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  1. please advise

    I know there are some thoughtful intelligent people kind enough to respond out there, so please do!
    1)most of the people that get into this stuff (forum) are depressed, sure there is knowledge and ego to drive us to improvement for acheiving the ultimate evolutionary goal of reproduction
    2) f closing is free, d deangelos movie clip w the biker guy and julia roberts demonstrates game not requiring $$$$, u can see it everywhere, $$$ is not required it is just an attraction switch and a lil more complicated stuff
    2a- if u aint gettin money then wtf is wrong w u,
    2b- im broke, i make 12$/hr at a job i hate and I have 2 prestigious degrees including a masters in finance
    im going back to school for a career change in night school making me having no free time and even less money for hopfully just a year of this sh_t lol

    my question is... besides asking you all to give me some general advise or wisdom (ive read free advice is worth wat u pay for it) lol, jk i respect many on this forum!

    I know it doesn't cost much to f close, ive done it a few times in the last few years w hb8s, even an hb9 in 2010 lol, but getting a girl like this to actually date or f close a lot with a lower class guy like myself, LOFL
    thats a different thread lol, for here, how can I not be so depressed about how i make 12$/hr in 2012, pull it together enough to get w a "fit bird"
    ugh Ive read all this stuff so many times, personality and lifestyle determine pua success etc

    ive read Magic Bullets 10x

    lastly, Im pretty high on the general mate selection criteria of, healthy, fit, intelligent, 6'2, attractive looking, and super kind/nice

    its funny how that has absolutely nothing to do with actually finding a woman!!! lofl at the way the world works, only the hb 6-7s go for the aformentioned attractions witches.. i also know social value is a lot, someone please be awesome and advise

  2. ok lets just make this about money, if a woman checks to make sure you have a bank account before she would marry you, isnt she the same as a prostitute?

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