Advice on first time going out needed
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    Advice on first time going out needed

    Hello fellow gamers

    I am going to the big city tommorow
    Anything you recommend to do, so i am 100% in state

    Doesn't matter if you think, i know it
    Say it anyway

    Any advice are much appreciated
    Even music to get in state

    Thank you!

  2. I haven't heard of any formula for "getting in state". I recommend a small workout before you head out and doing something social. Get iyourself into a positive and talkative mood. Even grinning like an idiot or jumping on a spot will do sometimes. Put on some clothes in which you feel awesome and you're set. Good luck man !

    As far as music goes - what music are you into ?

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    Thank you
    Pop music

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    Do 3 warm up sets. Talk to an old woman, ask for directions, just get into a talkative state.

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