Girl leads the kiss?
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    Mr Bond Guest

    Girl leads the kiss?

    So this girl I've been dating, she didn't go for the kiss the one time I went for it but a couple dates later she ended up kissing me while my eyes were closed.

    I try to like hold eye contact because I know that sets it up (especially when the talk is going good and she's laughing) but she laughs and asks what I'm thinking about. Said if I try to kiss her she's going to hurt me. (Does that mean I should or what?)

    Then later on we were sitting by each other and she just motioned with a finger to come closer and then we kissed for a few seconds. She said "You're so bad at this" but then laughed a lot and I just looked at her like "You're full of shit and you know it." and she said she was kidding.

    I mean it's no big deal, I like to take things slow (I know I'm a weirdo) but I'm just wondering if "You better not kiss me" means "Kiss me".

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    Mr Bond Guest

    I guess to make it simpler my two questions are

    1. Do girls say shit like "You better not kiss me, I'll hurt you" when they want you to kiss them? (There's lots of eye contact and laughing involved.

    2. Does the answer change since she's kissed me both times? Once when she had me close my eyes and again just with a hand motion to lean in.

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    hey, you should just feel the vibe, follow your instinct

    also why it's matter? it's just a kiss, a process that must go through. did you guys make out in isolation yet?

  4. As soon as she brings a kiss into the conversation it means that kissing you is on her mind. Even if she talks about the kiss as a negative thing she still thinks about it which can only bee good!

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    Mr Bond Guest

    [MENTION=220092]HugeGrant[/MENTION] So when she says that "You better not kiss me, or I'll hurt you" should I just say "we'll see" and go for it?

    First, I appreciate the advice and we made out but not for very long (I pulled back early to keep her wanting more).

    Second, regarding your signature. There's a difference between arrogance and confidence. Your grammar is horrible and you make yourself sound unintelligent when you say you hate long posts and replies. Just because your definition of a 10 is a skank in a mini-skirt doesn't mean everyone else's is. Just thought I'd point that out.

  6. Yeah! when she says something like that she wants you to kiss her but she doesn't want to ask for it.
    And second? Why the hell would you pull back :P I get the idea of making her want more but in my opinion its just stupid to apply that when your kissing or having sex. When you kiss her good for like over 20 minutes I bet you she still wants more. When you get to the point of kissing/having sex I just enjoy as much as I can.

  7. Would need to know how she said it. Did she mean she will hurt you physically if you try to kiss her or did she mean it more in the sense of "don't fall for me or I will hurt you in the long run"

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    Mr Bond Guest

    Definitely physical pain haha.

  9. HugeGrant is nailing this thread. I can only agree with everything he's said.

    Words are usually meaningless once the physical escalation is starting to reach boiling point (e.g., kissing/sex). I've heard some of the stupidest things when the 'heat of the moment' takes over.
    Don't over analyse everything. As the others have said - go with the vibe and feeling.

    Do NOT hesitate either. Being in control is a powerful thing. If you're in the position where you think 'we could kiss now' - then quickly reappraise the situation as 'we SHOULD kiss now' - take control of the moment.

    I've had girls say they'll hurt me in both meanings (physical and emotional-in-the-long-run)... in either case, I laugh it off, cheeky smile, and go for it anyway.
    Think of it as a worthless disclaimer...and go with the flow.

    Where are things now?

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    Mr Bond Guest

    I still haven't managed to go for the kiss during the date. At the end she always says "you better not" but she has straight up licked my face while we're eating and we even made out for a few seconds (she motioned me in).

    I'm thinking scary movie date next as we've been on quite a few dates and most of the fun communication is body language and looks now so I'll go for it when she's being fucking adorable before the movie or when she hugs up on me. (I seriously like this girl a lot after hanging out with her for a while. Don't worry not gonna let it fuck me up and put her on a pedestal. She's just a cool chick.)

    Any tips on what to do if she rejects again. It doesn't make much sense to me as she's kissed me twice but fucking women logic.

    The one time she did reject it she said it was because she never kisses on the first date. It wasn't at all awkward and she gave me a huge hug. I just guess I'm letting that one time get to me and thinking it's going to happen again cause she always says that shit at the end of the dates. I think next time she says something like "You better not" I'll say "What are you gonna do about it" and just go.

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