Shy girl - Are the signs different?
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  1. Shy girl - Are the signs different?

    Hey all! This is kinda long, but I hope some people will bare with me so I can get some advice!

    So I've run into something I'm not used to. I've taken this girl out 3 times now and she seems to be opening up some but is really shy when it comes to anything physical. There are some things I really do like about her and would like to see where it goes but the shy part makes me second-guess myself on everything. Hopefully there's a guy here that's run into the same sort of situation or a girl that's the same type as this girl is that can shed some insight on how I should proceed with this.

    So the first date, I was actually ready to leave about half-way through because she seemed so nervous and quiet. We ended up going to a different venue and she opened up some and peaked my interest enough to ask her out again - which she accepted.

    The 2nd date went a lot better, it seems like if we're doing something she's really quiet and reserved, but when we sit down and talk she really starts to open up. When I went to kiss her, she gave me a hug. She then told me that she's really inexperienced with dating and shy. She did kiss me after that. We made plans for the next weekend.

    The 3rd date we spent the day together. She proceeded to tell me a long story about her dating life (she brought it up). She's basically never really dated, even though she's in her late 20's and attractive. So when I dropped her off, I went for the kiss and got the cheek. I laughed and told her that we probably should not see each other again. I said "I don't want to see anyone that's not really into me because that's not fair to either of us." She said that's not it at all, and that she's just shy and warms up slowly. I teased her by acting like we'll just shake hands instead which she got a little testy about and said "Don't be rediculous." I just ended up grabbing her and kissing her anyways to which she kissed me back. I'm a very straightforward type of guy.

    I want to believe her, I really do. In my past experiences though, if a girl is hesitant about the physical, then she just does not really feel it. I've learned to always watch a woman's actions, not her words. But I'm not sure if this is 100% correct, just usually.

    Should I even bother with her anymore? Any ideas for a good venue that might help me open her up more?

    A few things that I've noticed:

    She seems to love spending time with me and wants me to lead.
    She has an issue with prolonged eye-contact.
    She gets embarrased very easily.
    She's never initiated any sort of touching.


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    As long as you are moving forward and making progress there is no need to make any drastic decision. Challenges such as this provide a higher hill to climb but when you reach the summit you are higher for doing so.

  3. Flip the switch a little...find out some of her interests/passions - and then create a date around that. Chances are when she is in a surrounding that she feels confident about, you will most likely see her true colors.

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