Savoy, Darwin, Gil Rio Miniseminar - Hollywood August 2012

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  1. Savoy, Darwin, Gil Rio Miniseminar - Hollywood August 2012

    This was a good seminar with lots of useful information. scheduled for 7-10pm, Gil and Darwin were happy to let it go almost an hour later in order to get through all the Q and A. They are very passionate about the game, and it's obvious that they enjoy teaching what they know to the less enlightened.

    With the release of the new DATE course, a lot of time was spent talking about dates and how to get the most out of your time on a date. Some of the topics discussed: goals of a date, examples of good and bad dates, physcial escalation, how to use the the question game effectively, best nights for dates, logistics, and where you are in the emotional proggression model.

    It was a pretty relaxed atmosphere, and the guys were cool with answering questions and elaborating on certain topics throughout the talk.

    After talking dates for a while we moved into the specifics of qualification, and why it is such a crucial part of the pickup equation. There were a number of topics and examples discussed, my favorite of which was the idea of force-framing, and the psychology of why it is so effective.

    I would definately recommend the miniseminar, just make sure to take good notes, because we hammered through ALOT of information, and its almost impossible to memorize it all when you're just starting to learn this stuff. Lastly they hooked it up with an audio CD from the interview series, which is almost like another minisemiar. 2 for 1 shweeet!! Thanks guys!

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    Thanks for coming out, and I'm really pleased to hear you got a lot out of the seminar. We always try to pack in a ton of information. We will be putting on another seminar in the near future and would like to hear what people are interested in learning about at the next one. If you have a suggestion please reply to this thread and we will put it on the board of ideas.


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    Going to the Love Systems Mini Seminar in Hollywood was great! I've known about the company for quite a while, but being able to see some of the faces behind the company and talk to them in person was absolutely incredible! Savoy, Darwin, and Gil Rio were all very friendly, humble, funny, and engaging as they taught about dating, qualification, and doing Q&A afterwards. To me, it felt like a turning point because talking to the instructors made me realize that others have been in similar situations, and that I can do this because they have done it already; and it has given me the confidence to apply all that I've learned in Love Systems even more. The 3 hours seemed to come and go very quickly because I was gaining so much awesome information and having such a good time. Gil Rio and Darwin were even kind enough to stay well beyond the 3 hours to answer any question we had for them!

    Since the Seminar, I've been going out doing Day-Game anytime I can. It has made me see things in a whole different light; and I know that if I apply what I've learned and present my best self, I'll be able to get over some of the sticking points that's held me back in the past. I truly don't know if I would've had this confidence if I didn't attend the Mini-Seminar. It has made me become more determined than ever to MAN-Up, take chances, and to not be so fearful of rejection. With the combination of awesome teaching, great Q&A, and meeting others involved in Love Systems at a very affordable price, the Mini-Seminar is something that truly should not be missed!

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    loved this seminar, great turn out! stay tuned, we'll do another one soon!

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  5. I came to the seminar mainly to see Gil Rio speak. I've known him for awhile now and seen him grow by leaps and bounds. So, it didn't surprise me when he told me that he wanted to share what he's learned with others. Gil is a smart dude - he has a Phd in real life. He works in a lab. Interesting because I think he uses the same principals in pick up.

    His approach to learning Love Systems was the same as his work in a lab: I would see him try things out and if they would work, he would keep using them. if they didn't get the results he wanted, he would stop doing it. He would never be attached to the outcome. That's the key. That's why I say his approach was scientific. He was out at bars and clubs to get his game down. He worked hard. Got blown out often. But it never would affect him much. He just tweaked his game.

    Now don't get me wrong. The guy's approach is not dry and analytical. He's no Spock. He's quite the opposite. Anyone who saw the seminar got a glimpse at how light and fun he is. He's the same way out at the clubs. But again, he was not always that way. I remember starting out with him. He was really quiet. Boy, how times have changed him. Now, when he enters a room, he owns it. He's funny and spontaneous. People are just drawn to him. His game just flows. But that's just Gil. He was always warm, funny and helpful. Its just now he shows that side of himself with everyone he meets.

    I would say that anyone who is interested in taking a playful, fun approach to Love Systems should look into his training. You won't be disappointed.

    I also learned alot from Darwin at the seminar. I thought I understood Qualification but he brought his own perspective on it, which was helpful. I had met Darwin at the Super Conference last year. He even winged me in a few sets. Darwin came across as someone who really knew what he wanted in a woman at the seminar. Really solid frame and great body language.

    Savoy also made an appearance and answered a question for me in-depth; something that had been bugging me for awhile. So it was an all-around productive seminar for me.

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