2nd Date

Hi guys, this is my first post so I will try my best to give all the required detail.

I recently decided to try out online dating (before I purchased "the mystery method" book). I have always been one of those guys who has had sever fears with opening to random women. For some reason I don't have any problem speaking if I know them though, even after only speaking to them online. Regardless... first 3 online dates I wasn't particularly interested in any of them. Decided I wasn't going to do it any more but thought I would give it one more shot. Met a potential 7-8 online and was considerably surprised that she seemed interested in me. Anyway, the day before our first date, the mystery method was recommended to me by a friend, so I bought it that day. Unfortunately it only arrived after our date and after reading it, i realised I made the classic "leaning in to hear her" mistake quite a few times... but apart from that, it seemed to go really well. I managed to secure a second date with her which is tomorrow!

Anyway, here is my issue.

I have been on dates before with people and I havnt really had problems with regard to getting a third, fourth, fifth and even sixth dates... but nothing ever develops. After reading the MM, I realised one thing that I never did was escalate kino (or perform any kino for that matter). I have unknowingly made the same mistake this time with the first date that I had last week. The most kino involved was a hello and goodbye kiss on the cheek. Anyway, I am seeing her tomorrow... picking her up and taking her to the movies to watch Ted. Anyway, my questions are, do you agree that a lack of starting kino would cause a potential date to never close? and is it too late to start kino escalation on a second date? First date lasted 4 hours.. going by MM's 4-7 hour rule im still ok... right?

I know online dating isn't really the MM way, but any advise would be really helpful as she is the first person in a while that I have actually really liked. Thanks in advance