Anyone want to go for a beer?
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    Anyone want to go for a beer?

    Hey all,

    I'm new to Chicago and only have a few buddies in the area though I'm collecting new ones by the day.

    I'm 25, from Oxford, UK and have been traveling the world for a year on and off. Love Chicago so I decided to get a sublease til the new year

    I run my own business online so can live and work anywhere.

    Anyways, if anyone fancies grabbing a beer or whatever, give me a shout!


  2. I'd be up for a beer sometime, just give me a shout whenever your available...

    Btw which neighborhood did you decide to stay in?

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    Hey man,

    I'm in Uptown til the end of this month then moving to Boystown at Belmont and Halstead.

    I'm free all week anytime really?

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    I'd be interested. I live in downtown just north of the loop. I typically work late nights but I usually have a night in the week where I'm free. Shoot me a pm and I'll give you my contact info.

  5. JBkunt, I'm near Addison and Halsted so I'm pretty close to where you are. I'd be up for beer me whenever you're free.

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    If any of you still want to go for a beer and see what happens let me know, I'm in Chicago for a business trip!

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