Get the girl to pay!
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  1. Get the girl to pay!

    Had a date with a cute girl a couple weeks ago. I paid for drinks and apps, got a kiss at the end.

    I have been building rapport/attraction (hopefully) with her via text over the last few weeks.

    She texts me last night:

    HER: Want to hang out tomorow night?
    ME: Sure, nerd Smile I'll let u take me out as long as u promise to entertain me
    HER: On no, you're taking ME out!!


    ME: Good morning sexy nerd! I'll pick you up for a Happy Meal at 7. I'm keeping the toy!
    HER: OK. But I am super sizing that shit!

    she's good at this lol.

    I refuse to end up in the "sugar daddy" zone...and I feel like I'll have a better chance of closing her if I get her to invest... any advice on a great next text message to her?

    I need a good response!

  2. Tell her she's buying the first round this time. "hey go get me a vodka/redbull. make it a double" and then sit down and wait for her to come back

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    Keep it inexpensive, that's all. Look for cheap and free stuff to do.

    Tie your money up in your home, car payments, investments, etc. Difference between being frugal and being cheap. Don't do all dates around food, booze and costly entertainment.

  4. I never pay on the first date. I tell the girl this when the check comes up or if I can build it into the conversation. This is DHV because she knows you aren't desperately trying to get a girl and feel the need you have to pay for her company. It also shows that you have lots of dates otherwise you wouldn't come up with a rule like this.
    I never have expensive dates, so this isn't going to be an issue. It will never be dinner, it's more like drinks or a game of pool or something similar.

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