps will be the thing of the future, looking at the reviews they are much more effective then a 3 day bootcamp. 3 days is just dipping your toe in, i couldnt think of anything better then a 10 day, cant wait til i take mine!

  10. Wow, great response Venture. Yes I think i understand, Im gonna think about taking a Simplified Natural bootcamp actually.

    Just one thing I wonder, did u have such amazing success in only 5 months?! It make you wonder, do u have any .. what could be called "naturally advantages" ? Like, are you really good looking or something? Ive never heard of anyone becoming instructor level good in 5 months before..

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