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    FB Tags

    This is my first post. I'll probably do a better one later but I was just wondering really quick, if a chick tags you in a post on FB does it really matter at all if you like it or comment or anything?

    Is it better to do or not to do or is it not a big deal?

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    i rarely comment or acknowledge it....im too cool to care about some petty FB status liking or pictures..

    even if a girl drops me a message on FB like whats up or hi..i keep the response really short and teasing...then il just text them and resume convo off of FB never know when an ex-bf is stalking..

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    Mr Bond Guest

    Does it change it at all if it was from a girl I was dating? Not just some random chick? We're not "in a relationship" but we've been hanging out a lot escalating and shit.

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    Mr Bond Guest

    Or would it matter if we were in a relationship?

  5. You're overthinking this to the extreme.
    Relax mate, there is no completely right or wrong answer here - as long as you're not sitting at either extreme

    So, don't like everything, don't ignore everything.

    If it's genuinely funny, or you actually like it - then like it, if not, ignore it.
    Just make sure that other girls aren't seeing all this - i've had girls try and lay claim to me through facebook status/photos/updates etc.... remember facebook anonymity is shit.

    If you were in a relationship in the past -be careful about leading her on still etc.
    If you are in a relationship - this thread is moot
    if you want attraction/relationship - then treat this like any other part of gaming. Show some interest but not too much. Being aloof is important, but keeping her interested is needed..

    remember to focus on YOUR profile too - make sure it's attractive, fun, lively, interesting etc.

    Hope this helps (if you give some examples, we can give more detailed feedback, but remember: google searches can find you on here etc. so be careful with direct transripts)

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    Ye don't worry too much about it.
    Won't make a difference.

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