Shes ignoring my messages on Facebook... I want to neg her

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  1. Shes ignoring my messages on Facebook... I want to neg her

    So here is this nice girl (I would say HB 8) which I know from the past, it seemed a nice girl but I only talked with she 1 minute in my entire life. That was when I had 10 years so doesn't matter to much.

    Anyway so here I am, found this girl on facebook and messaged something like "you look familiar"... and 2 days after that I shoot another message like "are you here?" because she didn't answered to my first message. I know 100% that she reads my messages because she is active on facebook and so on. Btw this happend like: 5 days ago - first message, 3 days ago was the second mesage and now here I am after 3 days thinking what should I do... For some not-known reason I want to talk with her because it seems pretty cute and I also know her from when i was younger.

    Thinking about giving her a subtile neg since I know she reads my messages.

    Any ideas?

  2. Any opinions will be great. Thanks

  3. Don't contact her anymore. The second message came off as really creepy. Just let it be and move on.

  4. I want somehow to get her... I don't want just to shoot messages and see what fish comes in my hands. This is kinda a challenge for me, I don't want to give up like this...

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    If you talked to her for just one minute, she probably doesn't remember who you are at all. You're just coming off as "random creepy guy" trying to message her. In the future, if you're trying to contact someone from the past, you should at least mention where you know them from. That still doesn't guarantee a response though. People change and move on.

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  6. Havent took any action yet...

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