When indirect is better?
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    When indirect is better?

    Recently I've been focusing other aspects than game, and I found myself unable to recall when indirect is better (and meant for)?

    Direct/indirect is just all about the timing and moment when you are going to show interest, in opener or in transition.

    If you are going indirect, and she can read you shown interest implicitly by your actions, she will take that as "afraid to hit on her" which is huge DLV, actually you are done in that set.

    So I'd be greatfull if someone could write 5-6 contexts when indirect is suited, and when indirect shows it's power?

  2. Indirect has advantages for newer guys, who have confidence issues and anxiety, as it allows them to go in 'softly' and build up at their own pace.

    For more experienced guys, it can increase your chances of success. For instance, go up to a model and tell her you like her - chances are she'll smile politely, and leave quickly. Engage her in indirect, and you stand better odds of being able to seduce her through escalation through the models.
    There's some quote about one of the PUAs not being able to seduce a playboy model on first sight, but always being able to take one home.

    Direct game is hugely about nonverbal communication, but we're lying to ourselves if we don't think that immediate appearance plays a big part in it.
    Indirect game allows slightly less attractive guys to stand a much better chance

    Also, really hot girls get hit on a lot. Indirect allows you to get around that immediate shield they have

    Need I carry on??

    Well, one last thing, the beauty of the way i play indirect, is that she can mostly tell my interest from my nature... BUT she can never be sure - and for 10s that's the power I have. if she calls my bluff and asks if i'm hitting on her, i can tease her (which allows me to keep control of the frame, if the time is not correct)... 10s will seldom ask directly, because they wont leave themselves as open to rejection from you... so you can play on it for longer/until the crescendo moment.

    Indirect is a verbal dance, which i love.
    I appreciate direct game has it's advantages and i am NOT saying one is better than the other (That whole argument is ridiculous). But, i don't really go in for 'pick up' any more, i'm much more interested in seduction - in which indirect is the best method.

    hope this helps

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    Don't overthink this. Most of direct vs indirect is a matter of personal preference. See this article:

    How to Pickup Girls - Approaching
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    This is what I had in mind.

    She’s alone: MORE DIRECT
    It’s the daytime: MORE DIRECT
    You have approach anxiety: MORE INDIRECT
    You’re approaching a group of women and you don’t know which one you’re interested in yet: MORE INDIRECT
    It’s really loud or distracting where you are: MORE DIRECT
    You want to give your wingmen the best chance with her friends: MORE INDIRECT
    Your body language and non-verbal communication is good (see Beyond Words for examples): MORE DIRECT
    You have to go out of your way to approach her and she is going to notice this: MORE DIRECT
    She is in a mixed group (men and women): MORE INDIRECT

  5. When you approach you need to go with what you think will work best in that situ whether it is direct or indirect!

    Your best be is to go and try so you can build your toolset to what works for you and what your good at!

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